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Zeradias Mant

Zeradias Mant

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Fruit of Your Labor [Iron Empire Dominion of the Redoubt Cluster]

Today, 10:01 AM





"Within this group of stars lies the last refuge of the Chiss people should our forces ever be overwhelmed in battle. It is impregnable, impossible for even a determined enemy to quickly or easily penetrate, with war vessels and firepoints scattered throughout. There are also other surprises that nature itself has created for the unwary." ― Aristocra Formbi
Despite the unity between the Crown and the Chiss Ascendancy, there have been conflict between the two and the Chiss insurrection.  With the threats now quelled, the Iron Empire can take more productive steps to expand it's influence and welcome other systems into the fold in the interest of mutual prosperity.  Enter the Redoubt, the last stronghold of the Chiss Ascendancy at it's peak.As a show of great trust, friendship, and a strong bond between the the Iron Imperials and Chiss people, the Aristocra of the Chiss Ascendancy have opened the doors of the Redoubt to the Iron Empire.
To celebrate the unity of the Chiss people and the resolve between the present Ascendancy and the Iron Empire, a joint commission of Iron Imperial officials and Chiss nobility have hosted a grand fête in recognition of all those who have worked to achieve peace and cooperation has been scheduled in the Korpa Conference Hall.  It is said that the emperor is to make an appearance, and several important announcements are to be made regarding the future of the Empire, as well as concerning certain individuals and their remarkable feats.
This event is formal banquet open to the public of the Iron Empire and friends of the Crown.Be on your best behaviour, but most importantly, have fun!This event is being held for those who've worked diligently to help shape the Iron Empire into what it is today.No crime goes unpunished, and no good deed goes unrewarded, and there's a lot of rewards to be had.

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Prost! Off to Oktoberfest

17 September 2017 - 01:27 PM

I'll be taking an LOA from the 20th to the 28th as I'll be flying to Germany to attend Oktoberfest.  My activity will be dismal in the days leading up to my actual LOA as I've plenty of things to wrap up in person before taking off.  I'll do my best to get into the Incursion event as soon as possible upon my return.


I'll be reachable via Discord or PM, though don't expect my usual prompt response.


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Operation: Arctic Temperance [Iron Empire Dominion of Olstyn feat. Dawnguard]

16 September 2017 - 10:11 AM




Near the Iron Imperial capital of Csilla lies a more temperate world, filled with flowing streams, an abundance of floral life, and the secondary home of the hardy Valkyri people.  However, their way of life has been threatened since the arrival of Mandalorian refugees, fleeing from conflict of their own.  The Oberjarl has long had problems with them since their arrival, already crushing one attempt at a rebellion.  Hesitant to welcome more outsiders, the Oberjarl has made the reluctant decision to allow delegates of the Iron Empire into Olstyn to discuss what they hope would be a symbiotic relationship.  Though fearsome warriors themselves, it's understandable one could grow weary of years of conflict.


Enter the Iron Empire.  The Crown has decided that it is time to bring Olstyn into the fold of the Iron Empire.  Go forth and help establish an Iron Imperial presence on the robust planet:


1) Noting their relation to Midvinter, and Midvinter's relation to the Silver Jedi Order, the Crown has reached out to the Dawnguard and royalty of Midvinter to open a dialogue.  It is the Crown's intention to forge a lasting friendship between the two factions, and use that friendship to form a similar one with the Oberjarl of Olstyn, in an effort to convince them to join the Iron Realm.


2) While the representatives of the Crown meet with those of the Dawnguard, the Iron Imperial Security Bureau has provided credible intelligence suggesting that a group of Mandalorians is meeting to discuss another coup against the Oberjarl.  Walk the mean streets of the Mandalorian Quarter, hit up a bar or two, and show the rogues that the status quo is so for a reason.


