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Zeradias Mant

Zeradias Mant

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The Iron Empire [Major Faction Advertisement 1.1]

15 December 2017 - 08:34 AM








The Iron Imperial Army, more commonly referred to as the Iron Army, serves as the ground warfare branch of the Iron Imperial Military. They are an iron fist, the unstoppable force that smashes the enemies of the empire.They serve as the general protection force of the Iron Realm, safeguarding member worlds from outside threats, ensuring the oppressive brutality that once gripped the Unknown Regions to never take root again. They supplement local armies with training and equipment, so as to bolster the collective defense of the member worlds and the Iron Empire, as well as strengthen the bond between their governments.






The Iron Imperial Navy, more commonly referred to as the Iron Fleet, serves as the space warfare branch of the Iron Imperial Military.It was the first branch created following the inception of the Iron Empire. Initially comprised of former One Sith personnel and vessels, the crews were defectors that followed the Military Executor into exile. However, following their liberation, the Chiss Ascendancy, Republic of Mayferria, and other planetary governments have pledged their support to the Iron Imperial Navy and were welcome to join their ranks, whilst maintaining a certain degree of autonomy over their contributions.

The Iron Imperial Navy acts as the shield which protects the Iron Realm. Responsible for the patrol, border and orbital security, and expeditionary missions, they defend vital trade routes between planets as well as bolster planetary governments in times of crisis.


By his grace’s will, the Iron Empire has launched a program with the goal of enhancing intergalactic and interservice relationships by providing exchange opportunities for foreign naval and army personnel. The pilot program, called the Personnel Exchange Program, will integrate foreign exchange military officers into the ranks of the Iron Empire where they may learn the doctrine of the Iron Imperial Navy, as well as provide insight into the culture and ways of life within the Iron Empire.


The intent of the PEP is to promote a learning environment that fosters a sense of camaraderie and esprit-de-corps, as well as enhancing the communication and relationships with foreign allies. Officers from foreign factions may share their professional knowledge with members of the Iron Empire and can expect the same treatment and educational experience in return. Iron Imperial officers may also be attached to foreign militaries for similar purposes. In order to qualify for the Iron Empire’s Personnel Exchange Program, factions must have ratified a treaty in writing with the Iron Empire.






The Iron Legion is a militaristic order of force-sensitives, who have pledged their blades in service to the Iron Empire. An atypical order, theirs is one comprised of force-users from a wide-spectrum, including: Jedi, Neutrals, and Dark Jedi. Unlike the Jedi Order's of yore, the Iron Legion does not allow petty differences to divide them. Together, they are united by the common-goal of protecting the Empire and its people.





The Iron Imperial Security Bureau is responsible for the quashing threats to national security before they become so. Operatives are charged with chiefly clandestine responsibilities, including surveillance and espionage. They operate in both foreign and domestic territories, working diligently to ensure the safety and stability of both the Iron Empire and the galaxy at large






The Iron Imperial Wardens serve as the governing body of the Iron Empire. They act as a link between the worlds of the Iron Realm and the Iron Empire as a whole. They assist local governments in their function, and serve as their liaison to the Crown, as well as the Crown's representative to their respective planet. Wardens serve an invaluable function, facilitating the smooth, fair, and lawful governance of a planet's people and lands.





The Iron Realm is comprised of the many planets which fall under the umbrella of the Iron Empire. Each rules themselves autonomously, but all stand together in their union with the empire. The many worlds and cultures in the Iron Empire's sphere share a symbiotic relationship. When one requires aid, the others heed the call, whether it be resources or defense.





Under the Iron Sea [Iron Empire Dominion of Glee Anselm]

10 December 2017 - 01:47 PM



Under the rule of the One Sith, Glee Anselm was but a cog in a great machine. After their rule, they were in shambles all but officially.
One refugees of the repressive empire themselves, the Iron Empire looked outwards to the aquatic planet to help their fellow denizens of the galaxy. Though not the victim of battle or prolonged war, the uprooting and expulsion of the One Sith left Glee Anselm vulnerable to a myriad of problems, ranging from logistic problems in their infrastructure to renewed ethnic strife.
Having united for the first time in centuries, the Anselmi have began salvaging military resources in anticipation of a Nautolan invasion, one which would stand to completely eradicate the Anselmi population.This fear of an imminent attack serves as the Anselmi motive and justification of a first strike, one which would have consequences equally as devastating as a Nautolan invasion.
The Iron Empire has made it's presence well-known, forming a light blockade and carriers entering low orbit.Originally present for humanitarian purposes and to help rebuild after the tyrannical rule of the One Sith, they now stood to be peacekeepers of another's home.



