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Runi Verin

Runi Verin

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Out & About

30 May 2018 - 03:48 PM

As the title and location of this thread suggests, I'm gonna be out of touch for the next several days starting from tomorrow. Heading out to Germany tomorrow to catch the Rock am Ring festival. 


I might try pop up on discord a few times throughout, but I wouldn't hold my breath on that! 

Should be back sometime on the Monday 4th, though.

Probably should give a heads up that I'm actually out the following weekend from Friday to Sunday, too. (8th - 10th). Download festival that weekend.



Stellarwind Reclamation & Logistics

06 April 2018 - 01:38 PM




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Stellarwind Reclamation & Logistics might have been a household name a century or so ago. Not a household you’d want to visit mind, but a household all the same. A pint-sized powerhouse that, against the odds, managed to establish itself throughout the Outer Rim during the waning years of darkness. Unfortunately for its investors, this proved to be primarily due to a lack of any real competition in the field, quickly losing its seat at the table and falling into the shadows with the gradual galactic restoration.

Far from the heights of its glory years, Stellarwind became the quintessential junkyard dog of the corporate world. Namely small, scrappy and unlikely to be found anywhere civilised. It found itself related to picking the bones of long forgotten battlefields and running freight throughout the conflict weary sectors that few care to remember, let alone give two creds about.

An influx of capital in more recent years has allowed it to take some tentative steps to restoring its former fortunes, however. Expanding existing operations throughout the Outer Rim, as well as opening further opportunities towards the Tingel Arm.

Ord Mantell – Considering the entire planet is basically one gigantic scrapheap in of itself, Ord Mantell seemed the natural location for a budding salvage operation. While the company’s corporate offices are located within the city limits of Trader’s Quarter, the bulk of the salvage operations and interests upon the planet are unsurprisingly found within the sprawling junkyards and scrap metal processing facilities.

Kol Atorn – An overlooked haven for the disenfranchised and outcasts of the Outer Rim, Kol Atorn serves as the hub for the company’s logistic operations, owning multiple warehouses and private spaceports. The planet also acts as the primary source of recruitment for the company, with many of Stellarwind’s employees being drawn directly from the local spacer trash and Mandalorian exiles that have emigrated there.

Belt of Arah – Having recently acquired a modest string of abandoned Asteroid Hangars scattered intermittently throughout the field, the Belt of Arah is home to Stellarwinds’ shipbuilding initiative. While having the shipyard spread out across a distance has created some understandable issues around overall productivity, the relative privacy offered by the location is considered a more than adequate trade off, particularly when dealing with less-than-legal after market modifications.



While Stellarwind was once a promising investment for those looking to diversify their core portfolios into the Outer Rim, its fortunes in recent years were considerably (and perhaps ironically) less than stellar. Whether due to a series of bad investments, profit skimming or simply a case of incompetent leadership, it was scarcely managing to keep its doors open by the time Runi Verin made her investment. Using funds carefully gleaned over the course of numerous (mis)adventures and successful (albiet not strictly legal) salvaging operations, managed on her behalf by a silent partner with more experience and acumen for such things, the salvager managed to buy out the few stubborn majority shareholders left clutching at the reins and has since set about restoring the company to working order.

Subsidiaries: N/A


Parent Corporation: N/A


Misc: Taking advantage of Capitalism Reigns Mandate of The Collective to sub at a higher tier.

Technical difficulties

14 February 2018 - 02:59 PM

As it reads above, I'm currently experiencing some technical issues with my laptop. Sucker just won't boot.

It's currently in the shop at the moment for repairs, but I'm hoping to source a temporary replacement with a friend to keep ontop of things in the mean time...

Off the top of my head, people effected by this -

@Kode Vizsla
Davin Skirata
Ronan Vizsla
Lok Munin

Give me a kick on Discord if I've missed you out, though.

Faction Bling / Art

07 February 2018 - 03:28 PM

Faction Bling















Further contributions welcome and ecouraged!



