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Zeradias Mant

Zeradias Mant

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#1827866 Nyeon

Posted by Zeradias Mant on 16 July 2018 - 10:11 PM

Moved to live Codex for judging.

#1827773 Out of Many, One

Posted by Zeradias Mant on 16 July 2018 - 07:06 PM

Alderaan, Atrisia, Corellia, Coruscant, Empress Teta. Out of many, one. It appeared to be a concept foreign to the galaxy at large, but these planets would bring the concept to fruition. An uneasy tension fell over the room as the representatives of their government gradually began to assemble in the room. As the door opened, Arcann's casual demeanor tightened up and he sat up straight, removing his feet from the table on which they previously lay. After everyone had assembled, only one face aside from Arcann's was familiar - the boy prince from Atrisia. They'd previously met making diplomatic arrangements between the Galactic Alliance and Iron Empire respectively, though neither represented their homeworld at the time. This was different.
"Thank you all for coming. Please, sit.", he notioned as he himself took a seat at the round table. In a movement such as Coruscant First's, principles mattered. Zeradias was careful to choose a round table, so no one individual would hold the head. They were all equals here. Though Zeradias maintained some sentiment of superiority, he didn't show it.
"I'll not pretend to lament the downfall of the Galactic Alliance. Coruscant is finally free, but at the cost of one final razing from the enemies of the Alliance.", he led. His gaze shifted around the table as he spoke, locking momentarily with those seated around him. "Whether we like it or not, the collapse of the Alliance has left a vacuum in the Core, a vacuum others will soon seek to fill." There was almost an ominous undertone to what he was saying, and should it come to fruition it would almost certainly bring forth continued servitude to foreign powers.
"No one knows our people like we do, and no one is in a better place to govern our worlds than us. Why should we pledge our economy, our people, our way of life, for 'protection'? That protection is meaningless when they're the ones who bring conflict to our doorstep."
This was not Coruscant. These were leaders, nobility, heads of state. They might recognize the charisma in Zeradias, but they would not be so easily charmed as the people of Coruscant would. Fortunately, Zeradias seldom relied on charm, but rather pragmatism. What he said carried weight because it was real.
"Individually we are a drop. Together, we are an ocean. Collective security should be at the forefront of our minds. Let the rest of the galaxy consume itself in war, but let us secure our homes in the Core."

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#1826993 Corellian Jumpers

Posted by Zeradias Mant on 15 July 2018 - 08:20 AM


#1826987 Task Force Socorro

Posted by Zeradias Mant on 15 July 2018 - 08:08 AM

Lisza Starseeker


Everything checks out for the most part. Submitting NPC opposition is okay and perfectly normal, but because this is affiliated with an active faction I'm going to verify with their faction staff that they consent to this before approving.

#1825474 Out of Many, One

Posted by Zeradias Mant on 12 July 2018 - 06:55 PM

His closest confidant had taken a more casual approach than Zeradias to the matter at hand. Metellos was foreign land, and though Zeradias was well traveled, he loathed to be off Coruscant, especially after the dastardly Sith attack. It was neutral ground, though, relatively unscathed from consequence of larger faction meddling.
"You of all people should understand the struggle for true freedom.", he reminded Arcann as he stood with arms crossed, looking into the table at the center of the table.
"Cooperation is necessary essential not only for the survival of government, but essential to the administration of good government."
Zeradias and Arcann came from two completely different walks of life, yet they worked well in tandem with each other. The intricacies of government and law may sometimes go over the head of his cohort, but he was no fool. He understood the perspective of the common man, and it was the common man which made Coruscant First possible. He provided invaluable insight and advice to the mayor, and was steadfast in his own unconventional form of leadership.
"I trust you will see that we stay the course."
As the last word rolled off his tongue, the door to the room whooshed open. Zeradias saw the shadows of an escort fade, and from them a foreign face.


