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#1931769 The Glittering Isles

Posted by Wu Yeoh-Mei on 09 April 2019 - 02:40 PM

Bella Rimini


She was listening in, at first only partly as it seemed to be a regular update and the information was standard... and then things changed. Something was happening up above and it was requiring that their ships be released and able to come to them. She was moving to find a better angle and bring up all of the information that she could. The jedi master was moving and she listened to everything sliding a comlink into her ear and followed the line of ships. Based on the size she was certain of one or two things.... mostly they had plenty to overwhelm the pair if they tried so would have to be smart about it. "I am not usually oone for rushing itno a fight but given the circumstances we might need to have an exception."


She said it less like a joke but it was meant to lighten the mood. She was watching and looking forward as the ships continued. "I am not leaving you alone but I am going to say that we shouldn't rush into the fight. If we can help it thinning out their numbers first before engaging would be a lot more ideal." THe jedi master moved quickly though with her scarf focusing the force and improving her, it wasn't like other objects that focused or held a single skill it made enlightening ones self... accessing the force and using several techniques at once and holding them as you had the stamina easier. Her blade was at her hip and the red of the scarf moved behind her.

#1931203 The Glittering Isles

Posted by Wu Yeoh-Mei on 07 April 2019 - 11:07 PM

Bella Rimini


She listened and was processing what they had to deal with danger wise. A bubble for the environment could limit their options if it suddenly dropped or was damaged... SHe made her her blade was at the ready and her chevron pad with the scanner and connection to her ship. It could come and retrieve her in case of danger it had the beacon and slave circuits to be automated. The jedi master rolled her shoulders as she looked up and while being a traditional Jin with her short statue she had compensated for that with skill and.... she sliped a small packet out of her field kit when the ramp was opening and offered it.


"Jakobeast jerky." She had worked with it, seasoned it, dried it out but just enough for it to still be moist and soft but it wasn't wet. Just packed with flavor as she was starting to walk. She looked witht he scanners towards the temple. "So power sources, there weren't any visible to scanners from orbit? Nor on records?" She was looking at it and bringing up the scanner on her wrist to check out all that she could. "I am setting some of the passive scans to map the area, we should be able to connect to the AIs in the library still and they might provide information about a few things if they are able to or some of the jedi historians in the research division."

#1930786 The Glittering Isles

Posted by Wu Yeoh-Mei on 06 April 2019 - 10:03 PM

Bella Rimini


Wu was listening to her and had a look of interest on her face. She was wanting to hear about the other jedi groups and Denon was a place she had read about Ayumi had been a former senator there and worked to try and make it a place for the jedi but hadn't gotten far... she did make the ironmongers though using some of the older republic vehicles to defend with the security forces. Wu though looked at the compass and thought about it, Matsu had made something like that.. well a scouter and the jedi were able to use it to find force signatures. "The jedi artisan's made something like that but ti is not as easy to use and only points to the strongest signature."


She said it with a nod though and listened to the rest about the temple, about the ideas where they might be able to go. She was prepared with her equipment, she was prepared for anything with the field survival kit, with the field kit. It had rations, blinds for protection, glow rods and the database kits for locations and analysis. She looked at the voice speaking with a nod of her head. "Hello." With a look though she rolled her shoulders and she stetched outwards with her hands. "I am prepared, let us go and see if there is anything dangerous down there and maybe who knows.. we'll find out something interesting. I have been trying to study as much as I can of jedi history."

#1930618 The Glittering Isles

Posted by Wu Yeoh-Mei on 06 April 2019 - 07:44 AM

Bella Rimini


She could feel the jostling in the ship as they went down. THe smoothness of her ship as it normally traveled was not ost to her and there was the runabout shuttle she had access to. Her eyes drifting around as she heard someone speaking to her... the one Bella who had agreed to bring her along. Her sleeveless black robes with her scarf as it hung over her shoulder. The force imbued items flexible but protective and it kept her warm before she was speaking. "What other reason would there be?" She said it with a smile on her face though warm and welcoming. Her hair in a ponytail behind her head with bangs lightly cut.


