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Draco Vereen

Draco Vereen

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Image Source: Here

Intent: Draco Vereen's Updated Armor



Development Thread:

Manufacturer: Draco Vereen, Ijaat Mereel

Model: Mk2

Affiliation: Draco Vereen

Modularity: Yes

  • Any weapon can be replaced with ease

Production: Unique with Replacement and Repair Parts


  • Beskar-Mandalorian Steel Alloy (50/50) Plates
  • Gorgodon Pauldron
  • Mandalorian Steel Armorweave
  • Copper
  • Electronics


Classification: Mulitpurpose

Weight: 12 Kilograms


  • Plates: 9
  • Armorweave: 7




Back Plate


  • Crushgaunts
  • Light Shields (1 per Wrist)
  • Concealed Modular Weapons Mounts (1 per wrist) [Subbed Separately or Canon]
  • Copper Faraday Cage



Combat Harness


The Beskar’kandar of Draco Vereen has been taken and reforged, the metal altered and smelted back into the raw ingots at the behest of Ijaat Mereel following the Iron Father’s return from the grave. With the assistance of the Anefilt smith that helped created Trakar, Voidsteel, Ulgrom, the trio reforged the heavy Beskar into something new. They made use of several lifetimes of experience in metalworking, nearly limitless resources at their disposal, and arguably the greatest collection of blacksmithing knowledge currently in the galaxy. They used ancient techniques and tools, crafting the suit by hand rather than by the technology of the modern era, crafting plates and threads themselves.


Ijaat, the Iron Father has been the creator of several materials, including Trakar, Eukgar, and assisted with the first forging of Soul-Steel. The master smith has worked nearly every material in the galaxy and is the foremost expert in such trade and increased his expertise with knowledge of Art of the Small and Shatterpoints. Ulgrom is an ancient Anefilt known for his very keen ferrosense and the ability replicate certain aspects of the Force and materials he may study. And Draco, the apprentice of Ijaat, had gleaned some knowledge of numerous types alchemy and Force related crafting. Together, the three beskarsmiths each added their own unique touch to the suit. Ijaat forged it so that its Shatterpoints were nearly non-existent, molecularly aligned and solid throughout. Draco strengthened the beskar-eukgar alloy to the best of his ability. Ulgrom, with the aid of the others brought out the properties of a Dantari crystal in the suit.


The plates are segmented, scalloped, and articulated pieces fitted to Draco’s physique to allow for maximum mobility and maneuverability despite the usage of full-plate mail. Consisting of a Cuirass, Pauldrons, Codpiece, Gorget, Thigh plates, Greaves, and Sabatons covering the majority of his body with beskar-eukgar, and a small percentage of Ciridium to allow for a small amount of flexibility in each plate. The armor is padded and comfortable to wear, allowing them to absorb a small amount of kinetic shock without digging into his skin. The areas that overlap are coated in a durable rubber to keep the pieces from clanking together and making noise. They are painted in a camouflage pattern of Reflec that is mildly photoreactive, having the ability to shift from Forest to Desert or other environment after a few minutes, or it is able to be programmed to show set colors, patterns, or symbols. The Reflec makes the wearer difficult to detect, combined with the use of a Universal Jammer, it allows Draco to move quietly and remain hidden from many types of sensors.


The basis of the set of Gauntlets is a pair of altered Crushgaunts, capable of amplifying his grip strength somewhat more than standard Crushgaunts would. They are able to be used to crush normal metals with ease, bending durasteel, and shattering duracrete. Super-Metals, like Beskar, Phrik, Alchemized material, songsteel, and ultrachrome are less affected, if affected at all. The most interesting feature in the gauntlets however, is the adjustable Light Shield Projector built into them. This shield is based on the same principles as a lightsaber, projecting a lightsaber containment field capable of deflecting bullets, blaster bolts, and other lightsabers. The edges are able to cut similar to a lightsaber, though with more difficulty given the nature of the shield. When activated the shields instantly form, and appear to be a glowing, semi-transparent disc when projected from the forearms or from the palms of each gauntlet. The discs can be adjusted via the HUD but are normally sixty centimeters in diameter, while the sphere is forty centimeters, though neither are able to be extended past one hundred centimeters in diameter. Like certain Lightsabers, these Lightshields have been crafted with non-dimitris circuitry making them resistant to the effects of Cortosis. These Light Shields can be adjusted so that they can deflect Ssi-ruvi Paddle Beamer weapons through the HUD with a simple action or Voice command. Built into the each of the vambraces there is a concealed modular weapon slot on each wrist, allowing him to easily change out weapons in between combats and reload the ones installed. The left gauntlet features and integrated holographic control panel that also can perform the functions of a datapad, a HoloNet uplink, and HoloComm. The gauntlets are lined with a copper faraday cage, electromagnetic shielding, and insulation to protect the delicate internal systems within them.


