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NAME: "Cira " - Well known  Tali Katarn / Amadalia Vyrn / Dora Val Kyr / Leyla de Barbarac / Mara Weiss- / Mystique Alias Unknown   Talia al Ghul - Real name / Unknown  

FACTION: Omega Protectorate

RANK: Neutral Master
SPECIES: Human / Shi'ido
AGE: Unknown
GENDER: Female
WEIGHT: 140lbs
EYES: Hazel
SKIN: Tanned




Cira is an experienced mentalist; Illusions and mindtricks are her forte, as is her use of small arms. She has an extraordinary gift of eidetic memory and mimicking movements.

Cira, above all else, is a Disciple of Twilight. The Force adepts who were members of the Disciples of Twilight sought primarily to use the Force to bend light. Prior to the virus, upon discovery of Dyspeth, members of the tradition that moved throughout the galaxy found that they were capable of using their Force powers to a greater extent, since most worlds were brighter than their own. The Disciples of Twilight shared powers comparable to the Fallanassi, who also possessed the ability of bending light.

As a Disciple of Twilight, she is adept at using Force abilities that are unheard of anywhere else in the galaxy. Members used the Force to manipulate both light and darkness; the Disciples were capable of using the powers Cloak of Shadow and Shadow Armor to bend light so that they could render themselves invisible. She can use the Force to gain low-light vision and to locate enemies that concealed themselves. As am adept, she can also utilize the Force to create illusory phantoms around an enemy.

Cira was also trained by dark, light, and neutral parties, broadening her knowledge on various Force methodologies that she excelled in.Kro Var, Kiffar, Jessarai, ZeisonSha;she has an insatiable interest in expanding this knowledge, all the while stating that it is the intent to which you use the Force with, not the actual Force itself.

Due to her Shi'ido ancestry, Cira is able to psionically shift the formation of her biological cells at will to change her appearance and thereby assume the form of other near humanoid form she so desires, ranging from skin, eye, bodyshape, hair, and to a limited degree, body mass. She can also alter her voice to duplicate exactly that of another person. However this is limited, as she is unable to fully transform into larger creatures.

Her body is not limited to purely organic appearances: She has the ability to create the appearance of clothes and other materials out of her own body, including items such as glasses, zippers, identity cards, handbags and even test tubes. She is also able to morph her body into taking certain desired physical traits depending on her situation at the time. Examples of this new ability include night vision, wings on her back, talons in her fingers, and natural body armor.

As a shape-shifter, Cira is able to constantly alter and rejuvenate her body's cells and thereby retain her youthful appearance despite being alive for over two hundred years. She is also able to hold a shape when knocked unconscious, unlike Clawdites.

She is a talented actress and also possessed a form of telepathy due to her Shi'ido heritage, where they used this ability to project false impressions upon those of other species, allowing them to cover up any inconsistencies with their transformations.This was extremely useful when studying species that identified each other through smell as well as sight, as a Shi'ido could project the feeling that they had the same exact scent as that particular species.Their telepathy required great concentration, and they would lose control of it if they were distracted. As with their shapeshifting abilities, this telepathy also grew more powerful with age.


She has some natural resistance to telepathic intrusion and wears devices to prevent her mind from being read by telepathy. She is also constantly maintaining Quy'tek meditation, hiding her force signature and Force sensitivity to others. Furthermore, with over a century's experience in posing as other people she has picked up the uncanny skill of being able to identify people posing as others based on body language and changes in behavioral cues.


She is a skilled xenoarcheologist and xenosentologist.  She was a researcher for Coruscant University specializing in civilizations of the Outer, Unknown, and Wild Regions of space from before the Gulag virus and after.


She is an expert in force artifacts,  advanced holocron creating, and a skilled holocron and datacron authenticator. 


She has a wealth of research notes on the New Galaxy building plan, ancient Force Organizations, and a general understanding of their philosophy, culture, and knowledge.

Weaknesses include a lack of mastery in the majority of forms with a lightsaber; so she rarely uses it. As such, during her travels, she learned to master Stava and K'tara martial art forms and has only an average knowledge of the Echani martial art form.


