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Lorelei Darke

Lady Silencia Silencia Sith Mistress Sith Master Kuat KDY Drive Yards

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NAME: Lorelei Darke, Birthname: Nivira Lore Shamalain, Sith Name: Lady Silencia
RANK: Sith Master
SPECIES: Garhoon
AGE: 773
HEIGHT: 5'11''
WEIGHT: 150lbs
EYES: Every shade of green.
HAIR: Like fire.
SKIN: Fair



Silencia is marked most notably for her mane of thick, curly, vibrant red hair. She is a tall woman standing at 5'11'' whose shapely but trim physique is often hidden by the lengths of ceremonial dresses and high class gowns. Her eyes are a lively color of olive green with flecks of gold and shadows of brown. Her complexion is fair and unmarred (what can usually be seen, anyways) though at her back right shoulder begins the center of an expansive skin marking: its origins being a branding received upon her Knighting within the Brotherhood of the Sith. The brand itself is the Tree of Life and from it over the years the "branches" and "roots" have spread across her figure, forming intricate patterns and knot work. This marking appears to the common eye as a black tattoo but is in fact Silencia's Mark of Darkness, that continues to spread the further she delves into the Darkside.





1st Daughter - Cerusia Rorisa Shamalain, AKA Lady Reticea (by Anubis Starkiller, deceased + cloned)

1st Son - Merovign Amadeus Shamalain (by Avicus Dusang, deceased + cloned)

2nd Daughter - Anhedonia Perone Shamalain (by Korran Halcyon, deceased + cloned)

2nd Son - Merovign Amadeus Shamalain, AKA Dissero (clone of the original)

3rd Daughter - Amorella Esmae Shamalain (by Xander Starkiller)

3rd Son - Arathul Moriir Shamalain (clone of Anhedonia)


1st Grandaughter - Desdemona Dionea Shamalain, AKA Quietus (out of Cerusia, by Darth Moriir)

1st Grandson - Lysander Rune Shamalain (out of Cerusia, by Darth Moriir, deceased)

2nd Grandson - Romano Lear Shamalain (out of Cerusia, by Jake Daniels/Darth Gravis, deceased)

2nd Grandaughter - Adralei Eden Shamalain, AKA Fennec (out of Avalore Eden, by Dissero)

3rd Grandaughter - Dahldesa Aeridne Shamalain, AKA Blackthorne (out of Quietus, by Lucianus Adair)

3rd Grandson - Eordahn Issantir Shamalain (out of Quietus, by Lucianus Adair)


1st Great-Grandaughter - Silva Talith, AKA Sable (out of Quietus, by Meric Nadun, Force-Born)

1st Great-Grandson - Sirada (out of Quietus, by Meric Nadun, Force-Born, whereabouts unknown)

2nd Great-Grandson - Soliael Devin Talith (out of Quietus, by Saul Talith/Darth Moridin)


1st Great-Great-Grandaughter - Aela Esmae Shamalain Talith (out of Kira Talith, by Soliael)
2nd Great-Great-Grandaughter - Maleah Kharyi Shamalain Talith (out of Kira Talith, by Soliael)

1st Great-Great-Grandson - Micah Draith Shamalain Talith (out of Kira Talith, by Soliael)

3rd Great-Great-Grandaughter - Kaili Nohei Shamalain Talith (out of Kira Talith, by Soliael)

STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :
Due to her kind, Silencia has innate enhanced physical strength, speed, stamina and longevity. While most of her kind do not typically live much past 300 years, it is not unheard of for them to live ten times that length - though this is normally only seen in the royal bloodlines. Silencia's own ancestor, a being known only by the name of Chezza, is several thousand years old. The lesser bloods often have issue with direct sunlight, as many are severely allergic to it, and indeed in a weakened state Silencia will also succumb to this same allergy. It leads to very painful leisions on the skin, swelling of the brain, heart and lungs, blindness, and can eventually lead to death if exposed for extended periods of time. A healthy feeding of fresh blood or the life energies from others will give some temporary immunity, and furthermore utilizing the powers of the Force keep her uneffected the majority of the time. The easiest way to avoid issue, however, is to simply cover one's skin.


Her kind is generally immune to most common sicknesses and diseases and a healthy Garhoon canheal faster than humans. Fresh blood or energy will enhance their healing abilities - not instantaneous unless enhanced by exterior powers such as the Darkside and vasts amounts of energy, though this is not particularly different from any other highly-skilled Sith using the same powers.


