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At What Cost? [Crimson Dragon]

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Aboard The Crimson Dragon


Striding back and forth across the deck, Vaulkhar looked about impatiently. He called a meeting of the crew as he had many questions to ask and hoped to get answers from their captain, along from the other crew members. Things had become increasingly clear over the missions he had worked with his captain. No matter what, they'd take a job. And that was something, for the most part, that would be okay. Accepting dangerous jobs, whether it be smuggling or stealing from something like, oh I don't know, the Galactic Alliance, would be do-able. As it's been proven, for the most part, in the past. But going forward and accepting all jobs could be both incredibly dangerous and incredibly wrong. And that was why Vaulkhar was here today.


He hoped to speak to Hala in the hopes of breaking the mentality of just accepting any job. Big payouts for good credits was fine, but in his mind, it wasn't alright if it involved the likes of slavery, genocide, or more heinous actions. And he was here to do his dammed best to make sure Hala knew where he stood on that fact. A question had to be asked of the crew. Getting paid is great, but at what cost? Do the ends justify the means?


Looking back to the deck, he cocked an eyebrow. It was still empty for the most part, as he only called the meeting a moment ago. But his two droids, T3-LO5 and K4-YL3 moved back and forth, aiding in the piloting of the ship and the basic cleaning chores he had no interest in doing. Vaulkhar crossed his arms as he looked away from the two droids and focused on the doorway the crew would likely come through, waiting.


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Vaulkhar would wait nor more. Hala had been busy writing in her arcane paper Captains log when she got the call. It came over the intercom and she giggled a bit. She loved using the PA to address the crew. It helped her feel large and in charge. Two things of which she knew she was not always.


A good morale among the Crew was a result of a fair and good Captain. And a good Captain was result of a content and fair crew. It was a symbiotic relationship where both parties had to strive to strike a balance. For Hala the struggle was in the danger v.s. credits ratio. Risk and reward was a thing she also loved, weighing the scales ever so carefully.


When she arrived it was just Vaulkhar pacing. She smiled, brushing back her wild brown hair and shot him a razor sharp glance.


"I see no one else really got the message? Give a me a sec will ya?"


Her hand snatched the PA system on the wall and she spoke calm and collected, holding back how irked she was.


"All crew, All crew, you are needed at the Galley for an urgent meeting."


She slammed the intercomm and then paused, to recompose herself.


Both thumbs slid into her belt in her normal cavalier style.


"What's up dude. What's got you in its grasp?"



"Sue me....wait no don't. I need the Credits."

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Ruby heard the message and walked to the gallery, he liked their base. Hopefully this meeting will go well. Ruby walked into the gallery and looked around, looked like he was the first one.


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