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Quenladose Nis Essus

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NAME: Quenladose nic Essus (Nic Essus means daughter of Essus)

FACTION: Order of the Silver Jedi/Disciple of Twilight

RANK: Jedi Knight
AGE: 998
GENDER: Female
HEIGHT: 4 foot
WEIGHT: 70 pounds
EYES: Her eye's are tri-colored with the Silvery Blue-gray like distant winter skies. The pupils are

Midnight Blue and the pin-wheel strips are Sapphire. Her eye's look like blue gems that absorb the light.
HAIR: Originally purple but after some time and with dyes a rainbow color
Hair style: Tied in a complicated braid that inter-loops the hair to fall down her spine and show off her ears and appear short from the top with bangs framing her face and falling to her waist.
Hair length: Falls to just below her ankles with bangs down to waist.
Face: Slightly elongated canines, but only noticeable when she smiles, dark eye-liner giving eyes their hollow appearance and Cerulean lipstick.
Ears: Her pointed ears are pierced 4 times, usually with silver rings and a chain connecting them. The length from tip to lope is 8 inches.

SKIN: Pearl white (moon kissed) with a large black tattoo that appears and blends into her back and body and act as small covering when she is nude.
Tattoo: Black serpent like design that extends with wing like images along her arms and a tail down the inside of her left leg. The neck wraps around her neck and skims down to rest above her left breast.


Hawk Solo




Sigil of Hope


Ryyk blade

Right hand: Black and red cloth laced to rings that run from each finger to a bracelet at her wrist and connect to the sleeve of her gown. The rings have different engravings on them indicating Fey, Ashla, and jedi influence in the outfit

Left hand: Black and red cloth laced to rings that run from each finger to a bracelet at her wrist and connect to the sleeve of her gown. The rings have different engravings on them indicating Fey, Ashla, and jedi influence in the outfit

Right Arm: Red and black gown sleeves connecting into a cloak over her shoulders and along small threads to her mask and gown's top piece. Has symbols of frost and fire along the back piece that line with the serpent tattoo and create the image of a fire serpent in the right light

Left arm: Red and black gown sleeves connecting into a cloak over her shoulders and along small threads to her mask and gown's top piece. Has symbols of frost and fire along the back piece that line with the serpent tattoo and create the image of a fire serpent in the right light

Body: Formal gown of red and black silk with the mid section cut away and a small sash of silk running down her spine to to give the illusion of eloquence. The pin that holds the cloak and sleeves to the top has the insignia of a rose that Quenladose saw in a dream and couldn't get out of her head

Head: A red and black sash that pulls her hair back into a ponytail and keeps it out of her face with a few bangs down the front for show

Waist: Silver belt with a metal line riding her spine to attach to her gown top. The bottom piece of the gown has a frontal and back flow leaving her thighs exposed to show fishnet stockings and ends in an arrow like point that is lined with gold trim. The piece is red like the top with streaks of black

Boots: knee high high heels that flow into her fishnets and have a tiny thread of metal tracing the backs of her legs to go into her belt

Belt: Silver with small compartments for utilities such as lock pick set, computer spikes and a few rations for long trips where food is scarce. The loops for her sabers


Has patience and execelent night vision, a trained hunter and tracker with years of practice.

Her real age is undetermined no one knows how long she was actually down in the shadowlands.



Her appearance is that of a small child at times and can work to her disadvantage. She is not taken seriously and doesn't have a booming voice.

Her time on Kashyyyk in the shadowlands has made her very anti social and reclusive. She dislikes being around most people

Does your character have a personal ship? If so, describe it in moderate detail (what does it look like, what can it do, what types of weapons and engines does it have, etc.).

Quenladose was born aboard a ship traveling from Dantooine to Kashyyyk to the merchant Essus. When they landed her father set up shop selling herbal remedies to the wookiees and people on planet. When Quenladose reached an age of what appeared five by human standards her father died when a slaver tried to capture the local wookiee helping him with the planets plants. When her father was buried her mother attempted to sell Quenladose to the highest bidder and with an offer from a man the repulsed her and spoke of unwanted things. Quenladose descended into the shadowlands with her fathers wookiee helping her. Even though she didn't understand the wookiees speak he understood not wanting to be a slave.

With his help the Sephi survived in the shadowlands and grew into a woman of grace and power. with the wookiees aid and guidance Quenladose learned how to scale tree's with her hands and jump just a little bit further and higher then most. Her strength became enough to wrestle with the aging wookiee playfully as they lived for unknown years in the dark, slowly her skin became moonkissed and defined her as far more exquisite then her golden-skinned mother. When she appeared the age of 18 two jedi found her on the shadowlands and took her to Katarr. It was there that she began her training in the path of the jedi. Her master bestowed upon her the unofficial rank of padawan while she was an apprentice as to not discourage the other younglings.

During her years of training on Katarr, the child grew to a young woman and obtained her twin sabers and the official rank of padawan. Due to her unique age she was able to be sent on missions by herself with another padawan but still had to face the trials for knighthood. Quenladose has spent a great deal of tme within the jedi order itself, learning the ways of the force and being skilled in different applications spanning centuries of learning and skill growth. compared to many of the others she has encountered she has begun being able to teach and train and skills of others joining in the Twilight Sepulcher the Disciples of Twilight as one of their members. Learning from them the secrets of the ancient order and serving as one of the few members.