Garhoons see particularly well in the dark and find the light of any moon energizing. High bloods have double sets of fangs on the upper and lower jaws while lesser bloods have only one set on each, though all of their teeth are very sharp. Silencia can and does suffer bloodlust, though the last time she lost herself to it she was a teenager. She sates it on a concoction dubbed "Blodwyne" or by feeding on the energy of others. If left unchecked she can become volatile and unpredictable. Full bloodlust is quite monsterous and messy.


Silencia's personal prowess lies mostly in her powers with the Force. She is a powerful telepath and empath; highly skilled in Darkside sorcery; she's quite nimble on her feet in battle with lightsaber and lightwhip - the crafting and perfecting of these items is also something of a hobby of hers. Sith Lore, philosophy, language and the study of ancient sites and artifacts are also something of a favorite pasttime. Having spent the majority of her life in a Leadership position has made her particularly good at diplomacy and at playing-face.


She falls short in piloting and battle strategy - neither of which was she ever very good at and typically she relied upon others to provide such skills when the time called for it. Silencia is also somewhat apathetic towards the plots and plans of others unless they can benefit her in some way. She's been known to foil the plots of her fellow Sith which has made her somewhat of a livewire where they are concerned. Many don't trust her and it's also quite likely that she's burned quite a few bridges in her day by certain decisions she's made.


Unknown to any but a very, very select few in the galaxy, Silencia's soul is tied to her physical body by an amulet embeded in her sternum. This metal amulet is no bigger than a half-dollar and has both her family crest and Darkside spells engraved upon its surface.This is not to say that she cannot survive without it, but will be severely weakened if she does not have it with her. The amulet is vulnerable to Lightside attacks and can render her debilitated if hit by one powerful enough. It is not particulary effected by the Darkside, as she has taken measures to protect it from her Force brethren. The only one capable of destroying the amulet is the one who forged it (Sila herself), it can however be broken but only by someone more powerful in the force than she, resulting in a fragmentation of her soul - the consequences of which she is not aware as it's never happened.


Being at the head of Kuat gives her access to all kinds of ships. Silencia has no particular ship she favors and will call for whatever suits her needs at any given time.

In leading two lives one can always assume two faces. Silencia has perfected this talent of hers. As Lady Lorelei she plays the role as the concerned and caring mother and the benign political figurehead of Kuat. As Sith Master Silencia she is a strict and often unforgiving mentor to her underlings, a ruthless and cunning enemy to her foes, and a strong and loyal ally to the few who deserve it. Between these two lives, however, there are attributes of her personality that fall neutral. With her age and experience comes a great well of knowledge and skill spanning across countless subjects, dark or otherwise.



Nivira Lorelei Shamalain was born as a High Blood noble, the only daughter of Lady Endreva Shamalain, and raised within high society. Well-read and well-learned, she likely would have lead the life of a noblewoman had she not been witness to her mother's murder at the age of 7. Taken by the heads of their rivals, House Lusethem, Nivira learned of a plot to unseat the ruling Sovereign Chezza and that the head of the head of the House, Lord Raziel, was a Sith Sorcerer with plans to take their homeworld and their kin and enslave it to the Darkside. His plans never did come to fruition - Nivira escaped and sent out a call for help to the only person she thought she could trust: Merovign Relens, a Retired Mandolorian Captain . Relens came to their aid with a band of warriors but did not arrive in time to save Endreva. Before they were able to subdue Lord Raziel he did manage to get ahold of Nivira and placed upon her a curse that would not allow her to speak of him or his plot to anyone: a curse of silence.



Nivira never did meet her biological father, but was taken in by Relens who had been Endreva's lover for many years. The man had a soft spot for the girl and promised to raise her as his own and make her strong so that she would never have to fear for her life again. Unable to speak, she learned how to sign in several common languages, and when she was old enough she began training like any young Mandolorian child might alongside Merovign's protege': a young man named Anubis Starkiller. She and Anubis became close friends despite her muteness, and so she was particularly sad to see him leave after finishing his training. Relens paid for her schooling, and when she graduated she had every intention of getting into politics - until Anubis returned. In those few years of his absence he had changed quite a bit, but Nivira would never guess as to just how much until he took her with him to Korriban and introduced her to his newest comrads in arms: the Sith. Anubis spoke to her about the Darkside and the powers she had yet to unlock - about her ability to speak again with training, and the revenge she could claim upon Lord Raziel with her rise in power. Intrigued and possibly even a little bit scared, she accepted and began her journey into the Darkside as Anubis' Apprentice. She was named Silencia.

