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Jake Daniels

Jake Daniels

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Adrift in a Melancholy Flood

17 August 2018 - 09:43 AM

Location: Uncharted Planet
Time: Dusk
Concurrent with They’ll All Need a Coin for the Ferryman

The settlement was surrounded on all sides by crudely constructed concrete walls. The walls were supported on the inside by two layers. Just inside the walls was a meter thick row of compact earth. The inner most layer was a combination of wooden logs and planks. This essentially formed a three meter thick wall on all sides. It served as a means to prevent breach; at least for a while during a siege from outside forces. It was effective even if primitive. The weakest point of the settlement was the front iron gates. Long since aged since a war centuries earlier, the metal no longer held a shine. It was rusted and creaked with each gust of the wind. It was large through and heavy. It served its purpose nearly as well as the walls.

The settlement was designed as a large square and divided into four quadrants. The first quadrant served as secure farming lands. Plots of various fruits and vegetables were grown in an area reserved for food production. This ensure the settlement had an adequate nutrition source. In this area were several well-pumps that provided the people with their water. The second quadrant was reserved for business. Small buildings had been built against the walls. Each had a different purpose; one was a saloon, another a doctors office, one served as a communal dining hall, a hair dresser, a thrift shop, and finally a jail. Even in a wasteland, law and order was needed.

The third and fourth quadrants were reserved for residential housing. With such limited space it meant that there wasn’t enough space for every traveler. The settlement as of late had to take a stand and only permit those born within the walls to live. All others had to leave by nightfall. It was within these quadrants that people stored their weapons. Each man, boy of age, and woman were assigned a rifle with a set amount of ammunition. They were kept beneath their beds so when the call came they’d be ready to defend. Not since they originally built this place have they had to raise their weapons. Still they were ready to fight in a moment’s notice.

“I ain’t leavin’.” A drunkard shouted at the settlements Sheriff.

“You have too. We’ve granted you refuge for the day but only residents can stay over night. We don’t have enough beds.” The Sherriff calmly tried to reply.

“Screw you! I’ll sleep on the floor right here.”


The drunkard swung on the Sheriff but his closed fist was caught in the palm of another man whom had stepped into the conversation. Dressed in an outfit of the land, the man stared eye to eye with the drunkard. A light beard, piercing eyes, and an expression that read little emotion. He was imposing. More importantly the Sherrif knew this man was dangerous.

Yanking his fist free, the drunkard stared at the newcomer, “Don’t touch me again you cow!”

The newcomer backhanded the drunkard whose head jerked sideways. When he looked back towards the newcomer shock covered his face.

“You just going to stand there and bleed?” The newcomer asked.

The drunkard wiped the blood from his lip.

“Thought so.” Grabbing the drunkard by his collar, the Newcomer yanked him towards the saloons door and kicked him out. “Be out of the settlement in the next five minutes or I’ll do more than backhand you.”

Turning to the Sherriff, the Newcomer smiled.

“I was dealing with it.”

“I resolved it quicker.”

The Sherriff laughed, “How the hell are you Jake and why have you come back to this god-forsaken planet? Thought you were off in the stars in your shiny spaceship?”

“I thought I’d drop by for a visit. I’m looking for a place for my summer home. What better place than around a bunch of people that I smell better than.”

“Screw you.”

“You’re not my type.”

“HA!” The Sherriff boasted. “Bloody glad to have you back Son! Bar keep! Round for the house on me. Jake and I have a lot of catching up to do.” Both men walked to a nearby table and found seats, “When’d you come back? What have you been up too?”

Jake nodded to the bar keep whom brought over to large cups of what passed for alcohol on the planet, “Went back home for a bit.” Jake took a swig of the drink and clenched his jaw as he swallowed. “Had to deal with something.” What the Sherriff didn’t need to know was Jake’s son’s returns. Rune Shamalain and Lear Shamalain were two of the most important people in his life. They were under the guidance of Ereza, whom Jake had still not yet formed a solid opinion on. He trusted her with his Son’s but beyond that? He wasn’t sure. Jake had also joined the Silver Jedi, even if only on the fringes. He barely socialized with them and most would argue he was Silver by name only. Was he? Well… only Jake could honestly answer that.

“I’m passing through and thought I’d stop by to see how you lot are doing here.” Jake glanced around, “Seems like everything seems more… peaceful?”

“It is. We took your designs for our walls and implements them. No ones challenged us in this region. When threats have passed through, the gate holds and we have food. Can’t starve us out.” The Sherriff said with pride. “Where are you going if you’re just passing through here?”

