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Clan Rekali Waystation

- - - - - Clan Rekali

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Image Source: Here

Affiliation: Clan Rekali, select customers

ManufacturerClan Rekali, Inc.

Model: Clan Rekali Waystation

Modularity: Can be outfitted with a basic hyperspace cannon and tractor assembly for shuttling raw materials through hyperspace. 
Material: Durasteel hull, transparisteel viewports

Classification: Space station


Length: 350m

Width: 350m

Height: 600m


Armament:  Rating 7, prioritizing heavy ion cannons and a balance of defensive guns (antimissile octets, quad lasers, point-defense lasers, flak cannons). 



*Note: These stations are far too large to move safely via a Ret'lini. Two Ret'lini modules are kept on hand to facilitate hypercapable escape pod egress in a complex emergency.


Special Features


Maneuverability: 19

Speed Rating: 19

Hyperdrive Class: 4



  • Capable of extended operation for months or years without resupply, while serving as a resupply base to varying numbers of small prospecting/exploration/patrol craft.
  • Contains refining and manufacturing facilities capable of fabricating small production runs of replacement parts, upgrades, etc., so long as the correct blueprints and raw materials are available. These facilities can be rented by visiting captains and crewers, who often provide some or all of their own blueprints and materials. As a rule, the Clan does not take copies of such blueprints.
  • Boasts durable shields, good ion fire resistance, and high decompression resilience.
  • Can be outfitted with a hyperspace cannon for shuttling raw materials through hyperspace, in a crude imitation of the Silk Holdings HALCYON system.


  • Relies on remoteness and accompanying craft for defense: somewhat lightly armed.
  • No starfighter complement.


Description: Clan Rekali developed these stations as waypoints embedded in the dense, almost unnavigable Roil and Denarii Nebula, along branching, shifting routes that lead from the Korphir Trace, Weytin's Colony, and Denarii Station. These nebulae are at the heart of Clan Rekali territory. The waystations connect private, barely-stable routes, many of them through the Hard Roil, and can often be isolated for weeks or months at a time. During periods of isolation, the waystations serve as home ports for local Clan Rekali patrol, exploration, mapping, and prospecting vessels. Each waystation contains compact but functional recreation and training facilities, HoloNet access, and a small but ever-shifting barter market. Embedded dozens of light-years within the Denarii Nebula and the Roil, these stations facilitate a bastion network, designed to insulate the Clan's future from the vagaries of fate. Around 1/3 of the nebular stations are subject to varying degrees of secrecy. Clan leaders often place blood trails on waystations to locate them if they are lost through shifting nebular hyperspace routes.


Clan Rekali waystations are crewed by clanspeople with backgrounds as diverse as the clan itself -- Dathomiri, Vahla, Mandalorians, or some combination of the above. Suffice it to say that the barter market and recreational options are frequently...interesting. Clan Rekali skews to the Light Side on average, but neither perfectly nor judgmentally. Docking rights to a Clan Rekali waystation are generally granted to business partners, other Mandalorian clans, the Protectors, approved contractors, and -- under the guise of one of the above -- members of the Underground. Jedi of whatever affiliation are welcome on the waystations, though they are advised to tread lightly: their authority is granted as a courtesy, and can be revoked by a clan representative or station commander. Other Light-leaning Force traditions (Jal Shey, Fallanassi, Ithorian priests, Jensaarai, etc.) are also welcome under the same terms.


These waystations are also available for purchase by select customers.


Development Thread: No

Intent: A series of small spacedock outposts to seed through the nebulae at the heart of Clan Rekali territory.

Who Can Use This: Mandalorian Protectors, Clan Rekali members/affiliates, select customers/approved visitors

Primary Source: N/A



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Looks good, Pending approval.




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Awesome. Pending Admin Approval. Thanks!

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