"The jedi orders are trying to unite, working with others is more important for everyone try to do. If it is only the leaders of the jedi orders working together it isn't going to go far." IT wasn't a good trickle down system, while some might want to talk policy or unity she would prefer that they better organized things like this. "As to the temple itself... we should be able to find anything down there... last hidden temple we went into there were some older jedi tombs near the bottom. She had her saber on her hip and the slimmer hilt as shaped to her hand with a small guard and the inth metal radiating warmth an the lightside of the force. "I am ready though."

#1930322 Metal Gear Silver: SJO Dominion of Nixor

Posted by Wu Yeoh-Mei on 04 April 2019 - 08:33 PM

Objective 2 Negotiations

John Locke


The jedi master was looking at the people who were there now. She had moved through the streets and approached one of the buildings with her eyes focusing on the people. THey were an offshoot of humanoid. They were taller then her but then most were taller then she was. The small Jin though moved and stopped looking at two guards. The city around more modern then some might think... if anything people heard isolation and reclusive to mean primitive but avoiding galactic society to be on your own world when you are capable and being too primitive to help your own people or leave the planet were two different things.


"Hello." She said it and radiated the most calm demeanor she could. Underestimated for her size helped also as if you could pick someone up they usually didn't pose a threat to you. That helped in getting them to talk... the other part of it was the food as she held them out on a tray for the man. "We brought food for the meeting." THe guard smelled them and she could see it... there in his eyes but not his face. Rapid fire thoughts that screamed into the force for her to hear but she maintained her smile. INvitingly before he finally took it as a sign she wasn't a threat just friendly. The span of several heartbeats and the voiceless insistence. A psychological trick for determining resistance.


"Please have one." He shook his head but his eyes never left the tray while a moment passed. "We aren't taking visitors from offworld. We never take visitors from offworld. Go home." His voice came out serious but she wasn't done and gave a small frown tilting her head back down. "Oh but we have come so far and it would not be polite to just leave without learning about your people, your culture. Are you certain I can't entice you to one?" She asked again and he seemed determined but also watched the food, he was sweating she could see that on his brow... sunlight, heat and heavy armor wasn't a great idea.


Still as she waited he eventually was sweating... not from the heat but it was a very specific thing. Same as having a switch that said do not touch, do not pull. Put it in a cave, away from the world, surrounded by lava and before the paint has dried for the warning someone would have touched it. So did the man and she smiled more seeing what he could do before motioning to the other guard who was there with her and them. THey were giving some indication and getting orders before the gates were opening to admit them into an office area. Potted plants, a couch that didn't really look comfortable as much as it was there for waiting.


Wu went and she sat down looking at the touch pads as it was more sterile then she had thought it would be. She could see some of the other areas here from a panoramic view that wrapped around going into a courtyard with a window. More people were milling aabout and having conversations as she listened. Not to their conversations, the local language was being used while they obviously knew basic to handle visitors. She wascertain they got a few or ones who were running. Wu sat there though and made a show of relaxing into what could be a comfortable position. THis was another tactic of what they could do... it was on their time.


Finally she looked at John who had joined her when the door closed. Taking in his look and she wondered what qualifications he had for meetings. "So since we could end up being here for a little while while they prepare the room. Tell me what you know about first contact protocols?" SHe was curious to see and while this wasn't some newly discovered civilization but one that just didn't come around much. So she would treat it like they were encountering a new civilization to learn from and try to really settle in. She just hoped no one was trying to do the victory lap... good talks would require hard work and she tapped her fingers on the arm of the seat.


Her ears continued to listen though to the conversations and she was focusing on it, she was focusing on what the sounds were like. To make mental notes, to pick up the small social cues of what someone did and didn't do. It was part of being a jedi, of being diplomatic in this sort of scenario. SHe waited until approached finally though and looked at the ones who were there as she rose up offering the food. "Thank you for seeing us." She said it with a continued smile and they took the offered food but she could feel it was more to be polite. He looked at her though and the small group ate the food showing they didn't hate it.


