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Wu Yeoh-Mei

Wu Yeoh-Mei

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06 November 2018 - 09:06 AM


  • Intent: To create a special blade for Wu
  • Image Source:
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Restricted Missions: N/A
  • Primary Source: N/A



  • Classification: Lightsaber
  • Size: Small
  • Weight: Light



  • Masterwork design: Built by Sasori to be perfectly matched to Kyoko's hand and use. With settings and a strong hilt able to resist ion and emp weapons. The power is increased with the duel chamber and gincho power cell letting it slice stronger metals and stone without losing power quickly.
    • Note: Its use against lightsaber resistant materials like armor and weapons falls to the pc for how much damage they wish to do.
    • Enhanced cutting power against materials depends on density of material being used (thin sword vs thick armor) making cutting take from one to several hours
  • Force Beacon: It is designed with inth metal and focusing the force within Wu giving her calming thoughts and a better connection to the force.


  • Sleg: A dangerous aspect with the duel chamber, the sleg can exponentially increase the cutting power fo the blade along with the emitter and lens but it also means that the saber can overload and it in many ways like a hot potato.
  • Force Beacon: It is designed with inth metal and focusing the force within Sala'dine giving her calming thoughts and a better connection to the force. THe force can't be hidden from the senses of others.
  • Sasori Chamber: Designed to allow holding extra crystals within the hilt of the saber, to allow it the crystals are cut smaller reducing or neutralizing their effects. Augmentation crystals for color are still going to change the blades color but most of the rare and astrong force crystals won't give altering effects.
  • Sharper Image: The blade and all of the components are made to increase the sharpness and power fo the blade. Making the blade thinner instead of wider it is harder to deflect blaster bolts with the blade
  • Exposed Sections: The pressure grips biometric sensors that are along the outside of the hilt are vulnerable to deactivating the saber and making it unusable for a time until the external sensors can be replaced

Designed by Wu by the artisan's with Sasori, the blade itself is jade colored and the hilt smooth while wrapped in jakobeast leather. The hilt is much like their other designs, with circuits and lenses to make the blade thinner, stronger and increase the capabilities of the cutting power. Since the jedi master is usually more focused on her speed and dodging over deflecting blaster bolts back at a target it works better for her. The jedi master herself gave some input on the blade for the design to better have it fitted to her hands as well as with the leather wraps so she can wield it or twirl it around. The sleg power cell increasing the power fo the blade and longevity of the saber largely compared to many others as it recycles the energies letting the cutting power increase.


11 October 2018 - 08:05 AM








  • Whammy Button: A built up charge within the engines that can be released to create a momentary interdiction field. Giving the ship the ability to stop some of the ships it might be chasing down from going to hyperspace for a brief moment by forcing its computers to reset and nee to recalculate.


  • Low Weapon Count: The bulk of its weapons are forward facing and low grade, just able to handle ships its own size but larger aside from with its larger gun.

  • Blindspots: The majority of its weapons are locked and forward facing, making for the back and sides of the ship to be vulnerable.

  • They see me Rollin: Using the powerful sub-hyperdrive upgrade doesn't make the ship faster but it does pierce the veil as it were and the ship can be seen across the galaxy while traveling through it.

Description: Constructed by Saotome and modified for Wu a jedi diplomat and master within the SIlver Jedi. Her ship is made to be a main home for her and her padawans. With more living space and droids to service and work on the ship. Fitting with what she does as a chef and cook within the rest. A larger industrial sized kitchen with equipment, walk in pantry, freezer and cooler to have fresh suplies on top of the standard rations and goods for long trips. Diplomatic chambers for meetings, meditation chambers, training rooms, machine and work stations, a small hanger with vehicles and a runabout that can be sent out as needed. The weapons were kept pretty much the same and no real improvements to them, the defenses of the ship slightly beefed up and improvements to the engines and hyperdrive a needed part of it. For getting around and having her own personal ship, few things can match Wu's in terms of preformance and with the internal security systems to protect the ship it might look like a yacht but functions as an adequate all around ship.

The Iris Fan

24 July 2018 - 09:55 PM

Atrisia was a beautiful place and she had been invited here by Kurenai.. the mother of her former padawan Sukai and she had to admit.... someone she was unsure about. THey had worked together twice now and things had worked on well, they had fought and well eaten. The conversations with Okuro were revealing as she learned that Sukai and her mother were some sort of vampire like species. Very different though but Wu was never one to judge as she was moving and this place was interest. The Iris Empress couldn't be reached by ship you had to walk up the mountain near the river into the mountains. THe bridge itself though was long and wooden as she walked across it to try and meet Kurenai.


Kurenai Yumi

The Pillow Book

22 May 2018 - 11:03 PM

Okuro_Ishimoto Kurenai Yumi


Location: Silver Rest Kitchens


"Just like that." Wu said it while she was standing there and watching the work being done. Showing how to make some of the food while she had the meat thinly sliced, cheese and onions cooking with it and compound butter covered in garlic and seasoning. it coated the meats before she was scooping it and slathering the meat, cheese and onions into a piece of bread. It look and smelled delicious before she turned to look at Kurenai with a smile on her face though. She enjoyed spending time with Sukai's mother and one of the people they had met out inthe villages. Well he was coming so she was making food for him.


"See, it is easy and delicious." She said it with a smile on her face while she was making a spread for them all to eat. Standing there in a skylar kimono that hugged her small frame. her thick black hair cascading down her back. She had a saber on her hip and the sash holding it closed with a small look. her sigil on her neck before walking around with the trey that she set down. "Oh Kurenai, this is exciting. I get to realy use these diplomatic skills and hopefully a new friend for botht eh silver jedi and for the Jin themselves." There was an excited smile on her face as she checked it out on the table leaving space for the taller woman.

Collossus of Zeltros

22 April 2018 - 07:59 AM

The world was a place she hadn't been before, this far out though.... Wu had been surprised to see it and she had been tasked with seeing at least the final parts of Barsoom. the name of the jedi enclave.... no one really knew about it and the planet itself didn't display it. The enclave was built under the city and served with small lifts to buildings to get topside or it had a roadway that went to a club. For going undercover it was perfect as it allowing the jedi themselves to practice as well as reach out to the zeltrons. Compared to some they weren't trying to force changes on the zeltrons who would notably be against it but they were trying to get the crime down and the danger.


"THis should do nicely." She was going to work undercover in one fo the clubs and asking Kurenai to help scout it out.. well was smart. she was a bounty hunter and mercenary so if anyone knew how to speak the language within the club she would know it.. and Wu could try and learn it. THat she would be dancing and serving drinks only went a few ways... she was getting into the chi to head to the club and then sneak over to the outliers club. "THank you." She was dressed awkwardly but oh there was something to be said while the zeltrons who were here with her and working for the jedi on the world. Wu arrived at karatos itself and stood there waiting to meet Kurenai.