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Corellia | Brokellia

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Danger Arceneau

Danger Arceneau

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Images: here


RegionCore Worlds

SystemCorellian System

Suns:  1 | Corell

Orbital Position: 1

Moons3 | Gus Talon | Gus Treta

System Features:

Other planets

  1. Corellia
  2. Drall
  3. Twin Worlds:
  4. Selonia
  5. Crollia
  6. Soronia

Space Stations

Astroids | Asteroid Fields

Other Objects

Coordinates: 14, 11

Rotational Period25 Standard Hours

Orbital Period: 329 Standard Days

Class: Terrestrial

Diameter N/A

Atmosphere: Type II - Biodomes and other protected areas provide Type I. Teraforming in progress to promote Type I.

Climate: Arid

Gravity: Standard

Primary Terrain: 

  • Post-cataclysm
  • Caverns
  • Crevasses
  • Gorges
  • Jagged rock spires
  • Poison gas vents
  • Sheer cliffs
  • Biodomes
  • Teraformed plains

Native Species: Humans, SelonianDrall

Immigrated SpeciesSelkath, Nikto, Gran, Rodian, Ithorian, Twi'lek, Aqualish, Klatooinian, Bothan, Mon Calamari, Morodin, Ho'dins. 

Primary LanguagesGalactic Standard, Olys Corelllisi

Government: Empire ( One Sith)

Population11 million 

  • 60% Human
  • 20% Selonian
  • 20% Drall

Demonym: Corellians

Major Imports:

  • Agricultural goods
  • Technology

Major Exports:

  • Ores & Raw Materials
  • Starships
  • Pharmaceuticals 
  • Botanical Goods

Note Isotope-5 is NOT a Major Export. While it may be found on the Sahsahlah Floating Mountains, any corporate mining is frowned upon due to the cultural significance of it. 


Notice: Any use of Isotope-5 despite its presence in this submission is still subject to the restricted materials development thread for its use:  

  • Material:  Isotope 5 (( Write a story about your character enduring personal sacrifice to save/help a stranger)) [x
  • Amount: Large Requires a dev thread of 50 posts or more (at judges discretion) and is for minor or below
  • Intent and Reasoning: This is to explain the gravitational anomalies in The Black Gold Beaches and Sahsahlah Floating Mountains



  • The planet is under One Sith Jurisdiction, but Corellians are die hard Corellians, AKA the Corellian League.
  • Arceneau Trade Company and Intergalactic Solutions are the two major companies promoting the continuing reconstruction of Corellia and its asteroid field.

Major Locations:



"You know, the Imps on Coruscant used to call two Corellians together a conspiracy. Three they'd call a fight."

"More fools they, then. Any Corellian knows three of us together is a victory."
―Wedge Antilles and Corran Horn




There were a number of traits that were commonly seen within the average human of Corellian descent that they tended to hide beneath a veil of self-centeredness and disinterest. Prime among their personality traits was the fact that they tended to be independent minded yet daring, pragmatic and reckless in their actions. This was to such an extent that an old saying claimed that they had rocket fuel for blood.This isolationism also made Corellia well-known as being a rebel world, rising up against every Galactic government or seeking independence.  One such materialization of dissidence was the Corellian League against the One Sith.


Corellians were often considered intrepid and maverick by other Core peoples, spawning expressions warning against telling a Corellian the odds for success; for a Corellian, beating the odds is always a reward in itself. This sense of immortality was visible in the common Corellian tradition of cremating the dead and compressing their ash into synthetic diamonds with artificial gravity generators. Corellians also dealt justice to those that committed the most heinous acts with a death penalty.


Corellians were sentimental folk, and when separated from their homeworld became sentimental at the sight of Corellian treats like the sweet ryshcate pastry or a bottle of the woody, potable Whyren's Reserve. There was a Corellian sect known as the Ensterites, who forbade marriage with anyone from outside the Corellian system. Marrying someone from outside the Corellian system would result in being shunned by one's fellow Ensterites. It was a Corellian custom for husbands-to-be to have large bachelor parties with their friends.