"We only agreed to this because if we didn't no doubt you would have sent someone else or tried to force us. We care little about who you are and the last time we helped jedi or let them here war followed them." Wu looked at him and controlled her facial expressions carefully working to prevent sock or anything be displayed. SHe had some information and would need to keep a note of that. "And this would have been what major war?" She said it asking to get some point of where to start. "The end of the clone wars, we offered some jedi a chance to recover after their sieges in the outer rim and were repaid with death and destruction so no more."


The jedi master thought about it, focusing her mind to let the food go to an assistant of them. "Hmmm keep the food, enjoy it please and we'll think on this. There is a danger out there in your system, the silver jedi are here to help but we are not going to force you to listen to us... so a compromise maybe. How about... we remain here as delegates and if need be to prevent more from showing up to force terms hostages. Or at least I will, I cannot and will not force this upon others." She said it. "And while here I or we if my associate decides to stay can have access to your library to learn about your planet its history, its people. Even if we never meet again this can be an enriching experience."


He was looking at her and she had to give them something that wasn't already on the table... aside from fighting out of here they could easily be kept. "We'll also agree to send all ships in orbit away, to the edges of the system near the rest of our fleet and maintain a distance coming no closer then the asteroid field." THis would mean no reinforcements here or on the moon but easier to talk with people if they weren't worried about ships in orbit ready to pounce at a moments notice. "But for that we will meet again in four hours when we hve had a better chance to prepare our case of why you should listen to us and if you till don't then... we can leave."


The jedi master was playing a game... a smarter one as she had started to pick up some of the conversations and get an idea, they were aware of what went on. Long range sensors were in system... better to alert them and let them know when or if they needed to avoid people. A network like that wouold have likely been usable if they were housing soldiers at one point or worried about exploring the galaxy as a younger civilization. The real question was why it wasn't picked up as easily and she was guessing passive as opposed to orbital... the sensors were fixed to positions and spun with micro thrusters or the spin of an asteroid in a field to scan instead of moving around a planet.


The information he had given would also prove invaluable to discerning what went into the talks and why they were not wanting to be involved with any outsiders. She waited with some anticipation as the man spoke. "Hmph we'll placate you if only to get you to leave. We don't want you trying some other thing later so we'll meet you again in four hours, we'll let you see some of our libraries here if you wish. You won't be allowed to return to your ship." She listened and stood there as she bowed. "THank you come John." She said it while walking and went the direction they indicated going into the room. Yayao and Akari were well with Kurenai and Sukai, Tana, Kiso for family time.


"IN the room though Wu looked at the banks of computers and she sat down looking it over. Her eyes flicking around when the doors were closed and she could hear the magnetic seal being set in place. A small group in a library if needed would be able to do a lot and she spoke either to a party or herself. "ALright... the clone wars means there is a place to start now just need to find their most recent dating system if they aren't using galactic standard." She started looking around and pulling up information she could while working on translations of what had been happening. She was looking for the research to try and get everything.

#1929808 Metal Gear Silver: SJO Dominion of Nixor

Posted by Wu Yeoh-Mei on 02 April 2019 - 11:28 PM

Objective 2


Wu looked at the man who spoke and remained there as she went through the airlock... trying to think of how best to do it... she could approach and just offer it but it was important to make sure she offered one of the pies to the right people and it was important to observe as she was looking the the people of Nixor. THey were not primitive, they had achieved everything needed to be part of a galactic society but they had just decided mto not so assuming they would be amazed with advanced tech wasn't exactly helpful and they were wide eyed or innocents. Who wouldn't know what they might be able to do. So the best route was diplomatic and respect something that had been soundly lacking the last time she had brought a group. Hmmm maybe she wouldn't have to concede no construction on the planet or its moons like last time. She shrugged to herself though and smiled giving the best look to the people she could see. "Hello all."

