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Dyxra'a Khoez

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"Truth is often obscured by honeyed words of the masses, lost within carefully crafted sentences. To find the Truth within the lies, One must delve into the beautiful simplicity of singularities. For, without the honeyed words to obscure the Truth, it can be found. Words are Lies, but, a Word is Truth." 

- Opening message in the Journal of Dyxra'a Khoez.




|| Basic Information ||


NAME: Dyxra'a Khoez

  • PRONUNCIATION: Die-x-ra Co-ez.
  • MEANING: Storm Born (Dyxra'a) Grassland Hunter (Khoez)



  • N/A.


  • The Collective.

SPECIES: Falleen.

HOMEPLANET: Nar Shaddaa.





|| Biological Information ||


VOICE: Kym Hoy as Kasumi Goto in Mass EffectTM
AGE: ~22.

GENDER: Female.

HEIGHT: 5' 1.5" (1.56m)
WEIGHT: 55.79kg (123lbs)


SKIN: Assumed to be pink, but hard to tell due to the Green Hued Scales; which can shift to a red hue.
BUILD: Lean and lithe.

  • Born with a physical defect, Dyxra'a's ridges grew into elongated and hyper-sensitive crests. This mutation also lead to her being born without hair.

DOMINANT HAND: Right handed.




|| Social Information ||


SEXUALITY: Homosexual Demisexual.



  • Basic. 

OCCUPATION: Outlaw, Agent


  • Ship (Nomad).


  • N/A



|| Strengths & Weaknesses ||



- Cold Blooded - Due to her species's cold blooded status, Dyxra'a is unable to function in cold environments whenever exposed directly. The cold slows her mind and body and can also, in major circumstances, lead to her dropping unconscious. It can also lead to Dyxra'a spending a lot of her time lounging in the heat wherever she can.

+ Mind Trick Resistant - Falleen being naturally resistant to Mind Tricks, meant that Dyxra'a was also able to ignore Mind Tricks.

Semi-Aqautic - Due to Felleen being semi-aquatic, Dyxra'a is capable of holding her breath for long periods of time. This allows her to stay submerged under water for long stretches, but it also means that she can largely ignore any technological attack that utilises gasses as a medium.

+ PheromonesLike all Falleen, Dyxra'a is able to exude pheromones that can make her all but irresistible to both genders.




+ Sharp Eyes and Quick Hands - A skill set that helped her survive on the streets of Nar Shaddaa, Dyxra'a often was able to pick out targets who carried a large amount of credits on them. With quick hands, she would liberate them of their load and take it for herself. As she's grown older, Dyxra'a has cultivated this talent into being able to spot the tiniest of details.

+ Unnoticed - Born from a necessary drive on Nar Shaddaa, Dyxra'a has long since learnt how to manipulate the perception of others, in particular: how to present herself so that she'll go overlooked. She also learnt how to sneak around on silent strides, often using the ability to surprise people.

+/Machiavellian - Power and control are aspects of life that Dyxra'a coverts, and she if willing to do whatever it takes to achieve and succeed. However, while this drive places her above many and has helped her come out on top, it makes finding close friends difficult for Dyxra'a.

- Extreme Possessiveness - A desire that comes from having nothing, Dyxra'a seeks to keep whatever she deems as her own. However, it more often than not will come across as greed, driving away a good many people.

- Addiction - The result of a harsh life, Dyxra'a has developed an addiction to narcotics, or, specifically, any drug that can 'loosen the mind' in the attempt to hide from a harsh reality.








Dyxra'a is a small, slim reptilian woman. Her physical build is thin and lithe, with all of her muscles being more wiry that bulky but containing a deceptive amount of strength. Small scales live the entirety of her body, commonly coloured a light green, the scales can be darker in colour around certain areas of her body. Like the rest of the Falleen race, Dyxra'a can shift the colour spectrum of her colours from green to red and back. Unlike the majority of her race, due to a genetic based physical deformity, Dyxra'a has three crests along the top of her head, with an additional one on both sides of her head and a complete lack of hair. Her nails, on both her hands and feet, resemble claws more than traditional nails, ending in a sharp point. Dyxra'a possesses a rather delicate facial structure and sharp grey eyes.







Dyxra'a was born on Nar Shaddaa to two Falleen who had been exiled from their home planet of Falleen. Already sinking into poverty, and being too arrogant to believe that any other species deserved to help them, Dyxra'a's parents were unable to pay for their needs as well as the needs of Dyxra'a herself. However, Dyxra'a's appearance, different from a normal Falleen, lead to worse problem for the Khoez family. Both parents felt ashamed that they had sired a "deformed" child, despite how much they denied it, and blamed the other for Dyxra'a's appearance. The resentment and poverty created an unstable atmosphere for the young Dyxra'a and gave the developing child the impression that those with strength would always lord it over those without through emotional and physical violence.


Shortly after turning 8, Dyxra'a ran from the place she had once called home, seeking to prove that she had power, that she wasn't weak. Living on the streets was harder than Dyxra'a had imagined though and for the first few years, she struggled to survive. However, never once did Dyxra'a even think of returning to her parents, determined to prove her strength to herself.


When she was 15, Dyxra'a had carved out a niche for herself among the homeless that settles near where she did. She had become something of a tormentor, someone who always tried to cow those that couldn't fight back against her beneath her feet. Whenever she encountered someone stronger than her, she never backed down nor even considered speaking, throwing herself into a fight even if she knew that she would lose. In the end, she was just simply following the impression her parents had given her.


At 17, her life changed. Through a series of small events that filled up an entire year, Dyxra'a was accepted into the home of an aged human male, one who's grey hair was balding and was hard of sight. The man, Jael Hes, tried to fix the assumptions that Dyxra'a had held for the majority of her life, tried to heal her scarred soul. He partially succeeded, but never managed to remove Dyxra'a's obsessive desire to keep close everything she thought of as hers, not did he manage to remove her desire to obtain power. But he did manage to alter her view of the galaxy.


3 years after taking in the Falleen Jael passed, leaving everything that he owned to Dyxra'a. A smuggler and pirate in his prime, Jael had left a collection of blaster pistols and rifles for Dyxra'a along with a small freighter. Taking the ship and leaving the moon planet of Nar Shaddaa that had been her imprisoning cradle, Dyxra'a set of into the galaxy, eventually inheriting the legacy of Jael Hes and becoming an outlaw herself.

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{Beginner | Average | Skilled | Masterful | Apex}


Hand To Hand Combat:


-Free Form (Instinctive) = Skilled.


Melee Weapon:


-Vibroagger = Skilled.

-Vibrosword = Beginner.

-"Janus" = Skilled.


Ranged Weapon - No Blasters:




Ranged Weapon - Blasters:


-Blaster Pistol: Skilled.








-Galactic Basic.





-Galactic Basic.









-Pick Pocketing.




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-A XS Stock Light Freighter: 'Blood of Ashes'. [x] (Personal)



-A large collection of vibrodaggers that are forged to varying lengths. (x20) [x]

-BTI-WB "Woebringer" Heavy Blaster Pistol. (x1) [x]

-Slugthrower Revolver, "Nemesis" (x1) [x]

-Metal Cane-Whip, "Janus" (x3) [x]

-Phrik Tactical Fighting Blade (x1) [x]



-A dark brown trench coat. [x]

-A white t-shirt and tie, grey suit trousers and navy suit jacket combination. [x]

-A brown Waistcoat. [x]

-A pair of black leather boots. [x]

-A pair of black lace gloves. [x]

-1 Pocket Watch with engraved name. [x]

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