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Papercut, Sor-Jan Xantha's Dueling Saber

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Image Source: Pinterest (and credit to Micah Talith for use of the image for the Covenant Saber this is based off of). Photoshop manipulation by me.

Intent: Establish the 'Chaos canon' for Sor-Jan Xantha's dueling saber, used in his practice of Niman Jar'kai.

Development Thread: Upon request

Manufacturer: Sor-Jan Xantha

Model: Lightsaber, straight handle, single blade.

Affiliation: The Covenant / Jedi Academy

Modularity: Crystal can be swapped out to produce different blade colors

Production: Unique

Material: Alchemized durasteel, 1x Diatium power cell, 1x focusing crystala sliver of Angraal crystal


Size: One hand


Length: 85cm overall (20cm hilt, 65cm blade)

Weight: 1 kg

Special Features:

Power Adjustment Knob. Allows the user to adjust the output of the blade for non-lethal use.


Light-Imbued (Angraal Crystal). Angraal Crystals have the unique feature that gives a unique feeling of peace and relaxation over someone. Though it is not enough to stop negative emotions entirely, the effects of an Angraal crystal are incredibly calming. This is effect is quite useful for lightside users as it keeps them calm and present within the battle. This sense of calm and relaxation increases strength and power within the Lightside of the force, making the connection easier and overall more powerful.


Ossus Dueling Lens. Focuses the output energies of the core lightsaber crystal, producing a more finely tuned and thinner blade. This makes it a more precise fencing instrument, though also makes it more difficult to use the saber for Shien or other blast deflection techniques.


Description: Apprenticed into the Niman Jar'kai style forty years ago by virtue of his former master, Sor-Jan adapted Micah Talith's basic Covenant Saber into a smaller hilt (in order to fit his smaller hands) while retaining the basic design and materials of the original. Whereas Sor-Jan's original lightsaber, Paperweight, was designed as a Jedi Consular's weapon - balanced and versatile - this lightsaber is designed with the more aggressive purpose of fencing in mind. Smaller and more compact than its counterpart, this lightsaber - dubbed Papercut - is constructed with alchemized and imbued materials, as well as a finer blade, in order to keep the wielder calm and focused, and their strikes precise as they channel more aggressive energies. Be it for practice, sport, or actual combat. It should be noted that the lightsaber lacks the necessary component parts to be operated when submerged, and so dousing it in water will render it inoperable until it can be repaired. The lightsaber may also become unusable if the wielder succumbs to the Dark Side of the Force. Since the Darkside of the Force requires negative emotions, the crystals calming effects make it more difficult to utilize. This effect however is localized to the wielder of the lightsaber. As the lightsaber hilt is constructed and attuned using Light energies, a Darkside user using it on will be at best unable to use the lightsaber, at worst suffer a very nasty burning rash.
Primary Source:
 Covenant Saber


Lightsaber @ Wookieepedia

Focusing Lens @ Wookieepedia

Ossus Dueling Lens @ Wookieepedia


SW Chaos Canon:

Paperweight, the Lightsaber of Sor-Jan Xantha

Angraal Crystals



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Under Review.

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Lily Kuhn

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