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Zeradias Mant

Zeradias Mant

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#1654250 Fruit of Your Labor [Iron Empire Dominion of the Redoubt Cluster]

Posted by Zeradias Mant on Today, 10:01 AM





"Within this group of stars lies the last refuge of the Chiss people should our forces ever be overwhelmed in battle. It is impregnable, impossible for even a determined enemy to quickly or easily penetrate, with war vessels and firepoints scattered throughout. There are also other surprises that nature itself has created for the unwary." ― Aristocra Formbi
Despite the unity between the Crown and the Chiss Ascendancy, there have been conflict between the two and the Chiss insurrection.  With the threats now quelled, the Iron Empire can take more productive steps to expand it's influence and welcome other systems into the fold in the interest of mutual prosperity.  Enter the Redoubt, the last stronghold of the Chiss Ascendancy at it's peak.As a show of great trust, friendship, and a strong bond between the the Iron Imperials and Chiss people, the Aristocra of the Chiss Ascendancy have opened the doors of the Redoubt to the Iron Empire.
To celebrate the unity of the Chiss people and the resolve between the present Ascendancy and the Iron Empire, a joint commission of Iron Imperial officials and Chiss nobility have hosted a grand fête in recognition of all those who have worked to achieve peace and cooperation has been scheduled in the Korpa Conference Hall.  It is said that the emperor is to make an appearance, and several important announcements are to be made regarding the future of the Empire, as well as concerning certain individuals and their remarkable feats.
This event is formal banquet open to the public of the Iron Empire and friends of the Crown.Be on your best behaviour, but most importantly, have fun!This event is being held for those who've worked diligently to help shape the Iron Empire into what it is today.No crime goes unpunished, and no good deed goes unrewarded, and there's a lot of rewards to be had.

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#1650983 Kassiokh

Posted by Zeradias Mant on 10 October 2017 - 05:23 PM

Syss Rembala



  • Please cut back on the average lifespan for the domesticated species to be within the original spectrum you outlined of 20-25 years.Typically animals in captivity to not outlive their wild predecessors, though it does vary from species to species.If the average lifespan of a wild Kassiokh is 20 years, a 25% longer lifespan (5 years) is more realistic than a 75% longer one.


  • As the original Codex Judge said, your history is very brief and will need to be expanded upon.Try to include at least two solid paragraphs.

#1650743 Operation: Arctic Temperance [Iron Empire Dominion of Olstyn feat. Dawnguard]

Posted by Zeradias Mant on 10 October 2017 - 07:53 AM

Zeradias and the Princess Aster would accompany Coci and the High King Thyrian to the great hall, where they would treat with the Oberjarl.As someone who generally kept tabs on everything, he was at a disadvantage in this particular situation.The whole settlement on Olstyn had seemed to fly under his radar.Nonetheless, the Iron Empire was the superior power in this circumstance and it wasn't difficult to recognize it.After some time walking through the main streets of Akureyri, the group had finally arrived at the doorstep of the great hall.Large wooden doors towered over them, with ornate yet simple etchings carved into their faces.The heat from the torches at their sides were faint, but a welcome feeling on the back of the neck.


Looking back to each of the faces of the major players present, he gave a brief nod to confirm everyone was ready.After he received it, he turned and two Olstyn Valkyries opened those large doors with a muffled grunt.The first to enter was a squad of marines.They weren't there for tactics or intimidation, they just rounded the doors to stand by in the back of the hall out of the cold.One of them however, broke from the squad.Zeradias was well-versed in royal politics, and he made sure that his navy was familiar with the rudimentary basics of it as well.


"...The Crown Princess of the Iron Empire, Aster Baelor, and her advisor, Chief of Naval Operations, Grand Admiral Zeradias Mant.Master Coci Heavenshield of the Dawnguard, and King Thyrian Hearthfire, High King of Midvinter."The marine herald's last words rang throughout the hall.The high king of Midvinter.Those words would either intimidate or inspire the Oberjarl - they would soon find out what kind of ruler this Grond character was.


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#1648696 The Lions

Posted by Zeradias Mant on 06 October 2017 - 03:40 PM

Actually approved.

#1647365 Operation: Arctic Temperance [Iron Empire Dominion of Olstyn feat. Dawnguard]

Posted by Zeradias Mant on 04 October 2017 - 08:24 AM

As the fire-haired man offered his greetings to the Silver Jedi representative, Zeradias caught a bit of what Thurion had said.Was this the same Valae Kitra that ran an aid station Bimmisaari during the Galactic Empire's offensive?He didn't recall her being the Grandmaster of the Silver Jedi, though. This must have been something new.Before any greeting could be had on that front, he found himself face to face with the High King of Midvinter himself.There would be time later.


