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Mishka Larraq (WIP)

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Mishka Larraq

Mishka Larraq

    Farmer's Daughter

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NAME: Mishka Larraq
FACTION: Mandalorian Clans
RANK: Initiate of Clan Dem'adas
AGE: 17 (now 21)




  • Athletic Build: Good Strength and Stamina
  • Blacksmith: Tolerant of Heat
  • Runi'verd: Possesses a spiritual connection to the Manda (Force Sensitive)


  • Southern Girl: Intolerant to Cold Temperatures
  • Farmer's Daughter: Naive and Inexperienced about non-Mandalorian cultures
  • Emotional Conduit: As a young girl who is also force sensitive, Mishka is highly effected by chaotic and unstable emotions and is strongly effected by Soul-Steel that she has not personally attuned with.


SEX: Female
HEIGHT: 5'2"
WEIGHT: 44kg
EYES: Green
HAIR: Blond
SKIN: Pale



Just like her parents and older siblings, Miska Larraq is a pale-skinned human with blonde hair. And like her mother and her brother, Mishka possesses green eyes. At only 5'2", Mishka is the shortest of her siblings and smaller than her mother. Though she is small and lightweight, Mishka possesses a surprising an athletic physique physical strength and stamina that is afforded her by her Mandalorian heritage and upbringing. Likewise, an avid student of Mandalorian Metal-working, Mishka is highly tolerant of working in extreme heat for long periods of time. In addition to her training as a Blacksmith, Mishka has been trained to hunt and fight from a very young age, as well as tend to the stable of riding beasts that her family breeds and trains. Because of this abundance of physical work, Mishka is no stranger to getting more than just her hands dirty and has accumulated a healthy collection of small scars.




Mishka is the youngest of her parents three children, and as such can be a bit of a brat when dealing with complex social and interpersonal situations. She strongly believes that her family expects great things from her, so Mishka is constantly trying to push herself towards actions that would make her family proud. Though, more often than not, she has no idea which direction she should move her life towards in order to find the "destiny" that she feels is waiting for her. After all, her older sister is Alor of the clan. And her brother... is famous for his naval exploits and engineering accomplishments, not to mention for the wealth he has attained with his company. While Mishka secretly hates the pressure of living in the shadows of her two older siblings, she is outwardly "driven" to achieve greater accomplishments than either of her siblings. If only she knew how to do it...


Outside of the occasional trip to visit one of her siblings, Mishka has rarely ventured far from the farming community where she grew up and has never traveled beyond Mandalorian borders. Likewise, she has rarely interacted with someone not from her own clan. As such, Mishka can be shy and unsure of how to deal with complex social situations among people from different cultures. In fact, she is so unfamiliar with cultures other than her own that she is often in a state of wonder and amazement when exposed to foreign people, culture, and food. Particularly food.




The baby sister of Olivia Dem'adas and Rygel Larraq, Mishka Larraq was born in the same small farming community near Bralsin as both of her elder siblings. Much younger than her brother or sister, Mishka watched from home as her sister married into the Dem'adas Clan and eventually became the Alor of both Clan Dem'adas and Clan Larraq. Of her brother, Mishka knew very little. Rygel left home for the Clan Dem'adas Naval Academy when Mishka was only four. Though she would often hear of her older brother's exploits and receive yearly birthday gifts of obscene value, Mishka had little interaction with the man. Perhaps due to that lack of interaction, she tended to view Rygel in idolized shades. Her view of her elder sister Olivia was little different. Nearly twenty years her senior, Olivia was already a woman making her way in the world when Mishka was still playing with plastic cubes on the floor.

In spite of the age gap, Mishka remained as close as she could with her older sister. In the years before Olivia became Alor of Clan Dem'adas, she would come home for a few weeks each year to spend time with her family, particularly Mishka. When Olivia found herself with more responsibilities, it fell to Mishka to travel from home to spend a few weeks a year with her sister. These visits were the only times when Mishka got to travel outside of the town she was born in and always felt like an adventure to her. Even if her entire visit with Olivia took place upon a warship, each experience with her sister was something new and different from the life she knew back home.

When not traveling to see her sister, Mishka spent most of her time helping her parents on the ranch that they owned. Built next to the farms and ranches of cousins and closer, Mishka grew up caring for the Vornskrs, Napna Vornskrs, and Shataul of her family. The Larraq family maintained a population of roughly three dozen Vornskr on the property, raising and training each pup before selling the young adult to hunters and families all over Mandalore, keeping the best examples of the species on the farm to breed the next generation of pups. Also kept on the property was a small pack of the much larger Napna Riding Vornskrs. Of these, the Larraq family started with six and currently has twenty-eight.