The scent of deathsticks affects Cira in an adverse manner, granting her higher than normal hallucinations.

She is also mildly claustrophobic, with a severe dislike of having knock out drugs used on her.


She has been as of late been developing a growing sense of paranoia about infiltration, sith movements, and other governments attempting to overthrow the Protectorate.






Common Knowledge:

Not much is known about 'Cira's background prior to Omega Pyre. All that it is known is that it is indeed an alias, and less than a handful know her by her prior alias, none know her true name. She has forged Omega Pyre into the company it is right now through rigorous work and is very protective of her company and her employee's. She takes a personal touch, often joining missions with her subordinates under different aliases.

While conducting business, it is difficult to determine exactly what she is thinking, and is more than able to hide her true emotions from others. However, when faced with the unknown, it can cause her a level of discomfort and annoyance -- most notably when it comes to former Syndicate Leader Ayden Cater, who has been the only person able to bring out the worst in her.

Unknown: This will require much investigation to learn

Talia was born on Dyspeth, a moon located in the shadows of an outer rim planet prior to the release of the virus nearly 400 years ago. She is a Disciple of Twilight.

After the individual known as "Twilight" formed the Disciples of Twilight, the members of the group sought to combine their efforts so they could adapt to Dysepth's dark environment. They eventually sought to defend the people of Dyspeth. The group believed in "shadowy justice"; when the tradition's members spread across the galaxy after Dyspeth's discovery by the Republic, they sought to protect weaker sentients from the cruelty of the strong.

She was part of a surveying expedition of a dozen of her kin exploring wild space and part of the New Galaxy Building plan, where the deep space cryocells they slept in protected them from any outside contact.

A malfunction served to alter the ship's course, catching them at the edge of an event horizon of a black hole, freezing them in time.

It wasn't until the age of darkness that the ship had been found by a salvage crew -- reviving the crew from there slumber, and to their horror, the knowledge that Dyspeth had been completely and utterly ravaged by the virus, leaving them to believe that they were the only surviving Disciples left.

Talia's desire to find, protect, and reconnect with the rest of her kind surfaced into ambition to create Omega Pyre one hundred years after the event -- providing a means for those lost Force Organizations to prosper and protect what little remained. Like the Disciples of Twilight on Dyspeth, she strives to protect weaker sentients from the cruelty of the strong, using the Disciple of Twilight mantra that anyone who was Force-sensitive and agreed with the Disciples' beliefs, now Omega Pyre's mission, was welcome to join.


More updated information to come... 



Force Organization Focus: Disciples of Twilight


General Force Powers


The Original Trilogy Force Powers

Push, Pull, Force Grip, Force Choke, etc.

  • Adiabatic shield
  • Beast trick
  • Comprehend Speech
  • Control Mind
  • Doppelganger
  • Drain Knowledge
  • Share Knowledge
  • Electric Judgment
  • Force Absorb
  • Force Comprehension
  • Force Scattering
  • Force Shield
  • Ionize
  • Kinetite
  • Psychometry
  • Memory rub
  • White Current -- initiate understanding. 
  • Telekinesis
  • Telepathy




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|T H E D I S C I P L E |


Intent: Cira's personal vessel; mobile command base for coordinating Omega Pyre, militarily and politically.
Development Thread: 

Cloud Number Nine (Omega Pyre Dominion of Bespin) - Acquisition of Bespin TibannaX mines

An Alliance - Making a contract with the Mandos for 33% of their Hibridium and Stygium mines output as payment to the Protectorate.

All Hail Illyria [ The Disciple ] - Design and production of the ship.

Manufacturer: CEC/Sluis Van Shipyards
Model: Disciple-class (unique/unlisted)
Affiliation: Cira, Omega Pyre
Modularity: No
Production: Unique

*Durasteel (hull)

*Impervium (hull coating)

*Glasteel (windows)

*Turadium (bridge/safe room)

*Condensed-matter composite (engine housing)

Description:The Disciple is the personal starship and mobile command centre for Cira, the founder of Omega Pyre. Combining engineering insights gleaned from the Protectorate's long stewardship of Corellian Engineering Corporation with the artistic voice of the Sluissi shipwrights, the Disciple is wholly unique. Its balance is heavily shifted away from weapons power towards speed and stealth; its shields are comparable to those mounted by military vessels of similar size.