Such traits meant that they were typically noted for holding great instincts and reflexes which allowed them to become adept at piloting as well as exploring. Beyond their role as pilots, Corellians tended to be well known for their engineering talents and were skilled innovators. This went to the point that they had the ability to adapt starship systems to their needs and customized vessels to their own personal specifications. Such a trait was a reason why the Corellian shipyards was amongst the finest in the galaxy and considered the birthplace for innovation. Another aspect of their society was the fact that they were known for their large variety of alcohol and mixed drinks.





In their society, the most valued concept was considered family ties with loyalty being a prime factor among Corellians. This led to a great number of traditions and occasions to observe ranging from simple family meetings to more important events such as the ascension of a Corellian Force-sensitive to the rank of Jedi Master. Such a facet of Corellian culture made it a curious oddity to some sociologists due to the fact that their society produced a large number of smugglers and pirates yet still revered family loyalties. Though Corellian spacers were spread across the galaxy, their culture did have an isolationist streak. Some Corellian sects refused to marry non-Corellians, or "eksters." If members of these sects did marry non-Corellians, they would be banished from their family.


Corellians considered it most dishonorable to involve innocent family members in a quarrel held with one family member. Conversely, great courage was seen as highly honorable, deserving of outward recognition through traditions such as the Corellian Bloodstripe. The color green also seemed to hold special meaning, as it was considered the traditional coloration for wedding gowns,Jedi robes,and CorSec markings.





Corellians had a strong military tradition. Many Corellians served in the Corellian Security Force (better known as CorSec), or in galactic-level military organizations such as the Omega Protectorate fleet, Galactic Alliance, and Corellian League. For Corellians, the highest military honor was the Corellian Bloodstripe. Some in the military tended to wear these red pipings on the side of their trousers and distinguished the wearer as a person who committed great heroic acts.


Amongst Corellians, the primary language used was Basic though the use of Old Corellian was still retained in later generations by pirates and smugglers.


*Taken from Wookieepedia and mixed with Chaos lore.




Despite the devastation from Netherworld, Corellians have bounced back with their advanced skills in high technology and starship production.







Corellia was the capital planet of the Corellian system, which included Selonia, Drall, Tralus, and Talus. Collectively, the planets of the system were known as the Five Brothers. As the largest planet and the closest to Corell, Corellia was often called the "Eldest Brother" or the "Eldest." Historians believed the Celestials assembled the system artificially, the worlds brought from other parts of the galaxy for unknown reasons. Some believed that these Celestials populated Corellia with Humans from Coruscant.





The Gulag Plague heavily devastated Corellia. However, as a die-herd stubborn race, Corellians joined together as they often did during times of dire need. The system was closed off to the rest of the 'Verse, and Corellians did their best to simply survive.  The end result was a united system throughout the Five Brothers as they recuperated throughout the 400 years of Darkness. 


At the end of those four centuries, Ayden Cater would lead the system into once again rejoining the rest of the Universe through negotiations with the Private Military Contractor, Omega Pyre.  This company would grow to such extremes to eventually become the Omega Protectorate with Ayden Cater as Exarch.




Under the Omega Protectorate, Corellia was largely left to its own devices. As it was the site of FLEETCOM HQ, CoreSec had some liaisons with Protectorate officers to coordinate system security. But primarily the population was left to their own devices.
A significant portion of the Protectorate ships was CEC made, so the orbital ring was never not busy. As a result, there was never a shortage of jobs to do and unemployment virtually nonexistent. There was always something for someone to do if they wanted the credits. Ayden wanted to ensure that, contrary to the popular stereotype, that no one had to turn to smuggling or a life of crime to make ends meet.
The overwatch of the Omega Protectorate came to an end at the start of the Netherworld Crisis.  Billions had disappeared, and in the wake the One Sith came in to subjugate her under their control.  The final result ended with the self destruction protocols of the CEC shipyard ring after the evacuation of civilians and their employees.  However, this did not hinder the damage Corellia suffered under the subsequent rainfall of debris.
Yet this did not compare to the destruction that Akala would bring to Corellia.




