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Ringovinda StarYards

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Jessica Med-Beq

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Corporation Name: Ringovinda StarYards


Headquarters: Ringo Vinda


Locations: Ringo Vinda, Soceras, Gyndine, Bimmisaari, Pergitor, Geonosis, Hakassi, Glyss, Dagobah, Zonju V, Skor, Serenno



  • Building starships
  • Building Land Vehicles.


Rationale: As a state-run company, Ringovinda StarYards was formerly insolvent. Poor management of company funds, bribery scandals, high salary bonuses to upper management, all of which forced the Ringo Vinda government to hold an emergency meeting regarding the company. It would be decided that the corporation be auctioned off.


Understandably, even though the more conservative fringes of the population would rather let the corporation be purchased by off-worlders (candidates included several "major shipyards") than be incompetently managed at home, a grassroots movement allowed Ringovinda StarYards to remain Ringo Vinda property. It was decided that a lottery would be held and the winner would run the company.


Tier: 6


Description: Ringovinda StarYards is a company that mostly accepts orders for starships from private corporations, although sometimes governments may place orders for their products and also individuals that need more security than normal transport ships can provide for. It also seems to be a pioneer in the use of disabled personnel, making it a point of employing at least 7% of its staff with disabilities. As such, Ringovinda StarYards provides appropriate training for disabled people and the roles they can fill, and often when their disabilities would be used to their advantage. For instance, deaf people can work in the noisiest of environments, smell-impaired people can do sanitation...


It is also strongly committed to the ability of their own products to safely land on planets. Also it has recently began to build mobile, adjustable drydocks for other shipyards in addition of building bombers, land vehicles and bulk freighters among the largest in the galaxy. Lately it sought to diversify its portfolio through the purchase of hitherto Hutt-controlled Pizza Hutt.


Although its troubled history with the Butcher of Korriban led many to question the survival of the company, under new management, Jessica Med-Beq proved that she was capable of weathering the storm, and also of producing warships, including but not limited to, carriers. As a result it became one of the major players in the Confederacy of Independent Systems and, after the latter's collapse, of the light-sided naval world at large.



Parent corporation: N/A


Primary source: N/A


Tier VI Promotion (From Tier V)
Tier V Promotion (From Tier IV)


New Operations

Tier 3


added locations



adding locations


Tier 4



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Tier VI Promotion

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