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Zeradias Mant

Zeradias Mant

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16 March 2018 - 09:18 PM

The Mayor's Cabinet is an advisory body comprised of various agency, department, and ministry executives to advise the Mayor on any subject he may require relating to the duties of each member’s respective office.
Mayor Zeradias Mant's current Cabinet consists of:


Arcann Law
Chairman of the People's Security Commission

Vice Chairman of the Committee for the Preservation of Coruscant

Deputy Leader, Coruscant First

Coruscant First

16 March 2018 - 01:42 PM




For years, the One Sith had the galaxy in it's clutches.  From the Deep Core to the Inner Rim, their reaches seemed limitless.  Between crushing their democratic rival the Galactic Republic on Togoria and combating the warmongering Mandalorian Clans on Alderaan, their legacy was felt deep and traces can still be found in today's modern galaxy, even despite their swift and sudden collapse.
At the fallen empire's center lie Coruscant, capital of both the One Sith and the civilized galaxy. Following the Galactic Alliance's campaign to expel the Sith, Coruscant lie dormant, recovering from the havoc of the battle. Some years later, the planet largely recovered, though traces of the battle can still be seen today. Though the Alliance presence on the system has been negligible, the citizens of the system were constantly reminded who's rule they lived under.
In that time,a political movement called Coruscant First emerged, a populist party which sought to promote Coruscanti independence and enrich the lives of Coruscanti citizens. Around the same time the party began to clinch a sizable foothold in Galactic City politics, the Galactic Alliance announced that it would be relocating its capital to Coruscant, in direct conflict with the planet's most rapidly expanding base.
Founded by then-Central District Executive Zeradias Mant and his Inner Circle to promote Coruscanti independence as well as restore its status as a bastion of desirable civilization, it now uses it's growing majority in the Galactic City Common Council to pursue this agenda.





Coruscant First is a political faction, first and foremost.  In line with the party's governing doctrines, positions within government require Coruscanti citizenship. You do not need to be from Coruscant to be a citizen, but you must renounce any other citizenships you may have. Coruscant is not humanocentric and welcomes characters of all walks of life to join. Some may not be willing to make that jump, and that's okay! If you're not Coruscanti or looking to get directly involved, we're happy to entertain alliances, trade deals, and corporate contracts, as well as exploring other possibilities.  Being both a planetary and municipal government, Coruscant First supports all walks of life and allows writers to serve in countless positions.
Want to work the crowds, coordinate organized protests, and lead campaigns to further the party's agenda? We could use a good Field Coordinator or three.

Maybe you want to display a show of force, protect our assets, mission, and the people of Coruscant, and combat Alliance thugs and renegade protesters alike in a more direct manner when circumstances dictate. The Blackcoats of the People's Security Commission need people like you.
Maybe you're looking at a bigger role, something more involved in the day-to-day operation of the Galactic City Authority. Perhaps a director of any number of offices?
Or maybe you want to set your sights a little beyond the Coruscanti skyline and work with delegations from other factions, or coordinate domestic affairs? Surely there's a spot on the Mayor's Cabinet for you.
It is also our mission to promote writer and character growth. We take pride in our cohesive story and the individual efforts it takes to write that collective tale. Our member roster is unique in that it displays not just characters' names, but also their office, party affiliation (if applicable), as well as a brief biography so anyone visiting the faction page can get a feel for their character at a glance. You don't even need to be a member of the Coruscant First party to be listed - if you want to write an opposition party, you too have a part to play! Featured below is a snapshot of what this looks like:



If you don't think you can participate in that capacity but are a Coruscanti citizen and support our mission, don't feel as if you don't have a place! Movements like these are built on the backs of its supporters! Even if you don't hold a government office, you can still register to become a member of the party!







