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Serana Onyx

Serana Onyx

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About Me

NAME: Serana Onyx *Formally Serana Williams
FACTION: The Lords if the Fringe
RANK: Bounty Hunter/Assassin
AGE: Thirty Two
GENDER: Female
HEIGHT: Five Feet Six Inches
WEIGHT: One Hundred Sixty Pounds
EYES: Bright Orange
HAIR: Dark Brown, shoulder length
SKIN: Pale white *Formally Caucasian with a slight tan




STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :
Strengths: Serana is extremely intelligent and is a master strategist. Serana is trained in all forms of weapons, except short range and melee combat. She always follows orders no matter how crazy. She is loyal only to The Sith Empire.
Weaknesses: Serana is cocky. She doesn't trust others so easily. She charges in to deal with her problems head on; sometimes resulting in something bad.




Serana didn't have much of a childhood. She was born to a wealthy family on Coruscant but was given up for adoption for reasons unknown. Unknowingly to her, she had a twin brother who stayed with their birth parents. His name was Darren Onyx.


Though she would never know this. Nor would she know she was adopted.


She became Serana Williams and was given to a family on Geonosis. During her time there she became obsessed with death. She would live a strange life of studying death until she was fifteen.


When she was fifteen her family was attacked by slavers. Her adopted family, consisting of a mother, father, and younger brother, were murdered. She was taken into custody as a slave.


During her years as a slave she learned many skills by observing her leaders. Through them she learned many skills and sharpened her already known skills.


When she was nineteen, she was able to successfully start a revolution with the other slaves. Thanks to her leadership, they were able to defeat the slave masters and free themselves.


It was then that she became a bounty hunter. She would spend the next several years taking small jobs and enhancing her skills of killing.


When she was twenty-three, Serana started her own mercenary company, The Bluehawks. They quickly gained momentum, forming a small fleet and capturing several planets on the outer rim. They were now a major power in the war.


Also during this time, she received a major job. To capture and kill a traitor of the Sith Empire. It was her unknowing brother, Darren Onyx (nowThe Shadow). Though she wasn't the one to kill him, she received her payment and went on her way. However it was then that she had a strange disconnection with reality. She learned, thanks to a Sith Master, that she was the twin sister to Onyx.


She founded a mercenary faction and even got Shadow to join. However it was disbanded due to their discovery of their relations with Revan. Since then Shadow has gone off and the two separated. For several years Serana went into hiding to sharpen her skills as a assassin.

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