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Flint Murdoch

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Flint Murdoch

Flint Murdoch

    Slicer. Con Man. All Around Awesome

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NAME: Flint Murdoch; real name Torvald Pataki  


RANK: Slicer, Con Man


AGE: 27

SEX: Male

HEIGHT: 5’ 4”

WEIGHT: I40 Ilbs

EYES: One normal eye, brown, one cyber eye, blue.

HAIR: Brown

SKIN: White





STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum):


Slicer abilities

Cybernetic eye allows for scanning capabilities

Cyber arm has slight enhanced strength

Skilled Con Man

Terrific Dancer

Aided by BB-6, his personal droid



Tends to only care for himself

Swindles everyone, even his friends




Flint tries to look as ‘professional’ as possible. He wears expensive clothing, which he stole, and wears his hair in styled fashion. His right arm has been replaced with a cybernetic one. Same for his left eye, which also has scanning capabilities. Always accompanied by his droid/ “secretary”/ partner in crime, BB-6.






Born on Bespin Torvault Pataki dreamed of being one of the biggest big-shots in the galaxy. With no mother in his life Torvault depended on his father who was just another loader at the ports. Torvault had seen all of the richer class people of Bespin with their fancy cars and expensive tastes and wanted to be among them.


As the years went by Torvault became more and more obsessed with being a big-shot. He began to swindle himself into money, never fully telling his father. At one point he got in with a local gang as a means of gaining a little more respect, but with a name like ‘Torvault’ that wasn’t happening anytime soon. Despite this Torvault continued to deal and steal where and when he could.


During this time Torvault had found the remains of an older BB droid and, with a little time and effort, managed to repair it; or rather ‘her’. Now with BB-6 as his helper Torvault now had a little more pull when it came to slicing and swindling with his gang. He’d become more dependent on his slicing abilities that he underwent a surgery which gave half of his mind the means of linking in with computers and the like; this is also where he gained a cybernetic scanner eye.


With the gang growing in reputation it of course led to other, bigger gangs not wanting competition. In the resulting in-fighting with some of the other gangs Torvault’s father was killed in retaliation. While Torvault wanted to run he was forced by his gang members to help in the biggest heist that could mean the gang’s rise to power.


Not only had the heist gone wrong but this final act had forced the other gangs to snuffing out as much of them as possible. Torvault ran but resulted in his arm being broken in five places. After managing to run away Torvault went to a hospital where, using his slicing skills, gave himself the alias of “Flint Murdoch” as to not be traced by authorities in the gang related incidents.


Now as Flint Murdoch and with enough money to get by he left Bespin, after buying off an old transport with the stolen money, and decided to try and make it big wherever he could.



Kom’rk-class fighter/transport







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