We are a party at war. Not in the traditional sense, we're not sending soldiers to the frontlines to impose our will on an unwilling foe, but rather playing a game of tug of war. Legal challenges and political arguments are commonplace, as are organized protests to publicly demonstrate displeasure with a government violating Coruscanti sovereignty and ignoring it's right to self-determination. We do not seek recognition from the Galactic Alliance, only their respect in that they honor our desire for independence, a world free from the clutches of foreign power.
While the party demonstrates an open preference for Coruscanti citizens, it is not humanocentric. The party also discourages the use of violence, and party leadership has gone as far as to publicly condemn the use of it.
Below is the manifesto which guides the party's actions and is the official governing policy of Coruscant First.






The primary goal of Coruscant First is to provide a dedicated faction for roleplayers interested in an immersive political RP as well to provide those who may have little experience in it with a place to break the mold and try something new. We hope to provide an active, rewarding, and ultimately fun experience for those who join us.
Our immediate objectives are as follows:

  • Establishing a permanent foothold on Coruscant.  Coruscant is a big place, and we're not looking to control every aspect of it or micromanage stories. The politics surrounding municipal activities and the system's present relationship with the Galactic Alliance provide a unique outlet for roleplay that deserve to be explored.
  • Increase our member base to experience all walks of roleplay, as well as explore a less conventional form of PvP not as well known to Chaos. We'd like to expose our members to a little bit of everything so they might diversify their portfolio as both a writer and character, all the while making the party a collective of talented writers and colorful characters.
  • To have fun. Politics are confrontational by nature, and it's all a part of the story. Establishing and maintaining an open dialogue is key to preventing needless stress and fostering friendships, even when the story may brand us opponents.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, we welcome you to ask here or contact a member of faction administration. You can check out our faction page here and/or reach out to one of us on Discord. We do not have a Discord server at this time.
Faction Administration
Zeradias Mant, FO
Arcann Law, FA

A Sitch In Time

14 March 2018 - 01:02 PM

Time. A curious thing, really. It provided an not just stories, but lessons. Beyond that were countless artifacts, relics which didn't just tell stories, but helped people live them hundreds of years later. The Slave I gave Zeradias a taste for expensive antiquities, and now he had his sights set on another: the Rogue Shadow, the personal transport of Darth Vader's secret apprentice just after the Battle of Yavin. While private investigators help reveal a fair portion of the ship's highly classified design, little headway was able to be made beyond the surface. For that, he'd need some help.


His flagship, the ISV Resolute was decommissioned shortly after the collapse of the Iron Empire, so he was left with more modest choices in his ship. He opted for nothing more than an unremarkable patrol corvette, borrowed on loan from the Coruscant Security Force. A former officer and executive of the law enforcement agency, he had tight connections which helped him not only in achieving the office of Galactic City's Mayor, but also in retaining it. A harmonious relationship between city hall and police headquarters was essential in effective governance. Now though, he traveled to the Outer Rim, seeking information from the one place best equipped to handle such requests: the Galactic Empire. Though formed over 800 years after the original and being largely unrelated, this empire drew heavy influence from their ancient predecessors while exerting their own influence within their domain.


"Kamino Tower, this is Falcon 1-1, requesting permission to land."


The callsign was one agreed upon by the two parties to ensure minimal communication on open channels. As approval was given, the ship docked as rain pattered across the hull of the ship. Only two officers armed with their service handguns exited the ship with Zeradias. He was confident they were not needed, but protocol dictated he have a protective detail around the clock.


"Moff Malvern.", Zeradias greeted as he entered glaring white halls offering refuge from the harsh climate outside. "Thank you for accommodating my request."


Adron Malvern

Rogue Shadow

05 March 2018 - 09:39 AM








  • Variety is the Spice of Life: The Rogue Shadow is capable of evading detection, pursuit, and capture with relative ease, boasting a number of features additional to standard Imperial transports helping it do so.
  • Mach Five: In it's day, it had the fastest sublight drives in the Imperial Navy. In its restoration, the same drives were installed despite faster alternatives being available. Still, the speed it is capable of is considerable.


