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Jekai Almec

Jekai Almec

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A Broadcast through Mandalorian Space

19 June 2017 - 07:32 PM


A man stands on a stump on Sundari, Mandalore. His speech broadcasted to the crowd, the world itself, and the far reaches of the stars. Behind him the banners of the Mandalorian people.


The Matador (As requested, my man)

Mandalorian Government: The House System

19 June 2017 - 03:45 PM

What: The House System, a continuation of government that is tested by time to be effective in the event of collapse.


Why: With so many cataclysmic events, and no due course for a SET determination of Mand'alor, this proposition is to help create a continuity of government in case of the following scenarios.


-Mand'alor Natural Death

-Mand'alor Assassination

-Cataclysmic events


The Mand'alor:

-THE Sole ruler. THE Decider. The tower from which instructions are given. All orders, directives, and motions of the Mandalorian people come from this position.

-This position garnered by working past the other challengers, and then killing the current one. (Unless he or she flees, and then that settles that)


The Houses:

-Un used until now. The purpose of the houses is to represent a political party or aspect of government, and to remain as a formal unification of members of similar ideology and belief, as well as to unite them in a power house of currency and economics.

-The houses may approve worthy challengers, or appose other challengers to the Mand'alor with their own. This is to ensure that not every random joe Schmuck can walk up to the Mand'alor and fight him. Mand'alor is a busy person, with a lot to do.

-The House looks after the clans, and since this is a military setting, would represent high command within the inner clan structure.


The Clans:
-The individual units and families under a given house. The Company level element able to manuever independently from the Mandalorians.

-We must remember that the Mandalorians are, first and foremost, a military unit.

-The families. Supporter of the houses.


The Protectors

-The Guardians of the Mand'alor, enforcers of his law and system

-Ensure the continuation of government, ensure the will of the Mand'alor

-NOT to be confused with the military. Mandalorians are naturally a military. These would be considered a military police


Example: "I am Jekai 'Pup' Almec, belonging to Clan Almec. Clan Almec is pledged to House Dem'adas. The leader of house Dem'adas is Olivia Dem'adas. If I want to be a challenger to the Mand'alor, I must first meet her approval, or fight her. Then, I must fight the challenger from the other house. Then, I will fight the Mand'alor to the Death. However, her word is law. That is part of being in a Military Group. If House Dem'adas fails to uphold the values of Clan Almec, I may appeal to another house Leader to take me, with approval from that house and the Mand'alor. I, as a protector, will enforce the law of the house government, as well as the Mand'alor. If the Mand'alor were to die of natural causes, then the challengers from all houses would meet and fight. If I, as a protector, fail my duties- it is the job of the houses to hunt me down and exterminate me."




Post thoughts. Should help solidify who is Mand'alor, why, and when.



Time for a Mandalorian Clan Sigil (Work in progress)

19 June 2017 - 01:40 PM

After being called 'Pup', I figured it'd be a pretty neat choice to take the insult as a badge of honor, and base a flag around it. Not unlike the Blackfish in game of thrones. It's still a work in progress. Never let your memes be dreams. My Mandalorian stump preacher now has a sigil. Still open for ideas and suggestions with it!






Alleria Mereel

Kad Tor (Inspiration)

Olivia Dem'adas (Gave me the awesome nickname)



Mandalorian Protectors: A Guide

19 June 2017 - 08:44 AM

HUGE OOC NOTE: This is purely a rough draft guide to my character's actions and beliefs. This by no means affects every Mandalorian on site, although it is a relatively good guide to playing a Mandalorian or Mandalorian Protector if you are new.






                            A Guide For New Protectors In Service Of The Mandalorian People

Written by and cooperation with (Arc1504), (Anzable), (Edwardmass), (Kit.Xurina)


This document is intended to act as a series of guidelines for the Mandalorian Protectors in the current age. It acts as a code of conduct for every Mandalorian Protector, putting forth in plain language what actions are acceptable and honorable. The laws contained in this document find their roots in the Resol’nare and the Canons of Honor. While this document strives to cover as much ground as possible, it is by no means a complete guide to every scenario imaginable, and should be used as a reference alongside the individual soldier’s good judgment, and all actions should be directed toward an honorable outcome that befits the Mandalorians.