Silencia found her ability to grasp control of the Force quite strong, and quickly mastered the skill of Force Telepathy and other mental maniputlations. Her rise through the ranks came swiftly within the Brotherhood where she gained her Mark of Darkness on her back right shoulder at her Knighting and her custom Phrik lightsaber hilt upon passing her Master trials. She and Anubis married not long after and had one daughter: Cerusia Reticea Shamalain, the child also effected by Silencia's curse of Silence.

The years passed. Silencia served in a faction known as the Dark Sith Order, holding seat upon the Council numerous times, training many apprentices and continuing to expand her knowledge of the Force by any means necessary. Silencia forged new relations: Vascious Relens, the brother to the man who raised her; Athena Somir and Adrianna Quinn, two Sith ladies she fought alongside numerous times and from them gained Athena's prized Lightwhip and Quinn's second saber; as well as countless others. After establishing herself as Governess of Honoghr and repairing the world previously ravaged by Sith Dominion, Silencia married again to another Sith Lord and produced a second daughter: Anhedonia Perone Shamalain. During her reign on Honoghr Silencia was paid an unexpected visit by a man named Xander Starkiller whom she knew to be a distant relative of her late husband, Anubis. Xander seemed to be in a life-slump of sorts, and so she decided to help him by taking him under her wing. Despite some painful lessons, the pair developed a close bond and remained good friends even after, having found a new stake on life, Xander departed the world for a new start. By this time her second husband passed away and Silencia was considering a retirement of sorts. Cerusia took her place as Governess on Honoghr so she could return home on a pilgrimmage and a mission to find her mother's killer.

It was during this journey of hers that the Gulag Virus struck the galaxy. With some luck her homeworld lay far out in the unknown regions and was mostly uneffected at first. Silencia did manage to locate Raziel and she also managed to overpower and kill him, effectively ending her curse. She stayed on her home planet after learning of the Virus and opted to call in her progeny to help protect them. When the Gulag Virus finally managed to make its way to her homeworld it devastated the lesser bloods and about half of the High Bloods. Silencia lost her daughters Cerusia and Anhedonia; both of Cerusia's sons died, but curiously enough her daughter, Desdemona Dionea (otherwise known amongst the Sith as Quietus) survived and even thrived during the plague. Though the girl had already attained rank of Sith Master, Silencia took Quietus in and mentored her to help refine her wild ways. In return for this she engaged the girl in their society and introduced her to those that remained of her House as well as their ancestor, Chezza, who yet again survived the odds and the Virus. The two remained to help reestablish order on the planet and when that was accomplished they ventured out into the galaxy to search for other survivors and assess the damage.


It was during one of these trips that they delved into the tombs of Byss, searching for any other Sith that may have either been in hiding or, as was more common, in cryostasis. They found one and upon entering the tomb he woke up. His name was Darth Moridin and he was very curious to learn about the galaxy from two beings that had lived through the Virus outside of stasis and seemed completely unscathed by it. They stayed for some time, conversing and exchanging stories and information. Moridin traveled with them to see the galaxy for himself, but upon realizing that the Virus was still very much at its peak, he decided he would need to return to stasis to wait it out.


Silencia then made her way back to her old home of Honoghr to see how much damage the planet took. She was pleased to see the flora still thriving, but most of the planet's native species - the Noghri - had fallen to the virus. Saddened by this loss, the old Governess spent some time gathering the survivors, many of which were happy to see their old leader again. Silencia had no intentions of staying to lead them and instead helped them rebuild their society as much as she could. Just as she was making to leave, she was once more paid a visit by Xander Starkiller. The man had quite clearly aged and was certainly curious to see that Silencia...apparently had not. She looked the same as she had nearly 100 years ago upon their first meeting. As such, one conversation lead to another and soon Xander was traveling with her back to her home world. The man asked Silencia for help - he needed a new body but the Gulag Virus was making it near impossible to find facilities for cloning. He also needed something else - a way to enhance the longevity of this new body. Now that he knew the truth about her, he also knew just how to do this. Silencia agreed, if for no other reason than her fondness for the man, and using her powers and skills of Sith Alchemy, Sorcery and Blood Spells crafted him a new body infused with the essence of her kind. It was not an easy process, and for Xander it was quite painful, but his new body was something of a masterpiece. Xander stayed on for a time to test his body and help Silencia in return, though she never did ask for payment. After some time Xander left to forge his life anew and so Silencia returned to her travels with her granddaughter, Quietus.


