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Darth Abyss

Darth Abyss

Member Since 21 Jun 2016
Offline Last Active Sep 05 2018 06:04 AM
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Sith Assassins

For as long as there have been Sith, there have been those who walk the path less seen. These legendary figures are Sith Assassins: Masters of the dark side of the Force, and experts in a swift and...

  • Members: 94
  • Created: 28-March 15

Formally the Capital world for the Commenor Systems Alliance, Commenor now stands alone. The Sith Empire occupy it's land and space after having successfully attacked the planet with devistating f...

  • Members: 107
  • Created: 15-September 16
The Tainted Chorus

"The darkness has many faces, more than most in the galaxy are aware of."   WIP    

  • Members: 10
  • Created: 14-November 16
The Blackguard

"We might dedicated our live to either dark or light, but in the end we are nothing but servants to the force. How can we claim to understand the power gifted to us, if we limit ourself in the way...

  • Members: 2
  • Created: 06-March 17
The Dead Road

The Dead Road.   Near the edge of the known galaxy waits a hyperlane. Small and deemed unimportant by most, linking backwater worlds deep in Hutt space. While the general populace had little u...

  • Members: 5
  • Created: 20-March 17
The Eldritch

This only exists because we don't all fit into one group message.

  • Members: 4
  • Created: 30-May 17
The Free Cities

The Free Cities are not a government, not a planet or a person, they are an idea. An idea that sits dormant in every head, somewhere in the depths of every soul. They are the darkest possible visio...

  • Members: 1
  • Created: 31-May 17
The Swarm

T̶̛H͏̶̨̀E̢̨ ́͟͜͝Ś͡͏̷̀W̸̶̡̨͘A҉́R̵̡̛͘M͟҉ T̶̛H͏̶̨̀E̢̨THE SWARMŚ͡͏̷̀W̸̶̡̨͘A T̶̛H͏̶̨̀E̢̨ ́͟͜͝Ś͡͏̷̀W̸̶̡̨͘A҉́R̵̡̛͘M͟҉   Out of the depths of the void, they come. They are the shadow warriors of th...

  • Members: 5
  • Created: 19-November 17
The Ancient Eye

The Ancient Eye   Untested Flesh is Weak Flesh. ​We Struggle, thus Gain Experience ​Strife, Gives Us Perspective ​Pain; Endurance. ​​The Fundamentals of Power. ​Be Uncompromising. ​Be Relentl...

  • Members: 44
  • Created: 30-November 17