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Darth Abyss

Darth Abyss

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#1780128 So how does the Netherworld work, really?

Posted by Darth Abyss on 04 May 2018 - 08:49 AM

Alright, I've currently been doing a lot of think about far future arcs to bring Abyss' story to some sort of closure one day. The questions bugging me tho are: how does the Netherworld work here on Chaos?

Sadly I wasn't here during the event exploring that question, and while I know that there are certain changes that followed from it (the veil having grown thin for example allowing lost souls to escape with comparable ease to before) I still don't think I got the full extent of these effects.

And of course the real question: Would it be possible to become some sort of ruler of the part of the Nether called Chaos/Hell/The Void? I know this is a pretty outlandish thing to ask lol, but my intention isn't to end up playing some god of death. Instead I want to end his story by him leaving the physical world behind fully and best case become a demonic gatekeeper trying to keep spirits from returning back into reality (as fluff, I obviously can't tell anyone that they can't to bring their characters back from the dead anyway lol).

Thoughts, information, ideas, critic (Like seriously I'm fully aware that this is a pretty out there idea so feel free to throw my own stupidity at me lol), etc?

#1774789 Hi

Posted by Darth Abyss on 25 April 2018 - 07:42 AM


Yeah I'm back. I don't think I have to excuse my absence (I mean I at least hope I don't lol) as I dropped out from Chaos at a point where I wasn't involved with anything major. Still I think at least an explanation is in order, as my disappearance was sudden to say the least.

When I left my muse was already at an all time low, not because of Chaos itself but due to my actual real life. Still for a while I enjoyed mainly lurking and reading, maybe working on some factory and codex stuff when I had the time but not much besides that. The college decided to turn even more stressful, as did my passion for music (currently working really hard to go to a rather prestigious college that offers Music and Sound Design) and I really just lost all interest in roleplaying all together. Now things have calmed down a bit, and I felt a desire to get back into writing. At first I was thinking about looking for a new forum in a new universe, but tbh there's just no forum like Chaos which in the end lead me back here.

So yeah, how's it going everyone, what did I miss?

Some IC things: For the time being I have no interest bringing Abyss back as a major character. He is by far my favorite of all characters I ever used anywhere be it online or in a pen and paper, but I need a change. For that I'm starting out as a new character, that will slowly give reason to Abyss absence over the course of his upcoming arc.

#1735604 I. Magnus. (TAE & Allies)

Posted by Darth Abyss on 19 February 2018 - 08:44 AM

The crowds reaction to the whole situation amused Abyss almost as much as Thraxis behavior. For a man that seemingly had lost any sense for time he didn't had changed much, or at all. People departed, took steps back and generally made an effort to avoid being close to the strange meeting before them, confusion and fear creating a delicate mix in the air around the two as the husk stepped forward to shake the scoundrels hand.

"A party? The Thraxis I knew would not use that word for a event with so little booze."

Metal teeth grinded over each other to create a shrill, horrible recreation of a chuckle. Black holes in a wooden mask looked at the madman, trying to find the part that was missing. The presence of Thraxis always had been far to warped and broken to make any real guesses about his current state, but even for him he seemed a bit less collected then normally. Sadly he couldn't offer much insight in the time that had passed, as his own perception of time had grown beyond the narrow view of the living.

"Mythos is going to ascend today, a new God-King for the Ancient Eye."

The husk continued to look at the man before him, realizing only after his words that Thraxis probably lacked the knowledge over half the words he had just used. His left claw tapped against his metal jaw, while he ordered his thoughts into a sentence that would explain the coronation in a way that required no insight in the current state of the galaxy whatsoever, while also appealing to the madman's interests.

"A Sith Lord called Mythos founded new empire somewhere around here and called it the Ancient Eye, and decided to give his new populace a little show so they would shut up about it. Lots of fancy titles, magic and all that. Just imagine a less boring, more ancient version of Commenor with added necromancy. Pretty good gig if you ask me, much fighting and looting going on so far."

#1735596 Defectus spem

Posted by Darth Abyss on 19 February 2018 - 08:16 AM

"There is a serenity to be found in the void, but a single look too far beyond can shred it away and replace it by pure horror."

The greatest threat that the darkness posed towards those that called upon it wasn't the fear and terror felt by those around them, but the seductive, addictive qualities that etched into a mind forever. It was a curse and a blessing, one that was near impossible to shed once it had clawed itself deep into mind and soul, and one that could grow into a terrible affliction if left unchecked for long. Control and restraint were virtues for those among the darkest paths, or else the tranquility would break apart and reveal the true, violent nature of the dark side, a lesson he had learned only when his flesh had begun to corrupt beyond salvation.

