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Ember Rekali

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NAME: Ember Rekali
FACTION: Mandalorian
RANK: Field Marshal (semi-retired), Witch Elder, Aliit'buir/Clan Father, Jedi Master (retired)
SPECIES: Half human, half Vahla
AGE: Late middle age
SEX: Male
HEIGHT: 6'4"
WEIGHT: ~210lbs
EYES: Purple
HAIR: Gray
SKIN: Olive


STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :

  • Ember is a specialist in physical enhancement. He is a skilled tracker and can use the White Current to pass undetected in most circumstances. 
  • Ember's educational background is extremely diverse; he refers to himself as a mutt. Dathomiri, Jedi, Fallanassi, Keetael, Vahla, and Aing-Tii techniques are integrated components of his skillset.
  • Ember is a fairly poor healer. 
  • Ember is at the age where aches and pains take their toll.
  • Ember has very little explicit precognitive ability, often relying on Force-enhanced physical senses instead.

Ember is a tall, ageing man, with the indigo eyes of a Vahla. His clothes and armor blend cultural cues from a variety of backgrounds: Vahla, Dathomiri, Keetael, Mandalorian, and so forth. He frequently travels armored. 

Sure, I guess I know a couple stories about Ember Rekali.
They say he’s what folks call the Old Guard, the dozens of men and women that got pulled to now from the Empire’s time, one way or another. Some came by carbonite or oubliette; some just lived that long. Ol’ Ember had a passel of knowledge from the Aing-Tii, by way of his son Rach and daughter Benna, but second-hand’s not good enough when you’re messing with time. Well, there’s a place – I ain’t saying it’s the Tyus Cluster, but I ain’t saying it’s not – where time runs wrong. Runs too fast, more like, so you could wander through taking a nap and come out the other side a hundred years on, with all your friends dead and your dreams gone obsolete. That’s what happened to the Rekali family. Half-Vahla, it’s said, though whether he’s pure and his wife was pure human, or whether they were both half and made their kids two-quarter-blood – mate, who knows. I’m just talking. 
He started out wrong, born under a bad sign you might say. The stories are all old as feth: him being a Nightsister’s servant, learnin’ her art, winning his freedom. They say it might’ve been the same that Rave Merrill was a clone of. They say that’s where he met his wife and this other girl, and that other girl got with child, but that’s another story. They say he an’ his wife trained at a place called the Twilight Praxeum with a metric fethton of other kids, some abducted. They say those kids killed their teachers and showed some warlords what for. At some point in there, Ember signed on with a Jedi that was on his way to ke’dem, and as Lyn-Char Beorht went Dark, Ember went Light, so they never quite saw eye to eye no matter when. There was crusades, aye, near Tion and all that. Some say there was terrorist things, all against Darksiders.
When Beorht died, Ember went a-wanderin’. He fell in with better souls, more or less: Draethos Keetael, Fallanassi, some others. ‘Ventually he found what passed for the Jedi in that day and age, settled down and raised a bevy o’kids.
His wife, now, she was a powerful beauty. Her face is plastered all over the verse, you’ve seen it a dozen times: it was her genes that the Fringe used to make their clone pilots and walker crews and intel officers, on account of her being an old friend of Ashin Varanin. Brembla Kol-Rekali, or Kol as she was known. She flew a black X-Wing, and she once took a wrong turn on a cold-shirt crossing while a star destroyer was detonatin’ around her, and wound up with more’n half her body replaced with droid bits. Still a powerful beauty, though, even mostly cyborg. 
Then there’s his son Rach, and boy, if you’re a Mando you’d have to have lived under a rock not to hear of Rach Kol-Rekali. Fether went on the Sojourn expedition and walked with the Aing-Tii until he could see time, better at it than his pappy ever was. Rach talked his way out of his own kidnapping and torture once, and bought the freedom of Alliera, his girl. Maybe you’d know her better as Mandalore of the Pale Blade, she that came after the Bear and before Monroe. Ori’alor Tal’verda – that’s how she’s known now, though she keeps her head down. But Rach was a hot-blooded man, and while their daughter Alec was young, he left his daddy’s stronghold on Ossus an’ got himself kicked out of the Jedi Order. Got his Knighthood revoked, an’ that takes some doing. 
They say Rach seduced Kamon Vondiranach’s bride at their wedding on Eshan. They say he got his shebs handed to him by Sarge Potteiger but still managed to squeak out a victory. They say he slept with Anaya gorram Fen and then tried taking her in for a bounty. They say he was Velok’s pilot, and the old Whiphid bound his soul to a Hutt’s body for a spell. So to speak. They say a lotta things about Rach, Ember’s oldest boy, but what it all comes down to is this. He joined the Mandos for his wife, helped’em conquer all manner of worlds, and was reckoned a Master of the Dark Side when the Sith Empire invaded Mandalore. And that’s when he ate a tactical nuke just outside Keldabe. His voice stuck around, guidin’ the living for years after that. Bit of a dick, between you and me, and he broke his pappy’s heart so many times it never healed right. 
‘Course, they also say Rach was cursed. He didn’t get away scot-free on that kidnap, no sir. He got the dark arts drilled into his skull along with all his mama’s memories, for the Sith that got him was the same that got her. What’s a man to do after a thing like that? What’s his daddy to do?
The younger boys, Certh and Faran, I hear tell they were decent kids. Faran died on Ossus an’ his daddy buried him there. Certh was a Jedi Knight, him and his little sister Benna, an’ they both died when the Republic took Metalorn, around the same time Ember stopped bein’ the Jedi Council’s wetwork man. One more heartbreak for the old man, three little bodies that the Sith cut down. So you can start to see a pattern. 