Learning to us Convection to increase the heat of her body and make it so others cannot grab onto her. A rounded force user practicing Art of the Small to understand the smallest parts of the force and life both to conceal herself in the force to a degree who others can detect her as well as heal others who are hurt with enough time. her normal skills with the disciples of twilight that she has managed to meet and using the powers Cloak of Shadow she could render herself invisible. Using the Force to gain low-light vision and to locate enemies that concealed themselves. The jedi knight could also utilize the Force to create illusory phantoms around people and padawans to mess with their minds as she was training and learning the different skills.


Quenladose's skills with the force evolving so that she would better be able to expanding her own body skills and senses based powers. With skills such as Telekinesis, Waveform a more advanced and powered version Force sense in its many different flavors that would allow her senses to become far better. Notably one of her largest areas of expertise with skills like Farsight, Fighting-sight, Sense Force, Sense Path, Magnify Senses, Force vision, Truth-sense, Life Sense, Shift Sense, Force sight and Precognition. While her skills eventually carry over to one of the strongest versions for sensing and seeing into the future Shatterpoint. All as pools of jedi Telepathy with protection for herself with Thought shield. her years of training in many cases learning how to focus and channel


Her skills in telepathy are an improtant part of the jedi and what she is over all about to do. Skills such as Field Detection, that was essential and Life Detection techniques that go along with more of her skills. Animal telepathy that is able to work and help her with some of the creatures as well as the most important Receptive Telepathy and Projective Telepathy allowing her to be rounded out same with Technometry skills that lead to stronger instances of using the force itself so that the jedi knight can help out the order. While Quenladose focused her works to become stronger she also knew the value of a rounded style in combat and with some of her interest. She had been working for centuries to learn and master more aspects of the force with training that others wouldn't have the chance for.


Her mental capabilities leading so that she is able to Remain Conscious and exert in a conflict while training great Force of Will that would learn to protect her. With a stronger chance to build upon herself and her lessons among the jedi. Quenladose started training using the lessons she taught Via, Lily and Quinn for herself. Entering a state of Battlemind as a Force form that was focused and channeled the greater skills of the force. Force Body being something that makes her stronger and better able to Revitalize herself with skills to learn meditations such as Emptiness, the Floating Meditation, Serenity trance and there is some works with learning how to Comprehend Speech of others for language skills. Quenladose used her skills to expand training and meditation.


Quenladose continued her force techniques and training working to understand the saber skills but she wasn't much of a fighter and the saber gauntlets she used were a danger. Not made for the traditional saber forms so she went with more exotic stances. Her skill with esoteric stances and techniques making sure she knew force skills such as Adiabatic shield, Cleanse, Reduce Injury, Resist Stun, Enhance Attribute, Control Pain, Shielding technique, Breath control, Tapas, Concentration, Cleanse Mind, Accelerate Healing, Force harmony, Force Sustenance, Force barrier, Protection bubble and the pair of skills to properly resist with the force. Force resistance and Energy resistance respectively. The mastery and skills to learn more of the lightside itself was nice.


With her training in the force attracting attention it gave Quenladose a chance to work with other jedi and learn how to Inspire with the force so that her skills in the lightside of the force and her skills in the techniques that the jedi are able to use were far better. Basic lightside skills such as Force healing and Force Stun served a greater purpose as she learned to use them on other things. Like Ionize for droids and disabling them ot Tutaminis for general dangers and to give her more force energy to produce techniques like Electric Judgment and Force Shockwave. Her skills at Force generation developing with the training under the force masters to use Force Light attaining Force Enlightenment within the lightside of the force.


With her continued training and skills, Quenladose found herself going on the path. Practicing the skills that with the likes of Lily and Joza made her into a talented and skilled jedi. The Art of Movement that allowed her to move and us Force Jump, Force reflex, Force Dash and Force speed to generate power and Inertia to build up her own levels of strength and power. Under the proper conditions Quenladose's body is flexible and able to Contort from most bindings and situations even though she is built fairly average. Her skills letting her understand and with art of movement and floating telekinesis she can fly as she trained as well as use the energy built up to create Force Bursts to push others back. Her skills with Battle meditation to prove a more effective jedi.


With all of her training in the force and all of the work that they were doing to better make and improve the designs themselves. She was finding a new purpose as a jedi after nearly one thousand years of life in the galaxy. Compared to some of the other sephi she would be able to meet and see she was also more practical. Taking the time so that she would be able to move around and train other padawans. Some fo the stranger ones the order might not have and she would have to work with some of the jedi on a few other things. Reinforcing her hopes and thoughts of what it would be like to become a master as she reflected on the sabers she managed to find.


The quest on the dark world brought her into contact with the ghost of an ancient jedi someone she had not known but discovering the twin crystals that she had allowed the jedi knight to construct her lightsabers themselves. The twin crystals from the creator of the witches, the ones who crashed on Dathomir was of interest compared to many of the other things. Where they might have to deal with other parts and dangers for it. Quenladose herself resilving and using them in the construction of her twin lightsabers chrysanthemum and wisteria with their artificial organic looking hilts able to display for the jedi kngiht some status and signs of her own skill.




Jedi Knight


Note: Some threads from training in the republic were lost in the purge





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Pssssstttttt, Akaito has parents, they are dead. Hawk adopted him so you can be his adopted mom....kinda, read the bio, you're in it if you can find yourself ;)