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Vanessa Vantai

Vanessa Vantai

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#1925983 Scalebound (Downfall)

Posted by Vanessa Vantai on 23 March 2019 - 07:17 PM

The wave of vessels would soon come within medium range of the Ssi-Ruuk fleet. Laser cannons, mass drivers, energy torpedoes, and a wide variety of secondary armaments were being unleashed, but the longest ranged weapons of the alien horde were also capable of engaging the fleet as well. Some vessels were beginning to take moderate damage already - these ships would ease back and allow other parts of the fleet to absorb the fire in their stead. The mighty UBeam of the Heresiarch would charge up and open fire once more upon what appeared to be a Star Destroyer-scale Ssi-Ruuk ship, cracking the vessel amidships and reducing it to a couple chunks of rubbish within the voids of space.


Meanwhile, behind the 'barricade' the fleet had formed, Vanessa was contributing to the clash on the ground as well. Transports were dropping all over the planet, transports containing Dark Troopers, both living and machine. The cyborg veterans of the Imperial army, some of whom had decades of experience, would soon disembark from their ships and form into their basic elements, engaging the enteched constructs and Ssi-Ruuk infantry on the world's surface. Oppressor-16 Dark Troopers would stand their ground as they marched forward, driving back the alien horde and securing space for them. The radtroopers had not been called on for this mission, as Panatha would survive this, thus ensuring that radiation did not need to be used on the planet at all. The bloodtroopers, Vanessa's elite, were on the surface as well - they were engaging attacking Ssi-Ruuvi droids and ground forces near the capitol, where Kaine's uncle was located. The entirety of the Maldrood's forces were in play today.

Hopefully their battle would not be in vain.

#1925697 Scalebound (Downfall)

Posted by Vanessa Vantai on 22 March 2019 - 09:52 PM

A sigh crossed the lips of Vanessa Vantai as she observed the mass of ships gathered at the fringes of the Panatha system. Rarely did she bother mobilizing the Maldrood's naval units to an entire degree, but this was very much an exception to the rule. The overwhelming mess of Ssi-Ruuvi that had swarmed the First Order and utterly eviscerated them now came towards the Emperor's home planet, and Vanessa had no intention of allowing them to take it. While not one to believe in the carefully concocted lie that Kaine Zambrano had turned into a god, Vanessa had no intentions of letting a planet full of the Emperor's kin be extinguished - not when so many of them were devoted to the Imperial cause.


So it was that the Void Irregular Fleet, Crimson Command, the various Maldrood irregular units, the fleets Vanessa had great influence in, and the Sith experimental task force were all gathered, advancing against the oncoming tide of enemy vessels. Still at Nathema were the reserve ships, along with the various Sovereign Elite-class Battlecruisers. Only Heresiarch, having been upgraded to such a standard during its refit after the clash with CIS forces during the Battle of Eshan, represented the design on the battlefield today. Vanessa's reports did not indicate that any dreadnought-class warships were going to be participating - and if so, the Saturns were more than ready to duel with them.

In their individual units, the fleets would begin to slowly advance as a giant wave against the horde of invaders. Vanessa commanded the battle from the Ablution and already the various warships would engage the outer perimeter of Ssi-Ruuk vessels with their beam weapons, several corvette and frigate-scale ships falling to their firepower.


This was certainly going to be a fight to remember.

#1924619 Evaar Buycika New Cradle (ME & Allies Social)

Posted by Vanessa Vantai on 19 March 2019 - 12:26 AM

“Considering he’s gone, it doesn’t matter one way or another.” She said. “And now that he is, the Jen’ari will crumble as expected. Some Emperor.” She shrugged. The recent attacks that had gone on against TJE territory were something she had been keeping up on. Apparently Vyrassu suffered an inglorious end at the hand of a plasma grenade tossed into his chambers. Only traces of his hair mixed into the ash was evidenced he had been eliminated. Regardless the Jen’ari were on the retreat and would be a non-threat from this point onwards. Less to draw away from more important matters at hand.

In response to Adenn’s shake of the head, she decided to verbalize a response. “Do we have a problem or don’t we? You’re not making it clear, Adenn.”