Abyss quietly watched as Natalie LaForte went to work once again, watching the struggle between her newborn power and the frail soul of the equally newborn corpse that desired to be left alone within the realm of the dead. Energy was dripping through the violet cracks in the man's skin, and while Natalie continued to close them, the husk stepped besides her, a single finger dancing over one of the openings.

Purple mist swirled around the metal claw, and then was drawn into a small green crystal his free hand had produced from his robe, harvesting the spirit ichor within the object. He didn't meant to disrupt or interfere with her process, but rather desired to store some of the fading energy to aid her in future experiments, the next step on the path to arcane might. Satisfied with his own little task a talon adorned hand closed around the now glowing stone, and the husk stepped back, waiting for her to finish up.

#1732558 1 on 1 Single Ship Combat anyone?

Posted by Darth Abyss on 14 February 2018 - 12:13 PM

Shia Kryze Great. Talk details per pm?

#1732461 1 on 1 Single Ship Combat anyone?

Posted by Darth Abyss on 14 February 2018 - 08:09 AM

Shia Kryze saw that your ship got approved. You still interested in doing this?

#1731784 One Man's Trash

Posted by Darth Abyss on 13 February 2018 - 07:43 AM

"Do you expect me to fear an old merchant?"

The husk simply laughed, but behind his mask of mockery he couldn't but to feel a small shred of admiration for the boy. Despite being broken and defeated he still clawed to his last glimpse of defiance, and tried to play the game with him. With another this might would've worked, but Abyss was known as the guy who flipped over the board and stab the other players should the game go differently then he anticipate.

"Besides, how far could he go while I hold a knife at your throat? If he cares enough to call in favors to get you, then I assume he would not risk your life so carelessly."

Again he laughed, while twitching the knife just enough to remind Makai Dashiell that it was there, not that he expected the boy to have forgotten by now. Besides the boy's life, he had something of equal worth up his sleeve: His sanity. It wasn't like he even had to play his cards well, because his hand clearly was the winning one this round.

"Now stop stalling and make the call. You will not like me when I get bored."

#1731782 Defectus spem

Posted by Darth Abyss on 13 February 2018 - 07:31 AM

The Darkness.

Abyss had felt it inside Natalie LaForte the day they meet, and now after all his teachings, the training and the hardship, the day of its real awakening had finally come. Never before had he sensed it within her in such a focused, pure form, unrivaled by the small sparks that had allowed her to get so far. The chains that held her broke apart when it seeped out of her as flashes of purple, given shape by the dark flame that had been enkindled inside of her.

"Welcome back."

The lifeless black holes inside his mask starred back into the wide open eyes of his apprentice, trying to see if there was truly something else behind them now. His words weren't meant for her alone, but the gone knight of the sith that still had to linger somewhere in her mind. While she would most likely never come back, a part of her would return with the new darkness that had touched her.

Slowly the husk made his way to the corpse, metal fingers dancing over the purple scars. He almost desired to mark down a few notes on the procedure, mostly because of the color scheme. It was no secret that the force given form had appeared in a wide variety of colors, but there was little research what they actually represented besides being some sort of reflection of those who summoned it, like in his case a ghostly green.

"Reach out again, and tell me what you feel."

He wasn't sure what she had done either. When the darkness came over her, his mind had been unable to follow the exact path of her thoughts. Only time could tell what her mind had enforced onto the spell of the runes.

#1728938 One Man's Trash

Posted by Darth Abyss on 09 February 2018 - 02:18 AM

"I do not recall offering you a choice."

Slowly the knife began to cut, not deep enough to leave anything behind but a surface scratch, but just enough to coat the tip of the blade in the boy's blood. From there it would unfold its effect, red liquid transformed into a crippling, draining blight through the crude spell placed upon the weapon. At first Makai Dashiell would feel nothing, but the longer the blade would stay in contact with his blood, the more blood would change. What would begin as merely a slight sense of unpleasantness could quickly grow into the feeling of watching as the own body burned through every leftover resources to sustain itself.

"Last chance, little maggot. Refuse me once more, and I will show you that your current suffering is nothing compared to the horrors I can force upon you."

Under other circumstances Abyss would've called upon the arts of mentalism to bend the boy's will to his desires. Yet the changes he had made to his mind was his trump card, leverage to use against his father more then against himself. Revealing his powers a second time could be to much of a hint of what had happened before he had returned to consciousnesses.