#1928748 Metal Gear Silver: SJO Dominion of Nixor

Posted by Wu Yeoh-Mei on 01 April 2019 - 06:32 AM

Objective 2


Wu had been able to hear the klaxons blaring... the rangers from the shadow were moving quickly in their guardian armor and combat suits. While she was working, once they had gotten itno the system and identified it there was something to be said for the world and they were going to have to chase after. So she had offered her ship, it was a diplomatic yacht modified for purposes like this with defensive capabilities and speed to get them down to the planet. THe jedi master stood in the kitchen of her ship though with a smile on her face as she worked. Meeting down on the planet was important but all of the information going across the screen as she was sifting the flour. Next a pinch os salt and hot water.. then cold water before she was mixing it. ntil it was mixed and then she was cooling it. Rolling out the dough and humming to herself.


"I hope you are going to be alright." She said it while looking at what they had here, looking at what was going on the screen with the discovery and their recon ships. The shadow would be needed to attack them, to break enemy ships if they were proving a problem as a massive stealth ship was important and she moved onto the meats and veggies. Making a couple dozen circles on the tray. Next came the meats themselves, normally one or the other with leeks, spices and sauces but she was looking to appeal to others as she had chopped several of the meats into micro diced cubes. Using the leeks and sauce to bid them there was beef from kashyyyk, pork from mimban and a thinner type of lamb they had gotten from home. All freshly raised with leeks from the garden on her own ship.


She was looking at the meats and everything there as she started portioning it in the circles and started to seal them. Checking and smoothing it all out when the jedi master smiled to herself with the ship traveling towards the planet. From all reports there was not a safe place designated to land. The disrepair of the ports was because they didn't like people so this would require some special tactics. That tactic as the ship was coming down would be the food, you could ignore a person trying to talk with you, you could dismiss a person... but if someone was asking you if you wanted food. Well she looked at them cooking as the ship was going to get as close to the capital it could and then finding a place to touch down.... it bought her some time... the others who might be coming with her might need time to primp and prepare.


She looked at the flour on her and cleaned herself off standing there as she slid into the princess robes. THe purple kimono of dream and vine silk was beautiful and as had been tested as tough as beskar but smooth and lightweight like phrik. She had her scarf on and it was warm with the power of the force itself. She had her saber on her hip and moved humming around when she got her boots on. "Ding they are done." She said it and moved getting the meat pies. Xian Bing in Jin for some before laying them out and it was harder to refuse talking if someone offered you a nice warm piece of food. The smile was on her face and this was something she could offer to get a conversation started. She looked at the airlock of the sip with a smile. "No one turns down free food."


#1927469 Do Not Go Quiet Into That Good Night | Raid on the Silver Rest Kitchen

Posted by Wu Yeoh-Mei on 27 March 2019 - 08:36 PM

Jerek Zenduu Allya Vi'Dreya Milla Ordo Tom Taff


SO many things seemed to be hapening at once as the jedi master moved. her hands working on the trey itself to see Jerek while she raised an eyebrow... someone else was grabbing at the cookies... Her eyes going around as the force repulsed around her to clear the flour swirling. As it settled the jedi master noticed a few things... her test batch was gone.... her assistant had turned to the blue side.... and become a cookie monster. As she was moving around the kitchen the jedi master allowed her small frame to move towards the doorway and reached out to close it. "What is going on here? Who is stealing from the younglings?"

#1924441 Do Not Go Quiet Into That Good Night | Raid on the Silver Rest Kitchen

Posted by Wu Yeoh-Mei on 18 March 2019 - 10:56 AM

Boo Heavenshield Allya Vi'Dreya Jerek Zenduu Tom Taff


She looked over at the one who was helping her, Jerek was talented and better in the kitchen then she had expected. THe smaller jedi master though moved off of her stool when she looked at him. "You are doing good, try some of the first." She held out the tray as two things came to her attention... one of the cookies was starting to rise up off of the tray and was floating... and someone knocked a tray on the island in the center making the bowl slosh some of the ingredients within. The jedi master looked at Jerek and no one would normally attack the kitchen... at least they shouldn't have to. She always made more for those who wanted to come in and have some.