The last response to Aditya was unfortunate. “I’m glad you had someone who was there for you. I never have.” A light wave of depression sank in. Family was nonexistent for her, and she doubted it ever would return in some form or fashion. “And there is only one Sith Empire. The Jen’ari’s leader is dead and what’s left of them are in full retreat per my latest updates. Whatever meager territory they control will be gone soon enough.” In response to her final comment, Vanessa shrugged before finally returning back to sitting at the bar facing the barkeep, hands supporting her chin as she sighed.

This was becoming less enjoyable a trip by the minute.

Adenn Kyramud Aditya Fitz Kierke

#1924482 Evaar Buycika New Cradle (ME & Allies Social)

Posted by Vanessa Vantai on 18 March 2019 - 02:38 PM

“Vyrassu’s not a Sith.” Vanessa replied. “To be a Sith, even a schismatic of sorts, would imply he had association with the Sith that have existed in a form or fashion. He’s never been one of us and we’ve never heard of him prior to the Jen’ari forming.” She sighed at the thought of the Jen’ari - as it stood they were nothing but a distraction to the Empire, whittled out as the Chiss moved to fill their place. A frown crossed her lips at Aditya’s response.

“Be glad you’ve only died once, Aditya. I’ve been roasted alive, stabbed, shot, and have lost my life in a number of ways over the years. It’s not a fun experience to have - one I certainly would prefer not to be chastised over.” She said. “That said, Gilamar can go bugger off to whatever rock he’s gone to and stay there.”

As Aditya got up, Vanessa’s frown turned into more of a scowl, but as it was she did nothing, not even ask for another drink from the bartender. She was alone once more.

Such fun.

Aditya Fitz Kierke Adenn Kyramud

#1924082 Evaar Buycika New Cradle (ME & Allies Social)

Posted by Vanessa Vantai on 17 March 2019 - 03:00 AM

Aditya Fitz Kierke


"Not really." Vanessa replied. "If it was, we would have been crushed by the Galactic Alliance in this form years ago. That said, we haven't been and our fortunes only continue to grow more positive." She sighed, thinking about the last time she was in the company of Mandalorians. "I don't suppose you've seen Gilamar Skirata around? I still need to pay that bastard back for throwing me in an oven and trying to roast me alive back in the Horde days." At Aditya's comment regarding innocence, she laughed. "A Sith looking innocent? About as likely as a Jedi being able to look guilty! Not a chance. And it's no heresy - it's merely the truth. Kaine Zambrano is a man who, through skillful strategems, has amassed more power than any Sith in recent history, both within the Force and within the group that is the Sith. I applaud his ability to convince the weak-minded that he's a god." She looked at the glass and quickly downed the drink, shaking her head as the potent alcohol further loosened her inhibitions.


"It's inevitable he'll make a misstep someday. Whether that misstep is abdication, a genuine mistake - fat chance at that one - or death is a question that remains to be answered. Then there will be plenty of infighting and struggles within the Empire and it will require people who care about the Sith as a whole to stop the inevitable warlordism, create a united front before we end up losing everything Kaine's helped us get to the Republic and Silver Jedi." She sighed. "I remember back when he was so impetuous and young. How wonderful to see him reach where he is today." She got another drink from the bartender - the drunkenness was starting to show. "I haven't actually done my really deep homework on you, Miss Aditya Vin Fiz-Kirk..." She waggled a finger. "You got all reanimated and whatnot... Are you alive or are you dead? Or are you not dead but not alive? I can't tell. This is too complicated for me right now."

She would need to remind herself not to drink again. Forever.

#1924033 Evaar Buycika New Cradle (ME & Allies Social)

Posted by Vanessa Vantai on 16 March 2019 - 10:37 PM

"There are things many Sith question about Kaine, I hope you realize that." Vanessa responded to Adenn Kyramud. "That said, one can still call him both a man and the one responsible for renewing our fortunes in the galaxy. That said, subtly or actively showcasing support for the regicide of the Emperor isn't exactly beneficial for the relationship between our two factions, as has been the case regarding the actions of Kaine Australis." Oh, how she wished there was some way to deal with his anti-Sith streak. Helping their enemies. Trying to instigate conflict between the Mandalorians and the Sith Empire. There was a reason he was on the Enemies of the State list.