#1727234 The Debt of the Dead

Posted by Darth Abyss on 06 February 2018 - 05:50 PM

Brown eyes continued their journey. First they disapprovingly wandered over a suit of Mandalorian armor, then to the face of an rather attractive woman. From there they moved lower, over the neck to her chest, until they finally meet the table. There they stayed, fixed with a maddened glare in them, as sharp shapes of red and black reflected within them.

In a single moment his intoxication appeared to be gone, his mind cleared by the sudden realization of what the newcomer had brought into the casino. Many of his kind liked expensive trinkets, but Gideon's interest went far beyond their worth on the market and their charming appeal to easy woman. He was genuinely, clinically obsessed with anything even remotely arcane, and a holocron was the kind of object still missing in his collection.

His eyes hadn't moved, not even blinked while they remained locked on the artifact. The woman at the Mandalorian's side was already forgotten, every of his thoughts circled around the holocron like a vulture around a slowly decaying corpse. He knew that he to do this the smart way. Despite being a skilled warrior himself, he had his honest doubts that he had a change against one of clansmen in a fair fight.

That meant that he had to even the playing field a little.

Grabbing his second drink, it was two for one after all, once he had downed his first one, the pirate made his way towards the table. His drunken stagger was sincere, and yet he was well aware what image it painted into the minds of those that watched it, the idea of weakness mixed with foolishness. Just a step away from the table, Gideon suddenly stumbled and in the process spilled his whole drink on the armored man and his date.

"I'm terribly sorry. Please allow me to clean this up."

Before the two had even time to react, he had already reach for a dirty rag to polish the visor of the warrior's helmet.

Kilum Bralor

#1727224 One Man's Trash

Posted by Darth Abyss on 06 February 2018 - 05:25 PM


The deformed head adorned by the broken grin tilted slightly, making the words of the husk obsolete. His inhuman form couldn't hide the body language that said exactly the same, and even his motionless eyes felt like there were raised eyebrows above them.

"I have been to the afterlife stupid child. The pain of this world is nothing compared to the horrors that await you there."

In truth Makai Dashiell probably wouldn't even reach the nether intact, as most souls not held together by the power of the force. Still he wasn't giving out life advise, but he was merely feeling annoyed by the new lack of willpower within the boy. Of course that had been to be expected after toying with his mind, but it would make anything from here far less entertaining then Abyss had anticipated.

"We should just call him then. I mean not much is still better then an ugly corpse."

Once more the husk laughed, while he reached for a small communicator with his free hand, offering the device to his hostage while the knife continued to coldly press against his skin.

#1727054 The Debt of the Dead

Posted by Darth Abyss on 06 February 2018 - 12:31 PM

The Smuggler's Run, Skip 1 - Entrance of the Dancing Wookie

"Come on mates, one last round. There is two for one today."

Gideon Newport looked like a man that could only barely stand anymore, and yet the flying spit that followed his words landed precisely besides his first mate's feet. The pirate captain spoke in an obvious drunken slur, and his feet danced over the ground to keep his balance. In his right rested a small flask, its disgustingly smelling content slowly dripping out from the not fully closed lid.

"Ay Captain, you had enough. Don't make this a second Void Station please."

The first mate's reaction to the spit hadn't been annoyance or disgust, but worry. Not for the captain of course, but for himself and the crew. It was no secret what things happened when Gideon was allowed to overindulge, even for his already heavily warped standards, and no one in the crew was looking forward to deal with the aftermath. When the burned looking man seemed to ignore the words of his first mate, the Rodian besides him stepped forward, and squeaked something in the language of his people.

"Yeah, kark you too Opato. You two buzzkills should be happy I won't remember any of this tomorrow."

Turning around Gideon lazy waved towards his crew, who made their way back to the ship while occasionally shaking their head or cursing along the way. Inside the Wookie the man, shrouded in a weird mix of ragged clothes and fine, slightly darkly vibrant, jewelry, made his way straight to the bar, while ignoring the gambling tables for now. He was not opposed to play a round or two, but only should there be the right incentive to get him out of his drunken stupor.

The dim light of the casino only made him look shadier, as he waited for his drink to arrive, while his eyes searched for any interesting woman, loot or brawl that could have the misfortune of stumbling into the rundown establishment.

Kilum Bralor


#1726962 The Debt of the Dead

Posted by Darth Abyss on 06 February 2018 - 09:14 AM

In response the sith lord merely offered a slight nod towards the projector. The feed changed, now showing live footage from within Skip 1 consisting of multiple camera angles all aimed at the blurry image of Gideon. Abyss' Inner Eye had learned the arts of surveillance in years of service in the fallen One Sith army, and they had lost none of their edge since the old days.