Much-loved by the Vornskr and Napna Vornskr pups that she helped to raise, Mishka spent the early hours of every day helping to feed and clean up after these numerous animals, helping to groom the Napna Vornskrs, and occasionally helping to train the animals. Some evenings, Mishka would allow herself to play with the pups before making her way to the family forge to spend time with her grandfather and try her best to learn from the wise Mando'ad.

  • Goran'ika "Blacksmith Apprentice"


From as young an age as six years old, Mishka was helping her grandfather in the family forge. Out of love and adoration for her grandfather, Mishka became passionate about learning from the man and would happily bring the old mando'ad tools and food and water as he worked the forge and told her stories. As she grew older, Mishka began an official tutorage under her grandfather and learned to work the metal as well as could be expected from one so young. By the age of 12, Mishka had received some note among her family for the skill with which she could work Beskar for a child of her age. At that time, she was able to assist her grandfather in his forgework and was able to fashion crude tools of Beskar. By the age of 14, she had forged her own dagger of Mandalorian Iron (though not a very good one). An unusual feat for so young a child.

  • Runi'verd "Soul Soldier"


Mishka was raised under the assumption that "the force" was bad and that the Jetii and Darjetii who believed in it were fundementally at odds with those who followed the Resol'nare and believed in the Manda. The belief of her family was that Mando'ade capable of wielding the magics of the Jetii and Darjetii shared a spiritual connection to the Manda that was entirely separate and different from the ways of the Jetii and Darjetii. These gifted Vod were called Runi'verd among the Larraq Clan. And much to everyone's surprise, Mishka was discovered to possess the gift of the Runi'verd at the young age of 12.

The day Mishka was discovered to be Runi'verd, she was helping her grandfather in the family's forge when a cousin stopped by to visit. With him, he brought a newly forged Chaab'kad to show Mishka's grandfather the newly discovered metal and to show off the amazing properties of the blade. Instantly drawn to the glowing weapon, Mishka's eyes became transfixed upon it. The world around her faded away as she felt herself being drawn deeper and deeper into the chilling depths of the metal, a cold fear growing within her as she went. Overwhelmed by the emotions filling her and the echoing voices screaming in pain and terror, Mishka fell to the ground and began screaming herself.

Awakening shortly after the event, Mishka found herself in her grandfathers arms and hazily watched as her cousin came running back through the front door to the forge, the glowing blade no longer with him. Her cousin apologized to Mishka and her grandfather both, vigorously and extensively, explaining that the newly discovered Soul-Steel has an effect on the emotions of those who are near to it. He explained that this effect is usually very minor, but that it is overwhelming to Jetii and Darjetii. Then, as her cousin and grandfather both turned their eyes to Mishka, her cousin explained that Mishka could have only had a reaction as severe as she did if she were Runi'verd; living vod who is connected to the Manda.

As her family was made aware of Mishka's newly discovered gift, Mishka could only wonder if her family would hate her for it. While she knew of Runi'verde, she also knew of Jetii and Darjetii and knew that both of the latter were more common than the former. And that both Jetii and Darjetii were distrusted or outright hated by the Mando'ade.

To her shock and amazement, Mishka's family treated her gift as a blessing and praised her for it. Her mother and father going so far as to hire a tutor to visit their small community once every few weeks to teach Mishka how to understand and utilize her gifts. Hearing about her experience with the Soul-Steel blade and knowing of her passion for blacksmithing, one of the first acts of the tutor was to provide Mishka with a Ponite Adegan Crystal. While the tutor taught Mishka to grab-hold of the crystal and focus on nothing but the crystal if ever she was exposed to Soul-Steel again, Mishka was was more impressed by the beauty and serenity of the yellow crystal. Mesmerized by it, Mishka became enraptured by the idea of focusing crystals, imbued objects, and other artifacts of Jetii and Darjetii culture and insisted that her tutor teach her about such things.

  • Vod'runi Goran "Brother-soul Metalworker"


Mishka would go on to combine her passion for metalwork and continued desire to become as skilled a smith as her grandfather with the knowledge and training afforded to her as a Runi'verd. Where her grandfather and his grandfather before him had learned to master their trade through skill and tradition learned over a lifetime and passed from master to master, Mishka was able to accelerate her training through meditation, extending her senses into the Mandalorian Iron as her grandfather forged it, vastly enhancing her understanding of the mineral composition and crystalline micro-structures that made Beskar what it was. Hailed as a prodigy by her family, Mishka was dubbed an adept level Goran by her grandfather on her 16th birthday.