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04 September 2017 - 01:42 PM




  • Intent: To create a planet to fill an empty hex
  • ​Image Credit: Alec Beals
  • Canon: N/A
  • Links: N/A


  • Planet Name: Olstyn
  • Demonym: Olstyn
  • Region: Unknown Regions
  • System Name: Olstyn System
  • System Features: A small asteroid field surrounds the planet.  It is sizable enough to prohibit entry of very large ships (2,500+ meters), but disbursed enough to permit the travel of freighters and warships alike.
  • Coordinates: R-17
  • Major Imports: Fuel, Technology
  • Major Exports: Durasteel ore, berries


  • Gravity: 1.2x above Standard
  • Climate: Temperate, Arctic
  • Primary Terrain: Tundra, Mountains, Forests
  • Major Locations:
    • ​Akureyri: The capital of Olstyn, Akureyri is the seat of power for the Oberjarl.  It is the most technologically advanced city on the planet and boasts the highest population.  The city is regularly patrolled by soldiers of the Oberjarl's army, and as such has the lowest crime rate globally.  Valkyri and humans life in relative peace here.
    • Mandalorian Quarter: On the outskirts of Akureyri lies the segregated Mandalorian lands where their de facto government once ruled.  90% of the Mandalorian population lives here, and the Oberjarl's army maintains a visible presence here to deter uprising and unrest.  Not all here dislike the Olstyn way of life, but all residents are cast in the same shadow thanks to their more violent counterparts.


  • Native Species: N/A
  • Immigrated Species: Humans, Valkyri, Mandalorians
  • Population: Sparsely populated
  • Demographics: 
    • ​[55%] Valkyri
    • [30%] Human
    • [10%] Mandalorian
    • [05%] Miscellaneous 
  • Primary Languages: Galactic Basic Standard, Runian, Mando'a
  • Culture: Olstyn is a relatively peaceful system where the vast majority of it's denizens coexist peacefully.  However, there are occasional racially charged attacks amongst the migrant species.  Despite the species best efforts and intervention from the Iron Crown, these problems persist.  Barring this, Olstyn is a relatively efficient system, largely self-sustaining and extracted maximum resources using minimal energy.


  • Government: Feudal Monarchy
  • Affiliation: the Iron Empire (de jure), Midvinter (loosely)
  • Wealth: Low
  • Stability: Medium.  Since their migration to the system, the Mandalorians have oft incited violence, keeping faith with their traditional warrior values.  They try to assert their dominance over their larger fellow migrants, the Valkyri.  Though statistically only a small portion of Mandalorians participate and support violence for their cause, that portion has been loud enough to warrant the attention of the Oberjarl and Iron Crown.
  • Freedom & Oppression: Citizens enjoy the typical freedoms granted to all subjects of the Iron Empire.  Their freedom comes at a price though - the highest echelons of the Iron Empire both expect and demand responsibility with freedom, and a fraction of the Mandalorian population has violated their trust.  Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty, and through their violent tomfoolery, the price of liberty for Mandalorians just went up.


  • Military: Olstyn has a decentralized military, with each provincial lord possessing the ability to raise their own army.  They have a divine obligation however to answer their liege's call when required.  Only then do the military forces of Olstyn stand on a unified front.  The Oberjarl however, maintains a small standing army to maintain the peace of the capital as well as conduct routine patrols across the land and sea to ensure the Oberjarl's justice is being carried out.
  • Technology: Galactic Standard.  On it's own, Olstyn is just behind the curve galactically.  As a subject of the Iron Empire, they enjoy technological advancements that put them on par with some of the most advanced societies, though they are still in the early stages of their advancement.


Olstyn was originally colonized by a group of Valkyri warriors who had accidentally discovered the system after a critical navigation error.  Their ship salvageable, they were forced to dig roots and establish a colony of their own on the planet.  Their numbers began in the double digits, and many decades, it eventually rose to the thousands.  They had adopted a similar feudal government as they had on their homeworld of Midvinter and created several shrines to their many gods.  They had lived their life in relative peace, isolated from outsiders for centuries.


Suddenly, their numbers halved.  No one knew why.  Some believe they had angered the gods by casting away their native world for this new one.  Others suspected foul play was involved,  orchestrated by the High King.  The Valkyri migrants polarized, their people split into loyalists to the king and conservatives who sought to reintegrate key components of Midvinter life into their kingdom.  After months of battle, the conservatives were the victors in the conflict and deposed the high king from their throne and established a new kingdom, one which would be independent from Midvinter while recognizing it's place above their own.  From then on, the leader of the Valkyri on Olstyn would be known as the Oberjarl, with their noble lord being styled Jarls.


