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Aster Rose Baelor

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Aster Rose Baelor

Aster Rose Baelor

    A servant to her people.

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BIRTH NAME: Aster Rose Moreau

ALIAS: Aster Langley

FACTION: The Iron Empire

RANK: Crown Princess of the Iron Empire
AGE: 17
SEX: Female
HEIGHT: 162cm
WEIGHT: 43kg
EYES: Blue
HAIR: Platinum Blonde
SKIN: Porcelain

VOICE: Lunafreya (Japanese)




Isamu Baelor - Uncle (Mother's sister's husband)

Lyle Baelor - Cousin (Mother's sister's husband's cousin)


Fair-skinned, blue-eyed, flaxen-haired, with delicate features and a dimpled smile, Aster inherited her much of her appearance
from her deceased mother. Her usual attire consists of an elegant white dress with matching high heels and her hair up in an intricate ponytail.



Dutiful, impulsive, passionate: Aster loves the Iron Empire and its people with all of her heart and thus, is willing to do what is required of her for the good of the Empire. Her love for the Empire stems from her gratitude for her uncle - the Emperor for taking her in and the sense of stability it provides - something that she had not experienced since the death of her father and subsequent suicide of her mother. Even with the trauma she had experienced owing to her position as Princess of the Iron Empire, Aster remains resolute with an unshakeable will.


However, despite her inner strength, she is not without weaknesses. Haunted by the suicide of her mother and the incidents that have occurred since, Aster has trouble sleeping at times and has a tendency to cry when she is alone, careful not to be found out lest others worry about her or view her as weak. Furthermore, owing to a sheltered childhood, Aster has no idea to act around the opposite gender in a social setting and is filled with anxiety in such situations.


Additionally, as her duties to the Iron Empire and training in the Force occupies much of her time, Aster has few friends and like her pain, she also conceals her loneliness. Forcing herself to put her best foot forward, she represses much of her negative emotions so that others around do not worry in order to fit into the box she made for herself so that she can be the perfect princess which in turn results in her putting a lot of pressure on herself.


(+/-) Devoted to the Iron Empire - Grateful to her uncle, for the kindness and generosity he had shown towards her, Aster has devoted herself to the service of the Iron Empire and is willing to do almost anything so long as it will benefit the Empire.

(+/-) Family - Having experienced a turbulent life prior to her reunion with her uncle, her new found family with the Baelors is something she cherishes deeply - possibly more than her own life.

(+/-) Name - While her adopted surname is a prestigious one that commands respect, it also paints a target on her back for her uncle enemies and other unsavory individuals.


(-) Inept in combat - Delicate as a rose and lacking in the way of physical strength, Aster is incapable of much beyond the basic self-defense. E.g. throwing items at her assailant(s), firing her stun gun, biting, scratching, hitting, and kicking.

(-) Trauma - Having been at the epicenter of a conflict involving much of her extended family regarding who assumes her custody has left Aster mentally scarred by the experience. During this period of her life, her family would often manipulate her or force her dependency on them such as by restricting her necessities.


Childhood to Adolescence


Born into an upper-class family with a name that commands respect to a Brigadier General father and a socialite mother, Aster's early years were filled with much happiness, love and joy. Waited on hand and foot by her servants, and spoiled by her parents, the young girl was surrounded by luxuries, however, this happiness was not to last. Tragedy struck when Aster was 13 years of age with her father's sudden death when his body was torn asunder by a bout of a vicious artillery fire in combat. He was only a couple months shy of his thirty-fifth birthday.

Suffocated by her grief, Aster's mother shut down completely. The woman no longer attended the parties she used to love so much and looked like a shell of her former self, her hair messy, and her face unmade up. Emotionally broken by the death of her love, the woman eventually ended her life, orphaning Aster in hope of reuniting with her husband in the afterlife.


After the death of her mother, both sides of her family engaged in a lengthy, and costly legal battle for custody of the orphaned teenager, eyeing the money Aster stood to inherit once she came of age. During this time, she was moved from home to home and the words a stable home life became nothing but a distant memory for her.