The pair spent the many, many years following doing much the same - gathering information on the galaxy at hand and it's dwindling numbers. Concerned for the future, Silencia went into a Force Sleep to meditate on the possible outcomes. This lasted several years and when she woke she was the closest to death she'd ever been, but knew exactly what needed to be done. After taking time to recuperate, Silencia took one more sweep through the planets to find the Virus on the downturn. Once fully recovered, she landed on Kuat and that is where she made her new home.

Kuat had been particularly heavy-hit by the Gulag Virus. The planet that had been so successfully run by its reigning Aristocrats suddenly found itself in a state of dismal despair. The Drive Yards had been inoperant for years, the planet's population had been cut to less than half and the Aristocracy clung by a very thin thread. Silencia turned her attention to the latter and introduced herself to the surviving elders as Lorelei Shamalain - a surviving Noble envoy from a planet completely ravaged by the virus. With her empathic talents and her mind-bending skills, it was easy to get in with minimal questions. Her vast wealth also helped. Seeing a need to establish some form of power again while the galaxy began to recover, Silencia aimed to get Kuat back on its feet as quickly as possible. Though "quickly" was certainly putting it lightly, this took many years. Establishing trust with the few Aristocratic families, Silencia eventually married into them via a man named Salvador Darke. Through her marriage to him she established herself as a reigning Aristocrat and the family matriarch. Over time saw the death of many of the surviving House elders. Silencia gave birth to a son some time later and named him Merovign after the man she considered her father. Salvador died unexpectedly when Merovign turned four. Publicly Lady Lorelei was quite heartbroken but remained strong and steadfast for the people of Kuat. Privately Silencia cleaned her hands of the messy business and moved on without a backwards glance. It was time to step things up.



Silencia began focusing on changing the inner workings of the Kuati society. Her ultimate goal was to change their Aristocracy into a new Monarchy. More specifically an Absolute Heriditary Monarchy. Of course this wasn't something she believed would take place over night, but she began planting the seeds and culling the weeds to make it possible. It was around this time that a man by the name of Alexander Stark came looking into the newly reconstructed Kuati Drive Yards. Stark, rather - Xander Starkiller, inquired for a ship. It wasn't long before the two came face to face and to Silencia's honest surprise she found the man quite changed. His body was still prime and doing its job just as she had intended it to nearly 100 years ago at its forging. Xander was healthy, confident, and envigored with some unspoken purpose. After catching up over a nice private dinner one thing lead to another which eventually lead to the conception of a daughter; Amorella Mae Shamalain.


Having told Xander her plans for Kuat, Silencia offered him a home there. The man proved quite useful as not only a father figure of sorts for Merovign and, naturally, for Amore, but also his knowledge of technology and weapons development came as a great addition for the Drive Yards.


Present day: Silencia's son, Merovign, is now 22 years old and well on his way to becoming a Sith Knight. Her daughter, Amore, will soon be coming of age.



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Lorelei Darke



A life’s work, m’lady. It’s truly remarkable. Reading it brought back many memories although our paths rarely crossed.I remember some of those threads and even found this tidbit in one of them…


A flash of gloriously red hair on the dance floor stabbed like a knife as thoughts and memories of his pirate queen, Saede Taggart, flooded his mind unbidden. He forced that pain aside best he could and studied the dancer. That must be the infamous Lady Silencia Razielle had spoken of so often. She was one he had hoped to have occasion to meet this night; and now that he had seen her hair he was doubly intrigued. Jon smiled at himself as he made his way towards the ornate bar. %#$$ he was a sucker for a beautiful redhead… perhaps he shouldn't meet her. He ordered his usual - a double Whyren's on the rocks - and turned to observe the crowd as it ebbed and flowed around him.


“The bitterest tears shed over graves are for words left unsaid and deeds left undone.”Perhaps I should have cut in during that dance.;)




    ..::>> Hunting Again <<::..

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I'm still dancing, m'dear.

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Oh, I see you have quite the family tree there. Very cool character.

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