A double-layered hull contains a honeycombed interstitial space, which is full of viscous liquid. On exposure to vacuum, it hardens, reducing the likelihood of decompression. The hardened layer is blaster-ablative but far less structurally sound than durasteel. Impervium-coated durasteel forms the majority of the hull. Instead of transparisteel, the windows are formed from the more advanced glasteel, equally as strong as durasteel. Vibration-dampening condensed-matter composite shields and houses the powerful engines, which could otherwise incur structural wear and tear or even damage.


The Disciple has no exterior bridge. Its command centre, complete with a high-fidelity replication of a total exterior view, is located within the centre of the ship, encased in highly expensive turadium. The metal is so exceptionally tough that it renders even lightsabres less effective. Complete with self-contained air recirculators, inertial dampeners, rations and a distress beacon, this 'inner hull'-slash-safe room is designed to preserve life even if the rest of the starship is destroyed. It can also function as a meditation chamber.


A high degree of automation and a complement of astromech droids permits Cira to fly the ship alone, at least for a time.


Several kilograms of exceptionally rare Stygium crystals, from an island on the planet Maramere near Omega Pyre's borders and through the trade contract with the Mandalorians, make the Disciple one of the largest cloaked starships in existence. Its engines can burn TibannaX, permitting minimal detection. However, in the event that TibannaX is not available, the engines can use standard tibanna isotopes. Adjustable ion wake baffles allow the Disciple to trade a portion of its excellent speed for a reduced chance of being detected while in cloak.


A powerful hypercomm and full encryption suite allow Cira to run a galactic war from her figurative porch. A hyperwave inertial momentum sustainer (HIMS) permits the Disciple to punch through foreseen interdiction fields.


This is a top secret project within Sluis Van Shipyards in collaboration with CEC.No one beyond those who were cleared are aware of it's existence.


Classification: Corvette
Role: Personal Transport, Mobile Command Centre
Height: 60m
Width: 60m
Length: 200m
Power Core Generator/Reactor: Hypermatter reactor
Hyperdrive Rating: Class 0.5 (Class 10 backup)
Minimum Crew: 1+20 astromech droids
Optimal Crew: 40+20 homestretch droids

*Dual turbolaser turret (2)

*Ion cannon turret (1)

*Quad laser cannon (6)

*Tractor beam (ventral)

*Pressor beam (ventral)
Hangar: N/A
Non-Combative Attachments: 

*Long-range sensors

*Heavy shields

*Hyperwave inertial momentum sustainer (HIMS)

*Cloaking device (Stygium)

*Escape pods (10)

*Encryption suite


*Ion wake baffles, adjustable

*Flex-fuel engines (TibannaX/standard fuel)

*Decompression seal honeycomb between double hull
Passenger Capacity: 60
Cargo Capacity: 450 tons
Consumables: 6 months
Sublight Speed and Maneuverability: Class 4.5


