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Zeradias Mant

Zeradias Mant

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Iron Imperial Marines

16 August 2017 - 09:22 PM




  • Intent: To create a tangible submission for an often used reference to the mainline troops of the Iron Imperial Marine Corps
  • Image Credit: Bacurok
  • Links: N/A





  • Availability: Common
  • Deployment: Mass
  • Strengths & Weaknesses: 
    • ​[ + ] Iron Imperial Marines are very versatile in their function, capable of fulfilling a myriad of combat functions
    • [ + ] As a part of their naval heritage, they are more proficient in boarding operations moreso than their surface combat oriented Army counterparts
    • [ - ] Run of the mill troops, the marines have no particular specializations and excel at nothing
  • Description: Since the inception of the Iron Empire, the Iron Imperial Marines have played an essential part in it's survival and military operations.  Though hardly an ancient order, their roots can be traced back to the earliest days of the empire, starting in the Crossbones Conflict during the ex-One Sith executor's exodus from Coruscant.

Trained extensively in combat, the Iron Imperial Marines are a capable fighting force to be reckoned with.  Be it patrol or guard duty, planetary invasions or ship-to-ship boarding, the marines are the tip of the spear, leading the assault and seeing it through.  Though fighting is the focus, each marine is versatile in their skillset and able to fall in where necessary and discharge whatever task necessary.


Put a rifle in their hand, they'll get it done.  Or don't - they'll still get it done.

Operation: Annihilate Blue [Iron Empire Dominion of Roxuli Hex]

03 August 2017 - 04:42 PM





Throughout the establishment and expansion of the Iron Empire, there have always been Chiss insurrectionists unhappy with the state of affairs with the rise of Baelor.  The Chiss Ascendancy has been quick to condemn the actions of the splinter group, which was responsible for the assassination of the Governor of Ornfra and attempted kidnapping of the Emperor's niece, Aster.  After facing a barrage of swift defeats at the hands of Iron Imperial forces, the insurrectionists seemed to have finally been crushed.  After months of peace and prosperity, the Iron Empire has thrived, but only recently has a threat been rediscovered.


The Iron Imperial Security Bureau in coordination with naval assets has tracked down the final remnants of the rogue Chiss.  The Emperor has mobilized the Iron Imperial military and the Iron Legion to put and end to the insurrection.


Too long have the innocent shed blood at the cost of petty squabbles and oppressive regimes.  The Iron Empire will put and end to that bloodshed.

Codex Judge Recruitment

12 July 2017 - 04:46 PM

Codex is looking to add another judge to the team!  If you're interested, please follow the guidelines below to be considered: 


To be a successful applicant you must:

  • Be prepared to work with members to get their submissions approved.
  • Be able to work in a team and take instructions.
  • Be polite and balanced in your rulings.
  • Have experience with the Codex before hand with submissions.
  • Cannot be the owner of a major faction
  • Discord Chat accessibility and activity is mandatory for all Codex Judges. 

Please read everything before submitting your application in a single PM to Valiens Nantaris and Zeradias Mant
In the PM state:

  • The profile you would want to judge with.
  • Examples of your best Codex submissions and any previous experience.
  • Why you want to become a Codex Judge?
  • How you would help make the Codex better? Ideas?
  • Your discord name.

Applicants and applications that do not follow these instructions will be ignored.


Reminder: While Codex is not always actively recruiting, we have an open application policy for when new judges are needed!  Details can be found here.

Gone for a bit

22 June 2017 - 12:33 AM

I'll be away from my computer until the 27th, with intermittent activity extending until after the 4th of July weekend. My RPs will be limited until then, but I should be pretty accessible via Discord if necessary.

This primarily affects the folks in the IE and FO. Tagging you lot so someone from every group has a clue if I'm inaccessible: Aster Rose Baelor, Bryce Bantam, Rolf Amsel, Arisa Yune

Operation: Reclamation Swarm [Iron Empire Dominion of Ornfra Hex]

10 June 2017 - 12:27 AM





Zeradias had failed previously, though not in the traditional sense of failure.  With the company of his marines, the then-Rear Admiral Mant had led an incursion to the system to establish a diplomatic channel with the Ornfra system.  However, his plans for a cooperative relationship dissipated with the assassination of the Governor of Ornfra, killed at the hands of an insurrectionist group member.  Recalling that day was an easy task.  After betraying the trust of a naive insurrectionist operative, Zeradias obtained access to the government's treasury, containing a vast amount of valuable material and currency.  Though he walked away with a victory, it was still less than he had hoped for.  He had returned to the desolate world to assist in the installation of a new governor, one who would work with the Crown and his appointed officials.  Of particular interest though, was someone who would work for the smaller populace residing on system.


"Sir, we're jumping out of hyperspace now.", the navigation officer announced.


"Take us into orbit.", Odion ordered.  The adjutant of the CNO, Odion was entrusted to be the grand admiral's right hand, and not only carried his authority, but his wholehearted trust.  The men had commanded together for years and had come to share a nearly identical command philosophy.  Zeradias held him in high regard, and Odion the same.


I will finish what you started.





Objective 1: Assist the people of Ornfra establish a new government

With a dead governor and a quelled insurrection, the people of Ornfra are eager to reestablish order in their once chaotic home.  The Crown has recognized it's shortcomings in leaving the system prematurely and sent a delegation led by none other than the Chief of Naval Operations to assist in the reestablishment of a government.


Objective 2: Investigate the mysterious disappearances of local villagers on Sharb

A village of little more than 1,000 lies in peace on the surface of Sharb.  However, their population dwindles as numerous persons have disappeared without explanation.  A mysterious person or persons has sought to plunge the populace into disarray, and one of the villagers made an unsanctioned call to the Iron Empire in a plea for help.  Answering the call, an party of Iron Imperials arrive, much to the elders' surprise.  Though infinitely more powerful, the Iron Imperials must take a more humbling approach and convince the elders to allow them to assist in resolving their mysterious disappearances.  Could more nefarious forces be at work?


Objective 3: Forge new relationships on Ilum

Having ratified a contract with the industrial giant Firemane Industries, the Iron Empire has indirect ties with their home faction, the Tygaran Alliance.  Representatives from both Tygaran Alliance and their corporate counterparts have been invited to tour the newly completed Fort Typhos, which boasts an impressive array of the Firemane arsenal.  Use this time to further strengthen the Iron Empire's relationship, as well as forge new ones.


Objective 4: Sandbox

Create your own objective and you do you!


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