"You know the apron was a joke Jedi Jerek, I was not expecting you to actually wear it." THen suddenly she moved and as her was sifting the flour a cloud appeared. A cookie was suspended in the air while she made a cloud around the other side of the kitchen and stealth technology was great but few things could stop flour clinging to you. Wu was checking it out before she held the cookie out to Jerek and then narrowed her eyes holding the tray as it went up to catch the cookie in the other hand and it spun on her finger tips. "Hmm." She said it but stood there and wasn't going to make this a fight but she couldn't see them unless the flour had clung to them in the cloud.

#1924172 Do Not Go Quiet Into That Good Night | Raid on the Silver Rest Kitchen

Posted by Wu Yeoh-Mei on 17 March 2019 - 11:00 AM



THe silver rest had many things, training rooms, meditation chambers, agricultural rooms, medical areas and rooms for padawans or jedi.... but here. The large room had been converted from the older kitchen and a private mess hall no one used. THe walls taken down and tripling the size as the walls had been given different machines. Coolers and freezer but also toasters, mixers, cutting tables, sinks. Ones designated specifically for certain ingredients to prevent cross contamination, others for religions or species that required special preparation. The petite jedi master moved about with a grace while her ponytail bounced with her.


Black bangs lightly sticking to her forehead as she worked and the heat of the oven came across her face. The island in the middle of the kitchen was covered in some of the ingredients for the cookies. Several batches that were being controlled and watched with the force to be perfect before she adjusted the temperature a little to not burn the bottoms of them. The imported butter, sweet and softened but with the slight tinge of refined salt that had been given to it. Making the base, then flour and baking soda with the water. She had taken care with that, purified water from here in the rest, a stone filtration system that had been engineered specifically.


The force stones from the world of Qui-Gon Jinn, black smooth stones with veins of red and blue that filtered and purified the water infusing it with the force as the process could take longer yes but the results as she had mixed in the bowl were perfect. The stool there on the side of the island where other ingredients were set out, vanilla extract from zeltros that was considered euphoric, brown sugar refined and extra sweet from Pantora. White sugar that was brought by independent contractors (IE smugglers in blockade runners) from Csilla. Little was known about the Chiss aside from their military minds but their bakers were just as methodical and talented.


Next was the most important parts, micro chopped nuts a secret items that had been brought in and it was from a thousand different worlds. The chopped almost practically a battlefield as it had broken down and made small slivers of the nuts she had throughout. It would add different flavors to it with every bite. THen the most important part was there, what would give the cookies the name and why they were beloved by her padawans. Akari was always happy to work with her in the kitchen as milk chocolate, white chocolate, dark chocolate and more. The three mini chips were tactically inserted to overlap, intermix and....


She smirked to herself as she looked covering up a part of it. Salted caramel with marshmallow. For puffyness and extra flavor as they were rising when the sugary confection strands expanded. The sense of each of them as she opened one of the ovens and took out the test batch. It had been put in ten minutes earlier to clock it but with enough time she could make adjustments when cooking if they were not perfect. Standing there with the small tray of cookies though the jedi master set them under the warming lights on the island. Drawing a hand out when she slid her fingers around a spatula carefully sliding it under as she lifted to check the bottom.


"Perfect." She had a look on her face and touched the top with her finger feeling the gooey center how it went out. Fingers sliding along the surface to find an edge that was pulled up with little crispiness. No it was warm and meant to be chewy when she took a small part off and observed it. A critical eye was needed to make sure it was not undercooked as the jedi master brought it to her lips passing the visual test and could feel it. THe force on her tongue when she knew how to taste the sum of parts for the whole as opposed to most who might just taste the cookie as a singular entity. It was perfect and the light infusion of the force from the water tingled her taste buds.

#1923798 "Padawan I'll make an Althaiophobic out of you."