“I have unfinished business.” Jake explained. He did. Regardless of what Quietus would want. Regardless as to what Ereza would think, Jake had to find her. He had to find a way to bring her home. He had to bring Cerusia Shamalain to Honoghr. That was the story of Jake Daniels. People would say what they wanted about Jake but the one thing that stood out above all else was loyalty. He was family man.

“Well, I hope you’re going to be staying a few days.”

“I am. I’ve been all over this section of the galaxy. My ships stressed and I need to let it rest.” Jake explained. “I also need to go through my paperwork and recalculate my logistics.” Each planet the Knight had visited he had searched and asked around for Cerusia but to no avail. She was proving harder to find than he had expected.

A Frozen Treasure

10 November 2017 - 10:04 AM


Jake slid the finishing trowel across the wet concrete. The distinct scraping sound the trowel made was deceiving. The metal tool was pulling a tiny amount of water up from the damp concrete, the scraping noise being the suction the trowel created. Swipe after swipe, Jake ensured the smoothest finish possible. It had to be perfect. It just had too. Pushing himself to a stand, Jake stretch to release the tension in his lower back from hours of kneeling and stared down at his endeavor. It had taken three days just to complete the flooring of the bottom level basement.

“Jake!” Cody shouted.

Jake looked up, “What?” The Knight scooted some of the tarp around to ensure he didn’t actually step on already dried concrete. The issue was that even though concrete was stable enough to walk on after about 24 hours, it would be susceptible to scuffs and scraping for about three additional days. Jake wouldn’t let a blemish appear on the floor.

“The contractors got a question about your blueprints.” Cody replied.

“Be right there.” Jake shouted back. Putting his trowel into a metal bucket that had held some of the concrete he used, the Knight flung it up and out of what appeared to be a rather large hold in the ground. Climbing a wooden ladder, Daniels was greeted by the sight of a dozen human men whom all worked on various projects.

Midvinter was cold. Far colder than Kashyyyk and Honoghr. That was why everyone was bundled in thick coats, cold-weather pants, and boots. Jake now understood why Valae Kitra talked about it so much. It was beautiful. The construction workers even wore wool ski-masks that covered nearly aspect of their faces. It unnerved Jake; this many masked men. Even though none posed a threat; it was still slightly unnerving that caused the Knight to raise his guard ever slightly. A couple of men worked on smoothing out wooden logs. Some on turning wood logs into planks. Others had begun setting up piping for the plumbing while others still surveyed the land for residence expansion.

Jake walked up to an older gent who scratched at the side of his face in frustration, “What’s the problem, Greg?”

“I’m not sure that the home will support what you want to do with the basement.” Greg replied. “You see this?” Greg grabbed the blue prints and walked with Jake to the sizeable hole in the ground, “You have the bottom, middle, and top level basements all supported by brick walling. Each floor separated every seven feet by wooden plank flooring.”


“The idea of syphoning off water from the local river is brilliant. It solves the biggest issue with the plumbing but the design here; of having the piping come down the direct center of the basements means that you will have a large hole in the center of all three of your floors.” Greg explained, “The issue is gravity is slightly stronger here than on Honoghr. I can see why these plans worked as you had them there. Here? Not so much. You’ll need to close off the piping completely or it’s just going to be too wet down there.”

“That’s what she said.” Cody blurted out.

Jake and Greg both looked dumbfounded at the man, whom quietly backed away, “Think I’ll go start setting the brick walls.”

Greg shook his head and then continued, “You need support beams not just horizontally under each floor but at least four in these particular points.” Greg pointed at the specific spots, “That helps the floors from sloping due to gravitational lag.”

Jake saw the small mistake in his design. Greg was right. “Ok. Can we still use wood down there?”

“Absolutely. We’ll treat and then coat the wood to make it as water resistant as possible. So long as no damage occurs to them you shouldn’t have a mold problem if condensation does form on the exposed piping and alters humidity. It shouldn’t though.” Greg replied. “So just to confirm what each floor is for, you’re using the bottom two floors as climate control food storage. The top floor will be simple storage?”


“So long as we ensure the pipes open up into the ground to reconnect to the river, the humidity and temperature should remain constant. We’ll add in a level of insulation that’s covered by wood around the piping on those two floors then. That should also help prevent freezing should the home suffer any sort of heating failure.” Greg replied. “Ok,” he scratched at the side of his face again. It was a unique little trait Jake noticed about a man whom didn’t seem to have rhyme nor reason to do such when he went into thought, “We’ll go ahead and start work on the second level basement.”