The Netherworld event saw a mass disappearance of trillions across the 'verse. Nothing would compare, however, to the destruction that was wrought upon Corellia in the aftermath. In Akala's desperation to be reunited with her lover, her selfish experiment resulted in the sundering of planets, releasing  the energy she had collected to be the conduit of energy on the planet.


The Breaking Of Corellia: Part One



| The Breaking of Corellia |

Image Credit


The Breaking Of Corellia: Part II


The results were that the netherworld rifts sundered the two worlds, separating sections of Corellia and Lashtu only to mash them together. The cities crumbled under the weight of the burst of the Force, incinerating in a violent wave of light, resulting in the millions of deaths as the worlds crumbled apart.





A rift is a portal between the Netherworld and the Galaxy. In the wake of Akala's manipulation to fuse and meld different planetary planes, two rifts remain open - one on Csilla and one on Corellia. However, only the latter is capable of allowing any to move back and forth. This fractures go both ways, so you can enter the Netherworld from the Galaxy, and enter the Galaxy from the Netherworld.


The Corellian Netherworld rift leads to the Field of Blades.  From there, one is able to journey to Serenity's Redoubt,  Behelian Canyon, and the River of the Dead & The Paths of Choices.


While the majority of the Rifts are closed, the Rift of War on Corellia would remain open.  It seemed other energies in the world were powering them, and the way forward into the Netherworld would remain open.  Here, along with Csilla, are the only two known locations where those who dare brave the Netherworld can find access to the Field of Blades and beyond.




Field of Blades < -- > Lashtu


Image Credit


The field of battle, a canvas for some, a home to others. What they meant to these spirits is irrelevant. Their legacies are what brought them to this place. The desert sands and cracked, rocky surface insufferably hot, the ground littered with legendary blades and weapons of Chaos' own creation. The air is thick with the smell of blood and embers dance across the sky. The heat of the battle fuels this place, its gears and cogs constantly turning churning new blades for new battles. A Dark Side miasma hangs over head compelling all but the strongest of will to fight for an eternity. Spirits of the deceased roam this place in a constant search for battle. Powerful Sith Lords and Dark Jedi renowned for their fighting ability call this plane of Chaos home. 


This Field of Blades has no beginning and no end. Battles rage for eternity. It is their fate to fight and die, to kill and be killed.


For as above, so below.








In the wake of the Netherworld Event,  Corellia is a broken amalgam of what once was Corellia and the former Yuuzhan Vong world of Lashtu.  The broken halves tore against each other, the result producing a cracked remnant and a large asteroid belt, called Soccoro, Olys Corellisi for 'Scortched Earth'.The resulting surveys showed small pockets of biological life was still active in Corellia's remains, providing a foundation for teraforming.



| Socorro's Belt |

Image Credit



Socorro’s Belt is the leftover asteroid remnants of the broken halves of Corellia and Lashtu after its near destruction by Akala. As this is an amalgam asteroid belt of not only Corellia, but Lashtu, There are several remnants of Lashtu’s Massiive Shipyards here, some known to even have rivaled Mon Calamari shipyards. Here, there yet may be a few remnants of the long lost Lashtan space faring technology.


There are also other ore resources on Socoro’s Astroid belt that are now accessible in the wake of Corellia’s near destruction. These include gold, iridium, silver, osmium, palladium, platinum, rhenium, rhodium, ruthenium and tungsten during initial survey's; iron, cobalt, manganese, molybdenum, nickel, aluminium, and titanium for construction; water and oxygen in geological survys after.  Among subsequent research has found hydrogen, ammonia, and oxygen for potential use as rocket propellant. Also found were small deposits of Diamonds, Gold, Agrocite, Doonium, Ostrine, Rubindum, and Ethromite.


Alric Kuhn, then CEO of Titan Industries, negotiated with the Wrath of the Dark Lord for control over the Corellian Sector. The agreement was made that it would be left under the purview of Titan Industries and no Yuuzhan Vong Technology would be brought over to it. 