That just left the bastard: Aaralyn. The angry one. Sword of the Jedi, the one as came after Jaxton Ravos. Well, she and her pappy never did see eye to eye, no more than he ever did with his Masters. And there was clanfolks, Elijah, Vesta, his granddaughter Alec an’ all the rest – Shardrock Clan, that’s Ember’s clan from Dathomir, plus all his Vahla cousins that stuck with him, plus the Mandos that had followed his son an’ daughter-in-law. So you can see how he had a lotta folks to call family, but not a soul of the core unit save Aaralyn. Well, the One Sith got her and warped her mind, made a Darth of her, and that just about finished him. 
He was building the family legacy ‘round then, tryin’ to raise Alec when her mama pawned her off for not knowing how to deal with her. He was a bounty hunter too, the kind that took bounties on space stations and artificial moons and Masters of whatever stripe. They say he’s the one that captured Anaya Fen, Emperor Voracitos, Talon Vosra, Jared Ovmar, and a passel of others. One-man boarding crew specializing in command ships. Took all the mutt bits of his skillset and made a lump out of’em, and boy was it a lump and a half. I’m talking every tracking and strength enhancement technique in any serious Force tradition there is, plus that Fallanassi knack for disappearing. He’s the one that trained Ordo, the Ordo, and the two of’em’d just walk around carrying starship-scale automatic weapons an’ arm-wrestling bull rancors. So you can sorta see why when the dam finally broke, it broke hard.
Well, he went on a one-man crusade. Gotta remember, too, this is the guy that tore down the Sith Empire’s palace on Dromund Kaas by himself during the invasion. This is the guy whose fleet hit Mon Calamari to save the lives of pretty much everyone that’s ever called themselves Mandalore in the modern times – I’m talking Monroe, Gil Skirata, the lot of’em were like fish in a barrel and he pulled’em out by his lonesome. This is the guy that helped found the CIS and trained plenty of their heavy hitters. This is the guy that punched through the wall of the Sith Council’s holocron vault and Force Lighted what was in there to sparkly dust. He’s beat the feth out of the New Order too, once or twice, and fought six Sith at the same time. This guy was a Field Marshal, one of the old crowd, a peer to Strider Garon and Skirata. He’d taught Ordo, and when the fether turned out to be the Dark Lord of the One Sith, Ember’s the one that tackled him on Coruscant when the Starfall came down. Trained Anija Ordo too, I hear, and a few others; he’s the one that first started teaching modern Mandos how to use the Force like a can opener.
I ain’t listing all that to tell you he’s all that, mind. I’m saying it to tell you he was just as tired as he was heartbroken. Getting old, too. Vahla live a while, but he’s only half. Old an’ lonely, an’ his last kid’s been mindfrakked. So what does he do but take the fight to the One Sith with a vengeance. He an’ this bounty hunter named Skye Mertaal got the inside track and started snaring prisoners outta the Deep Core, we’re talking One Sith heartland, even back then. They say he’s the one that got Kira Talith, only she was Kira Liadain then, and the whole Talith clan owes him a life debt. Nobody knows what happened when he finally tracked down his kid Aaralyn, but it’s for sure they fought, just one old man against the Sword of the Jedi. And her with killer instinct and him with none of that, not towards her. But he won, maybe with Mertaal’s help, maybe alone. Next thing you know, the Jedi have their Sword back and the One Sith are down a Darth. 
That’s when he retired, or started building for real. His clan already ran the Yavin system, plus a place on Dathomir and a couple bits on Vjun. He hung up his armour and started taking clan father business more serious. It was his granddaughter Alec that evicted the Order of the Grey from Yavin Four, and represented him at clan councils. He’s still a Field Marshal, topmost of the top, and that’s an honour not handed out too often, but he’s retired from that as well. Some run into him at Port Shardrock, beside the Jedi Academy, and he’s the one that owns the lot, though he’s a better landlord to the Jedi than he was to the Grays. The Warlock of Yavin, he’s called. Aliit’buir Rekali, running the clan from some buried hideyhole, keeping the catalog of the Mandos’ Force artifacts from when they sacked and excavated Dromund Kaas. 
He’s popped his head up once or twice since then. One time there was a dar’manda Forcer got brought to Myrkr, and in walks Rekali – I heard this from someone on the dar’manda’s crew – and says he’ll release him scot-free if he eats this pill. So the fether eats it, and it’s poison that makes you near die of pain if you use the Dark Side. That’s the kind of stunt Rekali pulls when he takes something personal. 
The one time he really came out of retirement that I know of, he goes to Coruscant, right into the belly of the beast. In just a shirt and pants, with no weapons or gear or nothing, he gets inside two ultra-high-security facilities, leads the troops an’ systems on a merry chase, and beats the snot out of an armed Sith Master on home turf. That’s the one time I know of, mind. If anything’s for sure about Ember gorram Rekali, it’s that when the moment calls for it and family’s at stake, the old guy moves too fast to see. 
What can he do? Well, it’s like I said. He’s trained with a little bit of everyone, but he sort of pulled it all together. He’s strong and fast, a climber and a runner. He can carry these massive weapons and kick through walls, and when he busts out his hookblades, that’s when it gets nasty. He can go off the grid so hard there’s no droid or sensor can spot him, so hard you wouldn’t see him if he was standing in front of you pointing a gun at your face. That’s the bulk of it: strong as a gundark, and invisible. Plus he’s got this trick of seeing the past, the Aing-Tii monks’ thing. That’s embarrassed more than a few, I can tell you that.
So why you asking about Ember Rekali in the first place? I suppose I could hazard a guess. See, he’s trusted the Yavin Jedi to look after the Praxeum they’re borrowing from his clan, but now Eyal M’ti’s getting old and Shule Windspeaker’s gone who-knows-where. They kept people away, kept up their end of things. He thinks he’s got to step up his game, that’s my bet. Pop some pain stims, stop moping, and hope his armor still fits.

