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XL 344 Prototype Camera

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Image Source: Google, Camera Concepts

Intent: Sub Jamie's Camera
Development Thread: Miss Me Kurt and Jamie go on Vacation, Jamie loses her Camera, then gets a new one!
Manufacturer: Camco!
Model: XL 344 Prototype Camera
Affiliation: Jamie Pyne
Modularity: No
Production: Unique

Material: Carboplas, Fiberplas, Wires, Datachips
Special Features:
  • x120 Optical Zoom
  • Enhanced Night Vision Mode
  • X-Ray Mode
  • Infrared Mode
  • Thermal Mode
  • Density Reader
  • Massive Memory
  • Adjustable Screen
  • Programmable Settings
  • Enhanced Flash Apparatus


  • Prototype: The XL 344 is a prototype camera that was originally designed by Camco! as a military reconnaissance tool. Though Camco! is famous galaxy wide for the production of cheap, somewhat reliable tourist cameras and higher end photography equipment they had never been known to produce anything that would be military spec. As such, in an attempt to break into the market Camco! decided to produce the XL 344 as a prototype to show Military organizations just what they could get if they decided to contract with the corporation. The XL 344 is chock full of gadgets, goodies, and features. It's capable of a wide range of view modes, has a density reader, can zoom far enough to to capture an image of something miles away, and even has an enhanced flash mechanism capable of charging itself and rendering an opponent temporarily blind as a defense mechanism. The Camera itself took millions to research and eventually produce, and is in fact just a simple test model.


  • Breakable: Though the XL 344 is perhaps the most advanced camera in the entire galaxy, it is still just a camera. Though it's outside shell is fairly hard, capable of surviving a pretty good drop or five, it's still just a handheld device. If someone where to shoot it with a blaster, smashed it purposefully against a brick wall, or hit it with a hammer, it's going to break. This Camera is not invincible.


Sometimes, accidents happen.


The development of the XL 344 was not an accident, but it winding up in the hands of Jamie Pyne certainly was.


There aren't many companies in the galaxy that produce cameras, at least not as their primary stream of revenue. Camco! has long since been one of the only corporations to do just that. The company has produced Cameras for commercial and entertainment use for many years now, making a wide rang of products that suited the needs of photographers, hobbiests, and tourists alike. One would imagine that such an affluance in business had the company well satisfied, it's whistle wet with camera sales from nearly everywhere in the galaxy.


Such was not the case however for Camco's! new CEO, Edrige Von Brilhem Whistleheim. Mister Edrige Von Brilhem Whistleheim was new to the corporate world, born on Empress Teta and seeking to follow in the footsteps of corporate Titan Alric Kuhn he sought to takeover Camco! and rapidly expand it's business. Knowing that there wasn't much more he could do to expand their current business, Edrive Vong Brilhem Whistleheim quickly turned his eye towards a market that Camco! had never touched before, Military contracts.


Military organizations around the galaxy all currently utilized cameras of course, pictured often being a necessity for surveillance and reconnaissance. 


Edrige Von Brilhem Whistleheim wanted to push Camco! into this market. 


To begin this he went to several organizations around the galaxy, consulting with the Galactic Alliance Military, Saeva Incorporated, and Several smaller Planetary Defense Forces. He quickly assessed what was needed, then took the majority of his companies profits for a single quarter and quickly began to pour it into research and development for a camera that would be useful for military organizations.


The result of that was the XL 344.


The camera was squeezed with pretty much every feature that one could possibly imagine can be found in a camera. Night Vision, thermal vision, infrared, and a few others including x-ray. This was coupled with a density scanner which utilized the cameras x-ray vision and thermal vision to gauge the thickness of objects, something incredibly helpful during military operations. The Camera also came with a wide variety of different program setting, allowing the camera to filter out certain elements, blur background, auto-focus, and other features that one would find on a standard military camera.


Perhaps the greatest oddity on the Camera is it's flash. Though it is capable of operating as a standard Camera Flash, the device is also capable of ramping up dramatically. This is achieved through a small spike generator that charges up at almost all times, when released the flash bulb of the camera burns through a polished sunstone which is normally filtered. This produces a hugely bright light great enough to blind pretty much anyone.


All in all, the XL 344 was designed to be the perfect camera to take along with on reconnaissance and surveillance missions.


So how then, did a thing like this fall into the hands of Jamie Pyne?


Well, that's simple Edrige Von Brilhem Whistleheim is not a very smart man. The CEO of Camco! had only one XL 344 produced, wanting to keep the project a secret he created it at a far away facility and then had it shipped to Camco! headquarters. The shipping service that Edrige Von Brilhem Whistleheim used was not very reliable however, and unfortunately the package ended up on Naboo, finding it's home in a little known Camera shop in Naboo.


Here it sat for a few days when Jamie and Kurt wandered into the shop seeking to purchase a new camera for Jamie. The young woman perused the cameras available and eventually made her selection, however, when the shop owner distractedly placed Jamie's new camera into the bag, he accidentally grabbed the wrong box, and thus Jamie ended up with a brand new XL 344.


Primary Source: N/A

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