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Coryth Elaris

Coryth Elaris

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So often change is incremental, tiny turning points you don’t even notice. Then there are other events. Sudden, monumental, defining, that change you forever. And in that split... Updated 05 Sep · 1 comments

About Me

"I shall do no harm, seek the weak, feeble, ill and wounded. Above all else, help those who need it most. No matter the side. No matter the cost."

-Engraved upon Coryth's Saber, Her Oath


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NAME: Coryth Caulyn Elaris
RANK: Jedi Master
AGE: 31
GENDER: Female
HEIGHT: 4'11
WEIGHT: 99 lbs
EYES: Grey
SKIN: Extremely Fair


STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :


Weaknesses: Obviously size, and strength are a huge issue for someone as small as Coryth. Lightsaber combat is something she, well to be frank sucks at. She can basically defend herself only with a blade. With her size being able to strike and strike well doesn't work for her. The same applies to hand to hand combat.


Memories around getting raped by a monster of a sith still haunt her. Given the right trigger, a smell, a person who looks similar .. a touch across her scars can all drop her to her knees and leave her cowering in a corner, locked within horrible flashbacks.


Strengths: Instead of playing with sabers, her time was spent in books, soaking up every ounce of knowledge she could of the force. So on the other side of the force, the mental side, Control, Sense and Alter she does well at while not flawless in most skills, she does well enough to get by. Though there are a few things that she is truly gifted with.


She is gifted with the ability to make herself virtually invisible, bending sound and altering light to disappear from sight. Though such an ability cannot be maintained for long and takes all of her concentration to maintain. It may fool organics, but not droids.


Healing is her biggest strength. Even from a young age before she was discovered as a force user she had learned to heal her own wounds.


Empathy, both a gift and a curse. She feels others emotions as her own, and is quite able to read people like books, based on emotional response alone.


None right now.


Short Basic Info


All she ever knew was her mother, and even then not for long. She spent seven years alongside her destitute mother. Coryth did everything she could to help her little family survive. Begged, borrowed, stole, fought. Anything to keep them alive for just one more day. Her young life was defined by just one more day with the hope that tomorrow would be better and brighter. They spent all of those years wandering from planet to planet, pilots taking pity on the pair and sometimes bartering everything they had for what they thought would be a better chance.


Coryth started discovering she was gifted around age six, though she was not sure to what extent. She could occasionally move objects around with her mind if she tried, granted not far and to sometimes disastrous results. Other gifts began appearing after her mother died.


She was eight when she was on Tatooine and gashed her leg running from an angry merchant she had stolen from. It had been a week and it had gotten severely infected, she was truly desperate at this point. If she didn't find a way to help rid herself of the infection it would have killed her. She was feverish and tired so she sat down in a back alley she wept desperately wanted the wound to heal. Coryth laid her hands upon the wound hoping against hope that something would happen. She fell asleep like that when she woke up the fever had broken and though the wound had not healed the infection was gone. She never understood that gift or how it worked just that it did.


Coryth finally at fourteen managed her way onto Coruscant. Much to her surprise she quickly learned exactly how harsh the underbelly of it could be. It had been days since her last meal and she held her breath for the moment someone would take her life. It was bound to happen here. She knew she had to find a way out of the mess she was in. Seeming to have attracted some rather nasty attention from a group of gangsters time was quickly running out for her....


Fortunately in the process of running from those very gangsters she stumbled upon the Jedi temple. Standing outside of it for what seemed like hours A young Master, by the name of Thoon discovered her, and feeling sympathy for the young child, was willing to at least offer her a place to get warm. In the process of helping her he soon learned how truly gifted she was. It was no coincidence that she ended up on the temple steps that day. She was destined for bigger things. Coryth spent nine years under his grueling tutelage. Growing into a talented beautiful woman, soon enough she was elevated to the rank of Jedi knight. Quite easily the proudest achievement in her life.


Her adult life had been spent traveling from planet to planet, wherever the order needed her most to help with her skills. Being an extremely gifted healer, she was needed badly after the plagues and wars that swept the galaxy. No matter where she went, there was always someone that needed her help. Even though it was exhausting, she enjoyed the hard word and believed in the ideals of the order ... for the most part. She had things she never agreed with but was not one to speak up to the council on it. Just merely wanting to let things go and move on so she could go about her next task. To get caught up in council affairs, would have been wasted time, time she could have better spent healing the sick and needy.



KILLS: If Coryth kills, it will be in self-defense alone, not something she ever seeks out.


Force Skills:
Animal Friendship
Alter Environment
Alter Image
Art of the Small - both to heal and hide, as well as create illusions
Battle Meditation
Battle Precognition
Cleanse Mind
Conceal Other
Force Cloak - Bends light to render self invisible
Force Confusion
Force Deflection
Force Empathy - on top of natural empathy
Force Healing
Force Immersion
Force Illusion
Force Light
Force Projection
Force Stealth
Force Valor
Force Wound - Yes, the redhead has a darkside power, go ahead, piss her off and learn how it works!
Healing Trance
Mind Trick
Mind Twist
Protection Bubble
Sever Force
White Current






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