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The Sullust Temple

- - - - - New Jedi Order Galactic Alliance

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Name: New Jedi Order Sullust Temple


Image Source: Mickael Forrett


Classification: Jedi Temple


Location: Sullust, Southern Hemisphere


Affiliation: The New Jedi Order



The New Jedi Order Temple on Sullust is a grand architectural project under taken by half a dozen organizations, the largest of which are the Galactic Alliance and the New Jedi Order itself.


Sullust as a planet has a toxic atmosphere, sulfur hangs in the air, toxins float through the sky, and the clouds above rain down all sorts of unpleasant chemicals. This environment has long since been conquered by the Sullustans through unique building projects, and as the New Jedi order began to go construct it's temple, the people of Sullust quickly came to the aid of the Jedi. Construction began with the building of a massive solarium glasteel dome, the clear material giving rise to energy collection as well as protection from the elements. The dome quickly rose high above the earth itself, being constructed with Repulsors and massive grav engines in order to keep it aloft within the sky. Massive hanging cables and a central spiraling tower connected the dome to the surface of Sullust, breaking its impact within a massive sinkhole that had been burned into the earth below.


The Sinkhole expanded outward beneath the surface, a smaller set of structures sitting above the ground before the huge building begins to expand and dip into the earth itself. 


The Structure is massive, the huge floating dome being only half of the portion of the New Jedi Order Temple, a further set of buildings sitting below the floating dome itself and then further constructs reach deep into the earth itself. This disconnect between structured was created for a simple reason, the defense of the Jedi Order Temples as well as a show of the magnitude of the temple itself. The Floating dome is the main residential section of the Temple, containing gardens, homes, healing chambers, and massive learning halls dedicated to the teaching of younglings. Within the dome is also contained the Marshall's meeting hall, the place where the leadership of the New Jedi Order Comes together to discuss the future of the Order.


The Dome is of course well protected, Thick Solarium Glasteel containing metal bonding agents throughout to strengthen it as well as a subtle layers of shielding that erupts from the Temples Central spire. This shield dips over the dome and spills down towards the ground, protecting the entire central structure of the Jedi Temple and the buildings hidden down beneath the floating structure itself. This shield is planetary grade, and protects against most forms of attack.


The buildings beneath the floating dome, those located upon the very surface of Sullust are the New Jedi Order's Hangars, repair and fuel stations, as well as their more Functional posts. It is here that most embarking and debarking of shuttles occur as well as the incoming of most trade goods that the Jedi Require. These massive structures sit atop spanning metal bridges and platforms that hang above the sinkhole the rest of the Jedi Temple is located within. Dotted throughout these structures are defensive emplacements, turbo-laser turrets and laser auto-cannons that protect against any unwanted intruders that might try to work their way into the temple itself. These buildings are connected to the central dome, as well as the structure below, through a massive central turbo-lift system located in the very center of the structures themselves.


The final, and perhaps most important part of the New Jedi Order Temple is the underground structure located within the sinkhole that the Dome floats above.


This massive sinkhole is a naturally occurring cavern upon Sullust's surface. The only exit is a single massive maw that seemed to have fallen away into the caverns below. It is through here that the central turbo-lift system extends deep underground. 


Within the blackness, deep beneath Sullust's surface sits the rest of the Jedi Temple. It is here that the most important facets of the temple lay. The Underground structures of the New Jedi Order were created in the case of invasion or assault of the temple itself. The structures contain armories, healing centers, safe storage rooms, emergency housing, and all that the Jedi would need if Sullust were ever come under assault. It is also here that the New Jedi Order places prisoners and secrets that need to be kept. The Temple's underground structure sprawls out, remaining safe from bombardement and assault. The buildings themselves hang from massive stalagmimtes and durasteel constructs that seem to naturally fold into the caverns walls.


Each of these structures are interconnected and folded together. Though there is a lift system, it is entirely possible to reach each of these centers by foot. The Underground structure also contains back up generators as well as its own shield system in case the cavern above collapses. Along with these more defensive complements the underground structures also contain Hydroponic farms, meaning that the Temple below, much like the structure above, is more than capable of self sufficiency in the case of emergency.



The History of the Temple on Sullust is a short one, shorter than the History of the Galactic Alliance.


The Temple was founded by Master Omai Rhen and the New Jedi Order, its construction was aided by the Galactic Alliance, the planet of Sullust, and several large galactic Corproations that sought to aid the New Jedi Order. The Temple was constructed quickly, thousands of workers, droids, and able bodied Jedi assisting within the building of the massive structure both above ground and below. 


Though it is new, the Temple has already seen its share of blood. In an incident with the Imperial Split off Faction known as the Final Order the Sullust Temple came under attack by legions of enemy soldiers. Though the battle was bloody, and the fight was hard, The New Jedi Order Eventually managed to hold off the assault and keep their temple intact. With the attack over, and the Temple construction renewed, small defensive measures were slowly added to the Temple itself.


Though it's construction is grandiose and it's size is perhaps more befitting to a longer Standing Order, the Temple on Sullust is more than just a home. It is a symbol of hope, of things to come, and of the New Jedi Order.


Intent: To Finally Sub the Home of the new Jedi Order






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Under review

Taeli Raaf

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Aela Talith


You'll be happy to know that after looking this over, I see nothing wrong with it. Placing this as pending approval now


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