"My agents are monitoring his every move. I will patch you into their communications."

One of the officers on the bridge reacted directly to Abyss' remark, and after a few presses on his terminal the helmet of the hunter would pick up a signal he could add into his HUD. From it he would be able to use the eyes the husk had scattered around the station, and even request further intel on everything he would encounter there. The Inner Eye hadn't just spend their time monitoring the target, but also collected information about anyone and anything else there that had any relation to the pirate captain. Just in case they would even be able to cover his retreat, even if Abyss would less then pleased about that outcome.

"Anything else you need?"

It was a simple, honest question. Abyss was a being born from trickery and deceit as much as from darkness, but when it came down to business he rarely added a double meaning to his words. It was easier that way, and his resources reached far to wide to care if the hunter would take half of the armory and bunch of credits to spend on the station to stay undercover.

Kilum Bralor

#1726346 The Debt of the Dead

Posted by Darth Abyss on 05 February 2018 - 04:23 PM

"Welcome Mr. Bralor."

Abyss followed suit and answered the hunter's question with the same words he spoke when they first meet. For @Kilum Barlor it could easily seem like the husk had not moved an inch since their meeting had concluded, still resting on the ground in the same position. Yet this time, after another moment of uneasy silence which the Prophet seemed to enjoy very much, he rose to his feet, while a twisted, hollow laugh emerged from all around them. Like his voice it was an unnatural, inhuman sound, merely consisting of layers upon layers of distorted noise.

"Glory, would you be so kind?"

Turning his head just enough, his empty eyes rested on the small holographic projector besides him. Answering his request, his A.I. Glory activated the device which began to depict a stream of data. First a dossier on the target, reaching from his name and appearance right down to his extensive and honestly a little impressive criminal record.

"This is Gideon Newport, captain of the Deserteur, and owner of a great debt to me. You already know I want him, but I also want to send him and his crew a message."

The dossier was followed by a map of Skip 1, including several marks where his agents had spotted the target in the past days. Lastly the map was replaced by the blueprints of a pirate ship called the Deserteur, a heavily modified Kiltirin-class dungeon ship. The initial message had already delivered the nature of the job, all he had to share now were the details.

"I want him to fall asleep in his bed, but when he wakes up I want him to lay on this bridge, right in front of my feet without knowing how or why. I want to see the fear in his eyes once he notices that even on his own ship, surrounded by his loyal crew, he is not beyond my reach."

There was a clear shift in Abyss' voice when he spoke about his desire, the sound shifted even further away from any sense of humanity into a near incomprehensible cacophony. It was unsettling to say the least, and most likely downright disturbing to the weaker of minds.

"The Eldritch's armory is open to you, should you require any strong sedatives or tools to administer them with, alongside with anything you could need for the purpose of infiltration."

#1726251 Special Delivery

Posted by Darth Abyss on 05 February 2018 - 03:53 PM

Deep Space - Bridge of the Eldritch

The dark endlessness of space was nothing compared to the void within the Prophet, who silently rested on the ground with his legs crossed. His rusted and broken body was mostly shrouded in shadows and dirt, but the few remaining pieces of shining silver still reflected the hints of dim green light of the terminals around them. Motionless in form, immersed into the very darkness he was composed of, he waited for the man he had his crew contact, a certain smuggler called Alistair Fenn.

The task that awaited completion was simple and complex at the same time. In theory it was a simple delivery, but all of his men had refused to do it once they learned of the cargo. His newest creation, the strange spawn of dark magic that called herself Narcissa, had managed to earn to hate of the whole crew in less then a few months. Besides her mindlessly running away to cause trouble others had to clear up at any chance, she had also shown an impressive level of misbehaviour within the vessel.

After the mechanics had to repair the energy core the third time in one week, Abyss had decided that it was enough. It was time to teach her a lesson, the lesson that she meant nothing to him and either had to follow his commands or die a lonely, cold death in space's dark embrace. For that she had been outfitted with a small amulet that suppressed her ability to shift through solid matter, and then packed into a small, uncomfortable cargo crate that was to be delivered to a blacksite prison on the outer corners of the galaxy.

In the hangar of the Eldritch a team was already preparing the crate for pickup, while one of Abyss' agents waited besides them to great the smuggler and escort him onto the bridge. The pale, thin man was shrouded in an odd mix of military uniform and sith robe, and only looked slightly less unnatural then his master.