|B H A ' L I R   S H A D O W |
Manufacturer: Theed Palace Hangars
Model: K-type Nubian star yacht
Affiliation: Omega
Modularity: No
Production: Unique
Material: Durasteel/chromium
Classification: Star yacht
Role: Luxury transport
Height: 16.6 metres
Width: 57 metres
Length: 150 metres
Power Core Generator/Reactor: Ionization reactor
Hyperdrive Rating: Class 2.0; backup class 10.0
Minimum Crew: 8
Optimal Crew: 35
Armaments: 4x heavy laser cannon, forward-mounted; ventral recovery tractor beam
Non-Combative Attachments: Shielding, navigation/sensor/targeting package
Passenger Capacity: 50
Cargo Capacity: 500 tons
Consumables: 6 months
Sublight Speed and Maneuverability: Class 5
The K-type yacht is a new class of the beautiful Nubian starship lines, which are produced by Naboo's famed Theed Palace Hangars. While primiarily purchased by the Omega Protectorate, it is publically available for those wealthy enough to purchase it. As with many Nubian designs, it is very lightly armed and is essentially created to be a luxury star yacht aimed at high-profile diplomats. Arguably the largest Nubian design ever created, this ship is essentially a mobile home when it needs to be, with plenty of space and lxuries (including a hot tub as standard).
The ventral hangar bay comes with retracting hangar doors and a magcon shield, as well as a recovery tractor beam. Deployment from the underside hangar is fairly simple, but given the low clearance height, only N-5 starfighters can be fitted inside given their small dimensions. Loading starfighters on the ground is impossible on the ground, so all loading and deployment must be done in space or in the air.


This is the most widely seen ship that the Lady Protector officially uses during diplomatic missions outside the protectorate, as the Disciple was a Top Secret project within Protectorate space.

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  • Elrood Artifact -  Artifact acquired in the Dark Harvest event.  Known to bring the touch of the Force into any non force user, including vong shaped or force dead individuals.  Is also able to lend the ability to control the undead.  Further study also reveals a kind of lich result.  Knowledge of the undead and the twisted manifestation led to a Bando Gora Reaver Origin with Sith Sorcery involved. 
  • Sigil of Hope
    • Wikia: [Click]
    • An artifact which grants it's wearer mental resilience according to force rank. (i.e. A Master is moderately protected from the mental offenses from fellow masters or specialized knights whilst being practically immune to
  • Nightsister Crystal Ball
    • Wikia: [Click]
    • Obtained: [Click]
    • A crystal ball utilized to predict the future. This one was also specifically created in order to reveal the locations and possible futures of those whom share blood with its owner.
  • Electrum Necklace w/Vial of Water from the Valley of the Jedi
    • Wikia: [Click]
    • An exceptionally valuable piece of jewelry, containing Force-rich waters from the Valley of the Jedi. Drinking from the vial is said to temporarily increase an individual's connection to the Force.



  • Collected works of Samuro (His life and death from the Perspective of Mace Windu, teaches the Words of Banishment): 
  • Abridged history of the Sith empire from Adas to Vulcanis (abridged history of the lord of the sith and their empires rise and falls) Contains all 32 volumes, maps of the valley of the dark lords and recovered lists of collected items 
  • The collected volumes of Sar Agorn with comparison's and commentary from Tionne Volume 1-42, contains research notes from Tionne as well as maps, dig notes and logs of what was recovered ( A copy )
  • The Holocron of Lord XoXaan
    • Wikia: [Click]
    • Improves abilities in both Biological and Materials Alchemy, proportional to the character's expertise in Alchemy.
    The Tascollan Holocron
    • Wikia: [Click]
    • Contains basic instruction in the first six forms of lightsaber combat, in addition to Jar'Kai and Sokan.



