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Caelag Vass's X-52 Wraith Infiltrator

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Caelag Vass

Caelag Vass

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Image Source: 

<created by BioWare, image taken from tor-fashion.com>

Intent: A modified personal weapon of Caelag Vass, for purposes of identification of specific targets in compensation for lack of true eyesight.
Development Thread: If needed
Manufacturer: Unknown original manufacturer, refitted/modeled by Vass with the help of the Galactic Republic.
Model: X-52 Wraith Infiltrator
Affiliation: Caelag Vass, The Galactic Republic
Modularity: No

Material: Durasteel and Blaster components, camera components

Classification: Blaster - Sniper rifle
Size: Handheld
Length: 140 cm
Weight: 14.0 kg
Ammunition Type: Power cell and gas canister
Ammunition Capacity: Power pack capacity of 10 shots, gas canister capacity of 50 shots total.
Effective Range: The effective range of the modified X-52 extends as far as 1,800 meters. Beyond this range shots are exponentially difficult to hit. Additionally, in personal combat ranges the rifle's fairly long and heavy casing makes use impractical.

Rate of Fire: Single action

Special Features: 
- Bipod attached to the front
- Customized scope, replacing the standard function with a sturdy live-camera feed connected to a secure channel.

Strengths: +Long effective range
+ Powerful individual shots
+ Low horizontal spread

Weaknesses: - Absolutely useless in confined quarters
- Relatively low shot capacity for prolonged combat
- Fairly heavy weapon to carry
- Weapon's sound is very distinctive
- Still retains relatively high recoil

- Very high vertical spread

Description: Upon request, an old Cold War X-52 Wraith Infiltrator sniper rifle has been re-modified as per the request of one 'Caelag Vass'. The weapon in question, henceforth referred to as the X-52, is both a poor and smart choice of weapon. On first inspection you can notice the weapons attached bipod for stability to help with the recoil a weapon of this nature produces, as well as a rather large blaster pack capacity for a weapon of this nature. The individual shots produced by this weapon are rather powerful, reminiscent of lighter blaster cannons used for defending outposts, with a design that allows rather effective shooting at very long distances. However, the devil of the weapon comes in more intricate details. For instance, the actual number of blaster packs one can use before running out of gas is rather low, as it uses much with each shot to produce its powerful bolts. And upon each and every shot, the weapon produces rather substantial amounts of recoil, with only so much being able to be dealt with by any means. Even with some of the recoil dampened, the shots are simply too spread to fire the weapon at a rapid pace. Within two shots the weapon has strayed so far upwards the target could be standing in directly in front of the shooter and have little to fear.

The recoil and spread can be handled well enough by giving the weapon a second to adjust, however in a firefight that is more than enough time for the shooter to be spotted and put under suppressing fire. This itself wouldn't be a major issue, except for the highly distinctive sound the weapon makes. While at extreme ranges the sound will have dissipated, on the battlefield the weapon's distinct sound will make effective use a nightmare. How these weapons were ever used effectively is a mystery.

Regarding the personal adjustments for Miss Vass, the weapon's standard scope has been modified with a device that acts as a highly durable camera. The weapon's camera can be activated and used with a hidden switch on the scope itself, and broadcasts the image it receives over a secure connection to a dedicated intelligence agent. The purpose of this is to allow a pair of eyes to identify the target in the cross hairs, as Miss Vass herself lacks actual, physical eyes, for the purpose of assassination-styled missions.

Primary Source: N/A


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