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#1824959 Out of Many, One

Posted by Zeradias Mant on 11 July 2018 - 10:14 PM


The Galactic Alliance had held dominion over countless planets of the galaxy. Following the sack of Coruscant, the Alliance saw a sharp decline in power, eventually leading to their withdrawal from Coruscant along with most of their territory. The mission of Coruscant First complete, the task before it lay far beyond simple reconstruction after the razing from the Sith Empire.
Independence at last, and Zeradias was the leader of the planet at when it was obtained. Though a fierce patriot and populist leader, he was not devoid of the importance of foreign relations, nor were many other planets which had been governed under the clutches of the Alliance. While larger, parent factions attracted enemies of their own which wrought destruction upon their subjects, as demonstrated on Coruscant, independent factions were not immune from hostilities or other encroaching powers seeking to engulf the planets for their own domain. They could resist, but the prospect of defeat at catastrophic cost was too real to stand alone. Others seemed to share this sentiment, as intelligence reports cited that foreign leaders had similar concerns Zeradias confided in his Cabinet.
Independence was had, and independence must be maintained. Collaboration with other planets was not just a necessity, but a fact of life. In an encrypted communique to select foreign leaders, Zeradias would invite those leaders to meet on neutral ground to engage in deliberations in which their respective worlds would collaborate for safe and secure future in which they may protect their independence and way of life.
No more would these planets suffered in one way or another at the hands of a foreign power.
No more would these planets submit themselves to foreign mandates which might dictate their loyalties.

Their heads were bloodied, but they were far, far from broken.
In a shared endeavor for the preservation of their way of life, should they answer the call, would work collectively to ensure they wouldn't be subject to the same fate as their predecessors before them.

#1823025 The Byss Hegemony - Interest Check - Idea Discussion

Posted by Zeradias Mant on 08 July 2018 - 12:44 PM

Their secondary goal would be the reclaiming of Coruscant



#1822069 Xudax

Posted by Zeradias Mant on 06 July 2018 - 04:22 PM


#1822059 Darth Amortem

Posted by Zeradias Mant on 06 July 2018 - 04:09 PM


#1820579 Sacking Coruscant

Posted by Zeradias Mant on 04 July 2018 - 09:01 AM

The people of Coruscant just couldn't catch a break. Only a few years ago the Alliance assault to expel the Sith, and just recently they faced a Sith assault to expel the Alliance. In both scenarios, it was up to the Coruscantis to pick up the pieces. Only this time, some sought to wreck havoc rather than let a people regain a foothold and stability in their home. Pirate forces had made their way to Coruscant, no doubt to take advantage of the temporary breakdown of the city. What wasn't broken down though was the law and order kept by the Galactic City Authority and the Coruscant Security Force.


"Sir, the State Council is assembled and waiting.", the aide said. Zeradias continued to peer out the window, deep in thought. "Sir?"


Suddenly turning, Zeradias walked forward with long, powerful strides. He was fuming. The contempt people had for Coruscant was astounding. The willingness of other larger entities to violate Coruscant's well published wishes only confirmed his suspicions that Coruscant's standing was nonexistent as an independent, sovereign power. It wasn't compatible with the status quo in the galaxy, with new major powers rising and falling almost constantly, accumulating and losing territory to add to their domain. That is all they saw Coruscant as - another planet to add to their portfolio. They didn't see the people, they saw the prestige. Any effort to assert independence fell on deaf ears. Fortunately, Mant would continue to do so as long as he remained the chief executive of the planetary government.


The doors opened as he arrived, and Zeradias took a seat without speaking. His advisors knew that was the signal.


"We have countless foreign parties looking to defend Coruscant. Why should we put Coruscanti lives at risk to repel the threat?"


"They've disregarded our policy, our law, and our government. Give an inch here, and they'll take a mile."


Among the voices, his closest advisor, Gerault Rush, began to speak. All other voices in the room quieted to listen.