  • Datacron of Mysteries of of the Kooroo (collected notes and incidents of the ancient cult with known sites of their alters and rituals): 
  • Datacron of Alas Poor Sulamar (Details the life and times of Sulamar from his rise to an *Imperial General* to his fall in the galactic battle of the Darksaber)
  • Datacron Designs for Jedi discblades 
  • Jal Shey datacron (Armor, equipment and philosophies of the group) (A copy)
  • Datacron on Galactic Lore: Force sensitive objects, ancient cults and collected works of Tionne: (A copy)
  • Datacron on Fallanassi: Collected information on the Fallanassi and their White current (learn the first step of the white current
  • Datacron of King Adas
    • Wikia: [Click]
    • Contains a compendium of recorded sessions revolving around the usage of the original Holocron. These sessions reveal a ritual that grants the ability for an individual to become one of the 3% of force users who can utilize Sith Magic; in addition to one base spell. However, further study into these sessions may reveal more.
    Datacron of Force Drain and the Droch Connection
    • Wikia: [Click] [Click]
    • Contains a compendium of recorded sessions revolving around the usage of the original Holocron. These sessions provide advanced teaching in Force Drain. (Basic knowledge is required). Further research into these sessions may reveal other possibilities involving Nam Chorios.
    "Disciples of Twilight" Datacron
    • Wikia: [Click]
    • Contains a collection of works revolving around the Disciples' prowess with their ancient techniques. It also houses basic instruction in the art of Force Cloak (Light Bending)
    "Fallanassi" Datacron
    • Wikia: [Click]
    • Contains a collection of information regarding the Fallanassi and their White Current. It also houses basic instruction in the first step of White Current.
    "Chu'unthor" Datacron
    • Wikia: [Click]
    • Contains records and details on what the crew of the Chu'unthor learned whilst on Dathomir. Also includes data tapes, ship logs, and general schematics/information of the Chu'unthor itself. Furthermore, knowledge of basic, Dathomirian spells is also included.
    Datacron of Galactic Lore
    • Wikia: [Click]
    • Contains an in-depth exploration of Force-sensitive objects seen throughout Galactic history, ancient cults, and also the full collected works of Tionne.
    Datacron of the Jel Shay
    • Wikia: [Click]
    • Contains an analysis and tutorial on the construction of Jal Shey armor, armaments, and equipment; in addition to commentary on the philosophies of this organization.
    The Great Holocron Series: "Advanced Lightsaber Construction" Datacron
    • Wikia: [Click]
    • Contains personal instruction from Jedi Master Kit Fisto in the construction of lightsabers that are waterproof; in addition to a tutorial on how to construct a saber lacking dimetris circuits. (Waterproofing & Cortosis-proofing a lightsaber)
    The Great Holocron Series: "Lightsaber Forms and Combat" Datacron
    • Wikia: [Click]
    • Contains personal commentary on Vaapad by Mace Windu, in addition to collaborative, basic instruction on the seven forms of lightsaber combat by Count Dooku and Jedi Master Cin Drallig. (Basic instruction in the Seven Forms of lightsaber combat.)
    The Great Holocron Series: "Dark Side Commentary" Datacron
    • Wikia: [Click]
    • Contains commentary by Jedi Master Toralis Shim on the Four Stages of the Dark Side; in addition to a recounting by Vima Sunrider on Ulic Qel-Droma's Redemption.
    The Great Holocron Series: "Light Side Capabilities" Datacron
    • Wikia: [Click]
    • Contains personal commentary by Plo Koon on Electric Judgment, in addition to vague information on Force Light. (Basic instruction in Electric Judgment and Force Light; Master prerequisite.)
    The Great Holocron Series: "The Powers of the Force" Datacron
    • Wikia: [Click]
    • Contains a personal commentary from Jedi Grandmaster Yoda on the apex abilities of Force Sense: Farsight and Shatterpoint. (Basic instruction in Farsight and Shatterpoint; Master prerequisite.)
    The Great Holocron Series: "Compendium of Galactic History" Datacron
    • Wikia: [Click]
    • Contains a full accounting of the reports and historical events recorded within the Great Holocron, spanning several thousand years.
    The Great Holocron Series: "Philosophies of the Jedi and Sith" Datacron
    • Wikia: [Click]
    • Contains a lengthy commentary on the Jedi's limited understanding on various Sith philosophies, such as the Sith Code, Rule of One, and Rule of Two. Also contains a lengthy commentary on the various tenets and interpretations of the Jedi Code.
    "Tactus Otium" Datacron
    • Wikia: [Click]
    • Contains basic instruction in the art of Tactus Otium.
    "Basic Training Courses" Datacron
    • Wikia: [Click] [Click] [Click] [Click]
    • Contains four of the most common forms of basic Force training: Eyes of the Force, Push-Feather, Skorch, Heji Tal. Excellent for the education of younglings or those new to the Force.
    "Malacia" Datacron
    • Wikia: [Click]
    • Contains basic instruction in the art of Malacia.

WIP as I go through past threads.

  • Case of arsensalts (great against vong biotech):

WIP as I go through past threads. 

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