Posted by Wu Yeoh-Mei on 15 March 2019 - 10:43 PM

Vinnon Varuut


Wu fell asleep in her bed, the slow breathing letting her drift off and find herself in the force. Just like meditations she had learned from the holocrons that her master had her observe and learn to use. She breathed in and then out while feeling with the force itself Kurenai, Akari and Sukai... they were all safe and protected as much as she could try to do. Transferring whatever energy she might be able to so that her friends would be happy. THen she was awake with the sound of the chrono chirping that it was time to wake up. A few minutes from dropping out of hyperspace as she stood there and felt the warmth of the ship itself. Agena ingrained within the ship. The environmental controls allowing the ship to be nice and warm as she stretched out and showered. Not using the sonic to get a nice feel for it and getting a little food for herself while she smiled and ate while getting dressed when the ship came out of hyperspace over the planet in the system. The sensation of the force coming from the planet was there and it was strange.

#1923537 A Thing Or Two In Common (SJO Dominion of Commenor Hex)

Posted by Wu Yeoh-Mei on 14 March 2019 - 11:29 PM

Objective: 3


Venture to a city and calm things down... or try to at least. THe Jin jedi was standing there in her ship. THe yacht styled jedi craft was fashioned after the legendary Jade Shadow. Wu had been in the hold as the ship came in and she was meditating with the force around herself. THe karlini scarf was longer then many others saw, her kimono styled jedi robe gleamed black and crimson vine silk. Saber on her hip and she loked at the small hair piece kiriko had made for some of the jedi.. Silka beads and kasha crystals that let one focus their mind as the ramp came down and the small Jin Jedi walked down looking up and around the city. "Well this should be fun."

#1920961 Feast of Delcarde: SJO Dominion of Toydaria (AC-36)

Posted by Wu Yeoh-Mei on 06 March 2019 - 09:54 AM

Objective: A Throne of Glass
Participants: Rick Kaloo Jessica Med-Beq Yuroic Xeraic Sko'saht


She listened and looked around the kitchen they were in. As the two continued... almost unabated they had changed some tactc working to reassure that they weren't going to withhold it for a deal but she still rolled her eyes and stood there with the king next to her when she took one of the knives in the kitchen. "Are you certain about this your highness I know some royals prefer to let those under them prepare the food." SHe asked it and the king stood there flying up a little as he moved back and forth. "Just because I rule doesn't mean I am out of touch human... I wasn't born a king. Before I came into power I had to survive and be on the world."


She laughed a little to that and slid a sharpener out as it remained on the counter and blades from both of them were sliding along it. The edges of the blades being straightened and made to be sleek and sharp once again. Some of the rations after being re-hydrated and placed out before them. She still listened to the two before speaking. "JEssica, Rick... we need some of those potato's peeled. Please." She offered them a smile while looking at the other two. "Yuroic why don't you chop some of the leeks and Sko big strong mando you are... how are you at smashing garlic?" She said it with a wider grin but was working with the king as the sections of fat were being sliced off to make the meat more round.


"Now lets see some jakobeast bacon... yes and we're going to need seasoning... then something." She slid through some of the drawers. "Ah here we go. THe small cylinders were edible, frozen butter that she could use and stabbed into the meats to hold them in place. "Now your highness lets talk food, local delicacies here that we can start moving in and medical supplies. We have the orbital tether that has been used to get medics and doctors on the ground. They are working with your people at the crash site. Now restoring the city and farmland around it can take time... more time then we have right now but the food we are bringing in can be sent out."


That got a nod of approval as they continued and there was a large pan being oiled. The flames high below it and cast iron before Wu slid some water sending it in there to get a nice sizzle. "Wonderful... so how is the rest coming guys?" SHe had a look around the kitchen before turning back. "Now we understand what happened, you came to power, you pushed for isolation to prevent your people being harmed and only asked us here because you didn't have the resources to effectively handle all of it. You asked us here not because you wanted to open trade, make deals that gave away parts of your planet... you asked us here to help and we came with no thought of what we could get out of it."