  • What Firepower: The Rogue Shadow has high speed, but also low firepower. The ship features only two laser cannons to fend off basic threats, but is often outgunned even by standard fighters.
  • Locked Potential: A capable pilot is needed to truly access the Rogue Shadow's full potential. Regular persons who've only flown cabs or freighters will likely be unable to do anything beyond basic flight controls, and would likely be unable to utilize the ship's more sophisticated features.

Description: The personal starship of Darth Vader's secret apprentice, Galen Marek (also known as Starkiller), the Rogue Shadow was used in various clandestine missions on behalf of the Empire's Supreme Commander. It's design and construction kept a closely guarded secret, it's restoration was a long and arduous process. Digital scans revealed the rough outline of the exterior of the ship, yet the interior and features remained unknown.
After months of intense research, a contract investigator discovered that the ship and its crew had defected to the Rebel Alliance. There, it was refitted and its information on its equipment was a less guarded secret. This revealed only some of the features aboard, and Zeradias was more keen on the original design commissioned by the Galactic Empire of old.
Reaching out to cohorts in the newer Galactic Empire based on Kamino, he was afforded the opportunity to pay a sizeable sum to receive access to select records in the Imperial Archives which would assist him in his endeavors to recreate the destroyed ship. Between the scans, contract investigation, and information revealed by the archives, the records on the Rogue Shadow were roughly 90% complete. Progress stalled on the minute details, Zeradias made the decision to greenlight the restoration.
Iron Crown Enterprises was a prominent corporation in the galaxy known for their part in starship construction. Though there were few other companies ahead of ICE on the list, they lacked the capital and likely the discretion that the corporate juggernaut offered. Six months of laborious work later, the Rogue Shadow v2 was complete, and it was a remarkable piece of craftsmanship indeed. Though significantly smaller, it's extremely limited production, proprietary design, and historical background contributed to it's appraised value near that of a Venator-class Start Destroyer.


Codex Update 2.1

22 February 2018 - 11:30 PM

Canon planets now require a "Canon" tag. This is to make it easier for everyone to track down and locate canon planets that have been heavily roleplayed on Chaos and have been resubmitted to expand upon the Wiki article with that Chaos history. If you are the submitter of a canon planet that has already been approved, we ask you post to submission modifications thread to request that the Canon tag be added to your sub.


Some Locations now have Security Ratings. This is to reduce the use of hard numbers which may upset balance in both judging and roleplay as well as make Codex ratings more uniform with the Factory. More unique defenses, such as area shields and cloaking fields, may be asked to be quantified as to avoid an unlimited number of what would be a more powerful and distinguishing feature. Locations that require now Security Ratings: Military Base, Space Station. All other locations will continue to have security and defense features listed prior to this update.


Species may not be entirely Force sensitive or Force dead. It goes without saying, situations like this are exceedingly rare. However, we do from time to time see them in the Codex, and very seldom are they approved. The unwritten rule is now written in that entirely Force sensitive/dead species may not be submitted except in the case of a Staff sanctioned challenge/contest reward or with explicit permission from Staff and are still subject to judging to ensure balance.


Use of NPC Group template clarified. Lately subs have been being submitted which would not constitute and NPC group. The primary purpose of NPC groups is to supplement character development. Groups which would focus moreso on collective group development, are actively or have historically been roleplayed and/or have several PCs in their membership are not an NPC group and not appropriate for submission in the Codex. At this time, we do not have a template to accommodate the aforementioned types of groups and recommend posting them as blog posts or in faction forums until we can come up with an amicable solution in Codex.


Ship Crew numbers specified. There is now a maximum number for crew members in a single submission, rather than a rough estimate for a ceiling.


Lore! We're putting more hands on the development of a new Lore section within the Codex and are confident it'll open up a myriad of new possibilities for everyone. If you have ideas or suggestions, we're happy to hear them out! Please submit them to the Codex Discussion section using the Suggestion prefix. We do not have a launch date at this time.


Per usual, submissions which have not yet been approved will be asked to conform to the new templates and rules if they do not do so already. Those already approved are effectively grandfathered.