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#1981665 Eater of Worlds | The Confederacy

Posted by Brukhalian on 17 September 2019 - 09:55 PM

There were a multitude of questions regarding the situation, and the immediate response was "proceed as normal." A contingent of attackers moved on the Confederate holdings at Shadows Point, and a number of them already there were ready to come to its defense. The Ministry of Secrets and several CDF ships coordinating with them moved to investigate the Fleet Marshall who had initially given the order. So, what was his place in all of this?

The Vicelord bid him watch.

It was unlike his usual list of tasks in that it required only passivity, and for Brukhalian to learn as much as he could without actually interfering. I want to know what is going on, but we will discover that in time. I have faith in my ministry of secrets. What I do not have is a fully developed understanding of how the Confederacy reacts under pressure. Can best friends recover when pitted against each other? Will my strongest men refuse to fight when the chips are all on the table? You will watch, Brukhalian, and you will take note. Who can I trust to act? Who should I be wary of? Do not make yourself overtly known unless otherwise instructed.

Metus' words echoed in his thoughts. The idea that he would not fight the enemy today was boring at best, and infuriating at its worst. He placed the mask, featureless and pure white, over his face so that his identity would be nothing more than "the Vicelord's dog."

Still not a dog anyone wanted to fool with.

Brukhalian stepped out into the main corridor of the frigate as they raced toward Apatros. "My Lord," an officer saluted as he appeared from his quarters. "What are our orders?"

"Hang back at the edge of the system, hail the commanding officers of each fleet, and get a status report from both sides. No need to engage at this time."

"We shouldn't help defend Apatros?"

"That is not the order we were given," he answered simply.

"Of course," the officer bowed, then headed for the helm.

#1980844 WESTAR-81

Posted by Brukhalian on 15 September 2019 - 08:40 AM


I certainly appreciate that you envisioned it that way; and if more people had the same mentality, I wouldn't even bat an eye. Just in case someone other than you gets ahold of the weapon though, it's nice that the sub is specific about it.

Thanks for working with me!


#1980800 Lay Low

Posted by Brukhalian on 15 September 2019 - 04:35 AM

"You're the only one with extensive experience regarding the Knights Obsidian within the Ministry of Secrets. While the others could be trusted to perform adequately, I wanted to ensure someone with a working knowledge of the order was given this particular task," he answered without hesitation.

It seemed odd that she held on to something like that, but most people were prone to grudges or bad blood. That was his experience with most humankind, at any rate. Still, she asked for, and he would humor her.

"I have no interest in the mating rituals or emotional attachments prized by most of our species," he told her truthfully, "and an inherent disdain for most of them on the best of days. It was not a personal disgust toward you that prompted my response, nor was it any thought toward your attractiveness or apparent lack thereof. I do not look at men or women with the intent to procreate, nor have I any interest in partnership. Romantic or sexual advances alarm me and trigger defensive responses."

He blinked. "I genuinely stifled my initial response to drive my weapon through you. I was not being facetious."

Scherezade deWinter

#1980778 Lay Low

Posted by Brukhalian on 15 September 2019 - 03:08 AM

He drank slowly as she reviewed the data and allowed her the time she needed to take it all in. There was a lot there, after all, and none of it was small news. She seemed to take it well enough, and her expression played at mischief rather than disbelief. He had come to the right person, it appeared. Alkor leaned forward with his fingers clasped, both elbows on the table as she spun her tale.

Oh, easy enough for them to have stumbled upon tragedy in those halls, especially with their high levels of clearance. Dangers within, dangers without. It wasn't difficult to say that a dark spirit could have tempted him, what with the official reports already documenting him as corrupted. It was just a bit of extrapolation, and it would endear the public to the dangers that the Knighthood faced daily.

"Yes," he murmured quietly. "Yes, that could work..."

There was the matter of Alkor disappearing for an undisclosed amount of time, of course. She addressed it as "whenever he was deemed fit for release," which could mean an official reinstatement in the public eye. Good enough for most.

The moment someone ranked high enough among the Knights to learn the truth, though? Not one of them would ever trust in him again. He would never be able to take up a position of open leadership among those peers.

