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Akaa'gai (Warhawk)

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Akaa'gai, Tomahawk of the Crusaders

Out of Character Information
  • Intent: A reliable armament for the Mandalorian Crusaders.
  • Development Thread: If Required
Production Information
  • Manufacturer: House Verd (Isley Verd)
  • Model: Akaa'gai (Warhawk)
  • Affiliation: Mandalorian Crusaders
  • Modularity: No
  • Production: Limited
  • Material: Zersium, Resinwood, Leather
Technical Specifications
  • Classification: Axe
  • Size: One-Handed
  • Length: 35.5 centimeters
  • Weight: 21 grams

"What does a Crusader need? I'd say, something that is just as Vicious as it is Reliable. Something that can cave in the helm of an enemy, then turn around and provide wood for the Hearth. Something...that one of those "civilized" Jedi would scoff at - to their peril. In my opinion, a Crusader needs an Axe."
- Warmaster Isley Verd

Countless are the potential tools and weapons available to a Mandalorian Crusader; yet few are as favored as a decent axe. Throughout history, the people of Manda'yaim have eagerly wielded this variety of weapon, despite the availability of modern armaments. Some would "chock" this trend up to tradition or sentimentality - but in truth, axes have proven themselves reliable time after time after time. Such was the mindset of Warmaster Isley Verd when the time came to arm his Crusaders. Whether on, or off, the battlefield, a solid axe is always incredibly useful.

Thus did Isley devote himself, and the talented of his House, to the creation of a variant befitting his brethren. The result was the Akaa'gai (Mando'a, "Warhawk"): a Tomahawk born of tried-and-true components. At face value the weapon is a vibroaxe that has been elevated through Force-Imbuement and standard, Alchemical processes.

In particular, the combination of said techniques (well-versed by the Warmaster) were focused exclusively upon the axehead. Imbuement of the Force occurred at a very minor degree, thereby setting the Akaa'gai's cutting power a small step above the average vibroweapon. (+)

In addition, Alchemical treatment afforded the Tomahawk with the typical traits of an average, Sith Sword (imperviousness to lightsabers/blasters/lasers, supernatural durability, absorption/attraction of Force Lightning, etc.) (+)

However, it is to be noted that the Imbuement's affects do not persist in Force-neutral or Force-nullified zones (i.e. proximity to Ysalamir, Voidstone, or Voidsteel) (-)

Furthermore, the alchemical processes have resulted in the axehead's weight being noticeably greater than that of an average Tomahawk, in addition to a rather jarring affect versus Force-based electricity. While the axehead acts as a lightning rod, doing so will utterly fry the vibroweapon components. (-)

Again, it is to be noted that the elevations have been focused around the axehead itself. All other areas of the Akaa'gai, while built to last, are functionally mundane. However, this reality does not impede the fact that the weapon, overall, is a stellar addition to any Crusader's loadout. Whether the intent be to strike fear into the hearts of the enemy or simply surviving the wilds, the Akaa'gai can reliably do it all.

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Jorus Merrill

Jorus Merrill

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<p>RESEARCH REVIEW<br />-----<br />Star Wars Canon:<br />Pending initial review<br />------<br />Starwars Chaos:<br />Pending initial review<br />------<br />WITHOUT DEV THREADS<br />Pending initial review<br />------<br />WITH DEV THREADS<br />Pending Initial review<br />------<br />SUGGESTIONS<br />Pending Inital review</p>

Jorus Merrill

Jorus Merrill

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<p>Awesome. Pending Admin Approval. Thanks! Spencer Varanin</p>

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