Faction Advert

07 February 2018 - 03:24 PM






Years have passed, factions come and go, yet war stays the same.

People? They don’t.


People are never the same as they were yesterday. People evolve. Constantly changing, constantly struggling, constantly moving. Question is, in what direction? With the ever shifting lines of the powers that be crowding the skies, it's hard for folk to find a place out there in the black that isn’t ravaged by war.

Enough to make a sane person look beyond the charted lines, right?

That’s where the Errant Fleet steps in. It ain’t there to provide hope in these dark, turbulent times. It’s there to provide people with a life that ain’t mixed up in the usual conflict that’s been carrying on for millenia upon millenia.


Are you a smuggler? Merchant? Mercenary? Salvager? Look, are you someone that is tired of the endlessly warring empires, republics and so called alliances? This place is for you.


We’re the Errant Fleet. We explore. We trade. We make a life out amongst the colder, darker regions of space. We seek out adventures where folk are afraid to tread. Those edges of the holomap that reads ‘Here be Dragons’? Kark, let’s go find them. Push the borders back, push the boundaries back, push the unknown back.


We don’t judge.


We don’t play.


We survive.









The Errant fleet is an independent, nomadic convoy of vessels flying the furthest and untamed reaches of the galaxy under one unifying principle: survive, explore and keep on moving.


For all intents and purposes, this faction has no real ambitions towards affecting the map game. Instead we’re more about exploring the story writing opportunities that might otherwise get overlooked in that rush for the next dominion, invasion or ballyhoo. Tales from the fringes of civilised space where life is cheap and plots are plentiful. Tales around the outcasts, the disenfranchised and those trying to scrape a living without someone lording it over them. From smugglers to mercenaries, explorers to prospectors, civilians and everything in between.


We’re looking for people who want to simply write adventures, broaden the codex and generally have somewhere they can take it easy.










First up, you got your quartermasters. Folks responsible for keeping the fleet stocked and loaded for bear. Make no mistake, that ain’t no easy chore. Down right mystical how they manage to scrape, cajole, bribe and threaten just to make sure everyone has a share. They’re savvy fethers, one and all. Know just how to game the system and the people that play it. They also keep the barter economy of the Fleet churning in the right direction.



Then you’ve got the folks that like to step beyond the charted lines. Them that venture ahead of the fleet, exploring and identifying the choicest opportunities for trade, salvaging, mining or maybe even where to hold up for a few weeks. Those we call Pathfinders.

Now some of these fethers get by on charm, others on wits… Some just happen to be ornery folk that know their way around a blaster and ain’t afraid to give a demonstration of the fact. Don’t confuse my meaning, though. Pathfinders ain’t your elite. A lot of them are just regular folks, drawn from a variety of backgrounds, that just happen to know how to make it in the big wide galaxy. Some of them I expect are ex-military, some are likely even fugitives from the law, but there are civilians amongst their ranks, too. 



At the top, you got your captains. Folk that, through a variety of means, have risen to become the leaders of the pack.Closest we got to actual authority within the fleet. Basically it all boils down to the simple concept that it’s their ship, their law. Might be one captain doesn't accept guns on board, might be another one hates cats.Point is, they get to decide what happens on their ship. On the other hand… it's on them to enforce it too.

They’re also in charge of keeping us all on course and that everyone onboard their tubs is taken care of. To do that, they have a seat on the council where they’re expected to represent their crews. Just how much of a voice they have there is determined both by crew size and the obvious benefit their presence brings to the fleet. Obviously a ship that handles our food is gonna have a louder voice than say, your average light freighter.


Everyone Else

That’s pretty much it as far as formal positions go. The Errant Fleet is very lax when it comes to hierarchy, order of law or ranks. This ain't the military. You’ve ultimately got as much clout as your reputation gives ya.

Plus, you better prepared to prove ya money where ya mouth is.