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Vanessa Vantai

Vanessa Vantai

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In Topic: A Modicum of Grave Robbing and Tinkering

Today, 12:48 AM

"Alright - always best to double-check." She replied as the shuttle came into view of the landscape of Malachor V. At the last piece of wit from the Zeltron, she smiled. "That's the kind of attitude I like to see when it comes to acolytes - confidence in their abilities to outperform others in whatever field they pursue. I can only hope... well, that I end up finding some other Sith like yourself." That sensation of pride, even as a youth with inexperience in the Force yet experience in their field of choice was something strange to Vanessa. She had always experienced the Dark Side first, with other skills coming secondary to it - at least that was how her path came to be.


The shuttle soon landed, and Vanessa motioned to the carcasses, the repulsorsleds traveling down its ramp. "Welcome to home for me - at least it was twenty years ago. I dusted everything off a few months ago. Here is where the magic of crafting abominations happens. Well, that, and other specialized research." She said. They would head to the main laboratory, passing a glass case with some lightsabers in it, some computers projecting holograms of various former Imperial superweapons, a machine with Artusian crystals, what appeared to be a hollow stylized statue of a woman, and a table upon which surgical and technological tools were placed. The repulsorsleds stopped next to this table as Vanessa moved to place Tavion Axmis's body on it, causing it to lie back-first.


"Now comes the part you're more suited for." She said. "we want the body to be able to move with the relative dexterity it had while alive." She passed Farah a scalpel, a drill, and a small bucket of micro-servos. "Take these micro-servos and put them in the main arm and leg joints. feel free to cut away at the tissue if you have to - all we want is for its appendages to have the kind of flexibility they had in life."



In Topic: The Darkness Likes Me

Yesterday, 09:06 PM

The shuttle would soon exit orbit and head to the jump point within the Korriban system. Vanessa would eye Vallory, looking for any sign of disturbance the Vampirika had with regards to the mummified Sith corpse that was sitting on the repulsorlift platform before the two of them. She sighed, thinking over the situation before voicing herself. "Bah. It might be good practice for that lightsaber I gave you."


Well, she'd probably get cut down, but it would be good practice.



In Topic: Castles and Dreams

Yesterday, 09:00 PM

"I haven't done much with it." How unfortunately true. "The Ablution​ still needs a proper refit. Especially with the new metal. I'm glad to hear you haven't had to deal with mass pirate attacks, but unfortunately I know from experience that such usually leads to a single massive attack intended to overwhelm the low defenses. I'd be glad to make you a ship - all I'd ask for is your active cooperation with regards to a project I am working on." She replied.


"Tell me, Ra, what do you know about superweapons?"



In Topic: Submission Modifications

Yesterday, 06:13 PM

Submission Name: IAI Headquarters on Kalee

Link: http://starwarsrp.ne...rters-on-kalee/

Summary of Modification: Changing owner

Reason for Modification: Defiance purchased the location in the auction of Darth Ayra's former possessions.

Modification: Please change affiliation to Defiance Consolidated Multipurpose Manufacturing.

In Topic: Sorenn-Syrush Dynasty Plans

Yesterday, 06:06 PM

Option 1 would be beneficial if we could perhaps convert some FWC people to the CSA side under the SSD banner. Option 2 would basically pull us away from the CSA and that would probably lead to destruction.