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Runi Verin

Runi Verin

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#1810092 Map Index v2: Hexes for Nexus

Posted by Runi Verin on 17 June 2018 - 09:39 PM


Technically here. Couple of planets seem to have been lost in ye olde wipe. Shilvring in section 3 thus far for me.

#1807274 Be Prepared

Posted by Runi Verin on 13 June 2018 - 08:15 AM

Jairus Starvald


Those scarred lips became the picture of disapproving concern. As if the Sith Lord's very presence wasn't enough already, the fact Jairus had scarcely batted an eye at her inflated counter proposal set alarm bells ringing and raised her hackles even further. Having grown up on these very same streets, Runi had learnt several important and vital lessons over the years, first and foremost among them that life was cheap out here on the edges of the Rim. Easily brought, easily sold, easily thrown away, all in the name of the holy credit. For someone that was willing to throw such sums around like it was nothing more than pocket chance, she was willing to bet that it was cheaper still. 


The datapad made another wirble of protest as she tightened her hand.


It was too late to turn her back on the deal now, however.


"Since you're being so generous, I'd say you can cover any and all other incidental costs, too." Runi added, tossing the cracked datapad onto the desk beside her. "My crews tend to work a lot better knowin' that they won't have to worry about any overheads."


She pushed off and took a step towards him. Not threateningly, but her body language made it clear she wasn't exactly thrilled by his continued occupancy of her office. Even if he was potentially paying her a osik-ton of credits for the privilege. "You should know that, contrary to popular belief, we don't take kindly to slavers in these parts. Anyone lookin' to step onboard our vessels need to be doin' so of their own free will, 'lek? We also don't ship explosives, but that's for obvious safety reasons. You want somethin' to go boom, ship it separately or in pieces. I don't care which, just as long as it ain't on my ships."


#1806256 Be Prepared

Posted by Runi Verin on 11 June 2018 - 12:45 PM

Jairus Starvald


The woman snorted with derision. 


"Funny. I don't know many places that allow the customers to set the prices." The tattoos that marred her features creasing slightly as she narrowed her eyes. She might have lacked the mentalist abilities that the donor of one half of her genetic code was keen on utilizing, but the spacer had developed skills in other areas in order to cover the supposed gap. Enough to feel the presence of an unseen hand trying to influence the conversation. "Unlike our fees, the one of admission ain't up for negotiation."


Honestly, it wasn't a huge leap to guess who had made the recommendation. While it seemed half her contact list was somehow affiliated with the Sith these days, there were few that would actually pass business her way. Let alone know that she had a business in the first place. One name in particular stood out amongst the crowd. One that would no doubt enjoy putting her in a situation just like this, not that the wench would ever admit it. Like the man before her, Cerita was far too smug for that. Games within karkin' games.


Runi shifted on the desk-workbench. 


"Thirty-five."She countered, not even bothering to ask what exactly his need was. Coruscant was a Galactic Alliance controlled planet, the man before her was a Sith. It was hardly rocket science to put two and two together on that one. There was a time when she might have cared; but the coreworlds had long since turned their back on her kind. They weren't her people. She owed them nothing. "Coruscant First have been makin' trouble with the idea that they control the lanes. Lot of custom official are gettin' itchy about the dip in their profits. Puts the price up."

#1803368 Balancing Reportabellions

Posted by Runi Verin on 07 June 2018 - 08:04 AM

Ever Dawnracer


Well, we all know what happens when you assume, I guess.

#1801792 So many goshdarn Rebel factions - enlighten me please

Posted by Runi Verin on 05 June 2018 - 09:47 AM


#1800588 Regulation of Unique Canon Items

Posted by Runi Verin on 04 June 2018 - 12:35 AM

Name of Item (include canon link if applicable): Vitus Holocron

Account Name: Runi Verin

Writer Account: Runi Verin

Link to Approved Factory Submission: Holocron was Grandfathered in.

Brief Description: Contains information about Sith alchemy (presumed) as well as other information on Darth Vitus.

Any Misc Comments/Related Information on how obtained: Obtained via Mystery Auction.

#1799846 Congratulations Runi Verin - June MOTM!

Posted by Runi Verin on 03 June 2018 - 10:17 AM

You mean there was living with me before this? I'm losing my touch.


I'm pretty sure there has been a huge mistake with this, and a vote recount is likely under way as we speak, but I'm not one to turn down a open bar in the mean time.


Thanks everyone!

#1797312 Out & About

Posted by Runi Verin on 30 May 2018 - 03:48 PM

As the title and location of this thread suggests, I'm gonna be out of touch for the next several days starting from tomorrow. Heading out to Germany tomorrow to catch the Rock am Ring festival. 


I might try pop up on discord a few times throughout, but I wouldn't hold my breath on that! 

Should be back sometime on the Monday 4th, though.

