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Jake Daniels

Jake Daniels

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In Topic: Our own Yellow Brick Road

Yesterday, 07:20 AM

Jake's eyes glanced up to see Ereza as she watching over his studies; she was formal while he was no He had not heard her come, nor had he felt it on the force. In fact, Jake wasn't feeling much in the ways of the force in recent days. That would be a problem to address for another day however. Setting down the data pad, he scooted over to allow Ereza a spot next to him.


"My Lady." He said with polite even tone. His head tilted in a slight bow downwards.


His attention turned to her question. 


"We're stopping at Chandrila. Specifically the Business District of Hanna City, the planets capital." Jake pushed the data pad over to reveal information on a particular man. 


“His name is Thomas Reich.” There was some disdain evident in his voice.


“I met him when handling a personal matter on Chandrila not so long ago. His company Edge Tech has some reach throughout the galaxy. They do research for the poor. The man seems like a good place to start to give you an idea of what to expect with people of influence. He may be able to offer you and my Son some useful knowledge for C.E.T.O. but who knows?" Jake took a sip of his coffee.


"I've been doing research on his recent acitivities and dealings since I last left the planet. Nothing of immediate concern. I have a small home set up as a front there which will make a very quit stop by afterwards so I can gather some personal necessities." Jake explained. "Depending on what he has to say will determine our next stop. I've already charted some locations that don't deal with business but more culture so we'll be hitting those on our journey."

In Topic: A Springtime Prom (SJO/Allies)

09 June 2019 - 11:49 AM

Her words were a lasso. His feet snapping to a dead stop and not one singular one daring move further. A sigh escaped his soft lips. Eyes closed tight, the Knight did what he could to compose himself. At least with age Jake had finally learned when he was horrible company. Yet her words were spoken. She didn't want him to leave. She didn't want him to leave her alone. 


Did she have any clue what she was saying? Did she want to condemn herself to eventual pain that would ultimately be caused by the very man she brought to a stop. Jake used his thumbs to dry the thin trails that showed the path of salty drops. 


Turning back around, Jakes eyes locked onto Ereza's. No words spoken between the pair. There needn't be. He said what he had to. She did as well. It seemed she was willing to face the unpredictable firestorm that was Jake Daniels. He quietly approached His Lady. With an index finger he slid it down her cheek, affectionate in all intention. 


His frame was still hot, his emotional and physical turmoil still ravaging internally. His finger left her cheek. Her arms wrapped around his neck. His hands rested at the small of her back. Jake decided say nothing but three words which carried more weight than either would be able to fully understand for the time being, "As you wish."


Frame to frame, Jake kept Ereza close. With only the faintest of music to guide them, the pair began their second and by far most personal of dances.

In Topic: A Springtime Prom (SJO/Allies)

09 June 2019 - 11:04 AM

The Lady’s question had caught Jake completed off guard. Should he have expected it? Yes. DId he? No. The question triggered both a biological and psychological avalanche in the man, whom now desperately tried to keep himself composed.  It was in his 

As the tune shifted, so did their bodies.  In a swivel on her feet, Jake pressed Ereza’s back to his front. Their frames so dangerously close that even through his clothes, Ereza’s would have felt a sudden temperature rise in Jake. No, not a rise of arousal over the attractiveness of his date. This was a rise of heat from a guilt that had been  buried so deep. A regret that Ereza’s simply words had managed to unlock with absolute ease.

Jake led her arm back around his. She could feel the fire that was his flesh. The Noghri nearby finally saw it in his eyes. The man’s iris’ had shifted yellow; a trait Jake was unable to control when the darkness returned. This was what he did not want Ereza to see. His hand on the front of her abdomen, the other on her hip, he allowed the bodies a moment of silence as he contemplated a response.

“My Lady,” Jakes lips were so close to her ear, that his whisper was as light as a dove’s feather.

“I am a disgraceful lover. I am a failed husband.” His yellow iris’ finally allowed a few tears to slip free. His voice near trembled, “I am a horrendous father. I am a failed Apprentice.”

He finally said it. He was finally letting it out. He wanted but had trouble giving.

“I destroy what is pure. I hurt what is given to me. I can’t risk harm to  you. You’re all that I have left.” His eyes closed as he inhaled quietly. The tears were finally forced to stop tough one managed to land on an exposed part of Ereza’s shoulder. “I’m sorry my Lady, I do not think I am able to escort you on your journey as promised.”

With skills only one of experience could have, Jake spun Ereza back around those this time his back was to her.

The Knight was making his leave.