The peace didn't last though - as humans found the land and had immigrated en masse.  Hailing from Alderaan, they fled from their homeworld as they felt tension brewing and foresaw conflict on the horizon. At the time, the Royal House of Alderaan had aligned with the United Clans of Mandalore, renouncing it's membership in the Galactic Republic.  The Alderaanian migrants already outnumbered the Valkyri, whose numbers dwindled after their civil war.  Fortunately for both sides, neither side desired conflict.  To the dismay of some disgruntled Valkyri, the Oberjarl granted land to the Alderaanians amongst themselves.  As a show of good faith, the Oberjarl appointed one of the Alderaanian nobles to be his closest advisor.  This advisor would become not only his wife, but a key figure in the merging of their people.


United once more, Valkyri and Alderaanians alike cast aside their differences and recognized their new shared identity - Olstyns.  With the technological advancements the Alderaanian people brought with them, cities were built and spacial travel became possible.  Their sovereignty became recognized galactically.


With their newfound recognition also came another wave of immigrants - this time Mandalorian.  After the United Clans of Mandalore had rallied under the banner of a Mand'alor, they had engaged in crusades like the galaxy had never seen.  Dealing a swift defeat to the Galactic Republic on Kashyyk, the Republic fell, and soon after, so did the Mandalorians from within.  A rogue Mandalorian had taken upon himself to destabilize the Mandalore's core and render the planet uninhabitable to millions.  Thousands of the Mandalorians that were able to flee followed their Alderaanian counterparts to Olstyn.  Welcomed with open arms, the Mandalorians embraced Olstyn life - for a time.


In line with their traditional warrior ways, they fought amongst themselves and their colossal Valkyri counterparts to assert their dominance and distinguish themselves among the highest caliber of warriors.  This, however, was illegal under Olstyn law and the Oberjarl came down hard to cease the needless violence.  Angry at the Oberjarl for robbing them of their heritage but realizing they weren't in a position to openly rebel, they ceded, instead segregating themselves from the rest of the Olstyn kingdom, creating their own de facto government to rule themselves according to their own laws.


Not long after this, the Iron Empire made landfall and established a partnership with the Oberjarl, conditional on their fealty.  After discussing the Iron Empire's relationship with the Silver Jedi Order and Dawnguard with the royalty of Midvinter, the Oberjarl agreed.  In return, the Iron Empire aided countless resources to the advancement of their technology and agreed to provide fighting soldiers to aid in the unification of all people on Olstyn, including the Mandalorians.  Though the Mandalorian de facto government has been crippled, the self-imposed segregation still exists, as well as the tension with it.  Pockets of Mandalorians have reintegrated into Olstyn society, though they are often looked at with suspicion because of their more rebellious counterparts.


Even in light of this, Olstyn has become a melting pot of people, showing the galaxy that cultures can cast aside their differences in the interest of mutual prosperity.  The Iron Empire has further used their affiliation with Olstyn to strengten their relationship with the Crown of Midvinter.

Iron Imperial Marines

16 August 2017 - 09:22 PM




  • Intent: To create a tangible submission for an often used reference to the mainline troops of the Iron Imperial Marine Corps
  • Image Credit: Bacurok
  • Links: N/A





  • Availability: Common
  • Deployment: Mass
  • Strengths & Weaknesses: 
    • ​[ + ] Iron Imperial Marines are very versatile in their function, capable of fulfilling a myriad of combat functions
    • [ + ] As a part of their naval heritage, they are more proficient in boarding operations moreso than their surface combat oriented Army counterparts
    • [ - ] Run of the mill troops, the marines have no particular specializations and excel at nothing
  • Description: Since the inception of the Iron Empire, the Iron Imperial Marines have played an essential part in it's survival and military operations.  Though hardly an ancient order, their roots can be traced back to the earliest days of the empire, starting in the Crossbones Conflict during the ex-One Sith executor's exodus from Coruscant.

Trained extensively in combat, the Iron Imperial Marines are a capable fighting force to be reckoned with.  Be it patrol or guard duty, planetary invasions or ship-to-ship boarding, the marines are the tip of the spear, leading the assault and seeing it through.  Though fighting is the focus, each marine is versatile in their skillset and able to fall in where necessary and discharge whatever task necessary.


Put a rifle in their hand, they'll get it done.  Or don't - they'll still get it done.