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Izevel Zambrano

Izevel Zambrano

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#1611549 Saeth Zambrano

Posted by Izevel Zambrano on 27 July 2017 - 12:41 AM

Saeth Zambrano Oh look an aunt.~<3

#1605921 Survive.

Posted by Izevel Zambrano on 16 July 2017 - 11:09 PM

Appearing quite out of place amongst the surrounding she found herself within. The mysterious woman would glance about the fiery land in silence, a stoic expression presenting itself upon her delicate visage .
Eyes closed for but a brief moment. Long thick black lashes lift to reveal those piercing eyes. An exhale soon left parting lips which form a small smile. Yes, he was here. It was only a matter.. Ahh, yes. There . She called it.

Her head tilted slightly; a Chorus reverberating , and resonating within the wounds of such a fractured world. Such a calamitous aura and presence. Sensations of chaos and darkness beyond the scope of this realm. Familiarity struck a cord within the woman currently paused in her tracks. Symphonic in nature was this idle melody.
Madness. Insanity. Distortion. Corruption. Chaos. Intoxication. Manipulation. Defacement. Defilement.

Such an irresistible gesticulation could not and would not be snubbed. Contrarily this beckoning, enticement of attention had won the intrigue of Izevel. Instantaneously ascertaining the location of the new arrival. Immense power and dark origin easily identified, vexing the harmonious surroundings. Disruption leads to distortion as distance between the pair was closed.

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#1594578 Fire. Meat. Spice. [ House Verd & Extended Kin ]

Posted by Izevel Zambrano on 23 June 2017 - 07:01 AM

"I like my whiskey like you like making bastards father.."


A simple smile was given to her father, to say shock was what she felt was an under statement. It was then that her husband made an appearance, a simple flare of anger would be felt before dying down almost instantaneously. 


Her gaze slid up his form then down again, an annoyed sigh leaving her lips. Holding up one finger, she would reach over take back the bottle she had swiped fair and square only to bring it to her lips.Giving him a scowl whilst she downed the burning liquid she would soon set the silver container down.



One could say she didn't do social gatherings, she would much rather be off torturing some poor helpless soul. 


"Don't you have some children you've ticked off to find and make up with .."


A low blow dealt with a beautiful smile before she returned once more to her drink. Yes, this would have to do. She would play sociable then when she had the chance she would slip away and go find some poor unsuspecting victim to torment for the evening. 


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#1591045 Fire. Meat. Spice. [ House Verd & Extended Kin ]

Posted by Izevel Zambrano on 17 June 2017 - 06:39 PM

A pensive Izevel sat seated alone at nearby table, one leg crossed over the other.  Lost in her own thoughts, she would glance up to see if she could spot her husband before once again returning to her thoughts. Soon she would make one soft remark.


"For a man, he's too social."


A hushed murmur weaves betwixt fantasy and reality, using reverie as needle points to pierce actuality. Where the worlds reside in a heart of complexity, wars collide, tearing themat the seams, while the various voices muddle thoughts and sentiments alike. Externally the eye of a hurricane rests at doll-like attributes. It tells a tale of naught but stoic concentration. Behind blackened bangs sorts duo chasms of cosmic proportions that gaze from an idle position between those arriving and a bottle of her husband's whiskey stolen from his private stash.Silken tresses seem to have stolen the the darkness , with inky hues painting grace over poised shoulders. Any accusations of such a feat are buried six feet under with the sharp tsk of ruby and pearl. And that was if any dared to approach the Devil's Huntress, a woman of empyrean quality. 


A familiar mundane melody strums at the threads of her conscience, bringing it from the depths of contemplation to the form of her kin.The Huntress had never bothered glancing at the rest of those gathered. Instead, an adroit hand liftsher mug of Whiskey to her lips so that she may down it..


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#1312705 R & R [ Mandalorian Empire & Friends ]

Posted by Izevel Zambrano on 12 July 2016 - 10:15 AM

Izevel had come to learn one thing about her husband. He sure loved his whiskey. So it was no surprise to spy him within a hot tub with a bottle of whiskey nearby.

A shame she disliked hot tubs. No. Not really. The obsidian woman had arrived, waved to her husband and promptly walked right by him after breaking off to place a kiss upon his cheek. She had important business. On a lounge chair, with a book. Placing her book down upon on of the tables beside the chair she would unwind the towel to reveal a simple yet elegant summer dress that hid a swimsuit beneath.

Lowering herself down onto the chair, she would place a large summer hat atop her head before diving head first into her book. She pitied the pool soul foolish enough to rent this place to Isley Verd

#1312140 Officially Official Rebellion of Mimban

Posted by Izevel Zambrano on 11 July 2016 - 04:36 PM

Can't we just wreck each other and have fun guys?Come on?