Section 1: The Resol’nare

Section 2: The Verd’goten

Section 3: Rules of Engagement

Section 4: Uniform Code Of Military Justice

Section 5: Protector Signs and Terminology

Section 6: Our History

Section 7: Duties to the Mandalorian People

Section 8: Known Enemies

Section 9: Qualifications for joining

Section 10: Protector Pay and Ranks

Section 11: OOC Behavior

Section 12: Works Cited




the Resol’nare


The six rules set down by the Taung in the first days of the Mandalorian culture, these rules must be followed if one is to consider themselves Mandalorian. Failure to adhere to these rules means that one is no longer Mandalorian, and should not be considered such. They are afforded none of the courtesies Mandalorians give to each other. They should be pitied.


  1. Wear Mandalorian Armor

    Armor should be comprised of a material which can withstand a reasonable amount of abuse and protects the wearer from harm more efficiently than thick cloth or simple hide. Armor should be in a style that is recognized as being Mandalorian in nature, but fitted to the individual needs of the Mandalorian soldier. Armor must consist of a minimum of a torso covering protecting the vital organs, some form of shoulder covering, and a helmet or mask. Under-armor space sealed suits with no exposed skin are highly encouraged but not required.
    1. Armor should be clearly marked as Mandalorian when in a style not easily identified as Mandalorian. Any armor worn should be immediately recognizable from a reasonable distance as being Mandalorian. Final say on the specific requirements of armor style and marking traditions falls to the individual unit commander, but any outsider who is aware of what a Mandalorian is and possesses average intelligence should be able to determine that a soldier is Mandalorian without needing to ask solely based on the appearance of their armor.

    2. An adult Mandalorian who has earned their armor should wear said armor at all times that he is not within their personal home or the home of a trusted ally within the confines of a Mandalorian controlled area. All areas not directly controlled by Mandalorians, even those areas controlled by factions or persons considered to be allies to the Mandalorian people, are to be treated as hostile zones, where the majority of a Mandalorians armor should be worn at all times. The helmet, gloves, and boots are permitted to be removed in such allied areas, but should not be a distance from the Mandalorian that would require them to take a period of longer than one minute to don them. When in openly hostile territory, a Mandalorian should be able to be in full armor and helmet within ten seconds time, in order to counteract the threat of gas attacks, biological warfare, theft, and other such occurrences common to the battlefield.

    3. Mandalorian armor should be well maintained, having no hole in a single plate greater in circumference than the width of an adult’s thumb, no scratch or dent with a depth of more than a credit ingot’s width, no damage that compromises the integrity of an individual plate or component, and should be painted or coated well enough to determine the color the wearer intends the item to be, unless the intent is for bare metal. Polish and cleanliness of all plates and under-armor cloth portions as well as pouches and accessories is highly recommended for hygiene purposes and good order, but is not required, especially in battlefield conditions where such actions could prove detrimental to tactical operations or distract from combat duties.

  2. Speak the Mandalorian Language

    1. An adult Mandalorian who had earned their armor should have at least a basic grasp of the language of the Mandalorians and be conversant in it. While numerous dialects exist in different parts of the galaxy, their core basis in the ancient language of the Taung is the same, and while an individual may be unfamiliar with certain words used by another, they should still know enough of the language to either fill in the gaps based on the rest of the conversation or else to ask the Mandalorian what they mean by that word.

    2. The Mandalorian language should be taught to children and new additions to the Mandalorians with equal weight as Galactic Basic or other dialects common to the area and required for survival. It should be used often in order to keep the Mandalorian conversant in it, and should be spoken about as often as Galactic Basic or other languages, dependant on the situation and the individual unit commander’s discretion. The Mandalorian language should be prized as a code language as well, as many outsiders do not understand more than a few basic words of it.

    3. The Mandalorian language should be used only sparingly to non-Mandalorians in order to instruct them on specific ideologies or the language itself unless the individual Mandalorian judges that the non-Mandalorian he is speaking to is a potential candidate to be adopted into the culture, and as such teaching that outsider would be beneficial to the Mandalorian culture as a whole.

    4. While the Mandalorian language is often modified by adding in words from other cultures and languages for concepts, technologies, ideologies, and materials that the original Mandalorian language has no simple word for, conversation should never be so filled with these words as to be entirely unrecognizable as the Mandalorian language. If a Mandalorian is speaking the language of their heritage, it should be immediately recognizable as such. In this same school of thought, broken-Mandalorian language should be avoided where possible by adult Mandalorians who have earned their armor.

