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Jake Daniels

Jake Daniels

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In Topic: A Frozen Treasure

19 May 2018 - 05:31 PM

Rania bit at her finger nail as she casually walked around the room. For a few moments the Twi'lek worked on formulating her answer. Valae had answered and Rania believed her. That's all she could ask for.Hopefully Valae would continue to be up to the challenge of helping Jake keep the cap on the darkness in his soul.


"I was only curious." Rania replied. "I know Jake has been thinking a lot about the future. Call me a bit overprotective of him, I just wanted to make sure there aren't any speed bumps to come up. Well..." Rania tilted her head as she looked at Valae and chuckled, "except for when he gets himself into trouble."


Rania continued to look around the room, taking in the simplistic beauty of it, "I know Midvinter wouldn't be the first target for most governments to attack but if anyone ever did, at least the home has fortification beneath the ground. A cold ground is as strong as concrete which is why I believe built the home with the majority of the footage beneath the surface."


"Now, how about we eat?" Rania grinned as she intertwined her arm with Valae's and pulled her along, "The boys had better be done by now!"


As Rania and Valae emerged from the basements the smell of the food had already filled the first floor. Closing the door behind them, Rania followed the salty scent to the dining room where Cody had already partially set the table with silverware.At the head nearest them sat a pale Jake. His eyes closed though he was awake. His breathing was still labored.


"You were told to stay in bed." Rania said.


Umako snorted as he walked in carrying some food, "That's what I told him. Man's too stubborn for his own good. I would have brought him a plate upstairs."


Jake perked a brow but didn't open his eyes, "We eat together."


Rania motioned for Valae to take the head opposite Jake. In terms of dining, the heads of the table were meant for the heads of the family. Together they oversaw all gathered. It was her right. Rania took a seat near Valae.


Umako set out everyone's plates, "Lamb lung and loin with rice. Red wine to enhance flavor. Simple but filling."


Cody set out several wine glasses and carefully filled them. Both men then took their own seats. One next to Rania, the other opposite and close to Jake.


"See? We didn't burn anything." Cody said with a hint of self-righteous pride.


"I guess they should have seen the piece of loin you blackened when I let you cook it while I used the restroom." Umako chimed in.




Jake laughed, "So that's why I picked up the hint of what I thought was burning paper upstairs."


"Ha.... Ha...." Cody replied witha frown before slamming a fork into a piece of meat.


"We kid cause we love ya." Rania replied.


Jake's eyes slowly opened. A smile formed as he spotted Valae opposite him, "How did you enjoy the tour? If there anything you want to change, just let me know and it'll be done."


Valae Kitra

In Topic: A Frozen Treasure

27 April 2018 - 09:08 PM

The question did catch Rania off guard ever slightly if one were to be most honest. Just as Jake had always been respectful of her and her families privacy, the Twi'lek had always ensured that same respect was returned. She never told anyone of what Jake did, where he went, or what he was up too. The One Sith couldn't break her, the Noghri couldn't, nor could any of the Silver. Though the Silvers never asked. Jake was an enigma to many of them. He was a teacher of saber combat, a fallen Sith seeking some form of redemption. What type of redemption? Even Rania wasn't so sure. Still what she knew she kept to herself.


That was until she met Valae.


"Come. Let me show you the basement." Rania said as she leapt from the sofa before pausing, "Err... I mean basements." Extra emphasis put on the plurality of the word.


Taking Valae by the hand she nearly dragged the Master Jedi through the home like a child would a doll. She made no mention of the rooms they passed for the moment. There would be time for that. Without a chance to take in the sight of the dining room, Rania flung a door open. Lights flickered to life to reveal a deep stairwell.


"I want to be out of earshot of the boys." Rania whispered as they both set foot on the first basement. "This is a storage floor. This floor is a mixture of cabinets and open space to store everything you can think of, up to and including food preserves if needed. The walls are double layered hollowed brick. In each brick is insulation. We coated the wall in cold resistant epoxy and shaped it to look like stone. This room is semi-temperate but as we go lower it'll get a tad colder.Ignore the big metal contraption and piping in the center. That's the water filtration and plumbing system. I don't exactly know how it works. That's for Jake to explain."


"Now as for your question about Jake. I didn't want them knowing I'm spilling the beans but as I show you everything, I'll explain what he's been up too." Rania said as she opened some of the cabinets to show just how much storage space there was in each. "When he first set out to build this home he needed money. We both know Jake has a very particular set of skills which really gear him towards jobs that aren't exactly in line with Jedi teachings."