He seemed to muzzle her hair with his hand. "You are a smart one now aren't you and look at this you know how to put things at ease. You two." He pointed to her and Yuroic. "Must get out and meet people these two seem more like hutts then jedi." THe king was bringing some of the food around and there were sliced grabworm. "Wonderful things when you cook them, crispy and they practically pop in your mouth." Hmmm she gave a nod of her head to that. "Sounds good, lets see what else we have here. Some steaks wrapped up, seasoned well and oh yes mashed potato's thanks to our hard workers here." The grin was there but she motioned. "Now we are going to need plates."


"Ah then we shall feast and we will discuss the situation. While deals can be made lets look at what can be done and started right now. Weather control stations, facilities they take time to build and restoring farmland in time for it to be used, cultivated, harvested and productive before the survivors of the city who will be trying to rebuild try and fight another. The benefits verses the trouble is low at the present point. Lets see how well the rest of this dinner goes. Your respect has endeared you some to me... them not so much but at least it is good to see the old saying about many jedi needing to repair the actions of a few is true."

#1920267 Iona Pravice

Posted by Wu Yeoh-Mei on 04 March 2019 - 12:34 PM

oh miraluka are always fun to see and looks awesome can't wait to see them around

#1920111 Feast of Delcarde: SJO Dominion of Toydaria (AC-36)

Posted by Wu Yeoh-Mei on 03 March 2019 - 11:10 PM

Objective: A Throne of Glass
Participants: Rick Kaloo Jessica Med-Beq Yuroic Xeraic Sko'saht


Wu felt something on her face... she didn't know if it was shock or horror... the whole plan of be friendly and work with them sort of went out the window when the first things being put forth were.... we'll give you supplies for a portion of your planet or make deals. The jedi master remained there in the seat and didn't move as the others were speaking.. or kind of demanding and she didn't want to look at the king who was sitting there. Hands clenched until she could see the white knuckles of his hand. She didn't speak she was just waiting for whatever happened next. This had suddenly gone sour and was looking to take a wrong turn.


"Perhaps we should take a break your highness. There is a lot that they are trying to do and we don't want to overstep." She moved to stand up when he did and inside the air was warmer while he and a few others went up and away. Towards some of the floating platforms that the jedi master couldn't follow to. She turned back to look at them and didn't speak until she was certain the ilusion they were out of earshot was present. "That was awfully mercenary, we never came trying to open the planet up to us. We came to help them and you are demanding they give you areas of the planet or buy from you."


She was looking at Sko, the armored verpine who for the most part had been.. quiet which she didn't know if that was a good thing or a bad thing.... could he be asleep.... it wasn't like they could look through his helmet and see if his eyes were closed or however verpines slept. THe jedi master though was trying to think of a way to smooth things over... the Toydarian king had been reluctant to call them for help with the damage that had been done... he had little interest in what they wanted as they were jedi. They would have and should have agreed without hesitation. She looked at some of the guard. "Do you have a kitchen, as a means to apologize for first impressions please let us feed you."


She got some looks but produced from her field kit the high grade rations. Just needing water which they had and could have plenty of as needed. Fod stuffs all around when she got a look at the king who returned. The verpine had spoken and it was clear he was well at least in the same mindset as she was. "Yes please your highness, tell us what it is you require and we'll start from there... then we'll have some food." THat got a nod of agreement from the king as he spoke. "Food... that is one of the things we require. The destruction from falling debris in the initial crash destroyed three farms. It might not seem like much but farmland is scarce and why cities usually appear near them."


Wu was listening and understanding it, they went and lived where food was. She had seen the information about resrouce wars being common at times so losing a small handful of farms could prove a tipping point. MOre so if they gave everything to one house.... even to the king with the best intentions the people under him could prove more.... innovative in terms of how they give out the food or what they get for it. Wu had some ideas as she was moving now and the King was leading her towards the kitchens as Wu started checking the supplies. "ALright, so food is a priority, we can get several boxes of food rations to start. Simple yes but it is in the short term as opposed to rebuilding all of the farms and city first when we are still trying to find causalities."