Probably should give a heads up that I'm actually out the following weekend from Friday to Sunday, too. (8th - 10th). Download festival that weekend.



#1795310 Be Prepared

Posted by Runi Verin on 28 May 2018 - 12:19 AM

Jairus Starvald


With almost visible effort to keep the urge in check, Runi somehow managed to resist the obligatory eyeroll that threatened to sally forth in the face of overwhelming predictability. I am not most folk. Sith, please. On a planet of spacers, exiles and ne’er-do-wells such as the one on which they presently stood, she couldn't even spit without hitting a dozen or so aruetiise that would all too ready to spout the exact same idiocy.

Call it the price of imposin’ on my goodwill an' that of my couch.” She replied without missing a beat, head tilting to the side as she sought to match her own dark earthy tones against his sulfurous yellows. Clearly unwavering in her intent to press for a tangible answer. If this was a game, then it was one she was all too familiar with thanks to a certain green skinned Sith. The slightest of similarities between the two enough to cause her defences to slide further and further into place with each word that passed her lips. “Have a feelin’, what with you comin' all this way, in person no less, the price of sharin' that name is a damn sight cheaper than walkin’ out of here empty handed.

Hardly a ground breaking leap of logic behind that assumption. If the man had other options available to him, he wouldn't have found his way to the cessheap that was Kol Atorn. Karl, given half the chance, not even the locals would turn to anyone around these parts.

Call it what it is. You want my people to smuggle yours.” Runi corrected bluntly and without fanfare. Clearly in no mood to dance around the subject with poetic euphemisms and purple prose. Not when it was just the two of them. Her lips compressed to a tight, pensive line as she leant back against the bench a fraction. Trying hard not to entertain thoughts of how satisfying it would be to kick the ponce to the shallow gutters then and there, fearing that the image would be too tempting to pass up otherwise. Annoying as the Sith were, starting a grudge match was the last thing she could afford right now. Especially when she didn't know where this Starvald stood in relation to the Empire. The mantle of Cerita’s implied protection likely only extended so far and only with certain circles. “Where. Why. How much.”

Three questions asked, three answers demanded before she would let this proceed any further.

#1793276 Be Prepared

Posted by Runi Verin on 25 May 2018 - 05:35 AM

Jairus Starvald


It wasn't often that Runi was caught off guard, yet it wasn't the sudden voice at her back that caused it to stiffen and straighten, nor the reason why those scarred lips creased themselves into a silent scowl of distaste. Even before she turned, hackles raised like the junkyard dog she was raised to be, she knew what awaited her. The coils of the dark side radiating throughout the room, twisting and turning like unseen tendrils of malice and ill intent, making her skin crawl. And it wasn't your garden variety of dark side, either. No, she had been around enough Sith in her time, occasionally even by choice, to recognize the distinctive flickers they radiated out into the force. The sensation of deeper mysteries, perverse philosophies and twisted ideology.Her fingers curled around the edge of the schematics, the metal protesting slightly as her cybernetics threatened to bite deep.




"You know, most folk wait for permission to take a seat." The salvager folded her arms across her chest as she turned, perching on the lip of her workbench to regard the man without bothering to conceal the cold, blunt disapproval in those dark eyes. In truth, she give a damn about civilities, but the fact he'd seen fit to take the liberty anyway rankled her all the same. She supposed, given the location, it was only a matter of time before the Sith saw fit to darken her doorway, but it had always seemed like a tomorrow problem. Now that problem had arrived, today, and all she could think of was that the bastard was stealing her couch like it was the most ordinary thing in the world. The fact he'd all but called her a smuggler was neither here nor there. The law didn't come out to Kol Atorn, after all. It didn't give two osiks about this place. Which begged the obvious question, why did he? "It's funny, I don't seem to remember doing business with any Sith lately. Doubt we run in the same social circles, either. So makes me wonder, who recommended me exactly?"

#1793228 Boba Fett Movie Confirmed

Posted by Runi Verin on 25 May 2018 - 03:25 AM

Finally. Time to capitalize on all that on-screen character development.

#1793179 Be Prepared

Posted by Runi Verin on 25 May 2018 - 01:35 AM

Jairus Starvald


It was perhaps indicative of the local economy that the even the warehouses of a relatively small company such as Stellarwind Reclamation & Logistics managed to dominate the landscape. Offering the prospect of steady employment, a rare commodity on a world such as Kol Atorn, to the otherwise downtrodden and disenfranchised masses. Willing to turn a blind eye to the blemishes, black listing and death marks that seemed to litter the jackets of even the most 'average' of spacers that walked through those doors.

It wasn't out of charity, however. 

