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Darth Abyss

Darth Abyss

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In Topic: So how does the Netherworld work, really?

04 May 2018 - 04:28 PM

Darth Voracitos I'm actually more interested in something along the lines of gatekeeper then an actual ruler. I might should've made it clearer that this idea is meant to end a story not create a new one, while still offering the opportunity for occasional threads as guardian/whatever of the place. It's not about Abyss commanding the dead souls of Chaos or something similarly absurd, but rather something like him trying to watch over them, keeping them in and others out, effectively become some sort of entity roaming the place. My main concern is mostly if something like that would even be possible without him eventually losing the rest of his sanity, as well as the question if he could even do harm or otherwise manipulate others in that realm? I hope I'm making sense, I'm honestly having some troubles with expressing my ideas about this lol.

In Topic: So how does the Netherworld work, really?

04 May 2018 - 10:12 AM

Darth Voracitos thanks a lot for your answer, I'm currently looking through the mentioned location subs for more useful information. You seem quite knowledgeable on the topic (as far as possible for something considerably vague), so may I have yet another follow up question: Is it actually possible to rule chaos and if yes how? Is it simply a matter of how powerful someone is with the force?

Also another question for everyone reading this (one I'll most likely ask a codex judge soon), is it still possible to add location subs for the Nether or build something in those that already exist?

In Topic: So how does the Netherworld work, really?

04 May 2018 - 09:27 AM

Darth Carnifex Cedric Grayson first thanks for the answer, the warp is what I imagined the Netherworld to resemble as well lol. With you both having written about it I have a follow up question if you care to answer: I've seen a few people write about going to the Nether without being dead, which asks the question just how physical that place is? Is it only the spirit given from by it when someone travels there, or can actual matter cross over? If not what happens to the body then, does go to some sort of slipspace in between?

In Topic: I. Magnus. (TAE & Allies)

19 February 2018 - 08:44 AM

The crowds reaction to the whole situation amused Abyss almost as much as Thraxis behavior. For a man that seemingly had lost any sense for time he didn't had changed much, or at all. People departed, took steps back and generally made an effort to avoid being close to the strange meeting before them, confusion and fear creating a delicate mix in the air around the two as the husk stepped forward to shake the scoundrels hand.

"A party? The Thraxis I knew would not use that word for a event with so little booze."

Metal teeth grinded over each other to create a shrill, horrible recreation of a chuckle. Black holes in a wooden mask looked at the madman, trying to find the part that was missing. The presence of Thraxis always had been far to warped and broken to make any real guesses about his current state, but even for him he seemed a bit less collected then normally. Sadly he couldn't offer much insight in the time that had passed, as his own perception of time had grown beyond the narrow view of the living.

"Mythos is going to ascend today, a new God-King for the Ancient Eye."

The husk continued to look at the man before him, realizing only after his words that Thraxis probably lacked the knowledge over half the words he had just used. His left claw tapped against his metal jaw, while he ordered his thoughts into a sentence that would explain the coronation in a way that required no insight in the current state of the galaxy whatsoever, while also appealing to the madman's interests.

"A Sith Lord called Mythos founded new empire somewhere around here and called it the Ancient Eye, and decided to give his new populace a little show so they would shut up about it. Lots of fancy titles, magic and all that. Just imagine a less boring, more ancient version of Commenor with added necromancy. Pretty good gig if you ask me, much fighting and looting going on so far."

In Topic: Defectus spem

19 February 2018 - 08:16 AM

"There is a serenity to be found in the void, but a single look too far beyond can shred it away and replace it by pure horror."

The greatest threat that the darkness posed towards those that called upon it wasn't the fear and terror felt by those around them, but the seductive, addictive qualities that etched into a mind forever. It was a curse and a blessing, one that was near impossible to shed once it had clawed itself deep into mind and soul, and one that could grow into a terrible affliction if left unchecked for long. Control and restraint were virtues for those among the darkest paths, or else the tranquility would break apart and reveal the true, violent nature of the dark side, a lesson he had learned only when his flesh had begun to corrupt beyond salvation.

Abyss quietly watched as Natalie LaForte went to work once again, watching the struggle between her newborn power and the frail soul of the equally newborn corpse that desired to be left alone within the realm of the dead. Energy was dripping through the violet cracks in the man's skin, and while Natalie continued to close them, the husk stepped besides her, a single finger dancing over one of the openings.

Purple mist swirled around the metal claw, and then was drawn into a small green crystal his free hand had produced from his robe, harvesting the spirit ichor within the object. He didn't meant to disrupt or interfere with her process, but rather desired to store some of the fading energy to aid her in future experiments, the next step on the path to arcane might. Satisfied with his own little task a talon adorned hand closed around the now glowing stone, and the husk stepped back, waiting for her to finish up.