“We are still set for the deadline?” Jake asked.

“Yup. One month, if not sooner, with constant work. Well in advance of the planets colder months.”

“Good.” A loud thunderous crack echoed through the region that drew Jakes attention skyward. A ship broke through the clouds, aiming straight towards their location. “I’ll leave you to it.” Jake left Greg, whom waddled off to speak to his men while Daniels headed towards the spot the ship was now landing.

A Neglected Conscience

11 September 2017 - 06:40 PM

Jake heeled over as a punch landed into the gut of the exhausted man. Tired, wobbly knees barely kept him standing; albeit with the aid of unseen braces that added support to the worn down joints. He could have been on his ancestral home of Dantooine, living a quiet and secluded life. Letting life simply pass him by, as it had centuries prior, forgotten and alone.


The Knight raised both of his forearms to block a punch from his right. Unfortunately that left his other side exposed. A weaker than expected kick hit him dead center between his shoulder and hip. A huff of agony escape his lips and the man felt his insides shake. Still he stood.He could have been back on Honoghr, the resting place of a family that had long since passed. He could eat feasts with the Noghri, tell war stories, and live a Warriors life among their tribes forever remembered as the Apprentice of their Mal'ary'ush.


Yet here he was; surrounded by drunken farmers and merchants whom liked to put together little fighting pits and wager bets on the poor, foolish suckers dumb enough to throw themselves within. Just as his opponent went to lay in another attack, Jake let experience continue to guide him. His opponent was half his age and just as fit, if not more so. Faster and more agile, he had a pretty boy gaze about him, or he would had it not been for his own brushing and the dirt that caked his complexion.


Jake wouldn't win a foot raise with this lad, nor would he win a punching contest. The plan had been what his plans always were. Wait for his opponent to make a mistake. As the man brought his left fist in, Jake ducked, grabbed the mans other wrist and twisted both of their bodies around. As Jake continued his spin, he landed a surprisingly fast punch of his own across the jaw of his young prideful opponent.




The rainbow colored planet was where Jake found himself. In a villages public square, putting on a spectacle for money. There was more to this for Jake though. More reason for why he was fighting. Each hit, each cut, and each bruise that he received was an attempt at atonement for a life full of sin, for a life full of letting those closest to him down. He had a dark passenger residing in him, a dark passenger that even now wanted to emerge. It wanted to strangle this young whipper snapper with the force then snap his neck.


That's what he would have done in times past.


Now? Not so much. The urge was there. To deny that much would have been a lie. The passion gone. That in itself was the truth. In recent weeks the Knight had bounced world to world, following a trail on the force that seemed to have been set out to him. For the first time in a very long time, Jake listened to the force.


And the force spoke. It guided him here. To this planet. To this village. Into this fighting pit, and right to this exact moment. The force, in its own way, was acting as a light guiding a ship astray from it's course. But why Felucia? Why now?


Daniels snapped out of thought as he was hit again. With the way the fight was going, Jake knew it would end in one of two ways. Either this young brawler would win all of the prize money, or both would go down swinging. Jake knew that without cheating, without using the force itself, he wouldn't outright win. This new hit though, for the briefest of moments, caused the barrier within Jake to crack. For the faintest of seconds, so few for a standard Felucian or Human to truly comprehend what they just saw, Jake's eyes went from their standard brown, to a flash of brilliant yellow. The dark side itself seeped out.


With all the he could muster Jake bit down, buried his dark passenger deep within, and with nothing but a blink allowed his eyes to return to their standard coloring. With everything he had, Jake unloaded a single punch that connected again to the chin of his opponent. The momentum carried both men to the ground.


Even if Jake wanted too, he could get up. His knees screamed at him. His head pounded. With a lick of his lower lip, Jake noted a massive cut that allowed a decent amount of blood to seep out. That was the trigger for his dark passenger. Jake needed to be more careful. He wanted atonement. He wanted a life.


He wanted to truly live.


He wanted to truly laugh.


He wanted to truly love.


Or however that damn motto went...


'Alright you pain in the arse. I've followed you this far. Why the hell was I guided to a place that looks like a Unicorn pissed a rainbow over the landscape?' Those were the only thoughts Jake had for the force as he lay on his back, his hazy eyes fixated on the white puffy clouds above.



Valae Kitra