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Lady Of Lore

Lady Of Lore

Member Since 24 Feb 2016
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Spent three days sitting in an ER... and came back with the flu. =| Again. But I managed to eat today, so here's hoping things continue to improve! See you all when I... Updated 23 Apr · 5 comments

About Me

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Who Is Lady of Lore?


Hi! My name is Lor, or Lauren, or Princess, or whatever else you'd like to call me. I've been role-playing for about twelve years now, bouncing around between multiple sites, dipping my toes in different creative pools. I'm big into Sci-Fi and Fantasy (Star Wars, Dark Matter, Game of Thrones, Mass Effect, Supernatural, Harry Potter, True Blood, Spartacus, etc), so naturally that's what I love to write about, but I'm also a fan of mixed historical fiction and apocalyptic.


I love to write complicated damsels, both distressing and in distress, and prefer being human over any other race/species, because I believe you don't need powers or epic talents or pointed ears or green skin to be extraordinary. I'm a huge believer in the power and ability of the ordinary human race, and I like to try and integrate that into my work when I can. I'm not into writing overpowered superheroes or wickedly decked-out Force wielders. Instead, I like to write as close to reality in a fantasy world as I can, and leave the big show stuff to other writers, because let's face it, everyone wants to be the hero! Who wants to write the feisty little human stuck in the middle? Me. I'm the support more than the focus, I write to help YOU shine, not me, and I'm just fine with that.

That's not to say I won't try anything else, though! I don't much care for blatant horror or gore writing, though.


I like a drama-free OutOfCharacter environment and am very cheerful, mild mannered, and easy to work with, so I go with the flow during story progression and don't make a big deal about anything unless someone's being purposefully mean or troll-y. Outside of writing, I am a child of the Performing Arts (voice, piano, dance, acting, etc) and a huge pasta enthusiast. I go to Sci-Fi/Fantasy conventions around the USA and costume as various characters from films and TV, I play a variety of MMOs (Guild Wars 2, WoW, SWTOR, etc) and games (Halo is a favorite, as is Mass Effect and The Sims 4). I LOVE music, it inspires me when I'm creatively blocked and calms me when I'm freaking out on an airplane, and I am very easily impressed / easily excited. I fangirl over good stories and fun characters SO hard. I will stalk your posts and Like ALL the things because I enjoy good reads.


I also talk too much. Did I mention that? No? Well, now you know. :P




Why Am I Here?


After a handful of my friends migrated here from another Star Wars website, I've decided to see what all the fuss was about. So here I am, and there you are, and I cannot WAIT for our future adventures together!



Role-Play Exclusives
Things To Know When Writing With Me
  • I am a VERY slow poster due to offline circumstances, but I AM paying attention, so rest assured I will post for you at my earliest convenience and will try not to hold anyone back.
  • I try to keep OOC communication flowing, so if I'm going to be offline for a bit, I will let you know.
  • I always say quality over quantity. That said, I do tend to make Starkiller-sized opening posts, but try to keep things smaller after that. If you have trouble post-splicing my words or need clarification on something, ask away! Happy to explain.
  • I am a big fan of both spontaneous unplanned RP and pre-planned RP. If you have ideas for something, even if you think it doesn't work or sounds crazy, please share!


Contact Me
  • Discord - Lady Of Lore#9169
  • FaceBook - Lauren Slattery
  • Skype - sassyminx89 (don't ask :P )

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