    5. The Mandalorian language is a requirement of the ancient laws of old, but a Mandalorian is conversant in as many different languages and dialects as possible, prioritizing those which are most common in their area and those used by enemies for codes.

  3. Defend Yourself and Your Clan

    1. An adult Mandalorian who has earned their armor should be basically trained in self-defense and combat, to include unarmed combat, combat with melee weapons common to their trade or area of operations, and ranged combat with the weapon of their choice. Mandalorians should have a level of proficiency in combat such that when faced with an identically armed and armored opponent who is not himself a Mandalorian or possessing of the Force, the Mandalorian should end the combat in victory. A Mandalorian who considers himself a Soldier by trade should be of the proficiency that if faced with three opponents with identical arms and armor to himself who are not Mandalorian or in possession of the Force, the Mandalorian should end the combat in victory. Individual combat training standards for armed and unarmed combat for those who consider themselves to be Mandalorian Protectors or Mandalorian Supercommandos should be handled by the commander of the respective organization. Individual combat standards should be maintained by unit at the unit commander’s discretion.

    2. Mandalorians should maintain a minimum of one close combat weapon, such as a knife, sword, or martial arts form they exhibit a competence in, as well as a minimum of one weapon which can be used at a range of greater than five meters, such as a blaster, slugthrower, or thrown weapon. In the case of thrown weapons, the Mandalorian should maintain a number of weapons as such that if they were to throw the weapons at a continuous pace while advancing toward the target, they should have at least one projectile remaining when their target is dead or at such a time as they reach the resting point of their first thrown weapon. All weapons must be maintained in excellent working order, with inspections of weapons to ensure serviceability done on a regular basis at the unit commander’s discretion.

    3. No Mandalorian should be found to be in the possession of working weapons which have been deemed illegal or dishonorable by the Mand’alor, and Mandalorians should take care not to openly display weapons which are considered illegal by local law in order to avoid unnecessary conflict. Weapons of this nature should be treated on a case-by-case manner by unit commanders.

  4. Raise Children as Mandalorians

    1. An adult Mandalorian who has earned their armor should have enough knowledge of the Mandalorian culture, customs, traditions, and beliefs to train a child from birth to adulthood in being a competent Mandalorian.

    2. Any child belonging to a Mandalorian must be trained as a Mandalorian, regardless of status as adopted or blood relation, regardless of time of adoption or conception being before the individual became a Mandalorian, and regardless of any other circumstances. All children raised by Mandalorians must be trained as Mandalorians. All children conceived of Mandalorians should have every possible effort made by the Mandalorian parent to have the child raised as a Mandalorian. The parenting of children outside the Mandalorian culture and then abandonment to be raised in a non-Mandalorian culture should be seen as abhorrent behavior tantamount to both child abuse and leaving an ally behind enemy lines. If a Mandalorian intends to have intercourse with a non-Mandalorian, every possible measure must be made to ensure that either conception of a child will be impossible or that any child conceived will be raised as a Mandalorian.

    3. If a Mandalorian requests aid in raising a child in the Mandalorian culture, the request should not be turned down and all aid that is possible to be given should be rendered, even if the requested party must adopt the child in question or contact additional support. Mandalorian children should be considered a precious resource never to be wasted, and should be raised carefully, diligently, and above all else in a manner which will ensure a stable adult. Abuse or neglect should not be tolerated, and should be dealt with in the same manner as if a Mandalorian attacked their fellow without provocation or abandoned their ally behind enemy lines.

    4. Children adopted into the Mandalorian culture should only be brought in of their own free will where possible, and should never be stolen from their parents unless they prove neglectful or abusive, or abandon their child. Theft of children should be considered as reproachful as slavery.

    5. In extreme circumstances where a Mandalorian is barred by law from raising their children within the culture, that Mandalorian should seek to make reparations to the current guardian of the child in order to obtain their child and fulfil their duty to the culture. If such a thing becomes impossible, the Mandalorian should then provide financial aid to ensure the child is able to grow to adulthood and approach them as an adult with the option of becoming Mandalorian in order to fulfil the requirements of the heritage. If the progeny refuses, then the Mandalorian’s obligation is fulfilled.

    6. Outsider culture is not permitted to be taught to your children. Instances include, but are not limited to: Jedi, Sith, Nightsister, or Force weilding ideologies. The force is an outsider concept, and the belief in it is tantamount to denial of the Manda, which makes one not a mandalorian. To use the force is to use magics well outside our understanding, and to potentially pollute the soul. Do not use it. Do not teach it.