The helmet is slightly more advanced than the Arbiter Combat Helmet or Hyperion Combat Helmet, with a sensor range of about two hundred meters, due to the advanced processors and electronics used in addition to the dual antennas found on it. The visor is photo-absorbent allowing solar energy that hits the visor to recharge the internal batteries, allowing the helmet to be used almost indefinitely without having to replace the battery. The Helmet has a copper faraday cage to protect the delicate internal systems it houses. The three smiths worked to replicate the orginal helmet’s design, however without the power of a Nexus, they were not able to empower it to the same level as before. It increases his perception of time, allowing him to think and react faster than would otherwise be possible, almost as though time slows down for him when he taps into this ability, though it does not actually increase the speed of his movements. Draco's perception of time dilates somewhat, roughly X0.95 that without the helmet in normal circumstances. In combat, assuming that he isn't disoriented, wounded, or heavily distract he can focus this to about X0.8 that of standard perception of time. If allowed the vast majority of his concentration it is possible for his perceptions to be increased to around X0.5 standard perception, however this isn't sustainable in combat scenarios he is participating in. A side effect of this enhanced perception is the adjustment of perceived pitches. Almost across the board the pitch of a sound he hears is reduced, possibly falling below his ability to hear. This benefit becomes far less prolific when combined with other similar abilities. Additionally it refines his control and amplifies his abilities of Force Sense.


The armor glove is made from an armorweave including Euk’gar fibers weaved in, increasing its resistance to damage. A power armor-liner provides limited resistance to kinetic and energy weapons on his torso, waist, upper arms and legs, reducing the amount of kinetic force of slugs similar to wearing kevlar without ceramic plates, and granting him minor resistance to fire, acid, toxins, and corrosives. The armorweave features an internal layer of thermal gel and resealing foam, providing additional blaster and heat resistance, as well as allowing it to automatically reseal itself if it is punctured. The layer that touches skin is comfortable fabric. The codpiece area and gorget are lined with heavily alchemized Terentatek Leather, offering great resistance to many direct Force abilities that target the covered regions, almost to full immunity. Some powers, such as Spear of Midnight Black would still deal kinetic energy into him, but wouldn’t puncture the leather. This was done because most of his defeats in battle had been born from the use of Telekinesis on those areas, rendering him unable to fight effectively.


The armor features a large number of support systems, enhancing it to extensive levels. As such the armor is capable of serving Draco in any number of environments. It is hermetically sealed, and features an Arbiter Combat helmet which has a rebreather, independent air filter, and air supply allowing him to remain operational in almost any environment. It features a climate control system allowing him to function at peak capacity in almost any environment, keeping cool in the desert and warm in the arctic. The boots of the armor may be used as either grav boots, assisting in flight maneuvering while within a planet's gravity well, or allowing Draco to hover slightly above the surface he is fighting on. The soles of the boots are magno-grip, allowing the wearer to lock themselves onto metallic surfaces, which can be incredibly useful in the right situation. It features a digital life support system readout allowing medics to quickly assess an injured individual. Finally the armor has a tactical combat harness with a variety of tools and equipment options, as well as pouches and holsters for weapons. Draco wears an Armorweave kama to better protect his legs from shrapnel and blades.



  • Reduced Force Fatigue: The suit has been modified and imbued with a power similar to a Dantari Crystal, and thus reduces the fatigue caused by heavy use of the Force, and allowing the wearer to recover spent Force energy between combats quicker.
  • Force Enhanced Senses: The Helmet is imbued with Force Essence to enhance Draco's Force Sense and his perception of time, allowing him to react faster (X0.95 Passive/X0.8 Combat/X0.5 Concentration).
  • Masterworked: Ijaat, Draco, and Ulgrom worked together to remove or diminish many of the existing Shatterpoints from the armor. Though not completely gone, there are fewer to exploit and those that exist are more difficult to exploit. This also makes it much more difficult to fracture and break in other ways as well.


  • Alloy: The Plates of the Armor are only half Beskar, and thus not as durable as true beskar’gam would be.
  • Active Scanners: All Scanners in the Helmet are Active, which while providing a plethora of information and data, cause an active sensor big, and using them is not being Idle.
  • Null Fields: The armors Reduction of Force Fatigue and Enhanced Senses, granted through the Force, are nullified if there is a null field, such as Void Stone or Ysalamiri, present.

Special Features:

  • Lightsaber Resistance (Armorweave can survive glancing strikes)
  • Force Immunity (Codpiece and Gorget are almost immune to the Force)
  • Shatterpoint Resistance (It is more difficult to locate Shatterpoints in the Armor)
  • Minor Stealth (Scanner Proof when Idle)
  • EMP/Ion Resistant Helmet/Gauntlets
  • Light-Shields




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Awesome. Pending Admin Approval. Thanks! Spencer Varanin


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