1) Meet with the Nautolan or Ansemli leaders and try to defuse tensions.
2) Render humanitarian assistance to towns and cities in whatever manner you see fit.
3) Glee Anselm is full of horrors unknown to offworlders, and the Nautolan village of Suyara is the subject of attack almost nightly.Help ward of these threats once and for all.

Imperial Entanglements

22 November 2017 - 02:55 PM






White turned to blue, blue turned to black, and the view out the bridge of the ISV Resolute returned once more to the vacuum of space. Before it lie a lone planet - Bothawui. The homeworld of the Bothan race lie on the edge of the Galactic Empire's territory closest to the Iron Empire, with the Commenor Systems Alliance encroaching to it's galactic north. It was a suitable location for the meeting of the representatives of the two empires, where they might forge a relationship for the present and the future.


The Galactic Empire has proven to be an unpredictable power in the galaxy. Expansionist one minute, they've ventured far beyond the reaches of their immediate territory to combat the Silver Jedi Order. At one point, Zeradias had provided direct support for conflict for the Silver Jedi over Bimmisaari while the Galactic Empire invaded Charros IV. It was an inefficient mistake and miscalculation on the Silver Jedi's part - the Iron Imperial fleet would have been better suited to directly engage the Galactic Empire's naval forces. It could be argued though, that the Iron Imperial presence provided a considerable deterrent for spreading the engagement beyond Charros IV. As the Galactic Empire's campaign against the Silver Jedi continued, Iron Imperial support for their informal allies waned. However, whether it was due to their thirst for blood was satiated or they just lost interest in an enemy that posed little retaliatory threat, the Galactic Empire looked within and continued to expand it's borders in a campaign to expand influence.Their capital world of Kamino had also been the subject of an unprovoked attack by the Confederacy of Independent Systems.


While the Galactic Empire was hard at work in the intergalactic community, the Iron Empire continued to build upon itself at a slow but steady pace. After discovering the planet Olstyn and a Valkyri/Mandalorian population, the Iron Empire reached out to their Iron Praetor's kin on Midvinter and invited the Dawnguard to Olstyn in an effort to bring the planet into the fold without bloodshed. Under nigh paranoid leadership, Olstyn suffered a major rift in Valkyri-Mandalorian relations. After deposing the oberjarl, relations began to improve, though tension remains. The Iron Imperial capital city of Csaplar also became the target of organized crime - something that could not be permitted to persist in either nation.


There was much difference between the two nations of similar build, but there was also agreement to be had. What exactly though, that would have to be discussed between the Vice Regent and Grand Moff.


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Fruit of Your Labor [Iron Empire Dominion of the Redoubt Cluster]

17 October 2017 - 10:01 AM





"Within this group of stars lies the last refuge of the Chiss people should our forces ever be overwhelmed in battle. It is impregnable, impossible for even a determined enemy to quickly or easily penetrate, with war vessels and firepoints scattered throughout. There are also other surprises that nature itself has created for the unwary." ― Aristocra Formbi
Despite the unity between the Crown and the Chiss Ascendancy, there have been conflict between the two and the Chiss insurrection.  With the threats now quelled, the Iron Empire can take more productive steps to expand it's influence and welcome other systems into the fold in the interest of mutual prosperity.  Enter the Redoubt, the last stronghold of the Chiss Ascendancy at it's peak.As a show of great trust, friendship, and a strong bond between the the Iron Imperials and Chiss people, the Aristocra of the Chiss Ascendancy have opened the doors of the Redoubt to the Iron Empire.
To celebrate the unity of the Chiss people and the resolve between the present Ascendancy and the Iron Empire, a joint commission of Iron Imperial officials and Chiss nobility have hosted a grand fête in recognition of all those who have worked to achieve peace and cooperation has been scheduled in the Korpa Conference Hall.  It is said that the emperor is to make an appearance, and several important announcements are to be made regarding the future of the Empire, as well as concerning certain individuals and their remarkable feats.
This event is formal banquet open to the public of the Iron Empire and friends of the Crown.Be on your best behaviour, but most importantly, have fun!This event is being held for those who've worked diligently to help shape the Iron Empire into what it is today.No crime goes unpunished, and no good deed goes unrewarded, and there's a lot of rewards to be had.

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Prost! Off to Oktoberfest

17 September 2017 - 01:27 PM

I'll be taking an LOA from the 20th to the 28th as I'll be flying to Germany to attend Oktoberfest.  My activity will be dismal in the days leading up to my actual LOA as I've plenty of things to wrap up in person before taking off.  I'll do my best to get into the Incursion event as soon as possible upon my return.


I'll be reachable via Discord or PM, though don't expect my usual prompt response.


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