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Kar'tayl Independent Sensor Platform

- - - - - Clan Rekali

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Image Source: [here]

Affiliation: Clan Rekali, select customers (including Silver Sanctum Coalition)

ManufacturerClan Rekali

ModelKar'tayl ('Awareness') Independent Sensor Platform, plural Kar'tayle (car-TAIL-é)

Modularity: No
Material: Havod and durasteel hull, transparisteel viewports

Classification: Hyperspace monitoring station


Length: 600m

Width: 250m

Height: 250m


Armament: 2 (basic defensive weapons only, primarily antimissile octets)




Special Features


Maneuverability: 18 (20 while interdicting)

Speed Rating: 18 (20 while interdicting)

Hyperdrive Class: 2 - capable of static tethering (maintaining a fixed position in hyperspace)



  • Essentially undetectable from realspace (when not actively interdicting), as it spends all its time moored in hyperspace. Can move from point to point in hyperspace without reversion.
  • Provides comprehensive early-warning, comscan analysis (for both hyperspace and subspace), and interdiction capabilities, with or without leaving hyperspace.
  • Moderately tough hull and very tough shields.
  • Unlike its Imperial predecessor, the Kar'tayl network covers a relative handful of routes rather than a massive, complex region of space; as such, it is far more reliable.
  • Compatible with existing networks of early warning sensors/stations. (For example, the Kar'tayle sold to the SSC integrate seamlessly with the SSC's network of smaller, mass-produced, less capable early warning stations.)
  • Gemcutter reversion predictor allows for more precise gravity well targeting and adjustment.


  • The Kar'tayl cannot power up its gravity well projectors instantaneously. This means that vessels with extremely fast hyperdrives (below Class 1.0) will be detected but not stopped. (Weakness extrapolated from Immobilizer 418 and Imperial Hyperspace Security Net canon.) However, the Kar'tayl can contact other Kar'tayle along the vessel's projected route for a later interdiction. Early warning can also come from other stations/vessels/planets.
  • Interdiction functionality can attract debris from realspace and hyperspace, potentially causing damage. (Weakness taken from Immobilizer 418 canon.)
  • Extremely sluggish, especially while using gravity well generators.
  • Virtually unarmed. Must be supported by task forces or vessels stationed nearby.
  • Moderately high crew turnover due to the psychological effects of constant presence in hyperspace. (Somewhat mitigated by excellent recreational facilities.)
  • Though it is heavily armored, its sensor clusters are vulnerable once shields go down.
  • Absolutely abysmal if put in the role of battlefield interdiction vessel.


Description: The Kar'tayl Independent Sensor Platform is Clan Rekali's attempt to replicate the ancient Imperial Hyperspace Security Net. Handfuls of Kar'tayle (car-TAIL-é, plural) monitor each entrance and potential entrance to the Clan's primary territory, as well as major intersections and choke points throughout the Gordian Reach. Clusters of Kar'tayl platforms can detect incoming vessels, triangulate their course in three dimensions, and either drag them out of hyperspace or relay their course and speed to other Kar'tayle clusters for interdiction. 


Internally, the Kar'tayl platforms are relatively spartan, though they maintain excellent recreational facilities. A visualization of their interior layout and coloration is found here.


Development Thread: Contracted and discussed here (16 posts) as a refinement of the system used here (22 posts) to protect Yavin; also discussed in company submission here.

Intent: A way to monitor the handful of routes and potential routes into and out of Clan Rekali's primary territory (the Gordian Reach, especially Yavin and the Roil), and an export product to augment/replace the SSC's ageing monitoring stations.

Who Can Use This: Clan Rekali, Silver Sanctum Coalition, select customers

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