With her life turned upside down, she felt suffocated with no hope of escape until the news of a fleet under the command of former Military Executor, Isamu Baelor, her uncle through marriage, departing the One Sith's territories reached her ears. Desperate to escape the constant infighting within her family, Aster ran away to board the migrant fleet, taking with her only what she could fit into a small backpack. Although she did not know much about the man, she had heard he was a dutiful and honourable man and hoped he would see to her needs once she revealed herself to him.


After a dangerous journey to the Unknown Regions with the migrant fleet, Aster met a former High General who had served under the former Military Executor by chance, and through him, a meeting with her uncle was arranged. During this meeting, Isamu Baelor offered to take the teenager in as she was the only living lineal descendant of his late wife - an offer she gratefully accepted as she had nowhere to return to.


With a new home away from the constant infighting, Aster discarded her father's surname which she had grown to hate along with her mother's maiden name due to the long and painful custody battle she had been dragged into and adopted her uncle's instead. Although she is a princess of the Iron Empire, Aster has refused to be referred to with this title until she believes she has earned it, insisting others address her as Lady instead.


Summary of Roleplay History

  • Compared to life on Coruscant under the tyranny of the One Sith, life in the Iron Empire was peaceful, however, that would peace would not last. Her position as princess of the Iron Empire had unintentionally painted a target on her back causing her to be held hostage a couple of times once by a unknown terrorist group and the other by the Chiss insurgents and brutalized.
  • After a successful rescue from the captivity of the insurgents, on a one of her visits to the schools within and near the planets of the Iron Empire, Aster met a soldier turned teacher, Caelag Vass during an incident and invited the Miraluka to enlist in the Iron Imperial Army to protect those within the Iron Realm.
  • Fully recovered from the injuries she sustained during her kidnapping, Aster traveled to the Silver Jedi Capitol of Voss to meet her Master, Sorel Crieff. Unfortunately, her apprenticeship under Master Crieff would not last long after the pair lost contact during the Sith attack on Voss which forced Aster to return to the safety of the Iron Realm.
  • Upon her return, Aster resumed her duties, eager to take on more responsibilities for the prosperity of the Iron Empire.
  • Visited Coci Heavenshield on Midvinter.
  • Participated in the Incursion against the machines.
  • Attended an Iron Empire award ceremony and assisted with the presentation of awards.



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Aster Rose Baelor

Aster Rose Baelor

    A servant to her people.

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Interested in - Learned [ I ] - Competent [ II ] - Skilled [ III ] - Adept [ IV ] - Mastered [ V ]


Telekinesis [ I ]

Force Sense [ I ]

Force Empathy

Accelerate Healing

Force Light [ I ]

Force Heal [ I ]

Life Sense

Life Detection

Cure Poison



Force Barrier [ I ]







[ Home ]

House Palace


{ NPCs }

[ Protective Detail ]



[ Weapons ]

Tir Stunner | Purchased

Hold-Out Bolter | Purchased

A good supply of Stun Pearls | From IE/HH Contract


[ Armour/Clothing and Accessories ]

Csilla Chic | From IE/HH Contract

Savior Class Tactical Vest with accompanying Phrik SAPI | Received

12x Heartbeat Hairpins | Purchased

Heartbeat Heels (ankle boots, boots, formal shoes, heeled sneakers, mary janes, pumps, sandals) | Purchased - Purchased

Aster's Turtle | Gifted by TheoAster's Memento Jewellery

Multispectrum disguise suite


[ Misc ]

HoloBoy Advanced and a copy of EndorMon GO! | Purchased

Heartbeat Slower | Purchased


Neuranium (participate on the winning side of a Rebellion with a minimum of 5 posts contributed) - Obtained (Post Count: 8)

Codex No Dev Pass

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Aster Rose Baelor

Aster Rose Baelor

    A servant to her people.

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I assume you are in the Iron Empire. Aster Rose Baelor

Aster Rose Baelor

Aster Rose Baelor

    A servant to her people.

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Not yet but I'll find my way there one day!




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Aster Rose Moreau, Ahem...


I have a feeling we need to meet at some point. 

Kalyn Shif

Kalyn Shif


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Aster Rose Baelor




Aster Rose Baelor

Aster Rose Baelor

    A servant to her people.

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Kyra Sol

That is an absolutely amazing picture! Thank you! :D




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