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Cora Passek

Cora Passek

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Have you ever had one of those days, when you're holding a stick and everybody looks like a pinata? Yeah, it's one of those days. Updated 06 Dec · 19 comments

About Me

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NAME: Cora Passek, formally known as Corina Sampson Passek. (Unless you know her from her teenage years, the name Corina is not something that is well known or easily found.)
RANK: Dark Jedi Master, Mercenary
AGE: 25
GENDER: *feels her chest*, yup boobs so..... female, right?!
HEIGHT: 5'8"
WEIGHT: 120lbs
EYES: Blue
HAIR: Light Blonde Hair, waist length, usually slightly wavy and sometimes curly.
SKIN: Fair, fairest of them all... *slathers on sunscreen* "What can I say, sunburns are just not a look I can rock."


STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :


Weakness: Alcohol and spice, she's lost herself one too many time with those realms of darkness. Also, right leg is prosthetic and will fail with EMP/Ion blasts ... a real pain in the toosh when you think about it. Terrified of doctors to the point if forced it will bring on PTSD or a panic attack.


Strengths: Everything explosives, lock-picking, escape artist like .... and hacking as well as custom ship designs with hobbies in rebuilding and modernizing ancient/antique ships.


SHIP: HWK-290 - "Don't Panic "
ARC-170 - "Erinyes"
J-type 327 Nubian - "Pehtrah"




Cora's life as a child was one of easy and comfort, being born into high society. She cared not for that life and clung to her father's side. He was a military man and someone she deeply loved and respected. When the Empire came into power, her parents were one of the first on board. Devoted supporters in every way. Or so Cora thought. After all how much does a child really know about their family and their activities behind closed doors? Everything seemed to be going well until suddenly the Empire declared her parents traitors. She had only just turned eighteen.


They came in the night like the wind, into their home. Cora, sleeping in her bedroom was awoken by shots fired on the lower floor of the house. She could hear the screams of her mother before more shots were fired and everything became eerily silent. Her father had drilled it into her what to do if ever this happened. So she ran to the hidden panel in her room and slipped into an escape tunnel. After what seemed like hours of crawling she came up through a secret hatch in the storeroom of an old abandoned shop in town. The only idea in her head was to get to the spaceport and leave, without looking back.


Once she had arrived at the hangar, it was oddly silent. People should have been there. Someone was always there. As she pushed the back door open the scene before Cora was one of pure carnage. Everyone she had grown up knowing, friends, people she had once considered to be family were dead in pools of blood across the hangar bay.


Quietly she crept across the floor, tiptoeing past the bodies to her ship. It was an old HWK-290, a gift from her father. Once on board she sealed the ship and made the necessary preparations for takeoff. Soon enough she had slipped off the planet and made her way into the outer rim, to land on dusty Tatooine to began her life again. It was the only place she felt, the Empire could not reach.


The Empire had single-handedly taken everything from her. Everyone she had ever loved. Everything that had ever mattered to her. She found herself hell bent on revenge, and she was going to get it one way or another. She spent the next few years, sabotaging, blowing up, stealing anything she felt she could get away with of theirs and otherwise being a giant thorn in the Empire's backside. So far, she had only been caught for minor crimes. Nothing that ever truly stuck. Somehow she always managed to slip from underneath their grip. Something she was rather proud of.


With her rage against the Empire, a moment was born, Chaos was Everything. It had been her life, the way she lived and went about her daily affairs. It consisted of smugglers, mercenaries, civilians and specialists of every type imaginable. All people with the same goal in mind, the destruction of the Empire. It was a project she started slowly, gathering friends, friends of friends. Creeping along in the galaxy, people on every world were members of chaos and in the shadows they lurked, waiting for the call. There were setbacks with her group, at one point being nearly wiped out after she was captured but she was fast to rebuild the ranks. Things would change in the galaxy if she had anything to say about it.


Beyond that, she began a small ship design company, It was something more normal. A place for her to work out a hobby she had developed over the years, ever since she was a child she had been around ships. She was always working on them inside and out, tearing them apart, seeing what made them tick. Much to her friends' surprise, she went to school and picked up a ship engineering degree solely so she could better understand her love of ships and the things that made them tick. Given her life, it took many years and dedication that she found even surprised herself. Late hours in hyperspace, the time she used to spend haunted by memories of her families murder was now spent pouring over books and schematics. Lord knows her best friend found it curious how much time she spent wrapped in those books and designs. It was something strange, Cora knew it in her heart it was odd. A woman like her, a mercenary, terrorist in some regards, and a brazen and bold adventurer found something as mundane as ship design interesting, interesting enough to turn into something much more than a hobby.


Even still with all of this, her life was constantly morphing, changing. Every day brought something new to the blonde's life. Things changed all the time and somehow, someway she was working a very delicate balance between criminal activities, ordinary business, and chasing dreams. To say the least ... it's complicated.


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