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Zeradias Mant

Zeradias Mant

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In Topic: Operation: Arctic Temperance [Iron Empire Dominion of Olstyn feat. Dawnguard]

Today, 08:48 AM

Zeradias remained silent as the Valkyri spoke to their kin.He admittedly didn't foresee tension as was occurring.He thought there'd be some sort of union, or at least common courtesy.Instead, the Oberjarl met his guests with contempt.Zeradias didn't know what history the two Valkyri factions had, but whatever it was, they'd have to resolve it on their own terms.Though the Iron Empire allowed free speech, it did not permit threats or insubordination among it's vassals.
Coci spoke to Grond with a certain fervor, as well as all his loyalists present.Invoking the name of their gods, he assumed, was something greater than he understood or cared to understand.As she finished speaking, he looked to Grond with his pale eyes.Suddenly, he jumped from his seat.Those present of their security detail tensed up as they awaited Grond's next move.
Zeradias stood unmoving.Though he could be killed at any moment, he knew that even though the Oberjarl was rather primitive, he wasn't foolish enough to attempt a strike to be met with the wrath of the Full Metal Emperor.Zera understood this was an internal quarrel, but if the Vaklyri didn't work things out on their own, he would have to step in.Olstyn was to join the Iron realm, and the only choice the Oberjarl had was whether he would submit, or his successor would.
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Drios Rapux


It's been a full week with no response.As the General Behaviour section is fine without any additions, I'll approve it.If you want to make edits later, submit a mod request.

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Jack Holland



  • The Sentinel-series Utility Belt and Survival-series Backpack are not open market or and have light side affiliation.Please substitute these for other items you can use, remove them, or provide a link showing proof of acquisition.


  • The organizational structure you have is fine for the most part, but this template is not for large scale combat units or entire armies.A hundred thousand plus troops is pretty far outside the scope of the combat unit template.Regiment is probably the largest deployment size I'll permit.