"It is true, all these foreign parties are asserting themselves and ignoring us as they do it. However, Secretaries Long and Stuart are both correct. We've been ignored before, and we will continue to be ignored. Whether we consent or not, these parties will continue on the current course. The very fact they are seeking permission lends legitimacy to our cause and recognition of our government, regardless as to if they respect it or not."


He paused to rub his beard, thinking.


"We should permit it. Less Coruscanti lives at risk. Denying the requests would only be another thing for them to ignore. Let us be the ones who extended the olive branch, as we have continually done throughout this administration's tenure. Mishaps will be handled and those who perpetrated them will be held responsible. Otherwise, this is an opportunity for us to return to the intergalactic stage, and I suggest we take it."


Zeradias looked at Rush intently. Rush was an incredibly smart man, and had a knack for law and politics. He was the one who championed his release fro the Galactic Alliance, and helped Chairman Law lead in his stead.


"Do it.", Zeradias said before rising and exiting the room. The rest of his cabinet rose as he did, but he didn't stay to see it. The noise of chairs sliding and garments shifting was enough to indicate it.


"We'll convey authorization to engage non-state hostile targets, sir. The FSB is already collecting information about the assailants, the director has said he'll have the info on your desk within the hour."


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#1820016 Embassy Row, Galactic City

Posted by Zeradias Mant on 03 July 2018 - 01:30 PM




  • City Name: Embassy Row
  • Classification: Neighborhood
  • Location: Coruscant
  • Affiliation: Galactic City Authority | Coruscant First
  • Demographics: Embassy Row is a neighborhood that is home to several embassies belonging to foreign factions. Diplomats, foreign staff, and their families often have residences within the block. Though several thousand persons reside and are employed here, very seldom does the neighborhood appear crowded. It is significantly less populated than other residential areas on Coruscant.
  • Wealth: High. Many foreign dignitaries are often of a higher status, and with government-funded and subsidized homes and workplaces, residents save a significant portion of their income on what would otherwise be very expensive rent.
  • Stability: High. Ensuring the safety of foreign dignitaries on their homeworld is a responsibility undertaken by the Galactic City Authority. Officers of the Coruscant Security Force regularly patrol the neighborhood, and there is a continual presence of Guardian security droids. Embassies are afforded their own security details, though they may operate only within the confines of their respective diplomatic mission.
  • Description: Embassy Row is a high end neighborhood housing many of Coruscant's visiting dignitaries and in-residence diplomats. It is the site of many scores of diplomatic missions, and the primary centers in which foreign factions operate out of on Coruscant.


  • Alderaanian Embassy on Coruscant: The Alderaanian Embassy on Coruscant is one of the oldest diplomatic missions on the planet. Having been razed when the One Sith came to power, it was rebuilt and renovated in after the Galactic Alliance had expelled the One Sith from the planet. It hosts monthly events that are open to the public.
  • Commenori Embassy on Coruscant: Prominently featuring three spires rising from its base, the Commenori Embassy on Coruscant is decorated with dark wood accents and was designed by Commenor's best architects. Though the embassy serves chiefly as a point of contact with the host government, it also serves as a base of operations in coordinating trade activities and foreign relations for the Commenor Systems Alliance in the Core.
  • Naboo Embassy on Coruscant: Reflecting the scenic tranquility of it's representative planet, the Naboo Embassy on Coruscant maintains a landscaped appearance within its gates., with the immaculate gardens of the Naboo people easily seen from the streets. The embassy is shared by representatives of both Theed and Otoh Gunga, though each maintains their own quarters and office areas independent from one another.


Medium - With an concentration of government officials and visiting foreign dignitaries, Embassy Row has higher security than other more residential and industrial blocks of the ecumenopolis. The CSF present is constant and Guardian police droids regularly patrol the area. Diplomatic missions are also permitted to have their own security staff on their respective grounds, and given the threats and recent attacks on Coruscant, many have opted for a more robust presence.


