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|| People who spoil the movie for others on any Chaos faction discord, the official Chaos discord, or the forum face permanent banning. Please report violators to Tefka! ||

Zeradias Mant

Zeradias Mant

Member Since 09 Feb 2016
Online Last Active Today, 05:39 PM
  Faction Name Faction Stats
Ironwrath Industries

  • Members: 4
  • Created: 17-April 16
The Iron Empire

The Iron Empire is a neutral nation, located in the Unknown Regions of the galaxy. It was founded by former-One Sith military personnel, following a mass-exodus from the tyrannical empire. Led by E...

  • Members: 119
  • Created: 01-July 16
Aegis Initiative

The Aegis Initiative is a classified governmental development program sanctioned by the authority of the Iron Empire Navy. Composed of a contingent of officials, traders, and engineers all falling...

  • Members: 3
  • Created: 05-January 17