With regards to his latter contents, she chuckled and drank another shot. "I'm not here to kill or cause harm to the Mandalore, her family, her friends, or any other Mandalorian, Adenn. I'm here to act in a diplomatic role with regards to maintaining the political relationship between the Sith Empire and the Mandalorians. You can go ahead and trust me as little as you want - given my past with Mandalorians, I feel the same way - but it's a job that needs doing and I'm here doing it." She looked at the bartender.


"You have anything stronger than this?"


Aditya Fitz Kierke

#1923639 Evaar Buycika New Cradle (ME & Allies Social)

Posted by Vanessa Vantai on 15 March 2019 - 11:44 AM

“You know, I would ordinarily be obligated to go after you for something considered by certain parts of the Sith to be heresy.” Vanessa piped up to Aditya. “But given the fact that I was one of the people who helped Kaine on his journey to self-proclaimed godhood, I can certainly vouch for his mortality.” She sighed. “I can see it now. The day he dies or abdicates the throne, there will be plenty of suicides from fanatics who truly believe that which is mortal can become divine.” She motioned for a shot from the bartender and imbibed in it.

“That’s the stuff...” She smiled, looking over as Yasha Cadera allowed herself to be swarmed by the adorable kids. “Adorable.” She looked over at the older woman. “I don’t think we’ve ever met. Vanessa Vantai, Sith Lady extraordinaire and the closest thing to a proper ambassador the Empire’s sent.”

Her eyes briefly meandered over to Adenn Kyramud. She saw the way he was looking at her. Certainly she had brought her lightsaber - she wasn’t foolish enough to come to a gathering of heavily armed, extraordinarily lethal individuals without at least being capable of partially equalizing things, but she had no intentions of causing anyone harm. What was the point of doing such when it would jeopardize the alliance and Vanessa herself?

She looked at him for a moment and sighed. “Is there a problem?”

Aditya Fitz Kierke

#1919776 Evaar Buycika New Cradle (ME & Allies Social)

Posted by Vanessa Vantai on 03 March 2019 - 12:37 AM

Yasha Cadera


Vanessa Vantai was here at the party, primarily for the purpose of offering some gifts to the Mandalore. Her rationale for doing so, and for further involving herself with the Mandalorians as a whole, was quite clear - she wished to ensure the Sith relationship with their most devoted(relatively speaking) allies remained appropriately active. Vanessa herself had brought a bag of chocolates which she soon would offer to Yasha, a smile on her face as she did so.

"With the situation at hand, I'd like to offer you this bag of chocolates, this fuzzy blanket, and a hug."


Ther was another present too, but she would wait to show the Mandalore for now. The present was still a good distance away, and she needed to wait for it to get into position before delivering it.

#1916795 Exodus Crash | CIS Invasion of UCM's Eshan Hex

Posted by Vanessa Vantai on 21 February 2019 - 12:37 PM

Location: Space

Goal: Eliminate the fleet

Allies: ME and allies

Enemies: CIS and allies - Anton Delane


The Heresiarch's shields for the most part withstood the barrage of targeting, but there was no denying the attempt by the captain of the Boom to suicidally rush the Sovereign had an effect. The forward particle shielding was unable to fully absorb the impact of the ship's wreckage - the outside of the UBeam emitter was damaged. While the weapon itself was theoretically still functional, there was a very great risk of the weapon exploding and being unable to safely contain the energy within it, thus eliminating the ship's most powerful forward weapon.


With the Boom down, however, the Crimson Command XoXaan IIs now had the excuse to attack other vessels within the flotilla. The five ships that had previously been assaulting the Boom were now engaging the Verdun, which itself had been hit by one side of the LBeams. The remaining XoXaan IIs continued their attack on the Eternal Glory, attempting to engage its own forward UBeam. The anti-fighter weapons of all ships would continue to eviscerate the oncoming fighters, the elite pilots doing their best to remain within the anti-righter 'net.' There were losses, certainly, but the fighters remaining were doing relatively well in preserving themselves.


"This is the Heresiarch. To any allied or Mandalorian vessels, we require assistance in dealing with the onslaught of Confederate ships." Vanessa in the meantime would order a scan of the reactor systems of the Eternal Glory.


She had a plan.