What that, Arceneau Trade Company along with Titan Industries have done wealth of work and fundraising with Brightstar Industries to rebuild Corellia and bring it back to a fragment of its former glory.  New terraforming technologies have been utilized to bring together slowly the broken halves.  Former Employees of Titan, ( the Corellian Natives), came to work with Arceneau Trade in the wake of Alric Kuhn's original disappearance. Negotiations with former owner Tzavong Kraal have transfered former Titan properties under Arceneau Trade, with their former Corellian employees now employees into the Queen of Trade's company.  This offered a cushion of protection for the Corellian people, allowing them more freedom to covertly plan and perhaps one day, liberate their home. 




The Black Gold Beaches and Sahsahlah Floating Mountains





Strangely enough,  in the aftermath of Corellia's breaking the former site of Corellia’s Black Gold beaches featured enormous amounts of electromagnetic interference in its upper levels. In the wake of the fracture and meld of Lashtu and Corellia’s distinct different gravities, unique anomalies resulted in the formation of many massive volcanic stone pillars across the remains of Corellia’s gold beaches.  The pillars, which reached high above the beaches’ cloud layer were potentially large enough to contain entire cities on the jagged volcanic earth and plateaus that topped them.  They were riddled with cave systems, and were home to the critically endangered native Corellian wildlife.  Surprisingly, newly discovered deposits of minerals unearthed from deep in the core revealing the reason for the gravitational anomalies; large amounts of Isotope-5.


Isotope-5 was a mineral traditionally only found on Makeb, and much like it was on that planet, Isotope-5  was the reason behind this particular unique atmospheric and gravitational conditions.  Discovered to be a radioactive form of illerium,  and named for the fifth known isotopic variation of an element normally found in neutron stars, isotope-5 has powerful warping effects on gravitational and electromagnetic fields even in minuscule quantities. The gravity-warping properties of isotope-5 were believed to be the cause of the atmospheric interference and the unusual floating mountain formations that hovered over the former Black Gold Beaches of Corellia.  The deposits are only enough to affect this location.


Along with Isotope5, rescue crews in the deepest fissures discovered deposits of an odd red metal. Chemical tests confirmed that the substance was a variant of havod, with minor differences that defied analysis. Speculation as to the source of those differences ran the gamut from ancient Celestial intervention to the heat and stress of planet-breaking to the leftover effects of Akala's Nethermancy.


Whatever the reason, once refined the metal was stronger than usual havod alloy, which does not occur in nature. The new metal was dubbed Corellian bloodsteel. It has become a symbol of Corellians' lost homeworld and a desirable choice for weapons or starships owned by Corellians -- but it has also attracted the wrong kind of attention to Corellia.


However,  corporate action to mine Socorro’s Belt or Sahsahlah may well be seen as an aggressive attack on not only the Corellians, but as a desecration to the final resting place of billions of Corellians. This, however, does not halt the foolishly brave few who attempt to smuggle mining activities from under the Corellians or ATC’s radar.







"You know us Corellian Jedi - notoriously contrary and bent on going our own way."

- Corran Horn


Once a way of life for almost any Force sensitive Corellian, the Green (or Corellian) Jedi were the epitome of their way of life. Independent, stubborn and strong, they were often thorns in the Councils' side, breaking dogmas against attachment, and valuing the well-being of their homeworld above the will of the Jedi Council and the Republic. It was not uncommon for the Green Jedi to argue and disregard orders from their superiors in the Order.


During the Gulag Plague the Corellian Jedi, whilst dwindled in numbers, was one of the handful or organizations, and helped their people maintain a semblance of their identity and culture as they were, using the Green Jedi Enclave as a sort of base of operations and treatment or relief efforts. Even as the planet stabilized, and came under the umbrella of the Protectorate, the Enclave of the Green Jedi served as a safe haven and place of learning for all Corellian Jedi and people.