    7. Outsiders can and should be converted into mandalorian culture at any opportunity that does not break the laws of this document.

  5. Contribute to the Clan’s Welfare

    1. An adult Mandalorian who has earned their armor should be able to contribute no less than ten percent of their earnings to their individual combat unit in a manner which allows the unit to succeed. Mandalorians who are unable to provide an adequate amount of either monetary or physical contribution to their unit should be taken aside and taught a trade different from the one they are currently attempting to employ for monetary gain. No one member of a unit should provide to or consume more from the unit’s coffers than two of their peers. All Mandalorians should have a functional knowledge of a single trade before they have earned their armor, and should continually attempt to better themselves in this trade until such a time as they are unable to perform this trade. Individual trade proficiency and advancement requirements are under the discretion of the individual unit commander.

    2. Mandalorian trades should be honorable in nature, and should not take advantage of anyone, outsider or Mandalorian, to an undue amount. Mandalorians are forbidden from engaging in piracy, the raiding of unarmed or inadequately armed settlements or vehicles, slave trade or ownership, or make profit from the suffering of others. All forms of employment should be done with a written contract, should be considered legal by the Mand’alor, should be for a reasonable monetary or material gain, and should be expedient and efficient in nature. This includes the provision of goods produced or procured by the Mandalorian as well as services performed by the Mandalorian, to include those in the combat arms, such as Bounty Hunting and Mercenary work. No Mandalorian should ever take work which does not pay in goods, services, and/or monetary compensation equal to what would be considered to be the minimum wage of an area, within reason. It is recommended strongly but not required that all work done be heavily contracted so as to ensure proper payment is mandatory by the employer. Additional guidelines on which professions are considered dishonorable or unworthy are left to individual unit commanders’ discretion.

    3. Mandalorians providing goods for sale should provide a higher quality product than those that a non-Mandalorian competitor is able to provide. Mandalorians should, however, only provide the highest quality items to other Mandalorians, with lesser quality items reserved for non-Mandalorian consumers. Mandalorians providing services should provide a higher quality of service than non-Mandalorian competitors, striving to constantly better themselves at their chosen trade until the only close competitors are other Mandalorians.

  6. Rally to the Call of Mand’alor

    1. An adult Mandalorian who has earned their armor is required to heed the call of Mand’alor if he is able within reason. While Mand’alor does not have the ability to force any individual into open warfare with an enemy, all Mandalorians are required to support the war effort to the best of their ability in some manner or another or else appeal their unit commander to challenge Mand’alor’s regarding their current course of action. It is the individual unit commander’s duty to determine how their unit will support Mand’alor’s cause, and to punish those Mandalorians under their control who are derelict in their duties to the cause or who oppose the cause entirely. Opposition of Mand’alor’s cause without direct confrontation with Mand’alor first should be considered a treasonous act tantamount to denying the Mandalorian heritage and starting open rebellion, such as the Death Watch.

    2. If the Mand’alor’s cause would require a unit or individual undue strain in order to support due to distance from their area of operations, conflict of interest with current contracts, or other such circumstances, appeal must be made to Mand’alor for excusal from the cause, though it is the Mand’alor’s discretion if they will allow such a thing.

    3. If distance or seclusion causes the Mand’alor’s rally call to be missed, full mobilization should be made when the rally call is finally discovered and explanation should be given to the Mand’alor. The decision to punish individuals or units who did not receive the call to rally falls to Mand’alor alone, though if their judgment is deemed dishonorable or unjust an appeal or a challenge for the mask should be made.

Looking for a personal trainer

18 June 2017 - 06:40 PM

[X] Not Force Sensitive

[X] Techniques to Kill Force Users

[X] Willing to go through lengthy training RP

[X] Willing to see a bit of blood and sweat


Topics Covered:

[X] Stava Hand to Hand Technique

[X] Various techniques of the universe

[X] Other things of note



[X] Increase Lethality without loss of faith and personal beliefs

[X] Increased Tactical Capacity

[X] A lengthy journey of self discovery and betterment of personal character

[X] Out perform, adapt, engage, and destroy enemies of the state.

[X] Out perform, adapt, and accomplish Mercenary tasks as one of the top in the field.


In for the long haul.