Though her grandfather constantly expressed his pride and admiration for his apprentice, Mishka felt that she needed to do more to live up to the expectations of her family and to truly earn her grandfather's pride. As Runi'verd, Mishka felt that she possessed an obligation to her family to use her gifts in a manner that benefited the clan as a whole and provided them with what they could not otherwise obtain. With this in mind, Mishka resolved herself to master an understanding of Jetii and Darjetii artifacts and use that understanding to better connect the Mando'ade with the Manda. Though not entirely sure how she would do it, Mishka believed that confronting her fear of Soul-Steel and learning to harness the secrets of the fear-metal would be a key part of forging this connection. Before she could do that though, she would first need to gain a better understanding of how the Jetii and Darjetii handled similar ambitions.
And so, Mishka set out to find, collect, and study the secrets of the Jetii and Darjetii. Beginning with the crystals that her tutor taught her about.




While Mishka presents a fair and dainty demeanor, especially when compared against the iconic examples of Mandalorian Mercenaries, to assume that the little girl is not a trained and skilled combatant would be a deadly mistake. As with all Mando'ade, Mishka was taught by her mother and father and other extended family members to track, hunt, and kill both beasts and aru'e from the age of her first steps. By the age of six, Mishka was receiving live-fire ranged weapon training as well as melee combat training from her family that was as important to her education as learning to perform math is important to aruetiise and learning to speak politely is important to jetiise.


Growing up on the Larraq farmstead, Mishka, like her more famous siblings, spent a great deal of her youth training in the art of swordsmanship instead of the hand-to-hand brawler training that is prevalent among most other clans' traditions. Where her older brother and sister focused their training on utilizing one-handed swords with the support of a pistol or wrist-mounted weapon, Mishka instead is partial to the use of a larger hand-and-a-half sword for melee combat.


Gifted with the blessings of the Runi'verde, Mishka is capable of strength, speed, and stamina that would otherwise be impossible for a woman of her size (a point of constant annoyance for her older sister Olivia).


While unfamiliar with and untrained in the use of the magics of the jetii and darjetii, Mishka holds her spiritual sensitivity as a near-holy blessing which gives her great resolve in battle. Beyond simple physical enhancements, Mishka's only ability of note is her determination to understand and unlock the potential of Soul-Steel weaponry.



1x Beskar Helmet with Force Mask
1x Beskar'gam (WIP)

  • High quality beskar-cloth fabric
  • Beskar plates on the chest, back, gauntlets, boots, and flanks

1x Bes'manda Ori'kad "Jorad be Tor" (Voice of Justice)

1x Ori'nynir Ori'chaab Ori'beskad "An'dral Ukoror" (Almighty Push) 

  • Pure Soul-Steel Blade (Kinetic Energy)
  • Beskar Hilt, Handle, and Pommel
  • Ponite Adegan Crystal in Pommel
  • Beskar-shelled, Terentatek Leather sheath


1x M9T11 .45 Cal Pistol
2x Legacy Wheel-lock Pistols

1x Personal Notebook



House Larraq Plate and Blade



Upon hearing about Mishka's encounter with a Soul-Steel blade and the revelation that she is Runi'verd, or "Force Sensitive" as the rest of the galaxy refers to it, Mishka was treated to a surprise visit from her older brother Rygel. Before the end of his brief visit, Mishka's older brother gave her an early birthday present to celebrate her newfound gifts. While her mother did not approve of the motorcycle, Mishka cherished the gift from her brother and quickly learned to ride the bike. One of her favorite hobbies is to take her Tumbler for a ride as a means of escaping both stress and her life for a few dozen minutes of freedom at a time. Likewise, the act of performing regular maintenance on her Tumbler is a very calming meditative process.

Over the years Mishka has replaced most of the standard parts that came with the bike. She has removed the laser cannons and rockets, increased the size of the engine, entirely replaced the frame and armor panels with Mandalorian Steel variants, and unified the wheel and repulsor-lift system for seamless transition from wheeled bike to air-speeder. While nearly nothing of the original bike remains, Mishka's Tumbler retains the spirit of her brother's original gift and is one of her most prized possessions.





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Mishka Larraq

Mishka Larraq

    Farmer's Daughter

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Sup? Never thought I'd see a Saber Larraq honestly. And it's good~

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Mishka Larraq


We should rp. Two Force sensitive Manda