Runi Verin may have been a product of this galactic pile of sentient refuse of a world, a street rat from the dirtiest and forgotten corners of the scrap heap, but she held no lofty aspirations for making it a better place. For every single, solitary credit offered, she expected something far more valuable in return. Loyalty. If not to her, then to the company that was willing to employ their sorry shebs. Give them a chance that no other right minded di'kut in this galaxy ever would. Not again, anyway. 

The fact that they were some of the most talented spacers, scoundrels and smugglers in the galaxy... Well, that was just a bonus.

"Gavas."She called without looking up from the schematic in her hand, reviewing the latest design of the bulk freighter that was set to start construction within the next week at the SR&L docks in the Belt of Arah. Provided, of course, they could solve the issue around the SLAM drive consuming far too much fuel to make it viable. A problem she would have loved to spend the rest of the day trying to fix, but unfortunately the ironic cost of owning a company meant you rarely managed to do the things you actually got into the business for in the first place."Where's that client? Starvalla? Starvel?"

"Starvald." A beleaguered, disembodied voice of her warehouse manager called up from below. Emanating somewhere in the endless stacks that filled the warehouse. "Jairus Starvald. Fella be on his way up now. Try making the office look presentable up there, ya?"

"Well, tell him to get his karkin' shebs in gear, then." She snapped, choosing to ignore that last comment. In truth, her office hardly deserved that distinction. It was more of an elevated platformreally. An open balcony that sat on the upper corner of the warehouse floor, offering a wide view of the bustling activity that surged and ebbed below. A salvaged workbench served as her desk, seemingly buried beneath as many tools as it was datapads, with the only chairs being a battered pair of flight couches that were taken from the wreck of a frigate following one Dagobah conflict or the other. Hardly the most professional place to do business, but then she wasn't exactly the most professional CEOs. "I got better things to do today than sit around, coolin' my heels an' waitin' on some prissy coreworlder."

Case in point.

#1790669 SSB Auctions: Mystery Auction

Posted by Runi Verin on 22 May 2018 - 08:32 AM



She made a face as she studied the readout before her. Tt. A Meyer drive, hm? There simply wasn’t much she had at her immediate disposal that could rival that. If the owner of M4 was technically inclined as she was, they wouldn’t be able to pass up the opportunity of taking a look under the hood of that one.


Her other lots were slowly slipping away from her, too. Thankfully one only by credits, the other… Karkin’ masters.


She hesitated for an awkward second. Long enough to catch the equally awkward wave of one of the fellow patrons, but not long enough to formulate a response that went beyond a look of puzzlement. The kind that sat somewhere between the confusion of a homeless person discovering themselves on house arrest and a strill eating a Toydarian hard toffee.


Guess Cerita wasn't kidding. These auctions attracted all types.


She shook her head and turned her gaze back down to her datapad, tapping away and updating her bids.


Unaffected Bids:


Lot M7 - 10,000 Credits or equivalent currency.


Updated Bids:


Lot M4 - 12,500 Credits or equivalent currency. 5% Discount with future Stellarwind R&L freight services. Pau City Blockade Runner. (Kurt Meyer)

Lot M9 - 20,000 Credits or equivalent currency. 1x Nighthawk Module.  (Adrian Vandiir)

Lot M12 - Expert Force Knowledge of the Shift Sense & Knight Level Force Track techniques. Hands on instruction on Warden of the Sky hand-to-hand combat techniques. (Julius Sedaire | Adrian Vandiir)


#1789430 SSB Auctions: Mystery Auction

Posted by Runi Verin on 20 May 2018 - 02:57 PM

The salvager snorted softly from her position by the pillar. Tapping a few keys. What the hell, She was told it wasn't an auction unless you bid against someone now and then. Besides, with her investment portfolio being cared for by Cerita, she could afford to push a few credits to live a little.


Current Bids:


Lot M7 - 10,000 Credits or equivalent currency.

Lot M12 - Expert Force Knowledge of the Shift Sense & Knight Level Force Track techniques.
(Julius Sedaire)


New Additions: 

M4 - 12,500 Credits or equivalent currency. 5% Discount with future Stellarwind R&L freight services. Cim Salro | Gray Raxis | Aedan Miles

M9 - 5,000 Credits or equivalent currency

#1789307 SSB Auctions: Mystery Auction

Posted by Runi Verin on 20 May 2018 - 10:20 AM

In her experience, auctions were normally reserved for those with too many credits on their hands. A quandry that, for once in her life, Runi Verin found herself sharing thanks to her recent business ventures. With the recent string of skirmishes and conflicts cropping up, the salvage game was booming, to say nothing for the freight opportunities for those willing to run close to potentially active war zones.  

Maybe it was time to broaden her horizons further.


Incoming Bid

Lot M7 - 10,000 Credits or equivalent currency.

Lot M12 - Expert Force Knowledge of the Shift Sense & Knight Level Force Track techniques. (Julius Sedaire)