Eventually, under One Sith occupation, the Enclave was defiled, but not destroyed. There have been non-interventionist trips to Corellia to provide a 'pilgrimage' to the Broken World to facilitate the formation of the 'Green Jedi/Corellian Jedi Enclave' and erect a memorial to the lives of the Corellian people lost. As One Sith control wanes and weakens, freedom fighters of Jedi and non-Force Users traditions alike have rallied to the Enclave as a beacon of hope and rebellion once again.






"Ihn Corellisi nyeve min bhiq suman ehin nyiad - 'A Corellian never turns his back on someone in need"


Founded by Julius Sedaire & Cal Sedaire, and ran by people from all walks of life and homes, the Corellian League was an answer to the prayers of many who, whilst better off than most occupied planets, still suffered under One Sith rule on Corellia. Funds and profits from Coronet Hypernautics and other businesses formed the backbone of this resistance. Unlike the efforts of the Green Jedi, which were publicly humanitarian and peaceful, the League was anything but, from its' very inception until the present day.


In terms of guiding principles, the Corellian League could be said to hearken back to the spirit of the Rebellion against the Galactic Empire of Palpatine, or the Underground of Jorus Merrill. A loose organization with no true stated leaders, the League was heavily inspired by the Underground in point of fact. Gun running, freeing prisoners, setting up lightning raids. Everything from destroying military targets to graffiti on state buildings of the One Sith. Their targets seem to be random, at a complete whim, and utterly devastating, with the crumbling One Sith infrastructure and military unable to respond to the fervor of their assaults.


As with anything Corellians, the rag-tag navy proved to be an amazing asset, and in their formal debut, the League destroyed the Ember of Vahl Enclave in a fiery explosion, freeing all the prisoners within. As well, they were known to have taken the CorSec HQ, raiding all of the weapons and releasing them into the populace along with a sizable drop of weapons and ammo from "anonymous" corporate sponsors. The initial strikes also saw a budding friendship with the Mandalorian peoples begin, something many other than the two cultures themselves find quite odd, but they find quite natural.  


Where the League will go next or what they will be is up to the history books. But it is clear they are determined to free their people at any cost to themselves needed.


Notable PCs:


Ayden Cater 

Former Lord Protector | Corellian Engineering Corporation CEO


Danger Arceneau

Arceneau Trade Company President


Alric Kuhn

Former Titan Industries CEO ( Now Intergalactic Solutions)


@Julius Sedaire 

Leader of the Corellian League | Corellian Green Jedi Enclave



One Sith Overseer | Vahla Cultist




To submit the vast amount of roleplay and lore that this poor planet has been through ever since the former Lord Protector Ayden Cater was Exarch here, to the Netherworld Crisis, and finally to the restoration and diehard Corellian desire for her liberation.




Danger Arceneau

Danger Arceneau

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Updated and almost done!

Danger Arceneau

Danger Arceneau

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With that last main location done,  this is good to go!


Whew!  Thanks to everyone who helped me :) 

Rekali the Hutt

Rekali the Hutt

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Danger Arceneau


This submission has been the culmination of a lot of effort, and highlights the efforts of several writers who have used Corellia as a set piece for large events and storytelling. This submission of a Canon Planet, and therefore a larger history is not needed, due to most of the history being Canon. Your covering of board events and their effects is comprehensive yet not overly wordy. You have appropriate links for major events, cultural items, ores, etc that are part of Corelia now. The only real issue that could stem from this submission on a power basis is the Isotope-5, which you've put solid reasoning for and have put the appropriate disclaimers for factory use.  


I think this is ready for a stamp. You've done an excellent job and a ton of work. :) Because I'm new and in training I'm going to need a second judge before this can be stamped, so I'm gonna @ a few that are online, but I believe we're good to go. 


Judah Dashiell Darth Prazutis

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Darth Prazutis

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Danger Arceneau | Rekali the Hutt


This submission shows nothing less than excellence. It's beautifully written with a ton of development through Chaos history. It's good in my book.

Rekali the Hutt

Rekali the Hutt

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Danger Arceneau


With Darth Prazutis's blessing I'm happy to stamp you off and send you to the next step. Pending approval. 


Lorelei Darke

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Very nicely written and detailed.