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Wu Yeoh-Mei

Wu Yeoh-Mei

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In Topic: "Padawan I'll make an Althaiophobic out of you."

15 April 2019 - 09:25 PM

Vinnon Varuut


She nodded in agreement with her.. something this massive, something this dangerous was likely to have something of a backup ot a means to keep it on but it should also have a way to turn it off safely... shutdown might take a little longer then just destroying it but destroying it could be a lot more dangerous and unpredictable. "Perhaps... we don't have all of the information... only a few ideas but if we can shut it off or at least go through it all enough to not kill ourselves or be trapped here... then we should be able to improve our odds." Wu was looking at the datapad and deciphering the language for herself if she could. She was a jedi diplomat usually so this was an important aspect before with learning the language. "I'll spend some time looking this over, see what you might be able to find like other datapads or consoles."

In Topic: Shadows of Tokaido

14 April 2019 - 09:13 AM

Kurenai Yumi


Wu looked at Tana, and then Sukai and Akari with Kiso and gave a nod. "Alright... we shall make it all a big family style meal then plenty to cook and lick and stir." A nod of her head though as she looked back at Kurenai and moved her hand to touch her shoulder and brought her head down. "You rest and relax... I'll bring you something to eat to get your strength up." SHe offered her a smile and waited for a moment. "And of course we'll have plenty of food for daddy." Her grin was wide but she moved over smiling and giving a little swat.. gentle when she started to lead the way with all of them to the kitchen. She had something they could all do with the right works and it would be fun. "NOw lets see, Sukai can work on the rice, Tana the veggies to go into it, I'll cut the meats, Kiso you will work on the eggs and Akari gets to help mix the sauces."

In Topic: Collossus of Zeltros

13 April 2019 - 09:24 AM

Kurenai Yumi


She looked at her and yeah it might be distasteful but there was a lot they should be able to do here. MOving around though without being attacked by a massive group would be helpful though and they could learn as much information as possible. "It won't be ideal but not being attacked and if we are able to play it right.. maybe liberate some of the ill begotten gains to return to the people or people who have been taken." WHere she was going though was down the ramp. The people waiting at the bottom were guards but they didn't give a problem more were checking their information. "You are not the captain of the Nova." He said it and she could see their hands visibly tightening on their weapons. "No... we killed him when he got handsy and took over the ship. I am Saya and this is Yumi the new leaders of this ship." She said it putting an arm around KUrenai and assuming she still had her large cannon and armor... they could be quite the intimidating pair."

In Topic: Star Wars Episode IX - The Rise of Skywalker

12 April 2019 - 09:09 PM

I am excited cause seems like it will have all the things in it to work... but the recent movies the books and comics are almost required to fully get all of the scenes or information. Going to have to wait for the Road to Episode Nine series of books and novelization.

In Topic: Metal Gear Silver: SJO Dominion of Nixor

11 April 2019 - 06:30 AM

Objective 2

John Locke @Joshua Dragonsflame


She looked at the jedi as he spoke. "I don't see any sith around, precaution can be good but you don't throw away wha works for what might happen. The sith have little reason to want to invade here and if anything us being around might bring them more repeating what they have experienced in the past." She said it and sat there looking over the information. "THough normally a good team of jedi investigators would gather all of the information. going into a negotiation cold like this wasn't ideal but assuming the clearinghouse is cleared out it could open some dialogue with them." Her eyes flicked over the screens though, let her mind rush about it as a smile crept across her face.


"THough this might be able to work in our advantage." She looked at her chrono with a nod of her head. "Alright it is almost time for us to return to the table... maybe an actual table this time." She said the last as a joke but was listening when the doors opened to escort them though and the jedi master was moving with her back straight. SMall statue towered by the others and she looked up at all of them. She tried to really work on it while reading their expression but there wasn't much to go by... there wasn't a lot that the three of them might be able to discover... just a theory of her own. "She looked at JOhn who had spoken though and motioned for the Nixor to wait.


"But what is a hutt, they are a business empire, built on profits. Massing their men means they would want to use the most loyal to ensure no information gets out. That is an expense, arming the ships to handle possible thrats since clearing houses curry pirate ships and modify them to make the crews and captain pay off the debts, can get expensive, the credits they expended to have the location of a normally mobile entity. Expensive... punishing an entire planet might give them some measure of revenge but it could also be another expense when they are at a lost and that will make them lose status among their own clan or the others."


She said it and motioned though for them to come and join them. Listening to the conversation between the two men. Their natural language was there in the translator... several billion forms of communication were and thanks to the tech division they always had the latest and best improvements. "Us clearing out the pirates does little to alter the day to day of the planet if anything it just means that they don't have to think about something else and can focus back on what they want. You are making the assumption that they can't defend themselves and while true they lack a fleet or massive ground army. They likely could resist if they wanted to but not beyond their world."


After all it was easy to come to a planet and be the superior... but sith had different goals same as the jedi... The Nixor were united in their purpose more so then many and that was important to them. Some might want to leave the world and likely could or did ships were known to arrive on the planet so why not get a local to act as crew. Her mind was racing about what they could do and how much to press that she noticed they had gone through into a room. The wrap around window letting her look out on the garden as a table had been set out for all of the people and Wu took a seat across from some of the Nixor. "Alright lets begin."