He couldn't fail Ereza .


In Topic: A Springtime Prom (SJO/Allies)

30 May 2019 - 06:40 AM

Jake didn't gulped as Ereza spoke.  His took quiet sips as he listened. When she mentioned having a Silencia in every household Jake simply couldn't. There was only one Silencia she was he his. Yeah Jake was a possessive little sh!t. Another thing that caught Jakes ears was the fact that Silencia had taken her in. Silencia did for her what she had done for Jake, but perhaps with a much gentler hand? Jake could only wonder. 


The one fault that Jake found in the way she ended her statement was how she self-elected to become a Priestess because her name held no more way, well...


"You are more Shamalain than I." Jake softly spoke. "There are expectations of you that I am sure you are more than aware of.  You've looked after my Sons as their Mother has during my absence. For that I am eternally grateful." 


Jake finished his second cup before pouring a third. Jake's abdomens was starting to ache. Damn side effect of a recent incident. Drinking anything but water, and even eating certain foods, caused immersible pains if the man didn't stop. The problem? Jake viewed pain as his punishment for his failures.


"In this galaxy, My Lady, you either make a name for yourself or you disappear and fade away.  You are Shamalain which means your name still carries a hell of a lot of weight, whether you recognize that or not." Jake explained. "After this Prom, I'll start your education on Chandrila. I'll have you meet some of the influentials I've built ties with. Particularly in the Bio-Medical Research and Stock Trading."


"I will say however," Jake finished off his third cup. "I respect your oath of celibacy. That galaxy will not however. I will help your name be spoken from the lips of true influencers. However I will advise that My Lady be prepared to be expected to at least consider taking a mate and having an heir. You may encounter someone worthy of that reconsideration as we travel."


With that the subject abruptly changed. His eye's scanned and noted that it seemed the music was changing. Was that a more classical tune that caught his ear? Finally a break from the young peoples trash music.


"Come." A rare order from the man. "Let your adventure truly begin."


With a hand extended, Jake took Ereza to a more secluded aspect of the balcony. No other prying eyes near. It was them and her shadows. The Knight twirled His Lady around, wrapping her arm around his neck. One hand found her hip, the other clasp her other. 


"Just follow my lead." Another rare order. They began their sway slowly. Jake displayed an unusual skill; he knew how to step to the beat of ole' age music. For a moment silence filled the small gap between their frames. Ereza was not a woman of words - Jake was. Perhaps this could be the happy medium between the pair. 


"Is there nothing more you want for yourself than simple servitude to our family?" Jake asked in a hushed whisper.







In Topic: A Springtime Prom (SJO/Allies)

29 May 2019 - 07:29 PM

Jake listened quietly as His Lady spoke. In all honesty, it hurt. Rune was a success. He had taken to his new life quite well, as though he had truly let go of what had been. When the Noghri Guards repositioned themselves, Jake took a minimal notice. Instead his eyes turned to the waiter whom approached with everything he had asked for.  A silver tray was place down with a steel pot that had steam erupting from its spout. There was a saucer of milk and of course a premed cup of coffee. 


Jake nodded a thank you to the waiter. 


"Rune gets his intellect from his mother." Jake said as he quickly took down the hot cup of coffee. It burned. It burned like a hellfire but the physical pain was a distraction from the emotional pain he felt deep within. "The Entrepreneurial comes from his Grandmother." 


What did give Jake some relief was the lessons he hammered home in his boys. Never forget family. Rune was wiling to help Ereza He made his father proud, even if Jake now felt less like one now.


"I found her, you know?" Jake said as he poured himself another cup. He dropped a bit of cream in and stirred with a now used spoon from the once wrapped utencils.  "By the time I got there, a war had broken out and she was gone." 


Jake's finger traced the edges of the cup for a moment before gently turning into a rhythmic tap. 


"I promised them I would find her for them," reference to his Sons. "I failed though. Lear's now taken up that mission. I know she's not the same; not my Cerusia so I gave Lear the last photo I had of us all on Honoghr. I folded the picture to hide me. It rests in a frame showing her and the boys. Its best if she doesn't remember me. Its best if I don't see her." 


Jake was starting to temper the mood of the evening, "Seems like life comes full circle." He looked up to Ereza, who seemed to study the man, "As I began I am once more. Protector and Consort. Fitting way to enter my twilight years. Doing one of the only things I am good at." 


Enough sappy crap, Jake had to turn the conversation away from what truly pained him. "My Lady, I understand very little of your cultural upbringing.  You know how my life has been spent.  Would you honor me by telling me yours?"