"Your grace.", he greeted quietly as the two exchanged firm handshakes."We were surprised ourselves.We've known of the Valkyri for some time thanks to our own resident Heavenshield, but we never expected to find a sizable population of them so far from home."


Though Zeradias had only been present for a short while, he made haste in moving to their primary objective.They had an audience with the Oberjarl to attend to, and it'd be poor manners to keep him waiting.With a subtle nod, one of the marines came forward and appeared to be whispering in his ear.He wasn't though - it was only to save him from the hypocrisy of being late.


"The Oberjarl is ready for us.", Zeradias announced quietly to the group.It was a short walk to the great hall.There was an entire company of marines present to provide security.One group acted as forward scouts, another as personal security, and the final as rear and site security, clearing out the streets as needed.And that was only in the immediate vicinity; with the crown princess present, there was already a sizable Iron Imperial military presence in the city.Zeradias was the first to turn an set forth up the cobblestone road to the great hall, where the leader of the Olstyn Valkyri would receive them.


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#1646872 So I got a PS4

Posted by Zeradias Mant on 03 October 2017 - 12:08 PM

Allyson Locke



#1646077 NEW FACTION: Cerberus

Posted by Zeradias Mant on 01 October 2017 - 07:45 PM

The Matador


Moving this to the faction ad section

#1645812 Operation: Arctic Temperance [Iron Empire Dominion of Olstyn feat. Dawnguard]

Posted by Zeradias Mant on 01 October 2017 - 09:40 AM

Olstyn.So close to home, yet so far from the Iron Imperial domain.That would soon change.It was fortunate the Iron Empire already had relations with the Silver Jedi Order, and through them, their counterparts on Midvinter, for on Olstyn were the direct descendants of the Valkyri on that snowbound world.Zeradias had taken the liberty of contacting the Dawnguard, the formal authority also led by the Heavenshields that held dominion over Midvinter.


Business had forced him to attend elsewhere, but since it's conclusion, Zeradias had made it a priority to be on the ground with their Valkyri guests.As the shuttle entered low orbit, Akureyri began to make itself more visible through the clouds.The Iron Praetor, a Heavenshield, was already with the delegation from the Dawnguard, as was the Crown Princess.As the shuttle rapidly approached their location, it became much easier to get actual eyes on everyone.It wasn't difficult to spot who was who.He was already quite familiar with the Praetor, and if the princess' small frame didn't give it away, the distinct figures of the Wolfsglaive did.


Quickly slowing, the shuttle turned so that the door would open facing the group.After a subtle thud on the ground, there was a hiss and sudden brightness that entered the cabin.Exiting first were two Iron Imperial marines, posting on each side of the door, followed immediately after by the CNO.He didn't apologize for his tardiness.


"My princess.", he greeted first with a slight bow."Heavenshield.", he greeted Theo next.Though he oft addressed Theodred by his surname, he quickly recognized his mistake with so much of his kin present.He'd not address them the same."Coci, Thurion.It's been too long."


There were still a few faces he didn't recognize, though.Looking to them all, he greeted them all at once.They'd have time for individual conversations later.


"Zeradias Mant, Chief of Naval Operations."


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#1645419 Entiennette the Elder

Posted by Zeradias Mant on 30 September 2017 - 01:46 PM


#1639125 Prost! Off to Oktoberfest

Posted by Zeradias Mant on 17 September 2017 - 01:27 PM

I'll be taking an LOA from the 20th to the 28th as I'll be flying to Germany to attend Oktoberfest.  My activity will be dismal in the days leading up to my actual LOA as I've plenty of things to wrap up in person before taking off.  I'll do my best to get into the Incursion event as soon as possible upon my return.


I'll be reachable via Discord or PM, though don't expect my usual prompt response.


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#1638298 Operation: Arctic Temperance [Iron Empire Dominion of Olstyn feat. Dawnguard]

Posted by Zeradias Mant on 16 September 2017 - 10:11 AM




Near the Iron Imperial capital of Csilla lies a more temperate world, filled with flowing streams, an abundance of floral life, and the secondary home of the hardy Valkyri people.  However, their way of life has been threatened since the arrival of Mandalorian refugees, fleeing from conflict of their own.  The Oberjarl has long had problems with them since their arrival, already crushing one attempt at a rebellion.  Hesitant to welcome more outsiders, the Oberjarl has made the reluctant decision to allow delegates of the Iron Empire into Olstyn to discuss what they hope would be a symbiotic relationship.  Though fearsome warriors themselves, it's understandable one could grow weary of years of conflict.