"He didn't do anything illegal, mind you. We even offered to cut him in on our smuggling operations and he turned it down. He didn't want to sully this home with less than admirable means when building it. So in between Kashyyyk and Midvinter he began working as a private security escort for some diplomats from his homeworld of Dantooine. He may not be Sith but his reputation still dictates respect." Rania turned to look at the rest of the basement, momentarily motioning Valae to follow her to another flight of descending stairs.


"This second floor is about ten degrees cooler than the one above and is clearly meant to preserve meat and food. Don't put anything else down here. Jake said the temperature regulation is just right to keep food safe here. You'll also notice there air is just a bit drier. He added insulation to the plumbing contraption here." Rania pointed out.


"Jake doesn't have the best patience with people. Being bossed around by snotty politicians tries them worse than most. So he quit; or so he says. I think he lost his temper and told the Diplomats where they should stuff their more righteous than thou' attitudes. He won't admit it though." The Twi'lek laughed before pointing out the various whiskey barrels. "They're filled with salt. In the salt is game meat from Honoghr. Jake calls it the M.R.E.s of true desperation. Only in a pinch will you ever eat that meat."


Rania turned to Valae, "Please... for the love of god don't run out of other food. I know from experience. Think the taste of unwashed cattle kidney to a third degree of pungentness." She shuddered at the memories, "So he found a job on some junk world helping to run a recycling yard. He'd sit in a picker all day and simply move metals and plastics around for hours on end. Pay wasn't great but it was honest. He didn't want us knowing. Didn't want you knowing. A pride sort of thing I think. How could someone whom once led a search and rescue brigade, a galaxy renowned Apprentice, and highly respected Warrior be found hauling trash about? I would have viewed it admirably but Jake still has a bit of pride. I will say the surprises aren't through just yet for you. He has something else but that's all I can say."


Leading Valae down to the third basement floor, again down another flight of identical stairs, the room was much colder than the prior too. That was because this had actual water flowing through small channels that were built into the floor.Like the floors above, the room was square. The plumbing contraption was dead center but about four meters from it was a square channel built into the floor.


"It's about a meter deep." Rania said, using a finger to point at the water. "That's where the homes water supply comes from. The water flows from two portals. East and west walls. The construction crews found underground water wells that don't freeze and won't dry up. To prevent overflow, there are several holes dug into the ground in those waterways. Any water not used is returned to the earth beneath us. Nothing wasteful."


Now that they were at the bottom most floor of the home, Rania knew she could ask Valae anything.


"Watch this." Rania said as walked towards the wall opposite the stairwell. Looking at the apoxy walls, she found a bulge that seemed ever slightly larger than the rest. With a push of her palm, a section of the wall pushed outward and slid to the side. "Jake built a secret passageway. Come."


Rania led Valae through a small passageway that only allowed them to walk single file. Before them though was an opening that lit up as they drew close. Both stepped out into a beautifully constructed room, "I thought this was a study he built. Its actually a vault. Well, it could be both I guess."


Rania looked at Valae, "It's yours. A place where you can keep everything you hold dear safe and sound. Jake plans to set up a panel on the door we came through that would only allow you in; not even he. This is your space."


"Since we're alone I wanted to ask... this isn't too much is it? Jake is devoted but even I know all of this is alot. Again though, he's deeply devoted to you. I know you are to him. Would you say you're devoted to the point of wanting to spend the remainder of her life with him?"


Rania was treading dangerously close to inadvertently revealing Jakes biggest surprise. She needed to be extremely careful in how this conversation proceeded.


Valae Kitra

In Topic: A Frozen Treasure

12 April 2018 - 04:42 PM

“Well… not technically no.” Rania said in response to Valae’s question. “We helped out since construction began but on Midvinter? Not the entire time. Jake had us running about. When he has a specific item in mind nothing similar to it will do. It has to be that one. Which is why furnishing this place took so bloody long.” Rania lead Valae straight to the living room.


“I’m not a fan of his choices for this room.” A sneer appeared in the corner of her lip. “Wood table, leather sofa and recliners and two cloth covered chairs?” Rania exaggeratedly flicked her nose at the cloth chairs with a smirk, “Lord I wish you were hear to talk him out of buying those hideous things. Guess where he makes me sit! There!” Green fingers pointed to the chairs, “For no other reason that because he knows I hate them.”


A deep sigh and a look around, Valae began to explain. “I love the design he has here. Far different from his old family home on Honoghr. He made this as open as possible. Large windows on one side which show the snowy mountains. While here,” Rania turned and looked up, “He refused to build a wall. It shows the staircase to the second floor and there is a balcony for the second floor above us. You’ll noticed that through any communal rooms we go into. It’s as must open space as possible while ensuring each area has a set perimeter.”