#1312126 Paradise Found, Schutta (Rebellion of Mimban hex)

Posted by Izevel Zambrano on 11 July 2016 - 04:23 PM

Location ;Citadel-class Defense Station
Enemies; republic scum.
Allies; Darth Carnifex  BTS And The ME
She had picked  her location in the spur of the moment. Why not the I mean it was a space station and she had one thing in mind. Slaughter those from the inside and then burn it down. Weaving her way around the chaos it wasn't long before she came upon the Citadel-class Defense Station. Moving in close it was no issue for her ship to latch onto the station. Inside the simple stealth transport she had procured, Izevel would ready herself for the oncoming slaughter. Closing her eyes, she took a deep breath and felt along the force only to come upon the well of Darkness. The was only one person she knew that felt like that.. Her Father  Darth Carnifex  Lovely. not. Oh well she would make a competition out of the carnage she knew she would find once she cut her way inside. 
The snap and hiss was the only indicator of her igniting her saber before cutting her way inside. Glancing around, she would make sure no one was in the area before centering herself. It was time she accepted her birthright and became the destroyer she was meant to be.  She allowed the hatred for these lesser being to flow through her, a loud whisper sounding through her mind.
Murder, murder, murder. It was all she could think, and she loved it. She could hardly contain herself as she watched the people fall to the ground, screaming and drenched in blood. They all deserved it anyway; he had nothing to feel bad for. And all these people, they were beneath her. Dirk to be wiped clean.. As hard as it was to stop herself from completely going crazy with excitement, she had to smile every time she saw the panic and disbelief in the eyes of those she was killing. None of them had seen it coming, she could tell from the way they were all looking at her after she'd shot, stabbed or thrown a grenade at them. Although, they should've seen it coming really. It had been building up for years; everything they ever did contributed to it. And it was so worth it.
It was every pair of eyes that really made her day. Each time she saw one more pair, she felt wonderful all over again. The blood was good too though; she couldn't have gone through with her  plans if there would have been no blood. As it turned out, there was more blood than she had ever expected, and it just made the day that much better. But it was the eyes, and what she could see in them, that made her taking time out of her schedule worth it. The expression of the first person she killed, was going to be her most treasured memory for the rest of this day. She had seemed to go into some sort of shock when Izevel had opened the  door with a blaster under one arm, as had everyone else in the  actually. She had quickly sought out her target, aimed, and shot. The second that bullet hit her, her eyes had widened to an almost unbelievable extreme. It had seemed that she had been caught between a few shots; she looked as if she had been trying to figure out whether to continue being shocked, or to change to being frightened, in pain, angry or in a state of panic. After a few moments her head had fallen and hit the table in front of her, and Izevel had left the room in search of her next target after of course hacking the rest of the occupants to pieces with the saber at her waist. It was only after a good five delayed seconds that the screaming and chaos began.
The other pairs of eyes had been much the same, although many of them had clearly been primarily in fear. Others had had no prior warning of their demise, so there had been little reaction from them as they were shot through the head or cut to pieces. She had just enjoyed watching the blood seep through the saber holes in these ignorant people. At this moment, She was standing in a room of about thirteen people. It was a small room, and every last one of the people this classroom was someone that she was going to murder. She had shot them all, but not so they died; she'd finish them off in a minute. These people, the ones crawling towards her, screaming, crying, getting blood all over themselves and the room, Izevel wanted them to cry and beg for mercy, even though there was absolutely nothing she could, or wanted to, do to help them. She wanted them gone from the world forever, and the second she danced forth they would be. 
She shut her eyes and reveled in the sound. Screaming, crying, people dying. She didn't care that blood was soaking through her shoes, or drying on her jeans, or sticking her hair together; it was proof of her superiority. She didn't care that families would want revenge. That's what she was going for. Izevel didn't care that they were were gone, She opened her eyes when a blonde boy grabbed her leg. A trail of blood across the floor told her  that this boy wouldn't last much longer, and when her eyes met those of the blonde she felt that brilliance again.She saw fear, and she saw sadness. The boy clearly hadn't wanted to die. She smirked down at him, and after pulling him up towards her, her arm holding the blazing saber shot forth and rammed through his chest, only to reappear on the other side of him. 
Lowering her arm, she examined the bloody hand print on her jeans and smiled. She had achieved what she had aimed to achieve – now it was time to seek out her father and bring this  heap of garbage to the ground. A simple call was sent through the force, a message to the one that had sired her. "Come out , come out father.."

#1309586 Blood Must Not Answer Blood?

Posted by Izevel Zambrano on 08 July 2016 - 04:36 PM

Runi Verin

Stop trying to be the voice of reason and sliding on in here like batman!

#1308927 For the record

Posted by Izevel Zambrano on 08 July 2016 - 02:26 AM

"And you're a spoiled brat that acts cold to hide her true feelings ..."