Not that he minded. His short conversation with Hashim had revealed that he never wanted a position leading men to the Lord Commander anyway. This was ideal in many ways. He got what he wanted, and the Knights would not suffer an external scandal. The diminutive details, to an outsider, did not concern him.

"Very good," he leaned back and placed both hands on the table. "I will leave it to you, then."

Scherezade deWinter

#1980731 Lay Low

Posted by Brukhalian on 14 September 2019 - 10:53 PM

Without speaking, he handed the chip to Scherezade to review for herself. Upon entry into her datapad, the immediate information declassified and restricted to her device would be: Hashim, Lord Commander of the Knights Obsidian, missing and presumed dead. The rest of the article would reflect dangerous actions and court martial charges brought against Centaris for corruption by the dark side, as well as plans to "correct" his alignment. When she finished reading, she would be mostly aware of the full situation.

Hashim had been brutally dealt with, and Alkor was the assailant.

"I was brought to trial, and the Vicelord intervened. At this time, I'm supposed to be on House Arrest pending Metus' decision on what to do. He asked me to clean up the mess by myself. He's a busy man."

Alkor took a sip of his drink and replaced it on the table. "If the common folk were to think that Hashim was declared missing in action during the campaign on Rugosa, things would be easier for the Knighthood to smooth out considering public opinion would become instantly sympathetic rather than hostile. A witch hunt for me would take away the desire to rebuild and strengthen the new Order of Knights Obsidian."

With a thoughtful gaze cast in her direction, he forced a half smile. "Regardless of what you can do for them, I've already put myself in a predicament with my actions. You can put in a bit about my dismissal or that I was killed in action, something to ease the blow a bit. I doubt much that once my Brother decides my fate that I'll end up in the same position I was."

"You'll have the full support of the Vicelord, regardless of what direction you decide to take, of course."

Scherezade deWinter

#1980537 Challenge Day

Posted by Brukhalian on 13 September 2019 - 08:52 PM

There were a hearty number of onlookers who went wild when the first lift arrived on scene. Thunderous applause and hollering shook the earth above him as Alkor checked his armament. He wore dark robes (minus the mask), and his Sith Sword rested at his back. Lightsabers hung at either of his hips.

Satisfied that his opponent would have arrived sufficiently ahead of him, the Dark Jedi activated his own lift and crept toward the surface. There, the arena awaited. Hot sands blasted his face as the doors creaked open, and he was met with a blast of Geonosian air. Petrenaki arena, once more.

Let it not be said that the Confederacy did not keep the local traditions alive.


#1980419 Challenge Day

Posted by Brukhalian on 13 September 2019 - 03:03 AM

It was a rare day when a Jedi requested combat with anyone in the Confederacy. Whether to sharpen their skills, or to test the mettle of her allies, it was a welcome opportunity to bridge the oft sizable gap between the allied Silver Jedi and Confederacy of Independent Systems. To that end, several minds on both sides came together to charge admission and ensure anyone and everyone who wanted to watch could come and do so, within reason.

It had been decided that she would face one of the Knights Obsidian, the Confederate analogue for Jedi Knights. They thought that the most fitting matchup, as well as the most exciting.

Alkor stood patiently on the lift, which waited in the sublevel for the signal to rise. The Challenger would be revealed first, giving the crowd ample chance to cheer them and warm to them. Then, the chosen Confederate champion would be unveiled, and there would be glorious combat.

That was how they planned it, at least.


#1980108 Lay Low

Posted by Brukhalian on 11 September 2019 - 11:55 PM

The fact that she didn't open with some manner of knowing smirk or triumphant gloat meant that the Knighthood had done very well concealing the events of the past few days. Alkor had all but disappeared from among his peers, under the guise of rehabilitation at Moorwood Peak. Obviously, there were a handful of people who knew better, and in spite of her ignorance of the full situation, Scherezade deWinter was now one of them.

He ordered the same thing he always did. Corellian ale, chilled not iced, glass not pint. The amber fluid coated his throat in the familiar hoppy flavor that whetted his thirst, but did nothing to assuage his myriad worries. No, hopefully the Ministry of Shadows could handle that for him.