Rania placed a hand against one of the few thick wooden support beams. “These go to the ceiling and down through the various basement floors. All the wood indoors has been treated twice over with an anti-rot agent and sealed off with a water-proofing finish. Humidity is a b!tch which it comes to wood.”


Rania didn’t hover around Valae, she allowed the Master Jedi to roam as she pleased, “Each wall has two small built in cupboards that can house any small knickknacks you wish. Ignore the cruddy old looking tele. Cody set that up because Jake hasn’t found the proper tele he wants for this room, if at all. Pfft, men and their taste in things.”


Rania moved the tele from the cabinets on the far wall and set it on the floor, “Don’t get me wrong. I love the home. It’s just these cloth chairs that do me in here.” Yes Rania harped a bit too much on what she didn’t like. “I built the flooring myself. I used a wood that’s been sanded and polished to look like stone slabs. Stone would be far too cold for this planet. Wood isn’t nearly as cold to the touch.”


“The home has a central heating system that floods warm air top and bottom.” Rania explained. “In the second floor basement there is a heating system with four vents. One is in here, behind one of the cabinets. The second is placed near the front door. The third and fourth are on the second floor. The idea is to trap the cold air in the middle of constant circulation. So long as the power remains on, the heat will as well. On top of that, if the power goes out, the coldest the home should get if everything is closed up tight is fifty five degrees or so. Even though there is no insulation, there is enough wood on the outer layers of the home to keep the heat in. The windows themselves are double pained sound proof glass. There isn’t an ounce of air getting in or out unless you want it too.”


Rania’s plopped herself onto the leather sofa. With legs dangling up and over the back, she looked to Valae, “When I was a little girl I always wanted a house like this. Not this particular one, though I wouldn’t mind it, mind you, but a nice place to call my own. I also dreamed of being a Queen. Royal. Important with subjects to do my every bidding. Guess you could say I have that now with those two lug heads in the kitchen,” a small chuckle emerged, “but that’s what I wanted. What did you dream of being when you were just a wee’ lass?”


Valae Kitra

In Topic: A Frozen Treasure

23 March 2018 - 12:43 PM

The walls had only recently been set. The foundation newly laid. The windows had been placed. The concrete and stone chimneys rose to the heavens giving off its very first puffs of smoke. This home, strategically placed after many scrutiny filled hours, just began its life. An infant in comparison to the other residences of the galaxy. That’s what this place was. A beginning and she loved it.

“Of course I did.” The Knight rebutted.

“I’ll go get some more water.” The tone of Jake’s voice was a signal to Rania. It was soft and gentle. There was no hint of stiffness. Two had once more become one. As Rania made her quiet leave, she gave Jake a simple shake of her head. She saw the question in his eyes. He knew she revealed much to Valae. Did she reveal everything? No. Not everything. That was for Jake and Jake alone.

“This is the one place that is always yours. This place is hidden from all. Your home on Voss. Kashyyyk. Any place the Silvers have wandered, you’ve always been exposed. I’m giving you what I know. To be present without being seen. To have a place that is truly yours.” Jake explained.

“Mine had always been on Honoghr. Not anymore though.” His eyes glanced about the room.

Jake let out a groan as he propped himself up slightly. His face was moist, a cool sweat setting in. “I know your Master is here; somewhere.” Jake lied.

He knew where her Master was or more accurately, he had a general sense of the region her Master resided. Jake was a hunter after all. He did his research. She was close to the one whom had brought her truly within the force. As Jake had been with his own, he ensured the Master of the world was close with his pupil.

“You will always be safe here. If I could only ever give you a true gift, let it be this.” Jake explained. He had the urge to begin the tour of the home, but the way Valae had ordered him to stay where he was caused otherwise twitchy legs to remain still.

“Don’t fret.” Jake said. “I didn’t take any money from the Silvers to build this. I’ve actually been holding down another job to earn cash on the side.” In a galaxy where everyone whom used the force seemed to be drowning in wealth, Jakes Master included. He never acquired his own. He never used what was gifted to him. Nor did he touch what he inherited by default being the oldest living member of the Shamalain family. It remained where it was; acquiring interest and growing in bounty. Yet it was money he’d never touch. He earned his own; a few cents at a time. “It’s not the most lucrative job but it did enough to help build a business relationship with a construction contractor and what that didn’t cover it paid enough to make up for the rest. I wanted this to be a true gift. Me to you.”

Yes there was a sense of pride in his tone. Why shouldn’t there have been?