Embassy Row has long been the area in which the diplomatic arena of Coruscant had been headquartered. With countless diplomats, their families, and other foreign government officials, it is a bustling hub of activity which coordinates with the Galactic City Authority regarding their government's dealings on Coruscant. It also provides officials within the Galactic City Authority and immediate and accessible representative from foreign governments as needed for affairs both foreign and domestic.
Having been rendered defunct by the One Sith in their occupation of the planet, Embassy Row saw little use, as the One Sith had little desire in hearing matters their constituent states had to say. After the Galactic Alliance defeated the One Sith and began their own occupation of the planet, Embassy Row saw increased signs of life. Affiliate governments of the Alliance contributed in their own ways to see that the neighborhood be restored, and after some years, it was restored to a status better than it was left.
While the Galactic Alliance continued to maintain a presence on Coruscant, they did not have a diplomatic mission on Coruscant, instead having renamed their capital from Sullust to Coruscant. With the pro-independence movement Coruscant First gaining significant traction, the Alliance's status in Embassy Row remains a confusion to some. The Galactic City Authority under the Mant Administration has vowed to uphold the importance of diplomatic missions on Coruscant, highlighting their role in pressuring the Alliance to recognize Coruscanti sovereignty. Such recognition, though, has yet to happen.
After the Sith Empire's razing of Coruscant, forcing the subsequent expulsion and collapse of the Galactic Alliance, the Galactic City Authority commenced recovery efforts forthwith. Fortunately, Embassy Row wasn't a target of the attack, but still it suffered some damage from the assault. Diplomats were evacuated when the fighting broke out, and returned once it was determined safe to do so.
Today the neighborhood remains a more elite part of surface society, having many direct ties to the populist government. Despite such a fierce sense of national pride and patriotism, the Mant Administration has also placed a heavy emphasis on foreign relations and that much is apparent in the neighborhood which houses those foreign dignitaries.

#1818061 Map Index v2: Hexes for Nexus

Posted by Zeradias Mant on 30 June 2018 - 04:13 PM

Thank you all for your help! You've made a task for one which would have taken months nearly completed in a matter of days. Please use this post for your RM mission link.


Below are the rewards for all those who helped out:





#1817072 Erebos Horizon - Imperial War Fleet

Posted by Zeradias Mant on 28 June 2018 - 05:05 PM


#1815206 The Life and Times of Zeradias Mant

Posted by Zeradias Mant on 25 June 2018 - 09:52 PM


#1815055 Codex v2.2.3: Lore Update

Posted by Zeradias Mant on 25 June 2018 - 06:10 PM

Alric Kuhn



Does the Codex plan to regulate this at all such as with companies in the Factory?


Currently when adding locations to a company one needs to actually show that said company expanded there with a thread. I know you mention it needs to be added in the Historical Information Section, but I could just annotate my organization is in 20 different locations and explain how we got there all in one Sub. That seems way too easy comparatively.

No. If you can't sufficiently justify it, you will be asked to make edits commensurate with what is appropriate.



Second, will the Codex at all be tracking the "Domain" aspect of this? Of course Codex Judges will stop people from saying "WE OWN THIS ENTIRE PLANET/SECTOR/ZONE", but down the line people will eventually forget and we'll have significant overlap. Especially in popular canon areas(Coruscant, Korriban, etc). Eventually there will be conflicts of who owns what and these Codex subs will undoubtedly be used as 'proof' of ownership. So is there a plan to track that at all?

There are no plans to track anything at this time. We may from time to time ask that major parties be mentioned if there is an obvious relationship that would be had, but it will be up to the community to be proactive, rather than Codex staff to dig for every subject matter that passes through our doors.




Are we going to be tracking who has influence over what? I can see this having devastating effect for invasions, rebellions, and even dominions where a subbed organization has "influence" on a planet and then someone comes after it and attempts to use the Codex sub in the Narrative. How will that work out?

It's no different than minor factions, companies, or NPC groups having a preexisting influence. Please see the rules for dominions, invasions, and rebellions to see who may participate in those threads.