That was why she was here, after all.

"Doubtless you've gleaned something of the unrest among the Knights Obsidian," he began without wasting any words. "Some things were mishandled, there were disagreements, some damage was done. That said, I'm prepared to release the full report to the Ministry of Secrets in exchange for full cooperation in covering it up and expunging some records."

He produced a datacard from his cloak and held it between two fingers. "I have permission from Darth Metus to move forward with this. He has a project in mind, but the Knights Obsidian can't afford to lose face in the public eye."

#1979803 Lay Low

Posted by Brukhalian on 11 September 2019 - 04:23 AM

The Grid was one of the least traveled areas of Golbah, provided you weren't an engineer or civil servant. Dangerous drops and dark areas littered the sector that Alkor had decided to visit today, and only a step off the tram he found himself fighting for balance suspended thousands of feet above Geonosis' surface. "Not often the white collar types pay a visit to these parts," one of the Engineers monitoring the railway commented. "You lost?"

"Got business at the Foundry Bar," he drawled. "Know a quick way to get there?"

"Ain't so far," the other man turned and pointed to his left. "Six rows down, third door on the right," he directed. "Not exactly a classy joint, fella. Pretty sure there's no air conditioning."

"I'm pretty sure that breaches several zoning codes," Alkor smirked.

"We get away with things like that out here," the man shrugged. "Saves creds. The Viceroyals don't complain because no one important visits this part of the city. Keeping the engineers happy keeps Golbah running smooth."

Under his sleeve, Alkor a ran a finger over the blade he was concealing. He lifted the hand to his mouth and tasted the blood pooling on his fingertip as he glanced away from the engineer, who was ignorant of his actions altogether.

"Anyway, you should probably keep moving," the other man urged. "Lots to do, deadlines to keep."

Alkor headed for the bar as the Engineer had indicated, and when he pushed the door open, he was met with a hot, dry blast of air. "Welcome!" the Droid attendant greeted jovially. "I'll be right with you. Take a seat anywhere."

He did just that.

Hopefully his contact would arrive promptly.

Scherezade deWinter

#1979409 Tragedy Ascending

Posted by Brukhalian on 10 September 2019 - 03:03 AM

"Ah, Lord Commander," Alkor greeted the man, albeit more cheerfully than one might have expected. "I've just been entertaining our mutual friends here. I hope you're not expecting refreshments, they don't seem to have brought any, and I'm afraid I'm fresh out." He held up both hands, bound and held fast together by the shock cuffs. He waggled them comically. He shifted in his chair as one of the guards stepped forward to release him, tongue sliding across his teeth slowly.

The Darkness has claimed you. Let us help you get back on the right path. Will you allow me to do so?

"This is quite the show to put on over a few enemies put to death on the battlefield," he replied in a slightly lower voice, rubbing his wrists where the cuffs had been just a bit too tight. His eyes flashed back to the doorway as the guards disappeared through the door, and it was quickly secured behind them.

Hashim and Alkor were alone, now.

"Lord Commander," Alkor slowly rose from his seat and regarded the man evenly. "Do you know what it feels like to fail, miserably, again and again, and in the heat of the moment, watch everything you are trying to hold together slip between your fingers?"

His fingers twitched slightly at his side and he took a step toward the other man. "Do you know what it feels like to have expectations thrust on you that you can't begin to comprehend? Of course you do. You became Lord Commander in the moments following Tanaab, because of a mortal wound no one could have predicted. I told Dominus Talon not to make me a leader of men. You, more than anyone, should understand."

"You want to put me on the right path?" he asked. "Tell me, what do you think that means?"

#1979036 Recollection among the Ruins

Posted by Brukhalian on 09 September 2019 - 12:46 AM

Alkor pondered for a moment on the other man's words. "For all I have ever seen, I was not born to parents who taught me how to think for myself." He knew it was a flimsy excuse for a man in his thirties, but when it came to Alkor Centaris, somehow it made perfect sense. "Washed about in the turgid sea of destiny, whipped through currents of the Force, strung along and made to dance like a puppet by those with power- I suppose I could have chosen freedom at any time, but I would never have known what to do with it."

