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Sybil Shepard

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The Major

The Major

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NAME: Sybil Shepard
FACTION: First Order Security Bureau
RANK: Major/Director of the Security Bureau

AGE: 25
SEX: Female
HEIGHT: 1.89 Meters/6.2 Feet
WEIGHT: 102.9 Kilograms/227 Pounds
EYES: Dark blue
HAIR: Glossy, dark auburn
SKIN: Fair, pale complexion/Freckled across cheeks
BUILD: Mesomorph/Long fingers and limbs/Athletic frame and broad shoulders


RELIGION: Fallanassi

PREFACE ON FAITH: Fallanassi are not exactly a quantifiable group in the grand scheme of galactic occurrences. This obscure, feminist cult is based around the teachings of the White Current. Through their interpretation of the Force, their daughters are taught the ways of concealment and the creations of illusions. This doctrine also enabled the Fallanassi to immerse themselves in the ripples and flows of the Force. Historically, the meager reports –often redacted– on this cult typifies their members as being adept at misdirection, subterfuge, and treason. Discretion and amorality are general tenants for the followers of the White Current.


The further your sight; the further your plight! -Old White Current Adage


-A Fallanassi, don't you know: Adapts of the White Current, like Sybil, are experts of using Force Illusion and Force Immersion to completely hide their presence from Force based, organic, and technological means of detection. She can also cast audiovisual and electronic based illusions which can be used to trick, distract, or dupe people or sensors into blunder or ambush. Most horrifyingly, advanced Doppelgängers can be cast as well. A Fallanassi can speak, see, and hear through this more intensive type of illusion.
-The Freeshooter: Exceptional talent, patience, training, and technological support have honed Sybil's sniping ability to a nigh superhuman level. This level of excellence also extends to close quarters accuracy, but this only extends to the use of single shot, semi-automatic, and bolt action firearms.

-Survivalist: A combination of methodology, equipment and mentality gives this woman a keen desire to pull through and out of situations that would catch most a ride to their local mortuary. Sybil exhibits an extraordinary drive to live, and this makes her a resourceful and dangerous threat on any battlefield.
-Empath: A nuanced world view and thirst for understanding has enabled Sybil to comprehend and feel what another person is experiencing from their perspective. This extensive capacity to place oneself in another's frame of reference encompasses a broad range of emotional states, cultures, and religions. You may have found the most compassionate shoulder to cry on; pray there isn't a knife poised to strike behind your back.
-Daughter of the Cosmos: Insight and veracious curiosity give the Major an edge when encountering concepts and scenarios of Eldritch nature. Her mind adapts exceptionally to occult teachings and when submitted to nightmarish, grotesque occurrences that would obliterate the uninitiated.

-Eyes Fail; Spirit Succeeds: If ever engaged in a duel with Sybil, it is important to maintain one's wits and avoid reliance upon the typical forms of detection. Illusions can only work on those who see them. Copies will fail when touched. And just because one is invisible doesn't mean an orbital strike or other area of attack ordinance are any less lethal.
-Four Eyes: The girl just can't see, okay? Anything beyond a meter becomes a blur without the use of specially engineered lenses or contacts.
-Full Auto is so Uncivilized: A specific type of injury in her arms causes the Major to absorb recoil by bending her elbows. Full auto or burst fire blasters and projectile weapons are incredibly uncomfortable and downright ineffective in her hands.
-A Driver, Please: Sybil cannot adequately pilot vehicles of all shapes or sizes. She is completely reliant on pilots or drivers and thus has developed a healthy despondence to space travel.
-Thalassophobia, Who Knew: For reasons not entirely clear to even herself, the Fallanassi agent has an intense fear of large bodies of water, and specifically of oceans at night. Evoking imagery of violent waves or whirlpools churning in stormy seas are enough to cause her distress and even trigger panic attacks. Sea travel and swimming are avoided at all costs. Even flying over a large body of water will make her uncomfortable.
-Orphan of the Kosmos: This Hunter seems to be drawn to dangerous abominations and the study of dark rituals. She is especially susceptible to interference from Otherworldly denizens and the depraved ramblings of sinister, blood soaked knowledge. Her fondness for the occult borders on pathological, and some tragic and cosmic horror seems to doggedly cling to the Fallanassi.

Kills: Emilia Ravel (Mercy Kill)

Bounties collected: None

Collected Weapons and equipment (Will never carry these all at once):
Hunter's Rifle
Major's Rifle of Doom
LCR-Series Revolver .357
Sunday Coat
Exploding Blue Rose
Death's Lover
Esther's Bane
The Monster's Parasol
Garbage Chrome Suit


Spaceship: FIV Tortuga, a Nightgaunt Stealth Corvette (X)

Items lost (equipment destroyed or otherwise lost):
The Old Hunter's Coat
Fencer's Buckler

Author’s note: What started as an homage to a character I used on a different RP site (http://jedivsith.boards.net/user/393has developed into its own frankly better thing. Now nearly a half-year on this site I'm excited to continue writing and collaborating, and look forward to any help or tips the community can provide.

Trust me. You'll love me.

Mad or pleased with my antics? Leave me some feedback here: (X)

Chaos Universe Canon RPs (in sequential order of occurrence):

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Lady Of Lore

Lady Of Lore

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Hey, another JvSer!! :D Nice to see you again, Major. <3 Been a long time! Can't wait to follow Sybil's evolution. 



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Well. This should be fun.



Maya Carrick

Maya Carrick

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The Major 


Your a sight for sore eyes. <3 


As the lovely Lor said can't wait to see where you take her on here. If you need a great group to join please come cheek out the Silver...