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Vanessa Vantai

Vanessa Vantai

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#1903558 Weird Science (Vantai Ladies)

Posted by Vanessa Vantai on Today, 04:21 PM

“She’s someone who is dead.” Vanessa said. “And she isn’t coming back. Suffice to say that I was called by her father to bring her back to him, to remold her into a new woman. And I fell in love with that new woman. I took her as my wife, and I created you. You grew in her belly and were our child. I did my best to keep her safe and you safe too - her father kidnapped her and tortured her. Tried to murder me too. I killed his assassins, destroyed his infrastructure, and killed him, but by the time I reached your mother, she was slipping away, becoming the old woman she had been before. I had to let her go. And the woman who was your mother is dead, her current personality not even remembering the life we shared or the child we raised.”

She choked up, on her knees as remorse followed. “After that, I put you in a stasis tube so you would not have to live the time between when she left and when I revived you wondering what happened to your other mother. I swore I would not tell you until you asked me.” She sighed.

“Her name is Silfe. Silfe Sosuri.”

Alraune Vantai

#1903524 Weird Science (Vantai Ladies)

Posted by Vanessa Vantai on Today, 02:45 PM

A clatter would come from Vanessa as she dropped the tray she was holding, practically frozen in place. "Young? Black hair? Cradling you? Not me?" She said in rough, pained words as a tear came to the corner of her eye. She turned and looked at her daughter. "Alraune..." She said, pausing. "Do you really want to know who that was? I will tell you if you legitimately want to know."


It would hurt Vanessa and possibly destroy her relationship with her daughter, but she was willing to do it.


Alraune Vantai

#1903514 Weird Science (Vantai Ladies)

Posted by Vanessa Vantai on Today, 02:14 PM

Alraune Vantai


"Who was what?" Vanessa was slightly confused - she did not understand what her daughter meant by this. Alraune had only minimally interacted with people while Vanessa was helping to teach her how to enjoy life, but if she had met someone, someone she didn't recognize, Vanessa would have to help her figure it out. "Could you describe the person to me, maybe? I might know who they were, or at least help you find out."


It couldn't be who she thought it was, could it?

#1903286 Three years and a lifetime ago

Posted by Vanessa Vantai on Yesterday, 11:39 PM

A frown came from Vanessa as shessuftly led Silfe to a hyperspace-equipped shuttle. She didn’t say much, but upon opening the craft’s doors, she gave the woman a last hug and a kiss before letting her walk up the ramp of the ship. When the shuttle door closed and left, she frowned.

“Goodbye, Silfe.”

She would some days later place the children into cryostasis, where they would eventually grow. Alraune Vantai would one day be taken out and raised as Vanessa’s daughter with no knowledge of her origin aside from perhaps some forgotten memories. Life would continue on.

And their paths would not connect.

Silfe Sosuri

#1903131 Three years and a lifetime ago

Posted by Vanessa Vantai on Yesterday, 05:07 PM

"You are real. The life we've had together these past couple of years is real." Vanessa sobbed. "I helped that Silfe. I killed her father so she would never have to fear for him getting his hands on her and abusing her ever again." The broken voice harmed Vanessa even more than Silfe's own words did. "I can't." She sighed. "I can't let you get away." She moved in and tried to give Silfe more support, more of an embrace. "Don't die. Please."


"You're all I have left in this galaxy."


Silfe Sosuri

#1903118 Three years and a lifetime ago

Posted by Vanessa Vantai on Yesterday, 04:25 PM

"You wouldn't be her. There would be no her. Only Silfe. Both sides of the same coin combined." She frowned, but as Silfe stood and stumbled towards the nursery, Vanessa came over to help support her as she walked over to their crib. Tears came to her eyes as she talked to their children for what likely would be the last time - children she didn't even know she had, or wouldn't know soon enough.


Vanessa gave her another gentle hug. It was disappointing.


Silfe Sosuri

#1903074 Three years and a lifetime ago

Posted by Vanessa Vantai on Yesterday, 01:30 PM

"Because the real you would have hated me." She said. "I've done terrible, terrible things. If I told you half of what I had done, you would be calling Commenor's military to hunt me down. The aspect of you that I shaped was willing to accept me for what I was - a Sith Lord." She said, holding Silfe close. "I haven't had something like this, whether constructed or legitimate, in a very long time."


Such was quite true as she continued to cuddle with Silfe. "There is always the chance that your aspects could be melded with one another."


Silfe Sosuri

#1903061 Three years and a lifetime ago

Posted by Vanessa Vantai on Yesterday, 12:49 PM

She heard Silfe's statement and raised an eyebrow. "Is that the Silfe I love or the Silfe I suppressed talking?" She continued to softly cry, leaning against Silfe and curling up with her. "It's okay. I promise I'll take care of them, and one day you'll get a chance to meet one or both of them again." She thought for a moment, sighing. "There's a term for this sort of thing. I don't know what it is, but I can assure you I'll miss it." She sighed. "I'll miss the nights we spent together, the love we had with each other, the joy of seeing our kids grow up. I don't really want it to end."


She looked at Silfe. "I'm even going to miss the fact that I never will get to know the true you."