“Ok enough of the sappy stuff. You two will have more time for that when you’re better.” Cody said as he stopped at the doorway. Skillet rolled in just behind him.

“Valae? Rania wants you to come downstairs.” Cody explained. “Skillet will keep watch of Jake. Should anything change he’ll let us know. Guess we’re going to do the tour.”

“Like hell you are.” Jake protested as he attempted to rise.

A finger point warning from Valae caused Jake to remain as he was. A mocking whistle from Skillet added icing to the cake.

“Get rest Jake.” Cody said as he closed the door. Once they were beginning their decent down the stairwell he finally decided to speak, “Watch some of the steps. They used an interlocking system in this home. Very little actual nails were used. Just wood to wood. Like a giant puzzle piece. Remarkable design and the same sort Jake used on Honoghr but not one I’m entirely comfortable with.”

Rania met them at the bottom of the bend, “Cody go help Umako cook. I’ll show Valae around.”

“No fair.”


“Geez.” Cody snorted as he sculked away.

Rania turned to Valae and finally gave a deep hug. A few words were whispered into the Masters ear, “Thank you for coming. Since I know it’s going to drive him nuts by me doing this, where should we begin?”

Valae Kitra

In Topic: A Frozen Treasure

13 March 2018 - 11:10 AM

“Where am I?”

“Shili.” A voice replied.

“Am I dead?” Jake asked, turning his attention to the source of the voice.

Just beside him stood two identical Togruta. Analyn and Kinsa Lestin had served as two of Jakes more secretive Apprentices. While Romano Shamalain and Lysander had been his most notable, the two Togruta sisters had been his shadows. As he had been the will of his Master, they had been his. Both wore robes similar to the ones Jake had worn as an Apprentice. Instead of the tree of life Shamalain family symbol over the left breast, their robes help the symbol of Yin and Yang made from trees. It symbolized the balance of light and dark that Jake and they had walked together.

“No. You are not.” Analyn replied.

“Are you?” Jake asked.

“Not yet. We remain where you left us. Here.” Kinsa replied as his red fingers allowed the tall grass to tickle. “We remain in a slumber, unable to wake.”

“Our bodies remain contaminated but protected. Our people still watch over us per your instruction centuries ago.” Analyn added.

“The how am I here?”

“You are walking the bridge between life and death. The closest you have ever been. Your mind began to die as infection took over. Your presence on the force weigned and so we reached out. This was too be your last goodbye. Our way of bidding farewell to our Master.” Kinda explained.

“But there has been an intervention. Someone is working to heal what is broken. Your body is being cleansed.” Analyn said. “So now we serve as guards. Instead of helping you reach everlasting peace, we prevent it.”

“So this isn’t real?” Jake asked as he looked around. In the distance he spotted the Lestin Clans village. More notable he spotted the stone mosoleum just south that served as the resting place for both sisters.

“It is very much real. We are not figmants of your imagination. By opening up, you would become one with the force and we would get our goodbyes. We now prevent that.” Kinsa said.

Their world blurred for a second. A small tremor was then felt.

“She’s strong.” Analyn said.

“Very.” Kinsa replied.

Jakes eyes looked to the skies above. He could feel her. Valae was there. She’d come.

“That she is.” Jake said as his lips curled into a smile.

Jake’s body reacted as Valae pushed deeper. She worked through the very blood that coursed through his veins. His body could feel her presence and it responded. His body cooled at the touch of her hands. Jake’s temperature in those areas dropping like a stone in water. The scar from a wound that had long been thought healed slowly lost its inflammation. The redness dissipated. Still, as hard as Valae tried, the contamination of the man remained. She did however force it at bay. Jake’s neck twitched slightly as the Master Healer had managed to jump start his immune system just enough to continue on with their fight. His body knew, as did he, that this fight was not his alone. Slowly the temperature began to drop. His body cooled just enough to allow conscious thought to return; though a slight fever did remain.

“This is where we must bid farewell, Master.” Analyn said.

“For now. Somethings coming for you and her. Fare warning. It won’t be you that will need the saving this time.” Kinsa replied.

As Jake attempted to reply everything went dark. Just as quickly his eye lids began to blink open.

“Jake, can you hear me?” The sight of an Angel and the silk like tone of a goddess had greeted his consciousness. A weak, tired but very apparent smile crossed his face.

”What is this? Three? Four times you’ve worked to save me?” Jake asked. “This isn’t how I wanted you to find this place.” It was apparent Valae knew. She had to have been told. The question was just how much had Valae been told. Did she know the intention of this home? Did she know what Jake had planned? The ring!? Had she been given it or seen it?

“Surprise!” Jake joked.

Valae Kitra