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Aster Rose Baelor

Aster Rose Baelor

    A servant to her people.

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Name: Wolfsglaive
Intent: To create an elite unit to serve as protective detail for the Emperor and his kin, and fulfil other roles as necessary.
Affiliation: Isamu Baelor (first and foremost), Daegon Vaelaellis (Lord Commander), and members of House Baelor.
Availability: Rare
Quality: A - Elite
Type: Infantry
Strength: 10

Led by their Lord Commander Daegon Vaelaellis, the Wolfsglaive are loyal first and foremost to Emperor Isamu Baelor of the Iron Empire. To join this organisation is to forsake everything in order to pledge a life of service and unwavering loyalty to the Emperor with the understanding that it is their duty to die for him and his kin should such a need arise. Therefore, desertion will be treated a high treason punishable by execution.


Membership into the organisation is through invitation from the Emperor or the Wolfsglaive's Lord Commander only. Desirable members are those who have displayed a strong sense of loyalty to the Emperor and his Empire, proven themselves worthy on the battlefield, and are willing to make sacrifices for the sake of duty as a member of the Wolfsglaive.


Upon initiation, members will swear this solemn oath to the Emperor in the Throne Room:


"From this day to my last, I pledge my life and honour to Emperor Isamu Baelor of the Iron Empire and his kin. I vow that I will never marry nor sire any children and I will become the dark to the Emperor's light, knowing no glory, expecting no recognition, fulfilling my duties with diligence and iron-clad resolution. I formally renounce all claims and familial relations, forfeiting all my earthly possessions save what is needed to fulfil my duty to the Iron Empire. I will now forgo my past and declare before this gathering that I am prepared to sacrifice my life for the Emperor when the time comes, becoming his unyielding sword and shield."


Furthermore, the Wolfsglaive operates independently of the other organisations within the Iron Empire, taking orders from the Emperor alone. On a day to day basis, they will act as bodyguards to the Emperor and his kin though they will take on missions of a sensitive nature or join the soldiers on the battlefield should the need arise.


IF/IE-W03A Blaster Rifle (Primary)
Heavy Blaster Pistol (Secondary)
IF/IE-A01A Infantry Armor


Any 3 of these grenades:

Flash-Bang Grenade

Fragmentation Grenade

Ion Grenade

LXR-6 Concussion Grenade

Stun Grenade




Security Detail: Wolfsglaive | Dresses - Stun Pearls - Staff

Judah Dashiell

Judah Dashiell


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Under review

Judah Dashiell

Judah Dashiell


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Aster Rose Baelor



For a moment I thought you meant Palpatine >.< Looks good, pending approval from Silencia



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I would typically ask for dev for an A Unit submission, but these guys are balanced out by a short list of weapons and a very reasonable strength. Pretty much an elite body guard force. I can dig it.