Does your character have a personal ship? If so, describe it in moderate detail (what does it look like, what can it do, what types of weapons and engines does it have, etc.).
Post the names of the PC characters (characters role-played by real people) that your character has killed. If possible, include a link to the thread in which your character killed him/her.

-Darth Voracitos (Master)

-Anaya Fen (Master)

-Jared Ovmar (Master)

-Talon Vosra (Master)

-Damage done to Subach-Innes (stole a moon)

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Dashes denote skills generally not available before mastery of the Force.


Strength Enhancement |||||| |||||| |||||| ||||||

Force Tracking |||||| |||||| |||||| |

Farsight |||||| |||||| ||||||

Force Speed/Speed of the Toocha |||||| |||||| |||||| ||

Touch of the Kiin’dray |||||| |||||| ||||||

Sense of the Veshet |||||| |||||| ||||||

Ears of the Chiroptix |||||| |||||| ||||||

Instinctive Astrogation |||||| |||||| |||

Dathomiri Mindspeech  |||||| ||||||

Spell of Interpretation  |||||| ||||||

Revitalization of the Whuffa  |||||| ||||||

Tapas  |||||| |||||| ||

Force Light ----------- |||

Force Protection |||||| |||||| |

Healing |||||| ||

Telekinesis |||||| |||||| |||

Precognition  |||||| ||||||

Force Sense  |||||| |||


Racial Abilities

Pyrokinesis (Vahla)  |||||| |||

Contort/Escape (Vahla)  |||||| |||||| ||



Watchers ---------- |||


Alternative Force Spectra

White Current Illusions |||||| ||||||

White Current Perception |||||| |||||| |||

White Current Immersion |||||| |||||| ||||||

Aing-Tii Flow-walking |||||| |||||| ||



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