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Jamie Pyne

Jamie Pyne


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Image Source: [X]

Intent: To create a personal lightsaber for Jamie Pyne
Development Thread: N/A
Manufacturer: Jamie Pyne
Model: N/A
Affiliation: Jamie Pyne
Modularity: Crystal
Production: Unique

Material: Duranium (Hilt plating), Lightsaber Components, Cambylictus Tree Wood (Hilt)

Classification: Lightsaber
Size: One-handed
Length: 110cm ( 90cm blade, 20cm hilt)
Weight: 1kg
Special Features:


  • Submerged - Weapon can function under water when the need arises.
  • Indirect Contact - Hilt is protected from indirect saber strikes.
  • Circuitry - Will not short out when contacting Cortosis.


  • Direct Contact - Direct lightsaber strikes will destroy the hilt of the blade.
  • Defender - A Bondar saber for defense instead of killing contradicts a lightsaber's very purpose.
  • Length - Blade length is shorter than standard.

Description: A custom lightsaber constructed of the Cambylictus tree wood found on Naboo. A memento of her home world, the hilt of the weapon was entirely constructed of this native wood. Ornate engravings that circle the hilt depict Jamie's family name Pyne, as well as the namesake of the weapon Daylight. The hilt was then plated in sections to protect it from the unlikely scenario of being struck at the base or emitter. The saber projects a vibrant yellow colored blade when active. A number of minor details were taken into account during the construction including a pressure grip so that the weapon immediately deactivates when dropped for safety. Non-Demetris circuits were also used in the event that the saber comes into contact with Cortosis. Finally, a bifurcating cyclical ignition pulse was included to allow for underwater operation.


As Jamie has always been of the mindset that all life is precious, her saber was constructed with that in mind. A Bondar crystal was the primary focus, ensuring that the weapon would always be used to incapacitate, rather than cause serious injury or death to opponents. The secondary crystal, a Kasha crystal, lends further to that mindset. Its' sole purpose to maintain the girl's calm and focus during stressful situations and/or combat.


Because of her fencing background, the weapon's length mirrors that of a standard fencer's foil, with a slightly shorter blade length and hilt length than average. The idea of a defensive saber contradicts the very purpose of its' creation. Lightsabers are intended to kill when drawn, as clearly defined by even the Jedi code, however Jamie's belief in maintaining life that even in wielding a weapon with such power her intent remains to protect, rather than to kill.


Primary Source: N/A



Jorus Merrill

Jorus Merrill

    is mek bote

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Awesome. Pending Admin Approval. Thanks! Spencer Varanin



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