Enter the Iron Empire.  The Crown has decided that it is time to bring Olstyn into the fold of the Iron Empire.  Go forth and help establish an Iron Imperial presence on the robust planet:


1) Noting their relation to Midvinter, and Midvinter's relation to the Silver Jedi Order, the Crown has reached out to the Dawnguard and royalty of Midvinter to open a dialogue.  It is the Crown's intention to forge a lasting friendship between the two factions, and use that friendship to form a similar one with the Oberjarl of Olstyn, in an effort to convince them to join the Iron Realm.


2) While the representatives of the Crown meet with those of the Dawnguard, the Iron Imperial Security Bureau has provided credible intelligence suggesting that a group of Mandalorians is meeting to discuss another coup against the Oberjarl.  Walk the mean streets of the Mandalorian Quarter, hit up a bar or two, and show the rogues that the status quo is so for a reason.


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#1637772 Operation: Annihilate Blue [Iron Empire Dominion of Roxuli Hex]

Posted by Zeradias Mant on 15 September 2017 - 09:56 AM

As the legionnaires made pressed further, a new window of opportunity had opened up.  The anti-air was down, and that meant air support could finally be utilized.  A bomber squadron was already in the immediate vicinity, destroying everything in its wake.  There was no need to continue the fight on the ground, sacrificing iron blood.  In the relative security of the terrain and his protective detail, Zeradias stood up and spoke into his holocommunicator, located on his left wrist.


"All units, this is Overlord Actual.  RTB.  I say again, RTB.", he broadcasted to all Iron Imperial forces on Roxuli, indicating they should return to base.  Though still embroiled in combat, they were permitted to begin laying off and eventually backing out from the system altogether.  Their job was done here.  The Army and Iron Legion had done it's part, now it was up to the Navy to finish the job.


"All bomber squadrons, commence strafing.", he ordered.  Soon the base would fall.  Units like Hyenax Squadron were already in the airspace, ready to wreck absolute havoc.  Zeradias' job was done.  He would leave it to the officers at the command post to oversee the conclusion of the hostilities.  No prisoners were to be taken.  No building was to remain standing.  The Iron Empire was done seeking intelligence on the Chiss Insurrection.  The insurrection was over.


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#1637215 Lord Gevurah

Posted by Zeradias Mant on 14 September 2017 - 09:38 AM


#1637159 Lord Gevurah

Posted by Zeradias Mant on 14 September 2017 - 07:55 AM

Auron Song


Since he is a master, I'd like to see some more details in the history section.  Explain how his upbringing, training, and his relation to the Song Dynasty.  He's had a Song captive for 20 years - why so long?  Why did he choose to come out of hiding and actively antagonize the Songs?

#1635240 Operation: Annihilate Blue [Iron Empire Dominion of Roxuli Hex]

Posted by Zeradias Mant on 11 September 2017 - 08:23 AM

As the Iron Legion was making it's final push forward, a startling transmission came through the pipeline.  Their lead security bureau agent in the field reported enemies closing in on their rear with weapons that could prove disastrous should they be allowed to strike unchallenged.  The Legion was already preoccupied in the thick of the battle, but Mant's security detail was in the perfect position to handle the threat closing in on their flank.
"Commander, pull our marines back and take a defensive posture on our flank!", he shouted above the whining of the blasters and booms from the explosions.  Instantly following his command, it took only seconds for the marines to cease their current actions and begin on their new ones.  Zeradias followed, with the commander and a squad from his detail in tow, ensuring his six was covered.  As they climbed to the top of a small ridgeline overlooking the battlefield, they saw the Chiss setting up their missile battery.  The marines immediately began opening fire.


Fortunately, the threat was quelled before any harm could befall Iron Imperial forces - or so it seemed.  After the guns stopped and the dust began to settle, Chiss bodies lay motionless.  The battery appeared to have just been completed in setting it up.


Suddenly, there was a loud whir, hiss, and a plume of smoke shot out the back of the missile tube.  A fair sized rocket was headed towards the center of the battlefield, right towards a concentration of legionnaires.  Zeradias' gaze followed the smoke trail, and he felt his stomach plummet as the projectile made contact with it's target.  Following a large explosion, rocks, limbs, and bodies flew through the air.  This would surely yield the largest amount of casualties this battle.


"Sir, intelligence reports the anti-air is down."


Zeradias nodded.  It was time to finish the battle.


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