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Justice Shipping Common Piloting Wing

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James Justice

James Justice

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Image Source:  http://www.swtorstra...anion-guide.jpg


Name: Justice Shipping Common Piloting Wing

Intent:Mercenary Units for Justice Shipping to hire to their employers as fighter pilots

Affiliation: Justice Shipping

Availability: Common

Quality: C-Trained

Type: Pilots

Strength: 50



Description: Justice Shipping, in its nature, involves piloting.Some of these pilots fancy themselves to become Aces, or Lords of the Sky.”A few have even dared to come and challenge their chief employer—James Justice himself, though none have yet to succeed.Taken up and recruited from all walks of life; from tramp freighters who have gotten sick of living hand-to-mouth, to starry-eyed moisture farmers who are sick of working for their Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru.


Over the course of three months each is given a vigorous course of training in:
-Basic piloting techniques
-basic dogfighting techniques
-How to maintain a basic level of care to most ships (cleaning, changing the oil, recharging power cells, etc)
-How to run escort missions
-basic astrogate
-How to overcome hyperspace sickness


These pilots are trained, per James Justice’s belief of social change, from the lowest of life in society.Many have the hopes and dreams of one day become Aces, though truth be told, most will end up only being either cannon fodder at the next massive battle or spend the rest of their lives running mundane escort missions for the rich and powerful.

Each pilot comes equipped with:

-Basic tool kit
-Flight suit
-A cocky attitude




Flight suit

Tool kit

Cocky attitude

Justice Shipping






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