#1915736 Exodus Crash | CIS Invasion of UCM's Eshan Hex

Posted by Vanessa Vantai on 18 February 2019 - 01:57 PM

Location: Space

Goal: Eliminate the fleet

Allies: ME and allies

Enemies: CIS and allies - Anton Delane


The Heresiarch was being pummeled from all angles. The armament frequency modulator would be activated and targeted against the Eternal Glory, leeching its shields to help reinforce the Sovereign's own. The ship weathered its blows and returned fire, slowly turning to bring its own beam weapon in line with the Eternal Glory. When the battlecruiser fired its own weapon, the shields held, though they were certainly strained by the consistent fire. The shot from the Boom, though mostly absorbed by the shielding, did have a concussive effect on the upper hull, with minor fissures resulting in minor decompression of two decks before they were sealed off and damage control teams went to work.


Vanessa smiled as she looked on at the oncoming fighters. The time spend not actively engaging them had been spent getting a targeting vector. The Heresiarch featured hundreds of small-scale composite beam lasers - powerful weapons similar to the turrets of the old LAAT gunship. These weapons would fire, multiple smaller beams cohesively melding themselves into a single larger and more powerful beam that would pierce through the enemy fighters like a sword thrust through their bellies. Their fire from this point on would be continuous, with deliberate slashing and piercing motions made by the weapons to inflict damage on enemy small craft. The dropships were completely ignored - the ground forces would be able to handle them for now, she was sure of that. 


With the fighter complement decimated at best and scattered at worst, the fighters of the Heresiarch would be launched themselves. Wings of Forge-class interceptors would fly hand-in-hand with Eightgun assault fighters, while two wings of Coryphin super-heavy bombers would also launch - these ships were some of the heaviest bombers available to the Sith, comparable to the Ajunta-class Starfortress itself. The pilots of these craft were veterans, in some cases with over two decades of fighting experience. Many of them had served Vanessa through her time with the original Sith Empire, as well as with the New Order and in exile during her sojourn in the Unknown Regions. Those that weren't were veterans in their own right, Imperial pilots who had been the most bloodthirsty of their peers during the campaigns against the Silver Jedi and the Galactic Alliance. They were the cream of the crop, and would soon be engaging the enemies, operating in a standard formation with a squadron of Forges and a squadron of Eightguns covering the two of Coryphins, and the remaining squadrons actively engaging the bombers, the Forges protecting the heavier Eightguns from attack.


On board the Corrupter and Sceltor, Darktrooper teams would prepare to repel boarding parties. A mix of standard Dark Troopers, along with snipers, ionizers, and a few assaulters, would be summoned from the barracks and positioned around the ship in a cellular form. The vessels' own composite beam lasers would fire at the pods too.


Through a burst transmission, an order was sent to the rest of Crimson Command. Five of the XoXaan IIs would change position and move to engage the Eternal Glory itself as the single forward UBeam charged up to full power. The weapon, designed to crack open dreadnaught-scale warships, would unleash upon the front of the enemy battlecruiser - how effective it would be was unknown, but if damage could be caused to the forward weapon array, it would certainly change things for the better. The other five would shift position and engage the Boom instead, pouring their firepower against the monoweaponed warship in an attempt to make it disengage. Thankfully they had not been proactively targeted as of yet.


With its LBeams and more side-oriented secondary weaponry, the Heresiarch would engage the Angelic Glory as well as the Verdun. The forward-mounted SBeams would be fired at the Eternal Glory. The ship's seeker baradium missile launchers would also be targeted at the Battlecruiser, launching and soon flying across the battlefield to hopefully impact their target.


#1914825 Exodus Crash | CIS Invasion of UCM's Eshan Hex

Posted by Vanessa Vantai on 16 February 2019 - 12:25 AM

Location: Space

Goal: Deal with the meddlesome fleet

Allies: ME and allied forces

Enemies: Amelia von Sorenn Anton Delane


An entire fleet materialized around the Heresiarch. A fleet that wasn't allied. How disappointing. The vessel shuddered under enemy bombardment, but little happened to the shields - the Sovereign-class battlecruiser was the toughest non-dreadnought ship design in the Imperial navy, and as such it was more than prepared to deal with bombardment. heavy beam cannons would engage the enemy, along with dozens of light beam cannons, each capable of causing much damage to even a mere cruiser. A signal would soon be sent to Imperial forces lingering outside the system - the heavy beam cannons were specifically intended for the Eternal Glory and the Angelic Fury.