He closed his eyes and took another sip of alcohol, then tapped the flask to his forehead. "I've always looked for direction, and for purpose in the inner workings of others. It seemed simpler. It seemed... less complicated."

Finally, he addressed the meatiest of Hevn's concerns. "But, as you've probably surmised, I always see their weaknesses. I always see how they crumble, and I've always been cynical of them because of it. It is difficult to believe in something when you recognize how fragile it is."

He glanced sidelong at the other man.

"And what of you? I cannot imagine you place a great deal of faith in any organization, what with your checkered history of allegiances. All of them have come to disappoint you, have they not? What is it that you're looking for?"

Bedrovelse Hevn

#1978930 Tragedy Ascending

Posted by Brukhalian on 08 September 2019 - 08:10 PM

Golbah City, Geonosis, 00:47 Hours

Obsidian Citadel, Masters Chamber, Fiftieth floor

The shock cuffs sent another ripple of current through his body as Alkor threw himself against the blast doors. Pain wracked his shoulders and back, bones bruised from the cumulative effort he had made. "Sit down," one of the guardsmen instructed. "Wait patiently."

They spoke with a confidence he was certain they did not have. Clutching their stun batons in hand, both men erred close to the entryway and brandished menacingly whenever he chanced close. "Let me out," he growled. "I did nothing wrong."

"The Alpha Protocols are explicit on corruption by the Force," the second guard reminded him. "You need to be detained, and the corruption needs to be rooted out. Those are the rules. The Lord Commander will be here soon to help walk you through the process."

Dark bags under his eyes told the tale of his lack of sleep. The fingers of his right hand were curled eternally into talons, frozen that way by some unseen force. When he stared at the two men, they were visibly unnerved. "I don't need the Lord Commander's help," he snarled, "and if you don't let me out of these cuffs now, I'll make sure to remember your faces when they do come off."

"Threats and anger will avail you nothing, Centaris," one of them chided. "They only reinforce the need for this course of action. In due time, you will not have these hard feelings, so we do not fault you for them."

He took several fast steps toward the man, and the stun baton came whipping across his face. Alkor reeled backward, spasming. "Do not come at us," the other warned, "take your seat, like you have been instructed, and wait patiently."

Alkor spat on the floor. "There's what I think of your patience." He struggled against the cuffs and another burst of electricity shot through his body. He seemed to be growing accustomed to it, though his arms and legs still shivered. "Where is he?" he snapped.


#1978586 Fickle Flesh

Posted by Brukhalian on 07 September 2019 - 06:03 PM


What sort of power does the blade have? Is it like Sith Alchemy, or more like you've imbued it with Force Rage? I don't know of any Force Power that functions like the Favored Enemy mechanic from 3.5 Dungeons and Dragons, so I'd like you to rationalize that strength with Star Wars canon.

I'd be totally fine with accepting that it throws him into a fit of rage when he wields it in general, and you could just give Force Rage and Sith Alchemy or Force Imbuement in the sub as canon links.

#1978560 Alor Guard War Plate

Posted by Brukhalian on 07 September 2019 - 03:25 PM

Please add the void stone weaknesses into the submission so that the wearer, should they be Force sensitive, would be inhibited in their Force use by the presence of the stone in the armor.

Could you expound a bit on the strength of the on board weapon systems strength?

Kaine Australis

#1978331 Frostbyte | Blade of House Layne

Posted by Brukhalian on 06 September 2019 - 10:26 PM

Hey there, Beric Layne, I have a few concerns regarding this, but once we have them addressed we can move right along.

Firstly, as a Force Saber, this weapon would have the inherent weakness that the fields created by Ysalamir as well as any other Force Nullification effects would render it inoperable for the duration of time the weapon/wielder are affected. Please add that in there for me.

Another thing is, while the chilling effect of the blade is fine and canon from various lightsaber crystals, the ability to "freeze other lightsabers" and "shut them off" is not. It's essentially placing a cortosis effect in a lightsaber, and it's simply not canon. Please remove all instances of that from the submission.