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The Underworld [ Who we are ]

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Natalia Thawne

Natalia Thawne

    Coratanni Cartel

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The Underworld is not a government. It is not an organization, syndicate, or any structured group. There is no one leader of the Underworld, there is no ruling council, and there is no one goal or vision, save survival.


The Underworld is a loose affiliation of criminals, scoundrels, scum, and all those who would dwell within the darker underbelly of the galaxy.


As it’s name implies The Underworld is all encompassing, neither rejecting nor accepting anyone or anything. In simplest terms The Underworld is a compact under taken by dozens of gangs, syndicates, organizations, and even individual criminals. Though there is no real constitution or even binding the agreement The Underworld works on the simple thought of cooperation out of necessity.


With the galaxy filled to the brim with factions of Jedi, Sith, and Empire’s the little guys began to suspect they were simply outmatched. Those entrepreneurs who sought a simple living in the trading of spice found themselves arrested more often, those selling their services as assassins found themselves stopped by the more organized Jedi, and even the common thug found himself thrown to the ground for simply plying his trade. It became more and more obvious that the dark of the galaxy was being snuffed out, and thus The Underworld was formed.


There is no real organization or structure to the Underworld, instead it is a compact. The idea is simple. When faced with a larger threat, those within The Underworld band together to protect their interests as a whole.




The idea is simple, and surprisingly effective. A man within the Underworld might be on the run from a band of Alliance Soldiers whom he stole from, he comes upon an establishment  that bears the mark of the Underworld, he offers a portion of his gain for protection and is quickly given it. The Establishment hides the man and garners a portion of his ill-gotten gains. This same concept poses to bigger problems as well. A world largely controlled by the galaxies biggest spice dealer is invaded by a galactic peacekeeping force. Pirates, swoop gangs, and bands of thugs band together to protect the Spider Dealers stock. After the invasion finishes, each group that came to the defense of the world receives a portion of the stock of profit.


This idea is thus, simple. The Underworld comes together in order to survive the larger threats of the galaxy.


Of course, The Underworld is still entirely built on Criminals, and as we all know Criminals are not often the most trustworthy. Subterfuge, plots for power, and outright betrayal are not uncommon within The Underworld. For instance in the explanation above the largest of the Pirate groups who came to the rescue of the Spice Dealer may simply decide to...reappropriate the Spice Dealers wares for themselves.

Such is the risk of The Underworld. Everyone plays together, but they don’t always play nice.

Natalia Thawne

Natalia Thawne

    Coratanni Cartel

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Hello Guys and Gals!


Natalia Thawne and I have decided that it's high time we bring this faction into full-swing. After quite some time of work and wonder, we've finally brought The Underworld into a form where we're happy and ready to bring it to others.


So, What is The Underworld?

As stated above The Underworld is a loose collection of criminals working together whenever they need or want to. The Underworld is composed of Swoop Gangs, Pirates, Cartels, Syndicates, and individual criminals who all seek to do one thing, survive and thrive in a galaxy filled with big shot Jedi and Sith. Those within The Underworld help one another when threatened by an outside force, though that doesn't necessarily mean they're friends. Perhaps the saying "The Enemy of my Enemy is my friend." Applies best to those of The Underworld.


How Do I Join?

Just click the Join button! We welcome any and all criminals whether they are individuals or entire groups. We have our own means of keeping track of groups of criminals and encourage those who join to establish themselves in any way that they want.


What Is Our Goal?

To be criminals. RP'ing criminals on Chaos can be hard whether you're a simple roguish smuggler or a hardcore murdering pirate. Things often get complicated because either you're up against Major Factions or other bigger groups who you're not really well off against. The Underworld seeks to change this, allowing people to band together and develop their own groups, but still maintaining a large amount of individuality.


What Makes You Different?

The Underworld isn't really anything new, honestly it's not. As far as factions goes it follows and incorporates many aspects of several factions including the One Sith, Mandalorians, and a few others. The only differences is...we're not trying to be a government or a major power, we're criminals. The greatest aspect of The Underworld is it's individuality. At our peak we'll be made up of dozens of gangs, organizations, and individual criminals working only together when it suits them each with their own territory of influence.


Will You Go Major?

Maybe. We're going to see how this goes first, but if we do the aspect of The Underworld will remain very much the same. Right now we handle Territory Influence as just that, influence. No matter what you do you can't get rid of crime(Ask NYC), so our territory map reflects where our member gangs exhibit influence. If we decide to go major our factions Cloud will not just be influence but complete ownership. This will create a dynamic in the faction where gangs struggle for control of territory within the major factions cloud, driving dominions, factions threads, etc for more fun stories!


If you have any question please ask myself or Slevin Thawne.