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Zeradias Mant

Zeradias Mant

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In Topic: [TGE vs. SJO] Eklipse das Licht; Imperial Invasion of Silver Jedi Charros IV

18 August 2017 - 09:05 PM

Much to his surprise, there weren't any hostile fleets approaching or already engaged with the Silver Jedi ships already in orbit of the system.  As the ships reverted to realspace, the alarms continued blaring and countless Iron Wrath puppets were scrambled, if not only as a defensive measure, but also a precautionary one.  Though not as effective as the more skilled pilots of the navy, the AIs aboard still possessed a cunning precision.  They'd also be exhausted less quickly as their manned counterparts, who might let their boredom get the best of them without immediate action.


The puppets weren't the only thing to take off from the iron bellies of the star destroyers.  Exiting the safety of the hangars were dozens of shuttles, bound for the refugee camps planetside.  Aboard were the men and women of the Iron Imperial Marines, off to assist the Jedi on the ground in their own ambitions to help dislocated refugees.  These vessels, however, were escorted by piloted crafts of the Iron Empire.


"Resolute, this is Kingpin.  We're approaching the refugee camp now.  Stand by for confirmation.", the marine battalion commander reported.


Good.  Things were going well.  The absence of an opposing fleet still made Zeradias uneasy, but he wasn't about to go out looking for trouble.  For now, the fleet would take up a defensive posture and maintain watch for enemy activity.  If things were things quiet on Bimmisari, he could only imagine what the force looked like on Charros IV.




As the shuttle doors whirred open, there was a conundrum of activity before Lieutenant Colonel Alyn Rooke stepped off the metal surface into the dirt below.  His eyes took a brief moment to adjust, but before long, he could see the treetops and tent canopies, along with a number of refugees making their way into the camp.  Without delay, the marines began corralling them and filtering them into the camp for treatment and relief.  Others disappeared into the nearby woods and dug in, assuming a defensive posture.  Before walking into the center of the camp himself, three shuttles flew closely overhead before landing into a clearing.  Armor clad men began lifting crates out and placing them under a nearby tent, sheltered from any natural elements that might strike.


Striding further into the fray, he approached the tent and cracked open a crate.  They were full of syringes and bottles of who knew what.  Medicine was beyond his realm of expertise.  Though a soldier through and through, when certain echelons of command were attained, command began to feel like governance, and governance entailed much more than one would think.  He needed to knew his men, the structure of his organization inside and out, he needed to know their wants and their needs, what it took to function correctly and at optimum efficiency.  Things he didn't know, he delegated, as any good leader should.


Before long, he saw a woman with what appeared to be a personal guard approach another.  One of them would be in charge.  Without speaking, he approached the two and standed nearby without encroaching on their discussion.  He would wait to be addressed, and assuming he was correct in his assessment that one of them were in charge of the operations here, he would assist however he could.


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In Topic: Iron Imperial Marines

18 August 2017 - 07:17 PM

Carradine Dukal


You may archive when ready

In Topic: Iron Imperial Marines

17 August 2017 - 06:18 PM

Carradine Dukal

I have provided the link to the page that I got the image from. The original title and artist is not available. Third party (i.e: image sharing website, articles, etc.) ≠ original artist.

In Topic: Iron Imperial Marines

17 August 2017 - 03:07 PM

Carradine Dukal


My citation is in compliance with Codex rules.  What specifically is your concern?

In Topic: [TGE vs. SJO] Eklipse das Licht; Imperial Invasion of Silver Jedi Charros IV

16 August 2017 - 09:42 PM

Deep Space

En Route to Bimmisari

ISV Resolute


An almost cheerful female voice responded to Odion's inquiry.  It was unexpected, but not unwelcome.  Too often in trying times was morale a killer.  Though early in the fight, it was good to see spirits were high, even if the tone was only one of relief.  Looking back to Zeradias for permission, he got the nod and continued, this time shedding his callsign and going by his given name.


Shortly before Odion responded, another voice came through, this one sounding much more military minded.  Normally, he would limit his transmission to one party, but in this case he saw appropriate to transmit to them both rather than repeat his message.


"Captain Odion Black of the Iron Imperial Navy.  Our fleet will be exiting hyperspace shortly and entering high orbit over Bimmisari.  Upon our arrival we will be dispatching a battalion of marines to assist in security of refugee camps."


Following the message, Odion returned the headset to the comms officer before returning to his CO's side.


"We've been receiving reports of major activity over Charros IV.  It is possible we will need to split the fleet.", he warned.


Listening intently, processing everything as it came almost systematically, Zeradias stared out into the abyss of space passing them by faster that the speed of light.  He nodded subtly.  "Not yet."  Odion knew this to mean to be prepared in that event, but they would stay their current course for now.


The alarms began blaring throughout the bridge, ship, and the fleet.  Black had left Zeradias' side to the CIC, observing holographic images of the fleet in formation.  Picking up a mic, Black pushed a button before a prolonged tone played throughout the Resolute and the rest of the ships in the fleet.


"Action stations, action stations. Set condition one throughout the fleet. This is not a drill. I repeat, set condition one throughout the fleet. This is not a drill.  Stand by for entry into Bimmisari system."


"So it begins."


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