Soon ten red hulls would appear from the void, surrounding the ships surrounding the Heresiarch. No communiques would be given - it wasn't worth it. The ten heavily modified XoXaan-II Star Destroyers would immediately move to engage the escort cruisers and the Valiant IIs. Once the smaller ships were dealt with, they could focus fire on the larger battlecruiser - the Heresiarch's next target after its main gun recharged.


#1913697 Exodus Crash | CIS Invasion of UCM's Eshan Hex

Posted by Vanessa Vantai on 13 February 2019 - 12:35 PM

Location: In orbit, moving to engage Amelia's fleet flagship

Objective: Achieve space superiority

Enemies: Caesar Kenway | Alden Akaran | John Locke | Voph | Amelia von Sorenn | CIS & Allies

Allies: Adenn Kyramud | Premier William Harris I | Mandalorian Empire & Allies

Fleet: Sovereign-class Battlecruiser Heresiarch, other ships in reserve


In orbit, the Heresiarch moved towards the Nessius. Vanessa herself had chosen to move to the hangar, ready to launch on a shuttle when the Sith kitten known as Micah appeared on the battlefield. When within range, it would fire upon the flagship of Amelia's fleet with its UBeam, the most powerful weapon within the entire ship's design. Given the UBeam was designed to harm dreadnaughts, Vanessa hoped it would cause severe issues to a Star Destroyer-scale ship, though she was unsure as to how much. Fighter squadrons were being readied even though the ship was out of harm's way for the time being. Once she got in range, she could better engage the enemy with full broadsides from the vessel's LBeams while the UBeam engaged another enemy at long range.


It was going to be a matter of attacking with all the firepower at her disposal.


tl;dr: Heresiarch shoots its UBeam at the Nessius

Damage: nothing.

#1913397 Exodus Crash | CIS Invasion of UCM's Eshan Hex

Posted by Vanessa Vantai on 12 February 2019 - 04:32 PM

Battlecruiser Heresiarch

Eshan Orbit


Vanessa had a limited ability to advance within the Sith Empire. While her contributions were significant, the fact of the matter was that there were elements that did not approve of her. Such was the lot in life that she had accepted - as is she was secure in her position anyway. Why not assist the allies of the Empire and further foster bonds of cooperation that would benefit Imperial life down the line? So it was that Vanessa had brought the most powerful battlecruiser within the Empire, the Heresiarch, to Eshan, in an attempt to help defend the Mandalorian influence on the planet. The Mandalorians were allied with the Empire - such was the case that Vanessa found herself assisting.


There were also other reasons. A Sith Vanessa had associated herself with had apparently been kidnapped - she was curious as to whether his kidnapper would show himself. Regardless, the Heresiarch and other allied ships were in orbit, ready and prepared to engage the Confederate ships.

Vanessa certainly had some retribution she wished to get on them.

#1910894 Gonna Need A Bigger Ship

Posted by Vanessa Vantai on 06 February 2019 - 01:38 PM

Vanessa nodded and would do so. Her personal interactions with Kahlil would for the time being cease. There was no reason for them to involve themselves with one another at this point, after all. Vanessa would leave the Titanfall and allow the crew of the newly commissioned ship to listen to their people. For now, she would watch from afar, waiting for the Titanfall to leave the drydock.


Kahlil Zambrano

#1910747 Gonna Need A Bigger Ship

Posted by Vanessa Vantai on 06 February 2019 - 12:22 AM

Kahlil Zambrano

Vanessa did not attempt to alter the speed of the Sovereign’s construction. Why would she want to? It would look poorly upon DCMM’s production line for such a ship to be delayed. Upon the vessel’s completion, Vanessa would contact Kahlil and let him know his ship was ready. Its systems had all undergone full testing and were ready for operation wherever the Sith chose to go. A fine flagship for his personal fleet.

When he finally arrived, Vanessa would be waiting for him. “Glad to see you returned to pick up your new ship. She’s waiting for you, but I’ve left her name undesignatee. Your choice.”