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Theed Tactical Peace Officer Unit


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Name: Theed Tactical Peace Officer Unit


Intent: Over the years, Theed has been a frequent location for incursions, incidents, terrorism, raids, security breaches, and all-out assaults, most of which have run up against Theed police. This submission fleshes out a police unit as an asset for current and future Naboo RPers.


Affiliation: The Monarch and people of Naboo. The TPCU is a joint unit of the Theed police and the Royal Security Force.


Availability: Rare


Quality: A - Elite


Type: Tactical law enforcement, with SWAT-style, reconnaissance, and investigative functions.


Strength: The TPCU has a unit strength of 40 front-line sentients, not counting several dozen support staff. The TPCU generally deploys in squads of four or eight. Each four-man squad contains at least one Knight-level Force-sensitive, generally a Shaper of Kro Var.





The TPCU was near-literally forged in fire. During the Techno Union/Abrion Authority invasion of Naboo, a massive incursion of Dark Jedi broke through the city walls and engaged in pitched battle with Theed's defenders. The Omega Protectorate reserve officer Captain Jorus Merrill took tactical command of the battle and forged an ad hoc unit from Theed police officers, Royal Security Force officers, and various Force-using private citizens of diverse traditions. Under Merrill's command, the Theed police and their allies defeated and captured over sixty Dark Jedi 'Knights Obsidian,' at significant cost in lives and real estate. But Theed's damaged districts were rebuilt, as were the city's police units. Of the reorganized law enforcement units, the TPCU emerged as the unquestioned elite, comparable to the Royal Security Force itself. Where the RSF is primarily tasked with the defense of the palace complex and associated secure zone, the TPCU is the tip of the spear for high-risk situations within the remainder of the city. 


In the ensuing years, Naboo changed hands. The Omega Protectorate collapsed, and the Techno Union wasted no time in claiming the planet it had failed to conquer during its Abrion Authority days. In due course, the Techno Union failed as well, and Naboo joined the Galactic Alliance. Throughout this time, the TPCU remained an elite RSF/Theed police unit.


Shortly before the death of Queen Andromeda Versai, the palace came under attack from an unknown Sith. In the attack's aftermath, palace officials, including @Ajira Cardei (a director with security functions within Theed Hangar), formed public and private partnerships to improve the capital's security situation. These processes, including improved training and equipment allowances for the RSF and TPCU, were underway when Her Majesty died unexpectedly, and continued after the coronation of Marcello Matteo. The TPCU and RSF trained with a number of elite units, and some TPCU elements were seconded to Theed Hangar's relief mission to Coruscant in the aftermath of its liberation. 




The TPCU has full access to a variety of high-tier police equipment, including expensive tactical gear, personal shields, and respectable but unexceptional armour. Additionally, through special missions and various interstellar affiliations, the TPCU has acquired a number of specialized pieces:

  • Iron Crown/AEI Sonic Visualization Eyepieces, for detection of stealthed or cloaked individuals.
  • PZ-9 Portable Sensor wristbands, with a variety of sensor functions including ultra-short-range Force detection.
  • Aurek Charge ammunition, extremely effective against all varieties of Sithspawn.
  • PBOL ammunition, comparable to CryoBan but causing far less collateral damage.
  • Hard-sound guns, capable of disorienting and incapacitating the most powerful Force-sensitives.
  • Czerka HeadBanger crowd control guns, capable of stunning anything and putting humans down for three to four days.
  • Naboo-styled Force masks (worn by NFU members of the TPCU), protecting TPCU officers from mental influence.


  • Dey Tink Der Brains So Big - Roughly 10 posts directly relevant. Theed law enforcement helps repel a Force-using terrorist assault in an involved, prolonged incident.
  • Into Hell, We March [Authority Invasion of Naboo] - 459 posts. The Theed police action under Jorus Merrill constituted one of the most involved, prolonged, and critical engagements of the invasion, lasting from page 12 to page 22.
  • Alliance Dominion of Naboo - roughly 5 posts directly relevant. Theed law enforcement and Lady Cardei respond to a Sith incursion.
  • Aftermath - roughly 10 posts directly relevant. Lady Cardei arranges for further training for the RSF and the defense of Theed.
  • Coruscant: Please Take My Money - roughly 5 posts directly relevant. Theed Hangar and the RSF bring aid to recently liberated Coruscant.
  • Relocation to Naboo Enclave - roughly 5 posts directly relevant. RSF provides law enforcement support to Theed Hangar and the King of Naboo.

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Taeli Raaf


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Under review

Taeli Raaf

Taeli Raaf


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Ajira Cardei


This is a very well fleshed out and detailed submission, with plenty of supporting threads for the level of what you want. Pending approval


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