Silfe Sosuri

#1903037 Three years and a lifetime ago

Posted by Vanessa Vantai on Yesterday, 12:04 PM

Silfe Sosuri


"No." She said. "You are real. You're just the aspect of Silfe that she suppresses. That due to her father's actions she has tried to suppress her entire life." She frowned. "What I did brought you out and locked the Silfe that's always out, the aggressive and rebellious young woman, away. And due to everything that's happened, that suppressed aspect - you - is going back into the darkest depths of her mind to be locked away." Vanessa came over and could not help but give her wife a hug. "I'm going to miss you so much." She began shedding tears of her own.

"And the worst part is, I know that other aspect of you will never accept me."

#1903027 Three years and a lifetime ago

Posted by Vanessa Vantai on Yesterday, 11:03 AM

Silfe Sosuri


"That's good." Vanessa replied. A sigh came from her lips - she legitimately was unsure what it was she wanted to say. Was there even anything she could say? Day in and day out whatever remained of the Silfe she had created - her Silfe - was slipping away, replaced by the woman she had defeated and broken down piece by piece. "I have some food for you, if you want to eat. The only thing I've seen you really get as of late has been water."


There was a small part of her that wanted to go over and give her wife a hug, but she knew it would likely just exacerbate things.

#1903009 Three years and a lifetime ago

Posted by Vanessa Vantai on Yesterday, 10:08 AM

Silfe Sosuri


Vanessa deliberately stayed away from Silfe as her wife recovered. She would shower herself, not showering with Silfe, though she did clean up the remaining bits of blood left in the bottom of the shower after Silfe was cleaned. Vanessa didn't even sleep in the same bed as Silfe - how could she when the woman was wracked by trauma? The only good thing was that Alecard would never intervene in Silfe's life again.


The next day, she could only hope Silfe remained with the kids.

#1902900 Three years and a lifetime ago

Posted by Vanessa Vantai on 16 January 2019 - 11:47 PM

Silfe Sosuri


Vanessa said nothing, only embracing Silfe and keeping her wife close in her arms. The lightsaber had long since returned to a pocket, while Vanessa did her best to empathize with her wife. Trying to instill the brainwashing back into Silfe's mind was something she legitimately could not do at this moment, both for the practical reason of potentially damaging her sanity and for the emotional reason that she just couldn't bring herself to do it.


She brought a hand to Silfe's face and began to wipe the blood away from her cheek, smearing it onto her leg. She would continue this until Silfe was composed in some sort of state. When she was, Vanessa would slowly try to help her to her feet. "Let's head home. Alraune and Aspen are waiting to see you, and we need to get you cleaned up. Don't worry - he will never harm you ever again. I've made sure of that. Plus you'll get all of his remaining assets."

#1902883 Three years and a lifetime ago

Posted by Vanessa Vantai on 16 January 2019 - 11:05 PM

“Don’t worry.” She said, placing a hand on the top of his head and patting it. How reassuring she was - before the blade came and took his head from his shoulders. She kept holding it and looking at him as the life would slowly drain. “I have much more resources available to me. I don’t need you, and definitely not after doing this. Goodbye, Alecard. It was a pleasure doing business with you.” She would then drop the head and kick it into the corner of the chamber where he would inevitably lose all awareness and die.

Vanessa would, after finishing talking to the beheaded Alecard, quickly move to cut her partner down with her lightsaber. As Silfe fell, she would end up in Vanessa’s arms, the woman’s casual clothing stained and smeared by the blood. Vanessa would hold Silfe close, gasping. “It’s okay, it’s okay...” She said. “We need to get you cleaned up.”

Silfe Sosuri

#1902751 Three years and a lifetime ago

Posted by Vanessa Vantai on 16 January 2019 - 05:33 PM

Silfe Sosuri


"I'm sorry, I could have sworn someone was slandering my good name." Vanessa said, voice echoing through the chamber. She had come in on an upper catwalk overlooking the floor of the chamber. Before Alecard would respond she would throw down the bag containing the assassins' heads, which rolled out of it and to his feet as Vanessa herself jumped down from the catwalk, rolling forward as she did so. "I must say, you were clever, if for but a moment. Kidnapping my wife. Torturing her while I was worried sick about her." She looked over at Silfe. "And then you had the audacity to try and send three amateurs to kill me. I've butchered thousands, Alecard. Directly, like I did to these men, and indirectly, like my men are doing to every last piece of infrastructure you own on this planet. All your servants will die before today is over. All your information, all your materials - they will be mine." She hit the button on her lightsaber, looking at Alecard with a sick smile.


"Get on your knees and beg if you want any chance of saving your worthless life. Now."

#1902741 Three years and a lifetime ago

Posted by Vanessa Vantai on 16 January 2019 - 05:06 PM

There was not much to say or do - Vanessa brought forth her lightsaber and swiftly sliced through the first assassin before he had the opportunity to get his knife in an aggressive posture. The other two assassins would attempt to intervene, but Vanessa soon slaughtered them as well. She would summon a nurse droid to come and take care of the children(and to clean up the mess) while she decapitated the fresh corpses, taking their heads and putting them in a bag. A message was sent to her loyalists - now was the time to take action.


Vanessa would get on board her ship and travel to the location she sensed Silfe in as quickly as she could, nearly melting down the speeder's engine as she hurried. When she arrived at the location, Vanessa would take the bag of severed heads with her, lightsaber in her hand and quite visible though disabled. She would force her way into the building, a rage built within her lithe frame that could barely be contained. In fact, she was unsure as to whether she had even felt this way regarding anything before.


One thing was certain. Alecard would not be coming back.


Silfe Sosuri