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Member Since 02 Jun 2016
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The Jen'ari Empire

The Jen'ari Empire for all intents and purposes is the Reconstituted Sith Empire from The Old Republic. Ruled over by the fearsome insidious powerful Dark Lord Darth Vyrassu for over 600 years. Th...

  • Members: 71
  • Created: 09-October 15
Ambiguous Statement

Planning, Templates, Whiskey and no shaving whatsoever.   The Ambiguous Statement Is a ship in a bottle, that someone locked the key's inside.

  • Members: 14
  • Created: 01-June 16
The SwarmSurge

IC: Nothing is known, yet.Goals: Fun. Bad Guys for any Faction. Terror in the Dark.OOC: Particle Swarm Theory, life finding a way. Insects, Plants, Viruses, Parasites. Starting with the smallest el...

  • Members: 21
  • Created: 02-July 16