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Vanessa Vantai

Vanessa Vantai

Member Since 03 Jul 2013
Offline Last Active Today, 01:18 AM
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The Warmongers Reborn

This is a non-RPing group which is here to help design new and better ways to integrate warfare and strategy into SWRP Chaos. This is also an area for discussion of warfare, ship design and all oth...

  • Members: 25
  • Created: 01-February 15
The Workshop

You can apply for a Subforum to place your own things in by sending me a PM

  • Members: 9
  • Created: 23-March 15
The Sith Empire

 The time has come to Eclipse the Light.  For too long have the Sith waited in the shadows, clinging to the edges of obscurity. The Light has tasted its victory and has grown fat while w...

  • Members: 368
  • Created: 12-March 17
Sorenn-Syrush Dynasty

  ..:: Sorenn-Syrush Dynasty ::..   "The Darkness before the Dawn"   The Sorenn-Syrush Dynasty is a prominent Sanguinius Vampirika Family known for its service to the Commenor Syste...

  • Members: 10
  • Created: 07-December 17
The Dark Magus

"True power, by its very essence, comes from the most complete and highest understanding and use of the Dark Side." The Dark Magus are a collective order of Magi, dedicated to the pursuit of knowl...

  • Members: 12
  • Created: 12-February 18