She glanced at her child from the corner of her eye. A soft smile playing upon her lips, reaching out she would take up her own shot glass.

"You know. I had considered drowning you in a bath tub the night you were born. I thought if you were dead you wouldn't have to see the crap end of the stick. I wouldn't have to damage you by leaving you.. Obviously, I decided against it. You're were a strong and beautiful baby.. I knew you would be alright. Furthermore, you weren't a consequence you stupid girl. You were my first born daughter. Something my father would of loved to use in his method of keeping me in line.."

Taking a deep breath, she would glance around the bar, before you once more turning her attention on her child.

"You're a foolish girl if you think I'm here because of my feelings. I'm here to tell you one thing. I love you Nyx. I always have, always will. You may not see me as your mother but you are my child. You may hate my choices but I acted in the best way I knew to keep you safe. Perhaps one day if you ever have kids and your father turns into a genocidal maniac then you'll understand. "

A locket was placed on the counter and slid over to her soon followed by a handful of credits.

"Keep it, trash it. Do what you will with it. It's yours kid. "

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#1308899 Blood Must Not Answer Blood?

Posted by Izevel Zambrano on 08 July 2016 - 01:20 AM

Correction; ME chat attempts to keep the drama on the down low.

Now, I'm going to be frank. I have sat by and watched Isley go out of his way to try and smooth things over with the FO of the UCM only to be shot down or given the short end of the stick. Or to be told no because of ic actions. How are we supposed to co-exist as two factions if the admin team of the other faction won't work with us?There is only so much a person can do. Isley has been trying to make things work since the ME went major but has anyone played ball?No. No they haven't. The UCM views the ME as a competition faction and has gone out of their way to slander and play the 'they aren't real Mandalorians card' This is supposed to be a place of fun. But, all I have witnessed is petty drama.

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#1308705 For the record

Posted by Izevel Zambrano on 07 July 2016 - 08:42 PM

There were few things in life that Izevel regretted.. One of these few things were how she had gone about handling her children. She had acted quickly to keep them safe.. But would they ever believe or accept that?No. They had her and Isley's stubbornness and temper.. They thought she had tossed them to the side.

She knew it was time to have it out with her oldest child. Nyx deserved an explanation and she would tell her child exactly why she acted as she did. In the end it would be up to her daughter on what she wanted to do.

What better place to talk over tough things than a seedy bar, because she knew that by the end of this conversation she would need a few strong drinks perhaps even the whole bars worth. She had sent word to Nyx, asking her to meet her in a bar on Nar Shaddaa. It was up to Nyx if she decided to grace the woman with her presence. In preparation to the possible meeting, she had procured a few bottles of heavy liquor and a couple shot glasses.

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#1308222 The Invasion of Coruscant!

Posted by Izevel Zambrano on 07 July 2016 - 09:53 AM

I suppose I'll hop on in. <<

#1307412 Rebellion of Mimban

Posted by Izevel Zambrano on 06 July 2016 - 02:33 PM

Darth Carnifex


#1276226 The Republic Wants You! [Jedi, Soldiers, Pilots, and Senate Guard Ahoy]

Posted by Izevel Zambrano on 24 May 2016 - 12:23 PM

Isn't it best to let dead dogs lie?
I mean being active does not equate being able to win invasions nor does it give you the ability to do anything worthwhile.

#1268388 Field Trip? Field Trip.

Posted by Izevel Zambrano on 15 May 2016 - 08:38 PM

"Oh cut the crap Isley. You weren't father material then and you sure as hell aren't now.." She ignored his anger to slide a glance at her daughter's she knew them well. Far better than he did. Rolling her eyes she glanced at her daughter's before speaking once more."I won't apologize for my actions. Unlike the naive idiot before me. I didn't hold the pretense that I could care for you. I knew damn well that he could not either... "

It was once more to Isley that she turned not phased by him in the least. If anything is little tantrum was just a testimony to how foolish he still was. It was then that her hand reached out and grasped onto the boy behind her. "In case you haven't noticed. Throwing a tantrum right now will get us nowhere. Do not try to act like some Saint Isley. Because they were better off than to be raised by someone that wasn't as easy as you back in the day... "

Taking a deep breath she continued on once more glancing at her daughter's."I did what I could given the circumstances surrounding bringing you both into the world. If I had things my way I would of found you first. But, I'm not like your father. I don't sleep or kiss-ass my way to the top. I don't have the connections he does.. I know you've had hard lives. I've shadowed you. I understand if you hate me. I would . Just know. All I did was to protect you. I even kept you from your father to protect you from his ways back in the day. Neither of us were mature enough to take you..

It was then that she motioned to the boy behind her, her age flicking to him and reading his reaction. " Never Verd , come meet your father and your sisters. Ignore his lashing out like a child. He has no grounds to. Your sisters however.. They may lash out as they please.."

Runi Verin Nyx Isley Verd